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Verizon is Launching Verizon Max, a Limited Time 6GB $30 Deal for Unlimited Customers Who Want Verizon Edge

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Earlier this morning, we broke news on a new Verizon plan that will be introduced in the coming days called Verizon Max. At the time, we didn’t have all of the details ironed out, but after talking to sources of ours, think we know almost everything there is to know about a new tiered data plan aimed directly at unlimited customers. 

Verizon Max will be introduced on August 25, along with Verizon Edge (Big Red’s new upgrade-often plan). We were told by a corporate Verizon spokesperson during the announcement of Edge that unlimited data customers would be excluded from participating in the upgrade-often plan. Well, they could participate, but they would lose their unlimited data. If an unlimited customer decides they want to sign up for Edge, and a pay a monthly fee for their phone without any upfront cost, Verizon Max is their point of entry.

So what is Verizon Max and who can participate?

Max is a two-tiered plan that offers unlimited data customers either a 6GB block of data for $30 per month (without tethering) or an 8GB block for $50 (includes tethering). This is not a shared block of data either, meaning your 6GB or 8GB are yours to keep. In fact, you can’t share the data in Verizon Max as it is a “line level feature.” Verizon Max is not a part of Share Everything, from what I understand.

Verizon Max will only be available for a limited time, though the dates on expiration have not been shared.

Max can only be added to an existing customer line that currently has unlimited data and is signing up for Verizon Edge.

So what’s the point?

Verizon is giving customers with unlimited data an option to participate in Verizon Edge by not charging them the normal $30 for 2GB of data pricing, and instead offering them a sizable amount of data at a price similar to what they are paying for their unlimited plan. And if they were to choose the 8GB option, which includes tethering, it looks like somewhat of a deal since unlimited customers currently have to pay an extra $30 a month to add tethering (assuming they aren’t rooted or using an app to tether for free).

verizon max

Is it a good deal?

I’m not sure that “deal” is the right word. That all depends on your needs. If you want to participate in Verizon Edge (we wouldn’t necessarily recommend that you do) and currently have unlimited data, this would allow you to join that program and still hold onto a pretty significant amount of data in comparison to Verizon’s Share Everything Plans. Verizon is currently charging $80 for 6GB and $90 for 8GB of data in Share Everything.

Random note

I think my favorite line above references Verizon Max as being a “data feature that offers large amounts of data at affordable prices.” In other words, the rest of Verizon’s prices aren’t affordable.

Thoughts on Verizon Max?

  • Mickey Johnson

    Adios Verizon, I’m getting down soon. Unlimited till I die

  • HryPop

    Why do I see a multi line account walking away from Verizon to CREDO? I know I will pay more but in the end there comes a time getting screwed with isn’t worth it

  • Mogwald

    Anyone know how I can get still get the unlimited data plan from Verizon? I need it I don’t have a problem paying for the phone their plans are absurd.

  • Ray

    Well I’ve just upgraded my phone, I pre ordered the note 3 using the Verizon Edge plan and to my surprise my unlimited Email and Web for smartphones is mine to keep for $29.99 . I don’t know if there was an error on their website or what, all I know is they sent me an email confirmation and my plan remains the same (with unlimited data) so I’m a happy camper

  • Th3rdSun

    I have a HTC Thunderbolt with unlimited data.Ever since they upgraded the UI to ICS my phone has ran like crap.I think it was a ploy to get all of the grandfathered plans.If I was 100% positive that they wouldn’t pull the same crap two years from now,I would get the Galaxy S4.

  • kingsfan33

    trying to get onto this plan: http://badvzwservice.blogspot.com/

  • Julio

    Anyone that takes this deal has some major brain damage! Lol
    I would not give up unlimited data for a new phone! What kind of s**t is that

  • unlimitedDatapeep

    Well, if they just outright dump unlimited data altogether, I’m screwed. a little scared to type this but my average data soars over 80 – 100+ GB on a regular basis, my HTC TB IS my internet service. I knew the value of unlimited data when it came out… period. There’s never been a need for me to sign up for ‘internet’ service with any provider (DSL, cable..whatever). Verizon did start charging me $30 a month for Hotspot late in 2011, I couldn’t get away without paying that. The cheapest home internet service you’ll find anywhere won’t go below $29.99 not including taxes and fees, and most are data limited, (which is ridiculous). I’m living high on the hog right now. I know it and I’m very very lucky. I bought unlimited data EXACTLY for the reason it was orginally designed for. A lot of customers got it with no intention of dumping their internet service providers. For those of us that ‘got it’ and have used it precisely for the reason they offered it….we’re on shaky ground now. The average customer continued to contract else where for their home internet service and never utilized their plans or phones to their full potential. I did…I stuck with the main reason I bought the HTC TB and have kept it since the beginning in 2009. When Verizon kicks me off….that’s the last day I will EVER be a verizon customer again.
    I’ll be forced into the dsl/cable bundle internet limited service fiasco. It’s criminal what these companies are doing to the consumer.

