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Is Verizon Planning a 6GB for $30 Promo to Get Unlimited Data Users to Switch to Share Everything? (Updated)

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Yesterday, a reader of ours pointed out a Tweet sent from the official Verizon Support Twitter account (@VZWSupport) that caught our eye as it related to those of us holding on to unlimited data. The Tweet mentioned to a customer that Verizon would soon be launching a promo for unlimited data users that included 6GB of data for only $30, and would also allow them to participate in Big Red’s new VZ Edge (early upgrade) program. We scrolled through hundreds of other Tweets from this account, but this was the only mention of such a deal. We even tried getting them to provide more info, yet they never responded. Sure enough this morning, the Tweet (which we have included below) has been removed from existence.

So what’s going on and what is this new promo? Well, we know a couple of things. 

VZ Edge launches on August 25 (two days from now) for Share Everything customers and those with an upgrade avaialble, so if there is going to be a promo, we may know about it by then.

Second, if this deal is real (and I can’t believe I’m about to say this), then talk about a solid deal (in terms of tiered data). Look, I’m the first person on the planet to speak out against tiered and shared data, as I believe it to be a complete rip-off. With that said, the current 6GB plan from Verizon runs $80 per month. For a normal 6GB customer, your bill would run somewhere around $120, since it would include $80 for the data plus another $40 for the smartphone line. If Verizon were to offer a 6GB plan at $30 and then keep the line price at $40, you are looking at $70 total, with an amount of data that few of you (unless you are tethering machines) would probably ever hit on a monthly basis, coupled with unlimited talk and text. I would assume that you would also be able to upgrade to a brand new phone.

Also, we did have at least one tip about this promo in our inbox late last night that not only referenced the 6GB plan for $30, but also suggested that we could see an 8GB for $80 $50 deal that would include tethering. The current 8GB data option runs $90, so this is a decent discount as well. What I’m confused about with the tethering option, is how Verizon would take out tethering from the 6GB plan, since tethering is a built-in feature to their normal Share Everything plans. (Edit:  We’ve also been told that the 8GB plan with tethering could be $50, not $80.)

At this point, we’ve got questions that need to be answered. Like for one, what about the rest of the current Share Everything customers? I can’t imagine I’d be happy if I were paying $80 for 6GB data, while Verizon was handing out the same amount of data for $30 to a select group of customers. But both the Tweet below and our source specifically mentioned unlimited data customers.

Update:  Our source from last night, along with another in the comments are calling the program Verizon Max. Hoping to have more info soon.

Update 2:  From what we’re hearing now, it sounds like Verizon Max is a program for lines that have individual data plans (read: unlimited data) and who decide to take part in Edge. The options will include a 6GB for $30 (with no tethering) plan or a 8GB for $50 (with tethering) plan.

Update 3:  We have confirmation on the entire Verizon Max plan here.

I’m curious, though, would a 6GB tiered data plan for $30 get you off of unlimited?

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 2.58.15 PM

Via:  @VZWSupport

Cheers Shawn!

  • Judy

    WHAT TOTAL CRAP. I Went through Verizon’s 6GB in 3 days. Verizon cheats and makes their data clock run fast. Run fast away from Verizon.

  • BOB Dudek

    I don’t hate them for being a Corporation that wants to make money, but I do resent them for being smug p—s that make you feel like you owe them something when I’m writing out check.. over $300+ a month for cell phone “service.”

  • BOB Dudek

    This is just the beginning..VZW will be offering all kinds of so-called incentives for their loyal ULdata users to jump into a empty swimming pool…

    AND when they start offering free 500 dollar phones to off contract lines….watch

  • enhowe332

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  • Stephen Cox

    I pay $10/line for unlimited smartphone data. Where is your plan to compete with that?

    That’s right, you don’t have one. Go home Verizon, you’re drunk.

  • radamantis210

    Ni madres! Me quedo con mi unlimited data!

