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Verizon Max $30 6GB Data Deal for Unlimited Data Users is Live as Well

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Last week, we reported on a new Verizon special called Verizon Max that was going to launch for a limited time on August 25 for unlimited data customers who want to participate in Verizon Edge, the upgrade-often, month-to-month plan that went live yesterday. The deal, which Verizon hasn’t exactly announced or promoted publicly, is live as expected for those with unlimited data.Β 

I hopped into my account moments ago, punched the “upgrade” button, chose the HTC One with Verizon Edge, and was almost immediately greeted with a pop-up message confirming that unlimited data no longer exists and that in order to participate, I’d have to go with a Verizon Max option. Yes, you read that right – you cannot keep unlimited data and use an Edge plan. At one time, we thought there was a chance that you could because with Verizon’s Device Payment Plan you could. However, Edge is different than that plan and is forcing you into a Max plan should you choose to participate.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 11.04.19 AM

Once I chose “OK,” I was able to see the full breakdown of Verizon Max choices, which also includes an 8GB for $50 option that is bundled with tethering. The 6GB option does not include tethering. Should I have continued on with the process, you’ll see that confirmation screens show a drop of unlimited $29.99 data and an add of Verizon Max.

vz max

And I’m not sure how clear this was, but if you are an unlimited data customers, this new Verizon Max plan essentially replaces your unlimited data, but does not change your minute or text plans. Those remain separate, so this does not automatically move you to a shared plan or give you unlimited talk and text. This is an individual line feature that is separate from shared data and is more of a data swap than anything. If you had say a 700 minute plan, with an unlimited text add-on, and unlimited data, your bill should in theory only change by a penny per month assuming you go with the 6GB option. Well, you would also add on the month-to-month charge for your new device that was purchased with Edge.

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 11.22.44 AM

Anyone thinking about jumping on the Max plans with Edge?

  • paradyme

    I purchased pre-order an APPLE IPHONE 5S an upgrade finally!, after almost 3yrs and after I was kept at bay from doing so due to threats of losing my 73715-EMAIL&WEB UNLIMITED $29.99 data plan. Each time I have visited a local Verizon corporate store location I was blatantly reminded and subsequently turned away from upgrading my current APPLE IPHONE 4 device using my new every two option as Verizon wireless employees seemingly on every level of customer service have been aggressively re-trained to almost forcefully suggest and persuade you (THE CUSTOMER) into conforming to an unfair data plan policy that restricts existing Verizon unlimited data customers from keeping their data plan when upgrading to a new device. I recently called VRZN customer care not knowing about the new Verizon EDGE option and after expressing my dissatisfaction with the upgrade policy I was told by the very pleasant representative that I could keep my unlimited data plan which I have had for almost 5 years as the EDGE program allows you to do so because you are paying full price for the phone.

    I spoke with my wife who also has the same plan on her own personal account and we both decided to visit a local store. Upon arrival we were both told this is not at all true, you will have to select one of the now available EDGE MAX data plans 6GB $30.00 and or 8GB w/Tethering $80.00. I was told this just 2weeks shy of the APPLE IPHONE 5S release as I contemplated giving in to VRZN’s current policy. I instead waited as the VRZN salesman suggested as he pointed out that at the time I’d be paying $749.99 for the older IPHONE 5 as part of the VRZN EDGE program spread out over 24months. The APPLE IPHONE 5S was later released on September 20th 2013 and I had all but given up on another APPLE IPHONE annual release upgrade when this past week-end I logged onto my VRZN online account and this time I chose to select the “BUY NOW” option under the APPLE IPHONE 5S. The next page presented an option to proceed as a new or existing customer, Next page invited to upgrade my current device. The next page presented color options for the APPLE IPHONE 5S and upgrade options that included the 2yr agreement, Month to Month and VRZN EDGE. I made my device color selection and chose VRZN EDGE.

    Next page was the option to choose your device by internal storage and then choose a plan. This is where things got tricky because my 1st and 2nd provided options were VRZN shared or individual plans neither of which allowed for me to select my current plan. Then came the 3rd option to select my existing voice plan. Surprised, I did just that and what followed was the option to retain my current unlimited data plan along side the option to choose the EDGE MAX plans. Shocked I called my wife and we decided that we would again visit a local VRZN store and purchase our upgrades in-store the next day. Again upon arrival we were told No, you could not keep your unlimited data plan even after I clearly explained that I was allowed to do so online the day before and unlike previous attempts to upgrade using the VRZN EDGE purchase option which previously advised via disclaimer you would have to choose the new EDGE MAX plans and loose your unlimited VRZN data plan. The store rep then said he would check with his manager to see if there had been any changes to the VRZN EDGE data plan policy. I then asked if they had the APPLE IPHONE 5S in stock and the rep advised that the device could not be purchased in store at this time and had to be ordered. My reply to this was that I would instead order my device online.

    My wife and I returned home where we both purchased the new APPLE IPHONE 5S devices following the same “BUY NOW” option found under the APPLE IPHONE 5S advertisement. And again this time both me and my wife were allowed to retain our VRZN data unlimited plans which we are scheduled to receive later this month. Now I believe what really happened here was that we at sometime were grandfathered into the unlimited data plans but why VRZN instead chooses to keep this from it’s paying customers is unknown to me? The damage here is when VRZN wireless store reps are clueless to it’s own customers options or benefits. The now-A-day approach from VRZN wireless is to disregard it’s loyal long standing customers. Aside from having 2 VRZN wireless phone lines. We also have VRZN landline/FIOS internet and cable. Yet VRZN feels it’s ok to hold no regard or consideration for our request to remain on the VRZN wireless plans of our choice. Please forgive me if my article comes off as a rant but I think I have shared with DROID LIFE some valuable information about our recent experience with VRZN. Included here below is a screen shot pic of my unlimited data plan that remained on my active VRZN account as my choice of data plan along with my current device insurance option. Please be advisedI have nothing against Android products. Thanx for listening.

  • Trent

    I use up to about 4 or 5 GB a month sometimes. 6GB would be fine with me, but only if I can do another contract with a discounted phone. If you are going to pay the full price for the phone, you’d might as well just buy the phone and keep the unlimited data as long as they allow it. You can still buy a new phone in 6 months or a year and sell the old one.

  • MaciQuatl

    Question: I heard from BGR article that Verizon will soon end unlimited data plans. Even for grandfathered verizon unlimited data plans?