  • André Berry

    I’m not falling for this Bull Sh**, end of discussion. I’ll keep my unlimited as I often go up to 16GB in a month and some……

  • Joe

    I’ll stick with my unlimited 3G, Verizon is drunk


    Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll keep my UNLIMITED data plan till I die.

  • Farkyou

    I work for Verizon. I have AT&T

  • TheSimpleTruth

    This is just another step in the wrong direction for data on mobile devices…

    Currently, the only people who can get the most out of mobile devices are people with unlimited data, and tethering. So why not just let these people participate in the edge program, and keep their unlimited data?

    This entire shift to limited data plans, and the costs that are attached to them, are directly hindering mobile advancements. These service providers should be using the money that they are ripping out of our noticeably loose butt holes to increase their infrastructure, and allow support of unlimited data to all customers just as it was before instead of using it to test and release a new phone every 2 weeks.

    Tell me, why would I upgrade to a tiered data plan to get one of Verizon’s new flagship phones (which are touted as media powerhouses) on a monthly payment basis if I can’t actually enjoy using them for that media whenever I want?

    These companies need to find a way to do this the right way, or not do it at all. We’re going backwards, and that is not acceptable.

  • trext

    Verizon Edge lets you upgrade more often, but you are still paying full price for a phone, correct? Verizon Max is gives you 6 or 8GB for $30/$50. You can only use Verizon Max with Verizon Edge? How is this a good deal? I can buy a phone in full and keep my unlimited data. I am just paying upfront instead of over time. Am I missing something?

  • AHoL2206

    so can we just jump right into the payment plans? i wouldnt mind getting a Moto X without an upgrade if i can drop like $150 on it and pay it off in a year…..

    • Character0

      I believe they still have the 12 month payment plan that has nothing to do with this and lets you keep unlimited. But they charge you $2 a month. Which is about 4% APR, not that bad really.

  • Boss As Hell

    Not sure what’s up but I just checked out with unlimited data still showing and this particular phone’s contract isn’t up until May?

    • Boss As Hell

      Update: Just got the first month’s payment and sales tax taken out of my bank account. Again, receipt shows unlimited data and I was not close to an upgrade on this phone.

      FYI, upgraded my wife’s Razr Maxx to the Droid Maxx.

  • Gus

    I’m o ne of the few that still has the unlimited data!!! No plans to upgrade out of it 🙂

  • Gus

    The verizon edge plan just adds to your current bill.. No thanks

  • bkes216

    Based on my needs I was interested in this. However, it became known today that you have to be eligible for an upgrade to use Edge which I confirmed with a phone rep.

  • Jose Xp Driod

    They tried to pull this shot today. But I gave the rep my facts and two cents. In all I won and happy I still got my droid bulimic which is the best bare minium phone

  • Brandon Kesler

    I was in a Verizon store this afternoon and the rep had no idea what I was talking about when I brought this plan up..

  • Kasper

    swappa FTW. VZW can stop wasting our time on getting people to come off their unlimited data plans, and spend more time/money making their LTE network stronger

  • dshizzel

    OK, this is pretty cool, actually. My wife and I have been on unlimited since the OG Droid days, and we just upgraded to HTC One phones on the day they came out. I selected the 2G shared plan since our history shows us never going over, but when I looked today, we’re automagically on the 6G shared plan. This is awsome. Unlimited minutes/texts, 6G shared, and our bill actually went DOWN a few dollars. I’m liking this a lot!

  • Jeff

    Ha I still have unlimited data can someone please explain to me why anyone woul be dumd enough to exchange infinite for 6 another useless attempt to fist their customers

  • Pretribrapper

    My wife and I have unlimited data plans and we use about 300gb per month. 6 or 8gb would do nothing for us. I can’t picture anyone giving up unlimited data just to be able to finance a new phone at full off contract price interest free over 24 months. Even with just the 6gb plan customers would be paying 30-50 more monthly than they do now just to have less. There would be more motivation to just take the 2 or 3gb and get a new phone for $200 or the like than the Verizon Max deal. Most people won’t be willing to do either. Verizon’s only hope to really get people off their unlimited data would be to offer one of their premium devices at a huge discount (talking about a $300 contract phone for free AND offering a max type plan) to get people on a data restricted plan and off their unlimited. Unlimited is just too good to let go.