  • Danny

    I just used 28 gbs this month no lie

  • standardsdt

    I don’t think anyone on here realizes that our “Unlimited” data plan isn’t truly unlimited. If you read the fine print on your plan when you signed up you are actually limited to 5GB. The only thing is Verizon doesn’t actually enforce it unless you are constantly going over. So essentially in theory this IS a better deal if they were to actually enforce the data cap.

  • sb1189

    If it doesn’t include tethering….then NO!!!!

  • what a joke

    hahahaa.. what a joke this is.. I have 10GB for 50$ after they stopped unlimited data and before they started the shared plan which I am never going to give away.. thanks but no thanks..

  • That’s Funny


  • mcdonsco

    I used 17GB’s last month….PASS

  • STEV3

    I’ve been on unlimited data since my OG Droid. I’ve be keeping a tight grip on it and using my family members upgrades to get new phones. I was due for an upgrade in July and if this is apart for Verizon Edge too then I might just have to have a funeral for my unlimited data. On top of that I never hit more than 3 GBs a month with 6 I think I’ll sleep easy and with Edge it should be interesting.

  • Alexander H

    If this is for Edge users only…..they’re more than making up that difference…

  • marballe

    IMO, Verizon can stop unlimited data (or more likely increase unlimited data price instead of cutting the cord) the day we all roll into the month by month. However, they can’t lose a tons of customers all at once. So they need “incentives” like this to reduce the # of unlimited data customers to a point that they can justify to the stockholder that the loss is minimal and outweighs the revenue. How I see it is this: the less unlimited data customers, the easier for them to cut the cord.

  • At 20gb+ per month, their going to have to pry my unlimited data from my cold dead…If they try to force me, hello T-Mobile.

  • fish1552

    I’m in. As much as I was holding onto that unlimited data, I’ve found that with home wifi & work wifi, I never even come close to hitting 2GB a month for 3 phone lines. So this 6GB would give me one hell of a buffer just in case I go crazy one month. Add in the lower priced phones (or same priced if I do the Edge plan) and I don’t see it as a bad thing unlike most of the others here. But I suspect unless they gave out free phones to everyone & $0 monthly bills, they would probably STILL find something wrong with it.

  • This is only somewhat interesting to me. I have a 10GB individual data plan (tethering with root) for $50. It would be nice to get a new phone at a subsidized price (still stuck with my launch day Galaxy Nexus), but this might not be enough to make me commit to another contract.

  • Master O’Disaster

    I may have to give this some thought.

    VZW only is required to give us 30 days notice prior to terminating our unlimited data plan and automatically switch us over to whatever plan they desire. If we aren’t happy with the switch and decide to leave, VZW will waive any Early Termination Fees. That’s all of VZW’s responsibility and potential loss. So, my guess is that VZW will be announcing that they are terminating all unlimited data plans on about AUG-2014, two years after VZW started their tiered plans. No ETFs for VZW to deal with then, and VZW can force us all to the tiered plans (or lose us).

    Knowing that all our “grandfathers” are going to get axed by VZW at some point in the near future, it may be to our benefit to switch into a more affordable tiered package instead of getting stuck with something more expensive further down the road.

    I will have to pull out my calculator and do some cypherin’.

    • CoreRooted

      “VZW only is required to give us 30 days notice prior to terminating our unlimited data plan and automatically switch us over to whatever plan they desire.”

      Is that recent? I thought their contract pretty much mirrored AT&T in that they didn’t have to give notice of a plan change? Granted, I haven’t been with VZW for years now, so obviously that could have changed.

  • John

    I’m willing to go for half of unlimited for 15 bucks.

  • tutaina

    Nice try verizon, Im very happy with my galaxy nexus and my unlimited

  • Michael Beck

    We had a shared unlimited data plan with 2 phones. Wife wanted to upgrade her phone and they offered her that to switch. Been on it for 3 months now.

    • Josh C

      They offered you 6GB shared for $30?