  • rivers2run

    I have 450 minutes and pay per text plan which suits me fine since I rarely text I pay $70. If went to the new edge plan I pay $30 for the data and $40 for the phone. Currently I can turn tethering on and off as a feature, if I need it for a month I turn it on. With the Edge 6 gb I can’t tether at all, I would have to go to 8gb and the mifi feature for $50 to get tethering $90 a month and my existing plan restrictions. I’m not sure I want to pay $20 a month for tethering when I only use it 1 or 2 months out of the year. The only real advantage for me going to edge is I pay for my phone on payments rather than full price up front. Full price up front and I keep unlimited data. They also offered me my existing plan at $60 a month and 2gb cap, and no tethering options. If I tether I go to the full share your wallet plan at $100 nix on that one. I am looking at ATT options. The inability to keep tethering as an add on feature doesn’t thrill me.

  • PAL

    I currently have an unlimited data plan. I looked at my usage and I rarely ever go over 2 GB in a month. So I should be fine switching to Edge, right? Are there any other drawbacks I’m not considering?

  • kingsfan33

    verizon is making me crazy trying to get onto this plan: http://badvzwservice.blogspot.com/

  • Jared Smith

    I’d rather keep the unlimited…..Even the cost of a newer phone off ebay, minus the selling price of my old phone, I’d still pay more in data overages per year, had I given up infinite data for the convenience of a subsidized phone.

  • ams165

    You have to be truly off contract, not even if you have an early upgrade in play.
    Have to have six months of on time payment with $0.00 balance carryover.
    Tried to do this at my local authorized store..
    hope this helps.

  • Angela Moon

    I think Verizon pulled this plan already anyway as i just tried to do my upgrade and I didn’t see anything about Verizon MAX plan any wheres I had to choose one of the share everything plans

  • Theme Park Pro

    Hey Verizon kiss my a**. I tried doing an alternative upgrade through Newegg since they are selling the phone for 179.99 and not charging any tax by the way. They said if I transfer the phone to any other line within the first 181 days that they will charge me $400. No wonder Newegg has the cheapest price on contract. The lady I talked to was like you are eligible for an upgrade and I’m like you are on crack if you think I’m going to use my own line and lose unlimited. I’ll head over to Amazon and the pay $199.99 for no bs agreements. I read the fine print for Amazon’s agreement and it doesn’t say that I can’t transfer the phone. So thanks Amazon for not being an a**hole. Don’t buy the phone from Newegg if you are on unlimited doing alternative upgrades because the moment you transfer that phone to another line you’re SCREWED.

  • Joshua P.

    This works for me, I use more than 3gb but less than 6gb.

  • D.B.

    I am not eligible for an upgrade until January 2014 but I wanted to see what would happen if I try to upgrade at full price. Once I clicked on upgrade at full price, it gave me an option to add a phone to my cart using the monthly edge pricing. I kept going through the process and it actually let me keep my current plan, including the $29.99 unlimited data. I went as far as agreeing to the Edge Contract and the submit order screen. This is where I stopped since I am not sure I want to add $25 to my monthly bill for a new phone.

    From what I read so far, I thought they wouldn’t let me keep the unlimited data under my scenario or did I misunderstand something???

  • Radster

    Where would the benefit be for me to do this? I mean you’re already paying practically full price for the device. I don’t think it’s worth giving up my unlimited data for a new phone every 6 months.

  • RKSoni

    Verizon has taken good step and indeed it looks this is better than unlimited plan of t-Mobile………… http://www.telecomvibe.com

  • feztheforeigner

    Pay the same amount for literally infinitely times less… I don’t think so…

  • Brandon Kesler

    The crappy thing for people who actually want to use this is that you still have to be eligible for an upgrade. So I can’t use this until next June. Awesome.

  • T S

    is there a way to do this AND get the unlimited talk/text? or would that mean i get the upper hand? cause we all know the customer isn’t supposed to get a good deal.

    i can live w/out unlimited data. i only use 3 GB. they’ll take it away at some point anyway. forcefully no doubt.

    • mehhh….

      you can use the edge program and go with share everything 4 gb the price plan will be 70 and the line level will be 40 plus any additional features and taxes

  • jonnyrazr

    I’m doing the Edge plan, and I’m eligible for the Max data plan since I’m from the Unltd legacy plan. I switch phones all the time, so it’s worth it. After the six months, I’m scott free

  • What if I just want to switch to the Max Plans without enrolling in VZW Edge? My mother who has an unlimited line really needs a new smartphone (she is still using a Droid 2 for crying out loud) and she rarely EVER comes close to 2GB! Something like this would just be extra comfort incase something ever happens.

    • Brien Gerber

      This. Is this possible? 6GB is plenty but I’m not doing VZW Edge. Can anyone confirm this either way?

      • faganm24

        I talked with an agent today and she “confirmed” that I could use the Max plan without Edge. However I am super skeptical…

        • Brien Gerber

          I talked to a Verizon chat rep and he “confirmed” the exact opposite. I already ordered my Moto X and am giving up my unlimited data. I’ve never been close to 2 GB so all I’ll loose is a little peace of mind.

      • I just went on the Verizon website and was able to use the chat feature in order to ask a Verizon sales person. They said you must sign up for the Edge program in order to receive the 6GB Data Max offer.

  • Adip

    Can I still pay full retail for a future phone and keep my unlimited data?

    • Phillies3429

      Yes, thank God

  • Taco

    Not sure how you got it to work for you Kellex. It’s forcing me to pay full retail for a new phone even though I selected the Edge option when sending the phone to the cart. It also is not displaying the Max data features and instead is letting me keep my unlimited as an option.

    • Brandon Kesler

      Are you eligible for an upgrade?

      • Taco

        I was until they changed their upgrade rules. It pushed my early upgrade all the way back to the last day of my contract in January.

    • jamie57

      Same problem for me, I called verizon and they said the system is having issues.

      • Taco

        Were they able to do something for you in terms of upgrading over the phone? Half the time I call them and I get some dim wit on the other end and I’m better off dealing with my issues.

        • jamie57

          They said they could upgrade me over the phone, but I haven’t decided if I want to try this or not. I was mainly trying it online to see if I could do it and keep my unlimited data like some people said they could.

    • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

      I’m getting the same options. I can buy at full retail and keep my unlimited or I can buy at a 2-year contract and only get offered the standard tiers. There is no option for Edge or Max. All lines are eligible for upgrade.

