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Samsung Plans Android 4.3 Update for Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, and Note 2 in October

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During the Samsung Unpacked event today in Berlin, it was mentioned that an Android 4.3 update would become available for the Galaxy S3Galaxy S4, and Note 2 this October. For the Galaxy S4 owners, the update will also include support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, right in time for when the smartwatch will become commercially available. 

As for what we could see inside the Android 4.3 update, take a peak at our Android 4.3 breakdown and see what you can loosely expect in the update from Samsung.

Are you a current Galaxy S4 or S3 owner? Stoked out of your mind for October? You should be.

Via: Engadget

  • Edward862

    Will the galaxy S3 mini get 4.3 or not?

  • Edward862

    Will the Galaxy S3 mini get 4.3 or not?

  • traveler

    like the s4 but soooo disappointed about the locked bootloader

  • cgristopher

    Will they release it on virgin mobile

  • Mohammed Taher

    i hope the release note 3 features in the galaxy s4 like that pen feature will be, by our fingers or something i would also like something like that scarpbook in s4 if they put these galaxy s4 will have the shine

  • Jason

    I’ll bet you $1,000 we don’t see this update until 2014. No way Samsung can get it done before then. They are too concerned with releasing new products.

  • parsonbrown11

    Gnex? I’m already holding at 4.1.1 because 4.2 breaks bluetooth….ugh google please get it right for once.

  • mmmmm

    If by any chance that galaxy note 2 will be skipped… this will be the time that i will withdraw my interest in buying future samsung phones… and that my friend will be final. same to what i did with nokia before going to samsung… i feel like i am being played a fool…

  • hctor

    and samsung s4 mini update to 4.4?

  • JN

    Sorry for this question but do you guys maybe think that 4.3 will be available for S4 mini?

  • Gi

    What are the important benefits of unlocked bootloader?

  • Muhammad Waseem

    When i read this article one question comes in my mind that after update, galaxy s4 will support all new feature which are currently available in galaxy S4 like air view, motion gesture and many more

  • HeatFan954

    The breakdown of 4.3 is nice and all, but that’s only the pure Android features. I still think Samsung can upgrade the Note II to look like it’s sister, the Galaxy S4. The new version of the top of the screen has some updated asthetics, so look for that type of stuff on the Note II. I also would see some S4 features on the Note II.

  • a guy

    If they dont fix the involuntary sound volume turning off problem, I’m going to root this phone with something else and never buy another samsung anything again. Be careful samsung, before you start smelling a little too much like sony.

  • jdsabin1

    Hahaha – running the Vzw GNex with 4.3 for a while now. Suck it Verizon.

  • victor bolin

    waiting for the update for note 2.Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 7″, updated to 4.2.2 last week.

  • PseudoK

    The Note 2 wasn’t originally mentioned in this article, and I don’t see any mention of it in the Engadget article, or their live blog of the Unpacked event. Where does that info come from?

  • Skittlez

    this must mean the Gnex update is coming soon

  • Robert Boluyt

    If Sammy gets 4.3 out to teh S4, S3, and Note 2 before HTC Gets 4.2.2 to their Flagship One, I’m going to be really annoyed.

  • jboogie1289

    Doesn’t matter now! It only means that when I sell this Note 2 to whomever, it’ll have the latest software running on it and I can also throw in there the fact that if they want to step out and get the Galaxy Gear then the Note 2 will be ready to handle it.

  • Feed Jake

    This all sounds great…but as many have posted, it won’t happen in October. They’ll push it back, then we’ll hit the holidays and Samsung will push the new line up. And the rest of us will go to the island of misfit toys (Swappa). I would’ve rooted my Note 2 ages ago, but the ONLY exploit won’t seem to work on any computer I try it on. So I’ll do what most of us do here, wait for a Nexus to sneak through the trenches and make its way on to Verizon. Which will never happen again. But we’ll sit there and wait like a child whose dog has ran away. Is that it on the horizon?! No…no it’s not.

  • chapman1969

    Us gs3 owners have been waiting and waiting for samsung to give us 4.3 and now we will have too wait on verizon to put there bloatware so mabe in October 2014 we will see 4.3 damm I hope I am wrong.