  • Indianajonze

    no deal. they can have my unlimited data when they pry it from my cold dead hands. and then i’ll go to at&t

    • RoadsterHD1

      Completely agree.

    • Avery Dejuan Herron

      I agree but I will not go to at&t they are the same company I will go to tmobile or dare I even say net10.

      • Indianajonze

        funny thing is that i recently discovered that att actually has a MUCH faster 4G network at my house than vzw. it was a shocking revelation. don’t have the opportunity to test tmo

  • Ballerado

    So am I correct that this total monthly bill for this plan would be $70/month ($40 for one handset, $30 for data)? I dropped my unlimited data (stupid) from Verizon because I was paying $120/month for one line but this might entice me to return to Verizon. T-Mobile just does not have the coverage I need outside of major cities.

    • Mark

      That is not correct…. This promotion seems to have nothing to do with Share Everything Plans…. So the 40 dollars per month for one handset doesnt apply…… This promotion is for the people who are still on legacy nationwide plans… the plans where you still have minutes and text messaging and where you added on data to the plan for 30 bucks for unlimited. This nationwide plans are still available today, just not the unlimited data portion. So this is targeting those people who are on those nationwide plans that have unlimited data… nobody else

  • kkloster

    So, just to be clear, this would not be available to new customers (e.g., for someone switching from another carrier)?

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    I switched to the share plan, coming from unlimited. For those of you who think that losing unlimited is the end of the world, it’s not

    It works out quite well for us. With 3 lines, my bill is less per month. The other 2 lines don’t use anywhere near enough data to matter and I can actually talk as much as I like without worrying about going over my minutes. Some of us actually use the phone to have a conversation. My cell is my landline, I use a ton of minutes.

    The day will come when they will yank unlimited. And all you data hogs will adjust your usage or pay thru the roof for more…

  • AndySamberg

    I know for myself, and probably a lot others that have grandfathered data, going off contract means no more employee discounts. My bill would go up at LEAST another 20$ a month. As soon as my contract is up my only and best option is to leave verizon completely.

    • like a boss*

    • ApplesNAndroids

      I did not know this. I save 21% on data and 21 on my plan. This is news to me..

      • AndySamberg

        I save 18% on the same. I went off contact before i had bought the GNex in Feb 2012, I think my bill was around $185 for 2 phones on the 700 minute plan. I called VZW and they told me that my discount was only valid with a contract. Maybe you should give them a call, It may be different for you.

    • d

      been off contract with verizon for over a year now..still have my unlimited data and my emplyee discounts….I do not think you received right information

  • Guest

    There is no damn way in hell I am EVER giving up unlimited data, I don’t care what crap Verizon throws at me to get me off of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CoreRooted

      Except when they pull an AT&T move and either throttle you or just change your plan without your permission (AT&T did that to thousands of customers).

      • Nathaniel Newman

        VZW tries that and they will be looking at a lawsuit! I don’t care what they say about Arbitration either!

        • CoreRooted

          No they won’t. AT&T did the exact same thing and it was all “legal” according to the contract. Per AT&T’s contract, you have 90 days to dispute a plan change initiated by you or by AT&T. They don’t have to notify you of said change either. So it is up to the consumer to monitor their plan for changes and then, if a change is detected, dispute it. A lot of people cried foul, brought lawsuits, etc. They were all dismissed and we are left with tiered data plans.

          AFAIK, VZW has almost the same contract (they can change or modify plan terms at any time). If anyone has a copy of their VZW contract (with unlimited data), I would recommend that they take a look at it and verify this.

  • Wally

    Um. Let’s see, I set an all time best with 21gb data use on my phone this month. That’s still under 6gb right? Verizon user. Unlimited data plan. Buys a new phone every year off contract because I can.

  • CasperTFG

    “I can’t imagine I’d be happy if I were paying $80 for 6GB data, while
    Verizon was handing out the same amount of data for $30 to a select
    group of customers.”

    Happens all the time with carriers…new FiOS subscribers get better deals than when I first joined.