      • Taco

        It let’s me select Edge but when I go to checkout the max data options are missing.

  • JustNoOne

    I’m thinking about it because i want to be able to tether legally. I am rooted , etc but have never used any hotspot or tether hacks. This would give me enough data and still be legit. If I go with the 80 plan.

  • mcdonsco

    You know, its time to sell my unlimited verizon data account…

    1400 minutes
    Unlimited text
    Unlimited data
    mobile hotspot

    $160/month, around $180 after all charges and fees

    I think im done

  • Dcdanger

    Verizon is baiting, testing the waters if you will to see how best to prevent the mass exodus of their unlimited customers once they eliminate those plans. They hopefully sweeten the offer if this scam doesn’t attract enough people. I say wait and call their bluff, too much competition in this business to bow to Verizon on this bunch of BS.

    • Here’s my suggestion:
      -10gb of Data for all Unlimited Subscribers
      -All unused data will roll into the next months for two years (then reset and restart)
      -Keep the price the same as Unlimited users are currently paying
      -Include tethering
      -Don’t charge $5 for the feature that stops feeding you data once you’ve hit the cap.
      -*Wishful Thinking* – One month per year where Verizon will give you a free 2GB overage just in case.
      -Guarantee that this plan will stay in place as long as they remain Verizon customers.

      I don’t think that most people really need super large data plans, they just don’t want to have to worry about hitting a limit. They want to be sure that if there is one month that they need excessive amounts of data (like vacations) that they will not run out. Why else do we see people who average 1gb per month hold on to unlimited even though they could get a cheaper plan better tailored to their needs.

      I would jump on a plan like this immediately.

  • dshizzel

    I got mine automatically even after upgrading to my HCT One and electing the 2G plan. I never went over 2-3g the whole time I had unlimited since OG Droid days.

  • paradoxicat

    Can’t you just sign up for Edge, get the 6GB for $30 and then not do edge anymore and keep the 6GB? (This is of course if you don’t own Verizon service)
    Then that would be pretty awesome lol

  • Smarty4U

    I encourage everyone who has unlimited data to NOT jump on the Edge bandwagon. Edge itself is a ripoff because you are actually paying more than you were before and #2 if everyone jumps off unlimited data, Verizon will use this against the remaining people who still have it by either a) killing it off unlimited data in a year or two by 1) saying how “popular” all the other choices (Edge etc.) are or 2) saying people with unlimited data are now a minority and essentially will kill it off.
    DON”T DO IT!!!!!!! Verizon just wants your $$$$$$$

    • michael bourgoin

      they are goign to do it no matter what. its only a matter of time. The question is, will this offer/deal be better than the one they offer to the remaining people they eventually kick off unlimited. I dont think they would kick everyone off and offer them the standard data rate.

      • loyalty888

        If they kick me off, I leave Verizon. And per their contract agreement, if they change my plan without my consent, I can walk away without an ETF.

        • middlehead

          If you’re still on Unlimited, ETF is irrelevant anyway. You should be long since outside of the two year window.

          • Manthas

            Not necessarily; my two year isn’t up until January of ’14, and I’m still running unlimited on my Gnex.

          • King Lo

            Last month for unlimited was in June of 2012. I was trying to hold out for the Maxx HD, but had to cave early.

    • Jonathan Williams

      Don’t you worry, Smarty. I’m staying right here with unlimited until they want to fight me for it.

  • michael bourgoin

    anyone get a timeframe as to how long this data promotion will last? My wife wants the GN3, and if it’s around when that comes out, it might be a good option for her.

  • Victor

    I want to be able to get the latest phone when they come out so I was going to upgrade my wife’s unlimited plan to this cause she uses less that 1gb per month. The woman I spoke with last night told me I couldn’t upgrade until my upgrade date which is 8/28/13. After that conversation I’m going to leave everything how it is and pay cash for my phones. I’m sure that the unlimited plans may be gone by next year.

  • TheWenger

    Sure, I’ll give up unlimited data AND pay double for my device. It sounds like a great idea.

  • 213ninja

    hell no….but it makes me feel like when they finally pull my unlimited data from me, I may be regretting not jumping on a 6GB plan for $30, when everyone else is paying $30 for 2GB….bastards.

    • bizi

      If Verizon will pull unlimited for $30. What makes you think they won’t pull the 6GB for $30

      • 213ninja

        Absolutely nothing, but in the meantime, 6 would be better than 2.

  • John

    The 6GB deal is not bad. The Edge plan that you are forced to be on is robbery.

    • XphoneTroll

      I smell a Verizon rep here…

      • Jonbo298

        I don’t think a Verizon rep would trash the Edge plan as robbery.

  • Brad Dickmann

    Is this only available for the single phone line plans can someone who has four phones on their plan but not a shared data plan do this?

  • Chippah

    Kinda creepy as i just recieved a txt from vzw with “Congratulations! You are eligible for a new smartphone upgrade!” if THATS not a trap, idk what is.

  • yummy

    No means no

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    Wait, I read over all the fine print on this and the edge program and I have but one question based on a monumental epiphany…. Is Verizon in this business for the money?!

  • everettedl

    I don’t even need this plan. I’m using the Note 2 and the only phone I want is the Note 3 so I’ll just sell my Note 2, pay the difference, and call it a day. Verizon can kick rocks.

    • Jason Bittner

      Exact same thing I am doing!

  • dgarra

    I thought Unlimited Text and Talk came with the $40 “Smart phone” fee, so it actually does change your plan if you let it. $40 unlimited talk/text + $30 for 6gb = $70 + Edge Device Fee of up to $30.

    • bluuphoneguy

      no it doesnt work that way. the Shared plans are not combined with the VZ Edge. so its 40 per smartphone and then the price for the combined data. the 30 for 6gb is only for stand alone data. so basically its 30 for unlimited today and 30 for 6gb tomorrow.

  • Chad

    Well, what i’m seriously wondering, is at some point in the future is Verizon just going to force me/us off unlimited data? Like, once my contract is up, do they HAVE to keep giving me unlimited data until I choose to sign a new contract?

    • Godzilla

      Yes, believe me, its going to happen.

      • Chad

        Then this doesn’t seem *that* bad of a deal…At least you’d be saving $50/month (Does a 6GB plan cost $80/month?)

        • Godzilla

          I dont know. But yes generally speaking when people are switching to these new plans they are saving money.

          My wife and I used to pay $168/month. When we switched to the 2GB plan and also dropped Asurion we are paying $144/month.