  • Google Play S4 FTW.

    • I wonder )and worry) about Play edition (or custom rom’d) Galaxy phones and whether or not they’ll be able to install the Samsung app store and interface with the Gear.

      • Personally I’m not that worried as I have no plans to get a Gear. But I’m really not sure if it’ll work or not. There could be some very TW specific pieces required for it, who knows.

  • RaptorOO7

    My guess is 4.3 is tied to something big like Knox for Samsung and perhaps Verizon will offer it up by Oct/November time frame. At least Samsung skipped over 4.2.2 on the GN2 and went straight to 4.3 and the GS3 is getting 4.3.

    Now about LG’s track record, not so great now is it.

  • RTR2011

    Droid Life, PLEASE remove that annoying, hideous (always on top) ribbon from the page.

  • Fools

    Already have 4.3, thank you – CM 10.2 represent! Nightlies are mostly stable, with GPS acting up a bit. This’ll get fleshed out soon enough most likely.

    • Godzilla

      True, but there’s something reassuring about having an official release.

    • New_Guy

      Actually, CM has had GPS lock issues since CM7. Try opening your settings menu and clicking on “Apps.” Find the “Google Services Framework” under “All” and clear the data. Reboot the phone and the phone should lock onto the GPS just fine.

      Let me know if that helps.

      • Fools

        It’s particularly with CM10.2 that I am noticing it – it’ll lose GPS signal occasionally while navigating. CM10.1 didn’t have that issue.

        • New_Guy

          Did you give clearing the services framework data a try?

  • n900mixalot


    • Godzilla


      • n900mixalot

        That was creepy.

  • I guess so…I mean…if Verizon gets it too us quick enough. -Galaxy S4 owner


    I could go for that! yeah… if VZW ever approved the f*&^ing update!!

  • droidrazredge

    I’m already packing my backs with Samsung because of way they are treating S3 customers and keeping them on 4.1.2 when the device was a flagship at this time last year and is only a year old. All this just because sales of the S4 are abysmal. This is a bad move by Samsung and to keep giving false promises of updating the S3 is pretty sad. The S3 should have had 4.2.2 in July. I’m taking the S3 getting 4.3 with a small grain of salt. This is the last time I recommend and help someone purchase a Samsung device ever again

    • Fools

      Same story for HTC actually! The Rezound, despite being “flagship,” promptly became obsolete and never got an update.

      > This is the last time I recommend and help someone purchase a Samsung device ever again
      This is the last time I recommend and help someone purchase a non-Nexus device ever again

    • foodbiz2

      Good. Nobody wants your mouth to open anyway. Sell something else you will then cry about. This does not work, this was not promised, this does not satisfy my needs. Make your own phone or shut up and let these companies do the job. If you don’t like the job they do, then just stop cryin and get another phone you will complain about. Little baby!!

  • Kevin

    What about the note 2?

    • T4rd

      Samsung says F*ck that phone.

    • David Hayden

      “Android 4.3 update would become available for the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and Note 2 this October”

      • n900mixalot

        Aw … that was cute.

      • Kevin

        The note 2 wasnt originally in the article at all

        • foodbiz2

          Are you blind? Read the Title and then read the first sentence!! Wow!!

  • I wish Samsung finally realizes that carriers like Verizon is slowing down its own plan of expanding business to compete in the mobile space, and starts pushing to handle the update themselves. It will be a sad joke if some carrier branded Samsung phones don’t see the 4.3 update until months after the Samsung Gear is sold.

  • kixofmyg0t

    Just in time for 4.4 to drop the week prior!

  • Mikey Styles

    All the while us with VZW’s version of the Note 2 sit on 4.1.2, how amazingly aggravating to hear & yes I know I coulda rooted/ROM’d.

    • joder

      Kinda crappy, I agree. I wonder where that troll @Adrynalyne is

      • Mikey Styles

        I’m hoping to get some 4.3 goodness but that’s doubtful b4 KitKat is released.

    • Gnex

      And dat home button.

      • Mikey Styles

        The home button on the Note 3 is obviously just big enough for VZW to screw with….Smh!