  • Bradley Allen

    People keep asking about what happens when your contract is up. VZ Edge is month to month so there is no contract. To me this also says the can end it anytime they want. Isnt VZ Edge just a way to finance a full price phone? If you are going to pay full price for a phone just buy the phone at full price and keep your unlimited seems more logical to me

  • jim

    If you don’t have Wi-Fi at home, download lots of movies and/or TV programs (in HD), watch a lot of YouTube, stream and download podcasts, browse the internet , listen to music, and do all this and more on one device (in my case a Note 2), you would use far far more than 6gbs as I do. Won’t be giving up my unlimited data.

  • David Tilley

    This would make staying with VZW slightly more palatable. I know that my unlimited data days are rapidly dwindling so getting 6 instead of only 2 for the same price is something.

  • nobody72

    Why do you need a tethering plane since verizon has to allow free tethering ?

    • Stew560

      Verizon cannot prevent users from downloading tethering apps, HOWEVER, Unlimited users agreed NOT to tether as part of the Terms and Conditions of the contract. You can tether, but Verizon can terminate the contract or charge you for the tethering plan if they desire.

      • nobody72

        I’m not talking about the unlimited plan I am comparing the 6GB plan vs 8GB plan and verizon deal with FCC sez they cannot stop free tthering for tiered plans.

        • Stew560

          The FCC said that Verizon cannot block users from downloading the apps. BUT, you are still bound by the terms and conditions of your agreement. If you are currently on Unlimited (as this offer is targeted at) your contract terms state that you must pay additional for tethering. You might be able to get away with it for moderate usage (as many have done, rooted, Apps, etc.) but you are technically breaking the terms of the contract and Verizon can take action.

          “What if I have an old Verizon unlimited data plan? Can I download an app and avoid the $20 tethering fee too?

          Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Verizon says that customers under the unlimited plan are required by the company’s terms of service to pay an additional fee to tether their device.”

  • rotz055

    Hmmm. Pay the same price I am now for limited data, to upgrade to phones that are released 6 months after everybody else has them, on an LTE network that has significantly slowed down in my area, to resign with a company that is laughably slow about releasing software updates and will never get another nexus device?

    Sign me up.

    • duke69111

      Nailed IT!

  • Detonation

    If this is only for Edge I’d definitely be out. I only use 2-3GB per month, but the only reason I’d give up unlimited would be to get subsidized phones. If I have to buy phones at full retail still, I’d much rather buy them up front and sell them than deal with the rip off financing Edge offers. If you get into the cycle of buying a new phone full retail every 6 months, you’re only out around $200 after selling the previous phone…same cost as a contract phone anyways.

    • T S

      true. depends on finance charges. if you pay the phone off early and then there’s no more finance charges. this would be a good deal.

      • Detonation

        Actually I don’t think there’s any financing charge, but you have to trade in your old phone. If you do it every 6 months, you’re basically selling your device to Verizon for half it’s original value….the market value of a 6 month old phone is far higher than 50% off retail. And if you pay it all off early, you might as well just buy it full retail upfront.

        • T S

          ah. i’m just looking at it from the plan point of view (no contract, and cheaper block of data)

          you’re right though on two fronts though. no finance charge and it’s definitely not a good deal if you always want to have the newest phone.

    • skubadoo

      I totally agree. You end up with 6 gigs for $30, but the installments on the Edge program would basically pay for the extra 4 gigs you are getting instead of the 2gb for $30 they offer now. They get more money, trick you into thinking you got a better deal, and good bye unlimited data forever

  • Daniel

    For some people this plan may actually work better than unlimited – my family plan has three lines and each line totals to $50: a $30 data plan (of the three lines mine is unlimited), $10 line access and $10 texting. Add another $50 for 700 minutes, and the fact that we frequently go over that allowance means our bill is always $100+. With the 6GB, the total would only be $170 and no voice overages.

