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Galaxy Gear Will Have Over 70 Apps Eventually, Samsung Promises 12 at Launch

Galaxy Gear-008-Set1 Side_Six

After yesterday’s announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Gear we heard the unfortunate official word from Samsung that their smartwatch would not run regular Android apps. Instead, Samsung would have to work with app developers to make useful applications that ran on their newest device. Don’t worry though, Samsung is a big enough company that they can draw in developers for their new smartwatch. They have announced 12 apps with launch with the Gear and that the number will eventually be up towards 70.

Social networking site Path, eBay and RunKeeper have all come out and promised that they will be supporting the Galaxy Gear at launch. No word yet from Facebook or Twitter, so Path will have to do as far as social networking goes. Evernote, MyFitnessApp and TripIt have all been named for Gear apps as well. Samsung hasn’t come out and listed all 70 apps that they will have, but you can be sure that we will hear them as soon as they are announced.

Via: The Verge

  • The. Great. Cornholio!

    For $300, I better be able to use every freaking app in the Play Store, Amazon Appstore, Getjar, on XDA, and any other .apk I can get my hands on.

    An accessory “smartdevice” that costs more than the subsidized device it’s supposed to accompany? Give me back the Nexus Q, at least that will keep my papers from flying off my desk; although folks can get their ‘inner stalker’ going with that camera.

  • Jonathan Williams

    Looks like the communicators from original Power Rangers. *beep beep beep beep beep beep*

  • Chippah

    Just like my wife – ZERO FUX GIVEN!

  • fritzo2162

    My Casio is still way cooler.

    • Chippah

      Zero fux given OR gotten with that thing!,

      thats HILLARRYISS!

  • TJWaterskier

    Great.. I can participate in auctions on my watch but I cant use social media.. Good idea Samsung

  • It is so funny, NSA. Samsung, we make kickstarters look brilliant.

  • Steven Elliott

    Well, now I know for sure I’m not getting one.

  • Apps or no apps. Its uglier than I hoped. And I was really looking forward to getting one. I want so badly for someone to release a smart watch that would look good with a shirt and tie. They all look like sports watches.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Well after you add a good otterbox case to this thing and a screen protector you will be wearing a brick on your arm 🙂

  • Shaunwin

    These are very cool, but not for me… I’ll stick with a nice analog.

  • Ryan N

    Well needless to say I’m relieved. I originally thought that there would only be the 12 apps that nobody would use on a watch no one will buy. It’s good to know that there will be 70 apps neglected now.

    Any predictions on when Sammy will retire this model?

  • Philip J. Fry
  • prestone1

    70 apps… a million apps…not going to matter with that price tag.

  • New marketing slogan…..Samsung, we make kickstarters look brilliant.

  • ksat

    Generation 1 – Score… Let’s see where Gen2 GEAR devices takes us! I bet they will include better battery life and more apps! 🙂

    I’ll pass for now….

  • DroidzFX
  • Dee Mann

    what good is that though when you can only have 10 on the device at one time?

  • marko358

    More apps to drain the already pathetically short battery life.

    • DJyoSNOW

      And drain the ram….

    • panicswhenubered

      yep. “About a day” of battery life is not good enough. What is that? 8-10 hours, with moderate use?

      A typical business travel day for me: Wake up and grab my Note 3 and Galaxy Gear at 6AM. Get to the airport, fly to destination. Do werk. Grab dinner. Check-in to hotel. Slap my Galaxy Gear on the charger around 9PM. NOT GONNA CUT IT, Samsung.

      I need at minimum a 24-hour battery for my phone and smartwatch.