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Rovio Explains What Angry Birds Go Is – Hint, It’s a Kart Racer


Word on a new type of Angry Birds game hit the web back in June, with Rovio now finally giving some more insight into what the public should expect from Angry Birds Go. In essence, the game will be a kart racer, with Rovio taking the idea from a suggestion that was made by Red Bull and various online polls of Angry Birds fans. 

There is still no gameplay footage or any goodies like that, but I think a kart racer should be an exciting new path for the series.

Via: Rovio

  • Peter Stover

    So, “soon” (according to Verizon) means it will be available in six months! Lets hope sooner!

  • geedee82

    Being a huge racing gamer, I’m actually really looking forward to this. I just hope they do it right.

    On a side note, Asphalt 8 is sick! Been playing it so much my new N7 is overheating like crazy haha

  • turdbogls

    i want a 100% ripoff of mario cart (but with birds instead of shells, and bananas)
    online multiplayer, race and battle modes….it would be awesome.

    • geedee82

      I would LOVE that! I’m curious to see what Rovio will cook up.

    • Perv Bear

      I love this idea. Make it happen rovio or I will never touch your game again and I’ll start a pointless online petition to block all your products from being sold on earth so you will have to go to space to buy your products making your 99 can’t app costing over a million dollars. So don’t screw this up. You have been warned.

    • Higher_Ground

      and next year they can make an Angry Birds super smash bro’s

  • Daniel

    I just hope they come up with some touch-friendly way to control it (Read: NOT virtual buttons)

    • JDub

      It will probably be tilt controls.

      • Higher_Ground

        yeah or a combination (like Riptide where you stear with tilt, brake with button, and auto accelerate)

  • ChrisCorp

    Off Topic – Is DL going to do the ESPN NFL Challenge this year?

    • More than likely.

      • ChrisCorp

        Sweet! Thanks Tim!

      • Zachary Manville

        So, very likely?

  • MettaWorldTroll

    Is it just me or does that dude look just like the bird on his shirt?