  • NoBullFitness

    Nope. I lose unlimited vzw lose a customer

    • Doug W

      Agreed. I’d either switch to AT&T (on par coverage for me), or T-Mo or Sprint whomever still has unlimited. I’d probably choose Sprint as T-Mo has horrid coverage in my neighborhood. The Sprint “Unlimited Everything for Life” promo sounds awfully tempting.

  • Mordecaidrake

    Still a rip off, not happening Verizon.

  • NorCalGuy

    If I am rooted will they know I am tethering from the $50 plan as opposed to the $80 on the 6gb? If not then this could decently get me to jump the unlimited train because as a lot of people are starting to realize unlimited will not last forever

  • Jack

    6GB without tethering? might as well keep your unlimited data plan… I mean I guess it would bring me off of my 700 shared minutes to unlimited, but I rarely use that many minutes anyway, and if I do use too many minutes, I can always resort to using google voice.

  • trixnkix637

    I use between 20-30GB a month (which could be lowered if I ever used wi-fi).. that being said, the 8GB plan sounds enticing, because anyone who believes VZW will allow unlimited data forever (or when VoLTE rolls out), has delusions of grandeur. This is just a way to spare them the mass exodus of customers who would likely leave when that decision comes down.

    • José

      Lookup what delusions of grandeur actually means…

      • trixnkix637

        will do.

  • bkosh84

    Man, the day that Verizon completely nix’s unlimited data for good and MAKES you switch, it’s going to hilarious to watch all of you lose it.

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Why hilarious? Because you don’t have unlimited and think everybody else should be in the same boat? When I signed my original contract I signed a contract that gave me unlimited data. Whether I use 2GB or 30GB shouldn’t matter to you nor anybody else. It’s what MY contract allows.

      • bkosh84

        You guys make this way too easy, lol. And no it’s not because I’m jealous.. It’s because I don’t give a fark whether I have it (had it?) or not.

        (I wasn’t trolling before.. But now I am :))

      • Detonation

        And when your contract ends, they have no obligation to honor it’s terms anymore.

  • Until they offer this at 100GB I won’t consider. No Internet nor cable + Tethering & Streaming.

  • Albert

    Umm…unlimited is still greater than 6, right?

    • BrandonC

      well yea but the thing is the og droid to galaxy nexus people are running to the end of their contracts soon and as such they are all either bolting to tmobile/sprint or buying a phone at retail to keep their plan.

  • BrandonC

    I would think this is a good idea for Verizon. Certainly when my contract is up this time I have to seriously rethink who I am going to go with next contract since I am going to lose the unlimited data and to get what I am getting now (I use about 2.5 -3 gigs a month) my bill is going to go up.

    As it stands right now I will probably move on to another company. This deal might get me to stay around with big red

  • Rodeojones000

    Maybe I’m not all that familiar with some of these Verizon plans (my wife and I still use our 10-year-old Alltel plan that Verizon has never switched us from). Anyway, would this 6GB deal be $30 per phone (and thus 6GB of data per phone), or is it a shared data option where we’d pay $30 total for the two phones? Option number 2 would obviously save us some money and it’s something I’d definitely consider.

    • socarwolverine

      It’d be the latter, 6gb for both phones to share from for a total of $30.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Actually it looks like it would be for individual plans, so 6 GB per phone at 30 each.

        • socarwolverine

          It’s saying individual plans because unlimited data was for each individual line. This is talking about getting those with unlimited data on individual lines onto a share plan to share the 6gb.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Actually if you read the whole article, including the updates, the rumor has it pegged at individual accounts, that would also have to be in the edge program.

          • socarwolverine

            Looks like you were right, I let my hopes for a repsectable deal cloud the reality that the consumer always gets screwed.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I wish I weren’t right in this case, but with Verizon, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

      • Rodeojones000

        If you are correct (not doubting you, just waiting for official confirmation) I’ll be jumping in this immediately.

        • socarwolverine

          I’m intrigued too, but I looked at my average usage over the last six months, I’m over 8gb with a peak of 13gb. I have to decide if a new phone is worth restraining myself.