    • T4rd

      I’m pretty sure even the international Note 2 is still on 4.1.2. Not sure how Verizon cam help that.

      • Mikey Styles

        Naw I getcha & was already thinking the same thing just sux to hear Sammy announce 4.3 for the S3 & S4 but not the Note 2 on top of hearing bout KitKat yesterday. Can make one feel a bit frustrated

        • n900mixalot

          They announced it for the Note 2 … it’s in the title.

          • T4rd

            I don’t think the Note 2 was in the title originally.

          • Kevin

            It wasnt in the article at al to begin with

  • Steve Swall

    I just got my S4 this weekend from Costco. I don’t think I will ever buy a phone from Verizon again. Super happy with this device, and even happier about timely updates!

  • Mudokon83

    I own Nexus 10 and S3.

    I put cm10.1.3 on both devices.

    I put it on my S3 because I hate touchwiz bloat.

    I put it on my Nexus 10 for one reason: HBO GO doesn’t like 4.3 stock, so I rooted and put 4.2 on it just to get that to function, good excuse to throw CM on a device.

    • Can you install and use the Samsung app store apk on your s3 after cm10? Just curious because for the Gear, I’m sure we’ll need it.

      • Mudokon83
        • I’ve read that… For the Samsung app store you have to visit Sammy mobile site on a non Chrome browser. …still, the APK must identify that it’s a “Galaxy” phone (which the S3 is)… otherwise they’d annouce the Gear for all Android phones with Bluetooth 4.0 and JB 4.3.

          • Mudokon83

            ah okay, yeah i dont install any samsung stuff on my s3, so I dont know

          • Only reason I know is I was testing out some Samsung apps for my daughter thinking about buying the upcoming Galaxy Tab 3 for kids…

            What this really means though is no Gear for Samsung phones with custom roms.

      • New_Guy

        Nope. I just flashed the latest AOKP rom a few weeks ago and not only are all Samsung specific apps dead, but MHL is broken as well (Although the S Pen itself still worked).

        Since I use S Note and MHL quite often, I was forced to find a TW roms

        *Head meets wall*.

  • Guy Pierce

    Already have it on my Gnex and without the ugliness of touchWIZ.

    • Skittlez

      but we have all these damn radio problems

      • Simon Belmont

        I don’t. Though, I’m using a GSM G’Nex.

        Android 4.3 has been great for me. Fast, smooth, uses less RAM, and increases battery life (stuff I didn’t have a complaint about with Android 4.2, but every little bit helps).


    So they are skipping 4.2?

    • Nick

      Probably no need for 4.2 if 4.3 has all the enhancements already in it. It’s probably an all inclusive update to get us up to speed before 4.4 is released in the next 300 years lol.

  • Jason Bittner

    push the note 3 by not updating the note 2?

    • joder

      What’s the note 2?

      • Jason Bittner

        The phone I have for at least 3 more weeks 🙂

        • joder

          I actually liked the Note 2 a lot, just too big for me… (insert that’s what she said joke here).

          I think they should have kept the screen the same size and shrunk the phone size. This will never happen though as it would cannibalize the SGS4.


        Some phablet from 1992 that looked like this:

  • joder

    This means at least May 2014 for VZW – anyone disagree?

    • Sherlock Holmes

      Locked bootloader in tow.

      • KleenDroid

        Nope. Anyone like me that has a Loki bootloader bypassed S4 will not take the ota. We will all get the update from the developers a day or two later.

        Nobody takes an ota update that is unlocked. And those that do………….. too bad so sad.

        • New_Guy

          Voodoo Rootkeeper is usually pretty good about helping you keep root. I’ve used it with success in the past.

          • KleenDroid

            Root isnt the issue. You don’t want the update to patch the method used to bypass the bootloader.

            The S4 shipped with a bootloader easily bypassed but the very first ota update that came patched it up. And it has not been bypassed since as we were able to before.

            There are always some who are so excited about an update that they will take an ota update risking never being to unlock again. This is exactly what happened to those poor folks.

            If you are rooted and unlocked there is truly never a reason to ever take an ota update. There will always be a safe version from the devs either the same day or the next.

