Path Introduces Path Talk, Their Own Stand-alone Messenger App

Path, the “private” social network that has evolved substantially over the years from its early beginnings as a life tracker, released a companion app called Path Talk, today. As the name suggests, it’s a new messenger app. Well, it is the messenger portion of Path pulled out as a stand-alone messenger app with loads of new features.

Path Talk has this neat feature called “Ambient Status” that automatically tells your friends when you are in transit, nearby, or low on battery, so that they know if they should contact you or leave you be. It also makes sending music, maps, and photos easy, allows you to quickly reply to people with a single swipe, and can do voice messages (hear that, Hangouts?).  (more…)

Galaxy Gear Will Have Over 70 Apps Eventually, Samsung Promises 12 at Launch

Galaxy Gear-008-Set1 Side_Six

After yesterday’s announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Gear we heard the unfortunate official word from Samsung that their smartwatch would not run regular Android apps. Instead, Samsung would have to work with app developers to make useful applications that ran on their newest device. Don’t worry though, Samsung is a big enough company that they can draw in developers for their new smartwatch. They have announced 12 apps with launch with the Gear and that the number will eventually be up towards 70. (more…)

Path Receives Huge Update, Adds Movies, Books and New Photo Cropping Tools


Path is one of the smaller social networks, but it’s meant to be that way: tight knit and personal. The application for Android received a pretty large update today, adding in a lot of new features to keep you updated on what everyone in your network is up to. The ability to share what you are watching and reading with movies and books has been added, but that’s just the start of the changelog:

New square and landscape photos, and Glo and Crop photo tools — use Glo to enhance details in dark or bright photos.*
New rich notifications for your activity and your friends’ conversations.
Invite friends to Path with personalized messages.
Photos and videos are now displayed 30% larger!
Nudge friends for photos and check-ins.
Bug fixes.

Updates like these are always welcome to big name Android applications. If you’re a dedicated Path user, head over to the Play Store to download the update now.

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Updates Available for Facebook, Instagram, Path, Springpad, and Pocket

Some of our favorite applications for Android received updates today, so be sure to head on over to the Play Store and pick up the newest versions. There is not anything too major in any of the updates besides your general bug fixings, but it is always good to have the latest and greatest available. 🙂

Update:  Sooooo, about that Facebook update. It actually included built-in Messenger capabilities, some UI tweaks, and a new Camera shortcut so that you can shoot video and pics and the upload them directly to FB. Can’t say that I’m all that big of a fan of the added shortcuts into the app drawer. Also, we would assume this means that the stand-alone Messenger app will get the axe? Might as well uninstall it either way or you will have two Messenger apps in there.

Instragram | Facebook | Path | Springpad | Pocket

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Path on Android Receives “Lenses” in Update, Those Would be Image Filters a la Instagram

Familiar with Path? It’s like Facebook Timeline. Actually they are identical in many ways, but Path is its own separate entity. The idea is to start a “path” and record your entire life so that down the road, you can look back and see how far you have come and how much fun you had along the way. It’s actually a pretty popular service and not a bad idea, except again, that Facebook just rolled out a similar service known as Timeline, so that could essentially be your path dating back years rather than starting this new path which would begin, well today. But I digress.

In the latest update, users are treated to “Lenses” which are just like the filters that Instagram users obsess over. So now, your Path can include bad photos of your shoes, cupcakes, One Direction, and 16 year olds showing off their abs in fun filters named “Diana” and “Lomo.”

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Path Makes Its Way to Android

The timing of Path on Android couldn’t have come at a better (or maybe worse) time.  With the launch of Google+, it either doesn’t stand a chance on Android or it could find a nice niche thanks to the idea that Google’s new service has dropped upon us:  limited sharing.

Path is like Facebook (it can actually work with FB) except that it allows you to really limit the number of people (50 max) that you share your life with (a la Google+’s Circles).  You can post photos, share “moments” and even have conversations with friends/family.  It’s all about intimacy and privacy, people.

It’s a great concept that has been popular on iOS for a while, but I’m just wondering if it stands a chance on Android now with Google+ planning its world take over?

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