  • donkeykong85

    Terrible Deal. How about just letting me keep my unlimited data? How does that sound? Why should I pay the same price for less when you are profiting more and more? I will continue to buy my phones off contract and keep my unlimited data….now if google would just bring an off contract nexus to verizon.

    • donkeykong85

      Also, can I pay for tethering that I get for free? NO THANKS!

  • Kane

    How do they legally get away with asking for more money for tethering? You pay for the data and that’s it. It would be like Comcast or whoever saying ok you can surf the net but if you want to use Youtube that will be 20 more dollars

  • Armus

    you can take my data plan when you pry it from my cold dead hands!

  • Armus

    6gb? that’s only a weekend for me! come back when you’re ready to be serious

  • Unbiased Experimentor

    Is this the “crowbar” they plan to use to pry remaining customers from the unlimited plan? Sounds like they want to sell me a dirty carpet, so I can wrap my body in it and throw myself in the river for them.

  • Unlimited4Evah

    So if I have unlimited data on my primary family share line and just upgraded my dummy line to an S3 with the intention of switching devices in 24 hours, am I still ok or are they going to keep me from switching the S3 to the unlimited data line?

    • unlimitedDatapeep

      I think you’ll be okay …for now. I also have two lines. One line (the primary) is unlimited (HTC TB) 30$ a month for hotspot. (and to the poster above, I too think it’s BS they charged me for Hotspot…they can tell when you turn it on, thats what your paying for.. the ability, not the amount of data you use on the ability) anyway. My primary line is on month to month (unlimited data), the other line 2g and a iPhone 4. So here’s the plan I’ve cooked up, I’m going to upgade that 2g line to HTC One for $199. Activate the phone on that line for 24hrs. De-activate it, put the iPhone 4 back on it and then activate the HTC One on my month to month ulimited data plan. The only drawback…I have to extend contract on the secondary line I got the HTC One on for two years. So I don’t know yet if I’m going to hatch that plan or not. I’m waiting to see what problems the HTC One has before I extend another god awful contract with Verizon. Rest assured, all of us with unlimited data plans are gonna be kicked off eventually. I personally dread it.

  • everettedl

    So I either pay up front and keep unlimited, or take the Max offer and pay as I go. So what if I want to sign a contract and I’m unlimited?

  • Allen Byrd

    I love how they include tethering as an option on some plans when we can get it easily for free.

    • unlimitedDatapeep

      I tried to activate FoxFi on my phone after they started charging me $30 a month to use the HotSpot function on my HTC TB. Once the ICS update 4.0.4 came out all of the sudden I see this ‘Tethering Guard’ boot up flash and dissapear when I turn my phone on. So I don’t know if I can do this or not….

      • Allen Byrd

        Put a custom ROM on it.

  • Robert Toney

    This plan was created by Verizon to trick stupid and poor people into giving up their unlimited data.

  • Sanitarium09

    Nope. I have the best possible Verizon plan an average Joe can have. 450 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data for $70 a month. No way am I going to give that up. Want a new phone? Buy used. I bought a great shape Galaxy S3 for $230 and no contract mumbo jumbo. I’m off contract next month and will keep what I have for as long as I possibly can. Anyone know what they can do to you once you’re month to month?

  • Jonbo298

    The ONLY way to get me remotely interested is if the employee discount on the data aspect will still apply here. I know the share everything plans don’t.


    I will NOT be going for this. The amount of data I use….Average of 12GB on each of my 2 phones. It would be cheaper for me to buy phones at full price, and keep my current unlimited data plan. *F* *U* Verizon

  • antjonz

    Stay tuned everybody…Verizon is gonna have to come back with a sweeter deal, because hardly anyone with unlimited data’s gonna bite on this one.

  • rarebreed

    http://news.verizonwireless.com/news/2013/07/edge-device-payment-early-upgrade.html .. at the bottom of this it says “Verizon Edge will be available to customers on Share Everything plans starting August 25th. ” yet this offer doesn’t even sound compatible with share everything plans..

  • Croix Delauter

    With the Galaxy Note 3 coming out soon this is somewhat intriguing…..