  • Jose gontijo

    I went to a Verizon store yesterday and the manager told me about this same deal and also said its supposed to start this Sunday. He also said he wasn’t supposed to be telling me this info since its a big secret of theirs.

  • Sporttster

    I only use about 12-15gb a month so this is a no go on letting unlimited go. If I let go of unlimited, I might as well switch carriers.

  • Howard Marlow

    I would think about it for 10Gb for $20

  • Rob

    Hell no it wouldn’t get me off unlimited. Maybe a 10GB a month would for the same price. But even then that would be stupid, it would need to be $20 for 10GB or something for me to even consider. Why would anyone go from unlimited to limited FOR THE SAME PRICE? I guess someone desperate enough for an upgrade price on a phone.

    My billing cycle ends on the 7th, in 2 weeks. I am already at 3.473 GB. I stream music and video all the time on my phone, especially at work and in the car (music, not video in the car!).

  • keeley991

    So is this 6gb per line? Or 6gb shared?

  • ~dArK.AnGeL

    With only 10 days into my monthly cycle; am at 25GB…
    .. & Yes, I tether everything at home.. & No, am not letting go of my Unlimited data on FOUR phones…

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Average Usage for 6 months = 9421.99 MB. My peak over the last 6 months was 15gb. I think ill hold on to unlimited

    • Tyler Durden

      6 months is 36gb. You used 15gb. Good job on the math buddy

      • Ian

        Peak, meaning one month out of the 6, he used 15 GBs in that month alone…. buddy

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Did you not read that he gave an average of the 6 months and then gave what the most he used in one month is?

      • Benjamin Mackie

        Peak means my highest month was 15gb in one month. An average is a sum of all numbers, then divided by the n value. What that means is some months will be higher than the average, some will be lower. On the whole, yes I probably used 36gb over the past 6 months in total. But my monthly average is ~9gb, which I copied and posted from Verizon’s data usage page. So great math actually

  • stayflyer

    Nope I did 50gb last month no tethering so 6 is not going to work. My wife does more than 6 a month. My wife, brother, his wife, and mom are still unlimited. My father is not but he doesn’t even know how to use his note 2. Although I did try tmobile for two weeks the service didn’t work at my job other then that it was pretty good.

  • Eric

    Aint nobody got time fo dat non-unlimited data!

  • They’re just trying to lower the barrier to entry so they can trap you into their contracts again. The only day I consider giving up Unlimited Data is when they drop the hidden subsidy from their rates. I’ll gladly pay $50 or even $90 for 8GB/month of tiered data… as long as I only pay $10 for my smartphone to be attached to it. Or even better, a SINGLE, ONE TIME fee for setting up my phone number card and then never again.

  • Jay

    hmmm, unlimited for 30 bucks, or 6GB for 30 bucks. Since Unlimited is more, NO, I will not switch over.

  • Neil Ostrander

    Definite no.! Why would I when I have unlimited on 3 lines for 10 dollars a month each?

  • creed

    Hmmm, tough call. 6gb for $30/month, or unlimited gb for $30/month. I may have to think about this for a while and get back to you later.

  • Brien Gerber

    I’m potentially interested in this because I really have no option of keeping my unlimited data with my Galaxy Nexus. Going to upgrade to the Moto X as soon as it comes out. I have one question though, are there going to be extra fees included because it is part of the Edge program? If the bill is exactly the same as my unlimited right now, its either this or sign up for 2GB.

  • MikeSaver

    Question to smarter people:

    I’m on Verizon. I have grandfathered unlimited data.

    If I want, say, the Moto X or something. I buy it off-contract, or buy the developer’s version, whatever.

    Do I then get to keep my unlimited data since I’m not starting a new contract?

    • tyguy829


      • MikeSaver

        Thanks, this is what I’ll do when the time comes then.

        Logistically, how does buying a phone off contract work? I just walk into Verizon store with the phone I bought and tell them to activate it?