          So for me personally we are only saving a little money and its mostly due to dropping Asurion

      • I was on a chat with a VZW rep and I emailed the transcript. They told me when my 2yr was up i had nothing to worry about on the unlimited. Even if i stay on month to month and never sign another contract. I’m not a lawyer or nothing, but I would think that transcript is permissible in court. But on the other hand, I know that being out of contract means they can change my terms when ever they want with a 30 day notice (because it’s month to month).

        • TheBoatisBack!

          That would not hold up in court. The Verizon reps are pretty clueless. Once you are at the end of your two-years, Verizon can cut you off from unlimited or throttle you if they pleased

          • chihova

            what the reps know vs what the suits know are apples and oranges. That same rep you were talking to could be singing a different tune tomorrow.

        • King Lo

          Part of your contract states that they can change the terms at any time. They just have to give you proper notification of the change and you are not penalized if you choose to cancel your contract because of the change.

          They’re going to force off unlimited at some point. It’ll probably be a couple years from now though.

      • Big_EZ

        But it’ll take some time, just like the Alltel situation. I’m still on contract with unlimited data for another 19 months.

  • Godzilla

    The fact that Verizon is doing this should clearly indicate that they are going to end Unlimited soon. By 2014 id say.

    • J Dub

      At that point they can offer something that’s not crap or I will take my business elsewhere. The $30 T-mobile prepaid plan looks very tempting. 100 talk minutes and unlimited (unthrottled up to 5GB) of data and texts. By that time there will be Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 out there on the real cheap.

      • TheBoatIsBack

        That plan is no more πŸ™

        • Chris Hannan

          It’s still there. They just don’t advertise it anymore.

      • steveindajeep

        Definitely hear you. If they are going to force me to loose my unlimited data and they wont give me an unlocked phone id have no reason to stay what-so-ever.

  • DanSan

    Im curious as to why somebody would choose the Edge plan when they can just do the installation payments. Unless for Edge you only pay the subsidized price and break it up monthly and not the full retail and break it up monthly over 2 years

    • Brandon Kesler

      The installation payments are over 12 months, Edge is over 24. Smaller monthly payments.

  • chris420o

    so what happenes when your drunk n smash your phone while on the max program…if you get a replacement from asurion will they honor this after you paid half the phone and let u trade it in and upgrade to a new phone?

  • John

    Question. If you go with this plan, you can purchase a new device every month? If that’s the case, do this.

    1)Get a new phone a month for $200.
    2)Sell the new phone for $400 on craigslist.
    3)Make $200 – edgecost – monthly plan = free plan and a few bucks.

    • chris420o

      u have to pay the phone off…i dont see how this make sence…and after u pay off half u gotta trade it in

      • Dw8labs

        Its like leasing a car with 0 finance and a monthly payment of $25.22.
        Then after a year is up you could trade it in for a new lease or you
        could keep paying for the same phone! Egde is a complete rip off cause
        you will always be paying the $25.22 a month no matter what! $199
        contract saves more money, you might as well buy the phone outright for
        whatever the cost to own it if you can afford it or waist more money on
        more monthly payments.

    • Malcolm Love

      You can only upgrade after half the device is paid off. So at least every 6 months.


    • Godzilla

      Dude that is like buying a car and selling it before its paid off, makes no sense because you dont own the car yet.

    • Somebody correct me if i’m wrong (i know you’re going to jump all over that). but don’t you have to turn in the old phone to Edge Up?

      • Michael

        Turn it in yes. If you don’t own it yet. After two years you can keep it, but that would defeat the purpose of having EDGE.

    • King Lo

      A new phone cost around $600 not $200

  • Malcolm Love

    I’m confused on the double sub argument here honestly. If I buy a phone full retail, I still pay that inside sub, if I finance it, I ALSO still pay the inside sub ONLY with an extra 25 bucks for finance charges. Am I wrong? Missing something? Also, people argue you could sell after doing full retail, but assuming the phone is in good condition, after a year most phones would sell for 300, so you could make a profit of maybe 25-50 bucks? So I mean, it’s cheaper, but I myself personally do not want to drop 600+ bucks at one time for a phone. Even with a credit card.

    • NigelTark

      Well, you are getting the 6 gb plan for $30 instead of $80.

  • I still don’t understand why they charge $15 more per month for corporate e-mail…

  • Joe Mihalich

    Now that i have a Nexus 10, phone features are less important to me. The only thing i care about is tethering, phone, text, and email. So my Galaxy Nexus with unlimited data will do me fine for a long time.

  • lgreg64


  • DanSan

    i tried doing it on my account which is has an upgrade on an unlimited line, keeps defaulting to putting me shared data, not sure why. gonna try it on a full price line

    EDIT: just tried it on a line that has no upgrade but unlimited data. I selected a Note 2 and clicked the edge option instead of full retail. it never asked to change my data plan and showed it as keeping unlimited data

  • lgreg64


  • Boss As Hell

    I’m still having unlimited data stay on my account. Already got shipping confirmation for my wife’s Droid Maxx.

    • Mahercs

      I am not due for an upgrade yet, and tried to walk thru a MAXX order. I too, was able to retain my unlimited and buy the phone through the EDGE program. Interesting. I still don’t want to go this route, but it is an option apparently!

      • Courtney Hennessey

        It still gives me the option to keep my unlimited data when I upgrade online as well. I’m just afraid that when my first bill comes, they will switch me over to the Share Everything Plan, which I REFUSE to get.

      • MichaelFranz

        i think they removed it already. I for some reason can not do it. I’d pay a few extra month on my bill for a new phone now

    • jose
  • Bigwavedave25

    Maybe for 10-15Gb for $30… Maybe.

  • housetiger77

    I’m not sure if I’m late to the party or not, but I just upgraded to an S4 on Amazon and I was allowed to keep my unlimited data. It even specified on there that my data package was unlimited. The S4 on there is $149.99 in case anyone is interested.

    • TRU3L3GEND

      It will switch you to a 2GB plan as soon as you activate it fyi..I wish it would work but it wont.

      • housetiger77

        I got my new S4 in today and I called the number to activate it. It took me through the steps, but then sent me to a person. I told her that I got a new phone and needed to activate it. She was super nice and asked for the phone ID and then the new SIM card number. She activated it and then called me to make sure it worked. I’ve checked my account and so far i’ve stayed on unlimited data. It has updated on MyVerizon with my new device as well.