          • markwebb

            I agree. Owner of a Dev Edition unlocked phone. NEVER take an OTA. I haven’t been on stock since the day I got it.Devs will always find a way: they are our friends! Having too much fun with all of the published ROMS 🙂

    • n900mixalot

      I disagree … they’re getting the Note 3 before anyone else … they’ve gotten their sh!t together lately when it comes to updates, and when Samsung Sync was broken, they fixed it within a few weeks.

      Do they lock ’em down tight? Mozzdefinitely, but they aren’t messing around anymore. So please, do us a favor and go on to T-Mobile or wherever else, and stop bitching about a carrier you can’t afford.

      • Khaf

        Already did after years of bitching about Verizon best choice ever.

      • itznfb

        Is that why Galaxy Nexus is still on 4.2.2?

      • Jason

        Samsung is historically TERRIBLE at releasing Android updates for their devices. This update won’t happen until 2014. The Samsung Link (Not sync) and Samsung Hub are terrible, RAM killing, bloatware. Those apps never get used by me. (Or most anyone else for that matter)

        • n900mixalot

          I had the original Galaxy Tab. The update situation is night and day.

          • Jason

            Night and day good, or night and day bad? My thoughts are that Google will be withholding updates to others now that they own Motorola. So, Motorola, who has been dead last in the update race for years, will probably lead that race now. Makes me regret buying a Samsung product because essentially, the processors are so close in actual speeds between the flagship phones, that there is very little noticeable difference to the user. Except that Samsung users will be waiting on Android releases. I know Google has said they will not withhold releases from other manufacturers, but I suspect that is a load of garbage.

          • n900mixalot

            Google releases too many updates to keep track. 4.3 came out and hasn’t reached most devices, and now KitKat will be coming in maybe a month.

            Night and day as in Samsung has gotten better at what they are doing. I just don’t think we Samsung users right now care about getting updates from Google because the really desirable features are now coming from Samsung. Same with HTC and LG and others. We don’t necessarily want 4.3 we just want Touch Wiz optimization and the new S-Pen features. Those come from Samsung.

          • Jason

            But WHAT are these desirable features you speak of? Unless everyone you deal with has a Samsung product, these features are useless. The only feature that came with the S4 that is a Samsung product is the “Watch On” App that controls my TV, etc. IN the Samsung App store, there are currently 5 apps. 5. (video Editor, Samsung SmartSwitch, Wallet, Kies Air, and Polaris) What other features are you speaking of? The Smart Scroll doesn’t work very well (Lighting issues) Multi-window only works with certain apps that you have no control over. S Beam chews battery life, and it is usually faster to text or email a file to someone, than to keep banging phones together. Thank God I am able to turn those features off as they obviously destroy battery life.

          • n900mixalot

            I have a Note II and a Note 10.1, and the experience is far different from the S3 and S4. The new S-Pen features will be extremely useful for my workflow, and they will apply to both of my devices. Plus I really like quirky features, and we don’t have a lot of the gestures that the S4 has. Air Scroll worked great when I tested it in store … I hope to get that kind of stuff.

          • Jason

            Air view works, but Smart Scroll does not. I like quirky features IF they work. So far, of the 3 new features on S4, only 1 (Air view) works as intended. The “Smart Scroll” NEVER works they way you would like. The “Smart Pause” I can rarely get to work, so I don’t see the point fo them. Why devote time to features that won’t be used by the end user because the funtionality is garbage. I love Samsung products and I hope they improve the release delays, but I will stand by my earlier point that we won’t see the new version of Android until next year. Samsung software developers are very slow at rolling these out. Cheers man!

          • foodbiz2

            Shut up and stop crying. If it is that much of a problem, get another phone and shut up. When you get the other phones you will cry about something the other phones have that does not satisfy your picky ass. All of these features on my S4 work fine for me. Maybe your just an idiot or your phone IS smarter than you are. Shut your mouth and be happy you have something others dream of having. Dumbass!!

    • RTR2011

      On the bright side, us Verizon customers will have plenty of time to hear of any dealbreaking bugs, before updating.