        • TRU3L3GEND

          Not trying to rain on your parade but come back in a month and say if its still unlimited. Trust me I wish it stays, but I’ve had an upgrade for two years and looked for a backdoor for a long time. There was one loophole that was quickly discovered and everyone lost their unlimited, I knew it was a bad idea. Good luck though I will be very interested if you get lucky, but I bet it will update on your next bill.

          • housetiger77

            I’ll keep you posted. It’s already changed my contract end date to the new date two years from now.

          • Chris

            So has it changed?

          • housetiger77

            Nope. I got my new bill in today and it still has my data as unlimited.

          • housetiger77

            No it hasn’t changed. I actually just got my statement in the other day and everything was the same. It looks like I got lucky. I’m not sure why it worked for me and not others. When I went onto Amazon to order the phone it specifically asked me if I wanted to change my plan or continue with the current one. I of course selected the latter. When I received my order confirmation it even spelled it out on there what my plan consisted of and one of those was the unlimited data.

  • Neil Fujiwara

    I am actually tempted to use this for mom and my brother. They are using .2 Gigs a month and have unlimited.

    • DanSan

      only thing it would secure you is the possibility of an upgrade every 6 to 12 months. otherwise you could just upgrade their line, take the phone and reactivate their phone back on their line but have to wait the full 24 months to upgrade.

      Upgrade one now, then wait 12 months and upgrade another. will keep you with an upgrade every 12 months.

  • Daniel Dlugos

    Will the $30 8GB plan receive the same 20% monthly employee discount that my current $30 unlimited plan gets?

    • Tyler Lamb

      I think your discount only comes off the main portion of your bill (aka the Minute package). I don’t think you get any discount on the Data portion of your bill if you’re not on the Share plans.

      • DanSan

        Tyler is correct, it comes off the plan. not the added features like data plans

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Well currently I’m getting 22% off both my Minute package and my data portion, though I have an individual line and unlimited data, so I guess it depends on what plans you have.

        • Tyler Lamb

          Ok yeah, looks like it is on the main line anyways. I was looking at the non-primary line. So its only discounted on the Primary Line, if anyone is still curious.

  • drose0

    I would be slightly tempted if Edge wasn’t a requirement. Keyword: slightly.

  • Destroythanet

    So can you switch to Verizon Max and get on-contract upgrade pricing every two years instead of doing Verizon Edge? Or is it Edge only?

    • drose0

      From the looks of it, only Edge. When I went into the upgrade process I was only prompted for the Max promotion if I picked the Edge option on the screen before.

  • SomeDooD123

    F U VZW!

  • Character0

    They would have me with 8GB at $30. If I could get by on 6GB I would do it. I use at about 6GB so I want some room with the 8GB. But with the $20 premium for 8GB its worh it more to do the DPP. Edge ($600 phone) $25 + $20(for 8GB) = 45. DPP ($600 phone) $50 + $2 (fee) = $52. So for $7 more I own the phone after 12 months.

  • Guillermo Robles

    I spoke to a customer care rep. They say I can keep unlimited data and participate in edge

    • Not sure how that’s possible, but if you can successfully do that, let me know. πŸ˜‰

      • Guillermo Robles

        I approached him about Verizon max and he insisted I didn’t have to get off unlimited, that it was only an option. I was thinking of waiting for the Moto X to try

      • unloco2551

        I just went through the upgrade process and keeping unlimited data was a choice a long with edge

        • everettedl

          Really? I just tried to upgrade a minute ago and they bumped me down to 2GB per month for $0.00. Obviously I didn’t take it.

      • Yep i saw the same thing.

        Two choices: Subsidy / new contract price $199-$299 or the $25-$27 Edge price.

        My device is eligible for upgrade but contracted through December.

        Also interesting is the Edge price doesn’t match up with the subsidized price. For instance iPhone 5 is a couple bucks higher per month ($27) than other Android ($23-$25) phones despite the same new contract/subsidized price.

      • DanSan

        same thing happened for me. Tried to upgrade a line that has unlimited data but no upgrade on it. Selected the Edge option and no prompts for change in data plans. it showed me keeping the unlimited

      • MichaelFranz

        i just tried, no dice. Can anyone post steps on how to get into edge and keep utl?

      • Detonation

        Worked for me. But only if I added an EDGE phone to my cart, then choose “existing customers sign in”, then choose to upgrade my line. If you just to Upgrade Device > Choose Phone, it didn’t work.

        • MichaelFranz

          this is if you alreayd have an upgrade for the utl data line correct?

          I have 2 upgrades on share lines, i want to transfer one of them

          i think some people said they were able to do it on an utl line and keep utl without already having and upgrade. maybe hey caught the mistake already

    • Detonation
    • Buur

      I just went through the “Upgrade at full price” option online and was able to pick a Maxx, use Edge and keep unlimited. Didn’t close it out but it seemed to work.

      • ApplesNAndroids

        Yes, if you continue all the way to the checkout process, it’ll ask for the payment of 701. It almost works πŸ˜‰

        • Buur

          Ah damn! Thanks for going that extra mile.

    • Hothfox

      Can you only get on a Verizon Max plan if you’re looking to sign up for their Edge upgrade plan? Or could you get it if you were unlimited looking to normal-upgrade?

      • Mahercs

        If you are unlimited, and per all the replies here (and my own experience , why would you want to give up unlimited just to get on Max, if you can buy the phone through Edge without losing the unlimited plan?? Seems to me that it’s a loophole, but I would jump on it!

        • Hothfox

          Because I keep my phones for two years, and I would rather pay the $199 up front than $25 a month for two years if I was looking to use an actual upgrade.

          • Mahercs

            Ok. I understood it differently. I thought you wanted to get the Max offer while making payments. I believe you want to pay $199 and get the Max plan, yes? If you’re getting a $200 phone, it’s cheaper. If you’re looking at a $300 phone, it’s a difference of $25. Each person’s circumstances are different, so you do what’s best for you, despite VZW’s attempt to screw us all. Good luck.

      • Guillermo Robles

        It’s confirmed for edge but I didn’t check for normal upgrades. I’ll check back in

  • coolsilver


  • MichaelFranz

    8GB for $30 i’d consider. i think th emost i’ve ever hit was 12GB but that was also downloading 800MB TW roms for my S3. i ran an account analysis and in 6 months i averaged 4.560GB/mo with a peak of 8.04GB. If they offered this for $30 i’d do it. Unless they offer me $20 off my bill for like 18/mo or something to compensate it

  • jose

    Hmm. Unlimited for $30 or 6gb for $30 and NO tethering? GTFO.

    Give me 10gb for $30 plus my discount and I might think about it long enough to think about thinking about it.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I’d maybe think about thinking about it at 10GB for $10. Doubtful, as streaming Google Music has eaten up a lot of data for me now.

  • thedonxr

    Infinity>8 this is my reason for not switching. Only thing is buying phones at full price…

  • ImmaDroid

    Lol, Why would I give up my unlimited, to pay the same amount for 6GB. Just so I can finance a phone at full retail? that’s not very sensible!

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Sadly, most people aren’t exactly sensible.

      • MrCrusha

        I am thinking that people are looking into the future and the fact that this amount of data will not be offered once they cutoff unlimited data. So if you are forced to get into the tiered data it is most likely going to be the 2GB for 30 dollars and not 6GB.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          And I’m thinking Verizon is always looking to make more money, so once they cut off the unlimited data users, they will be looking for ways to cut off users of these two options. Keep in mind, I don’t think Verizon will start cutting off people for at least a year, at which time, if tmobile keeps their rollout going, they might have a network comparable to AT&T, which would be much more tempting to jump Verizon to go to Tmobile.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Clearly for people that don’t want to pay $600 ^ upfront.

  • William_Morris

    Nah, I’m good. I’ll either switch carriers or pay MSRP.

  • mindcloud

    Not sure why this is a good deal or why anyone would do this, is there something I’m not seeing here?

    • Zach B.

      Put aside the obvious highway robbery going on here, this IS the most LTE data anyone is really going to get for $30.

    • Mike Hilal

      8GB plan is half the price of the share everything tier plans. That’s why its a good deal, assuming you dont normally touch more than 8 gigs/mo

    • Detonation

      If you want a new device every 6-12 months and can’t afford the full retail price up front to keep unlimited data, this would be your next best option.

    • dgarra

      Some people don’t want to dish out $650 for a new phone

  • Going to be hanging onto unlimited instead.

  • Zach B.


    • XphoneTroll

      Lmao… That just made my day.. Take that Verizon !

    • calculatorwatch

      For people who don’t want to get f**ked by Verizon’s data prices, this is them saying, “Aw c’mon how about just the tip?”

    • Kevin Kaykay Kim

      It indeed is more like the guide for “how to give up unlimited data and get screwed over even harder”

      • michael arazan

        So I’ll just keep unlimited and use the device payment plan to buy a new phone every year then sell that phone for half the price at the end of the year and put that down on a new device instead. At least I’d be getting a new phone every year which is just as good.

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    • jollymolly123

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  • middlehead

    If this wasn’t tied to Max, I’d consider it. Probably wouldn’t actually do it, but I’d at least consider it. They’re sure to kick us off of Unlimited eventually, might as well do it with something that’ll be a slight advantage over their normal plans.

    But not bonded to the ass-blastery that is Max. No.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Keep in mind, these plans are also not the same as the share anything plans or their standard plans. So it would be fairly safe to say once unlimited are gone, what would stop them from targeting these plans? They want to make more and more money, they will eventually target these too.

  • Geekdad

    I just ordered the Maxx and will still be keeping my unlimited data using an alternate upgrade.

    • Logan Greenwood

      I did this as well!

    • Miles

      What do you mean an “alternate upgrade?” I have two phones on my account and both are available for upgrade. Is that what you mean? Thanks!

      • Geekdad

        I have five lines on my account. Three of them have an upgrade available. I upgraded a line that only has a feature (dummy) phone. When the unit arrives I will then activate it to my line (transfer the upgrade) and preserve the unlimited data. It won’t work if all your lines are currently on an unlimited data plan.

  • Ryan

    I’m tempted to. As much as I really would like to keep unlimited data, there has only been one instance I’ve gone over 1GB in a month and that was when the wifi at my office was horrid until so I used a 4G tether on on my Nexus for a few days, and I downloaded a ton of updates as I was setting up a new tablet at the time. The previous 2GB while definitely more than I use on a typical basis, 6GB is definitely enough.

    Main reason I’m thinking of doing it is the ability to keep ‘current’ so to speak with phone generations without having to shell out $200+ when a new one comes out. So lets say I can an S4 now or whatever, and start paying the $25/mo for it, next year I want to upgrade I simply swap it out for the current gen phone I want, without having to pay the $200 (or more for non-subsidized price). My line doesn’t have an upgrade until next February I think, though my wife’s line just got hers available last week.

    Is that right or am I missing something?

    • Omar Amer

      about right, except you forgot the part where your bill already includes phone subsidy plus another phone subsidy when using EDGE… so the whole thing just ends up being more money for verizon with no savings on your part. hence why peope think this program is absolutely terrible. another method for verizon to essentially make more money off their customers.

      • Ryan Moore

        yea I probably wouldn’t even be considering it I didn’t just start getting a 20% discount on my bill through my new job. I was serious considering switching to TMobile or Sprint but when their plans were only a few dollars less than what I’m paying now for Verizon, I’d rather just stay.

        • jmwinters

          Funny you should mention that discount. Verizon only allows employee discounts on regular plans and not the share everything plans. This looks like the best way to go as my discount gives me just about the same as the phone subsidy so either way I am paying regular prices.

          • Jason Bittner

            VZW does indeed allow the discount with share everything plans. it is applied to only the data portion of the plan though.

            I know 100% that is the way it works because I had 17% discount from my job before i ditched VZW and now pay less for more without the discount on AT&T.

          • jmwinters

            hmm. I will have to check on that. Last time I went through the motions for it they said no (the plans were still new though). I wish i could switch to AT&T, coverage is spotty though where I am at and Sprint is worse yet.

        • J Dub

          In the same boat. I have 2 phones with 700 minutes, 1000 texts out of VZW, and unlimited data for around $142 a month. Minutes are a definite non-issue, high volume texters are requested to use our Google Voice numbers. Last I checked T-mobile had the unlimited everything for $70. That’s no savings. Straight talk looks appealing but the throttling limit is still unclear. However, I know several users that seem to enjoy the service rather well.

      • Wolfpack93

        The “bill already includes a subsidy” should be a moot point. Since you pay it regardless of whether you buy a phone on contract, on EDGE, off contract, or keep your old phone. Sure it sucks that it’s there, but it sucks regardless of how you acquire your hardware.

    • E. Tasche

      I’d say keep it until VoLTE comes around, because that unlimited data will become unlimited anything & everything – and VZW won’t be able to restrict what devices can be used on the network anymore…

  • Ryno

    I would be all over this if it wasn’t tied to Edge and I could do the regular upgrade.

    Just curious, would this apply to all five lines on my plan that are currently unlimited, or just the main line?

    • Detonation

      Whichever line(s) you choose.

  • NAM37

    So basically it’s a $20-25 per month increase once we add in the Edge cost. Right?

    • Detonation

      Right, but if you’re buying phones full retail already. there’s really no difference in total overall cost.

      • NAM37

        I don’t think that’s true.. There is already a subsidy built into the normal monthly fee.. the “Edge” is a second cost added to it.

        • Detonation

          I meant for people who are buying full retail to hold onto unlimited data. Once you’re out of contract, you’re paying the same amount either way. Monthly bill + $600 up front, or Monthly bill + $25/mo extra.

        • Scott Martin

          you’re paying the subsidy either way. if you buy a 600 phone every 2 years on top of that, it equates to $25 a month. either way you have the plan with the subsidy and you’re paying for a phone

  • fillyo

    Such a bad deal, no reason to do this.

  • Jeremy Alajajian

    Anyone have an opinion on Sprint in the Charlotte, NC area? Thinking about hopping carriers. Unlimited everything for 2 phones for close to what I would have to pay for 2 phones sharing 4gb? If service is even close it is a no brainer.

    • Mike

      Plenty of opinions, but the fact is that it’s slow with spotty coverage. IF you can get 4G it’s decent speed, but those places are very few. When you’re on 3G it’s very slow, literally dial-up speeds. Example of a place where Sprint 4G should have coverage but doesn’t: Charlotte Motor Speedway. My personal phone is Verizon, and I assure you the service is not even close to close.

      • Jeremy Alajajian

        So you are saying that their Coverage Map is garbage as well? Hmmm…


    Haha how about no?

  • DS

    If it was 8GB shared I might consider jumping the Unlimted Ship since I’m going to be in a pinch come upgrade time. This is ridic and I doubt many will go for it.

  • Zach Davis

    Too bad Unlimited Data is uhhh…. Unlimited..

    • T4rd

      I fear that once our contract runs out on our lines with unlimited data, Verizon will drop our plans anyways. Since at that point, there’s nothing keeping them from changing the terms. At that point, I will go to T-Mobile or something, but I’m riding out Verizon’s unlimited as long as I can!

      • Lots of people have unlimited data and have been contract free for a while.

        • D

          Since March 17 for me (Day 1 TBolt buyer)

          • Same! The TB was the last phone I bought from Verizon on-contract.

          • umbrellacorp

            You and me both, broham. Best of the worst phones I’ve owned. UGH

        • T4rd

          Yeah, I know. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t throw the switch one day after June 2014, two years after unlimited data ended, when everyone who still has unlimited data should be off contract. So at that time they could do a mass changeover for everyone on unlimited data and hopefully that will lead to a mass exodus from Verzion to T-Mobile (which would be hilarious/awesome).

          • Yeah, I hope it doesn’t happen but it probably will – or they will follow AT&T and when they are able to, they will start throttling us. Not as many people would want to keep unlimited data if you get throttled to a few hundred Kbps after 2GB.

          • J Dub

            True. I had to pre-order the S3 at the time to keep our unlimited data. I was hoping to hold out for a little while longer, but at the time they forced my hand to re-up the contract.

          • Brian Shaw

            But everyone with unlimited will not be off contract June 2014. I have one line w/ unlimited data with an upgrade available right now. I could easily transfer that upgrade to one of my dumb phone lines which would lock me into contract on said line with unlimited data until late 2015.

          • T4rd

            It doesn’t work like that though. When you transfer the upgrade to another line, you’re renewing the contract for the line that gets the new phone, not the line that you transferred the upgrade from. So your line with unlimited data will be out of contract on whatever date it says right now still.

          • Brian Shaw

            I assure you that when I transfer my upgrade from my unlimited line to another line that is still under contract Its my unlimited lines contract that is renewed. I just did this last week with another one of my other unlimited lines and it renewed that contract.

          • Dlang123

            I was advised once that this was not possible by a rep.. are you sure you do not lose unlimited on the line you transfer from?

          • Brian Shaw

            100% positive. There is also a trick for people who only have lines with unlimited data plans and no dumb phones to transfer the upgrade to. If you go into a vzw corp store and upgrade one of your unlimited lines and tell the corp employee that you do not want to activate at that time and that the phone is a gift for someone else you leave the store with the new phone and unlimited data and you’re good to go. They tell you that you have 30 days to activate the phone however I have done this twice and had no problems.

          • Dlang123

            Hmmm so then you just activate it on your line later? I have no dumb phones, but was thinking of opening an third account, then cancelling the data on it, phone#1, then transferring both of my lines with unlimiteds upgrades to the third line, phones#2 and #3, selling one of the phones, buying a dummy phone, cancelling data on third line… and giving dummy phone to mom for emergencies….

          • Brian Shaw

            This would work as of now however Verizon can and will eventually close these loopholes. I predict that this will happen sooner than later.

          • EdubE24

            I’ve done this a few times now and it works like a charm. And my feature phone is just my home phone now sitting on the microwave!!

          • T4rd

            Yeah, I just confirmed this through Verizon. I figured the contract renewal got transferred along with the upgrade. This is nice to know! Thanks!

          • RaptorOO7

            But you are not seeing the big picture. Verizon can, will change those rules. It really takes very little for them to change the coding in the system and lock it out from any supervisory changes. It’s coming so you might as well get used to it.

          • Brian Shaw

            I’m not denying that Verizon can and will take unlimited data away from their customers when they are out of contract however as long as I can lock myself into a contract for 24 months Verizon can not and will not take away the unlimited data.

          • Idon’t Know

            Just keep paying full price for your phones to stay on unlimited.

          • bizi

            Please help me understand. 1. When do you activate the new phone? Do you have to activate it at a Corp store or a regular store? How do you keep unlimited once you activate the new phone?

          • NorCalGuy

            Just wanna be 100% sure… I have a droid RAZR with an upgrade avaible its not the primary number but does have unlimited data. So if I go into my local vz store and tell them I want a maxx, I can get it at the “on contract” price and tell them not to activate it I will keep my unlimited data? Also do I have to wait before I can call and activate it or could I do that on my way home? If this works it would be awesome!!

          • Al Woo

            And then you call cust service and switch imei for one of the phones or? I’m about to do the add-a-line method to get the dumb phone and am very interested in your method!

          • Joseph Yonke

            He’s right, this works just fine. I’ve done it a couple times. I have two dummy lines that just sit on my family plan. They cost me $14 each every month. They are real lines but no one uses them. I don’t even have physical phones for them. They renew as any other line does, I use the upgrades to get a new phone and then do a device swap. My Local Authorized Verizon Retailer does it for me. It works.

          • corradokid05
          • dable

            But don’t you have to pay full retail for the device? I have 3 smartphone lines with unlimited and would like to upgrade 2 and keep unlimited.

          • RaptorOO7

            You lose the unlimited data. If you move that line from a smartphone to a dumb flip phone with no data plan you are SOL.

          • Brian Shaw

            Who said anything about moving a smart phone to a dumb phone?

          • T4rd

            I hope you have e-mail notifications enabled.

            I’m trying to do this now and Verizon is telling me that if I transfer my upgrade to another line, I will lose my unlimited data because I’m re-newing the contract on my line. I’ve gotten different stories from reps online and reps in my store. How did you do it? I’m looking for the best way to do it without involving inept store reps.


          • Brian Shaw

            This only works if you are transferring the upgrade to a line with no data plan. You can not transfer from one unlimited line to another and keep both plans.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, I’m transferring the upgrade from my line (with unlimited data) to another line with a 2GB plan. The corporate Verizon store I went to said they couldn’t do it without dropping my unlimited data plan. But the reps online said it’s not a problem to do it online and even offered me a $50 discount on the phone online. I went through the whole checkout process online right up until I confirm the order and it never said anything about changing the data plan on my line and the rep in the chat session said it shouldn’t affect my data plan. It just makes no sense why the reps in the store say they can’t do it, but I can myself online. You would think it would be the other way around if they wanted to restrict how users keep unlimited data. But the in-store rep said that the option isn’t even available to them to keep unlimited data on my line even if I transfer the upgrade to another line, because renewing the contract on my line forces them to drop my unlimited data plan.

            So did you do your upgrade in a store or online?

            Thanks again for the responses!

          • RaptorOO7

            VoLTE is coming in 2014 and so are the new phones. Its all in Fran Shamo’s plan.

          • tomn1ce

            Didn’t vzw CFO said that they’ll be releasing a device VoLTE ready by the end of the year. I’m hoping that the G-Note 3 comes out VoLTE ready.

        • RaptorOO7

          But in 2012 Mobile Share launched, 2013 Edge Launched and 2014 is when VoLTE launches and you know people are going to want to get in on the latest VoLTE phones coming next year (about 6 months from now . . . are you seeing it). So within a year everyone who had unlimited is off contract, mobile share will be two years old and for those who didn’t take the enticement, well plan to get the shaft.

          • I rarely make calls on my phone, why would I care about VoLTE?

      • Pete

        I don’t think thats happening coz i have unlimited data And i have been out of contract for little more than a year now and so far nothing has happened!!!!

        • RaptorOO7

          Verizon is trying the carrot approach, next is the stick followed by the guillotine. Vive la France.

      • RaptorOO7

        That’s what I said πŸ™‚

  • JamesU513

    VZ Navigator…LOL

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Nope I’ll just use my Alternate upgrade thank you very much!

  • Samvelavich

    NO VERIZON, I will not give up unlimited data. You’re gonna have to pry it out of my cold bare hands to make me get rid of it.

    • JamesU513

      you have cold hands? There’s an app for that…

      • Doan

        utorrent? When I’m torrenting my phone becomes an instant hand warmer.

        • thedonxr

          Or just use Navigation on Google Maps on your GNex πŸ™‚ Instant Hand Warmer/Battery Destroyer.

          • Bigwavedave25

            or wifi tethering…

          • Keith Thompson

            That is the biggest reason why i have not given up my unlimited plan for the pay month to month.

        • J Dub

          It actually works for you?

          • chihova

            like a charm

      • Nathaniel Newman

        There are 2 ways to warm your hands. 1; buy a cheap after market battery or hmmm… well….need I say more!

        • middlehead

          Yes, you do need to say more. You claimed there are two ways but only listed one.

          • Chris Hannan

            Hands in pants

        • tomn1ce

          Let’s see now, I bought an extended battery from vzw for my G-Nexus and it gets as hot as how the others are describing. I must be putting the battery in the decice the wrong way now O_O

        • jerry

          Sounds like a personal problem.

      • Blue Sun

        There’s a phone for that too. GNex on Verizon.

        • My extremely warm ear confirms.

        • VZW GNex melted my USB charger tonight, and had to cool down for nearly two hours before it would take a charge.

        • michael arazan

          My Gnex has gotten up to 108 degrees from watching a movie and uploading over LTE. No problem on wifi or 3G, just when charging or using lte very odd

      • RaptorOO7

        Sorry it’s an iOS exclusive.

    • RaptorOO7

      You know that WILL happen right. Once you are out of contract they can effectively kill it off and by the time they are ready to do that everyone will be out of contract on unlimited.

      Don’t forget paying full retail for a phone does not extend the contract and without a contract we don’t have anything to hold them to.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        I’m guessing this won’t happen for about a year or two, by which time I would bet that Tmobile will have comparable network coverage to AT&T at least. At which point, when they stop unlimited data on Verizon I see a lot of users jumping to Tmobile if they keep up their network roll out.

        • RaptorOO7

          When did mobile share launch, about a year ago, so really within the next year Verizon will be in position to kill off unlimited data and they are planning on rolling out VoLTE next year so it does go hand in had. Just ask Fran Shamo.

          • Stevo

            There was (and possible still exists) a loophole through alternate upgrades in order to upgrade and keep unlimited, so people after the cut off were signing contracts and keeping unlimited, so its not so cut and dry as “2 years after mobile share plans”.

          • Jaxon Wright

            care to elaborate?

          • keithsmith22

            Yes, please explain

          • Mike

            The contract being signed is not for the unlimited data line.

          • Keith Thompson

            simple solution leave Verizon, and say hello to sprint.

        • Joshua P.

          that is what I am thinking.

      • Trent

        Even when still in a contract, Verizon can change the terms at any time.

  • Terrence Adams

    Oh Verizon you’re so clever… *rolls eye*