        • sog805

          Just pop in your LTE sim card (if you have one), if not you need to go to the store and get one, they are free.

  • GotSka81

    I thought Verizon was told by the FCC or some other group that charging users with tiered data for tethering was not allowed or illegal?

    • Defenestratus

      They’re not allowed to block tethering apps. They can still charge for it if you’re dumb enough to use their app to do it.

  • MikeSaver

    So they are trying to get you into one ripoff plan (Edge) inorder to get you into another stupid plan (tiered data) for a good deal. No thanks I think i’ll just stick with unlimited.

  • David Triscari

    8 for 50 sounds like a total steal.

    They WILL get you off unlimited, eventually. Rather it this way then when they hard-force it.

    • slick rick

      that is what Verizon wants you to believe so they can persuade people like you to jump on this… don’t do it

      • Defenestratus

        Just wait until they start throttling your data after you pass 6gb on unlimited.

        Then you’ll be thinking “gee maybe I need to rethink my data-leeching, fellow subscriber screwing data consumption habits”

        • Tirionfive

          They can’t throttle 4G connections. As per their Block C agreement. But I do think they will just force everyone to tiered eventually.

    • Sporttster

      They get me ‘off unlimited’ they also lose me as a customer…..pretty simple decision there…

  • Jake

    I’m currently grandfathered into an unlimited data plan for $9/month with VZW. No thanks.

    • Paul

      you bastard

  • Guy Pierce

    I have already used 25gb this month. Would not work for me. I think I’ll stay unlimited and buy 1 year old phones outright off craigslist for much cheaper.

  • This slightly interest me. If they have a cheap plan that is around 12 GB I would take it.

  • Realest

    Ill consider it if its 6GB for each line and $30 total. Eg. 4 lines x 6GB = 24 GB for $30.

    Final offer

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Nope. On average I use 10GB a month. My wife uses about 2GB a month but has 4GB.
    I’m hanging on as long as possible.

  • fritzo2162

    I’m Verizon’s worst nightmare. I have 3 phones on my Family plan, one of them a non-smart phone (my wife is technically challeneged. i.e.- things with buttons tend to explode around her). Our other two accounts have unlimited and 4GB data plans (both $30). We use the dumb-phone account to upgrade everything, leaving our existing dataplans in tact. With this cycling I would never have to give up my unlimited data >:D

    • Is it possible to get into this cycle now, do you think? I have unlimited and would to do the dumbphone thing. Any ideas?

      • fritzo2162

        I don’t see why not, provided you’re on an old style family plan. After taxes and such, it’s $14.99 for a dumb phone, and just use it as a loading bay for your upgrades 🙂 As a plus, you can get a 3rd upgrade thrown in from the dumb phone account as, if you need a replacement, it’s cheaper to buy them on eBay than new.

  • Dan

    Verizon, I’ll give you my unlimited data when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

  • Defenestratus

    This might keep me on Verizon. I’m not a selfish prick who ruined the unlimited data for everyone else so this will work. I was going to jump ship to T-mo but this might be a better alternative.

    • Anything involving Edge is not a good alternative. Remember, they’re still charging you a subsidy for your cell phone even when you don’t buy one from them.

  • chris

    Play the insurance game I just went from s droid RAZR to a droid RAZR HD Maxx free of charge

    • NigelTark

      How? They sent my wife the same crappy refurbished droid razr.

  • huskerhog

    Yes. I usually turn on WiFi at work and automatically at home as the connections are faster. I usually use 2-5GB of data. Now if I have to share 6GB of data with my other three line in my account, then NO deal.

  • Dominique Griffin

    Verizon = Indian giver

  • DanSan

    what im reading it only is open to people who are part of the Edge program. what if i dont want to be part of it, i guess it doesnt apply.

  • I will keep buying one year old devices on eBay until Verizon nukes my unlimited. At which point, I will look seriously at T-Mobile just on principle.

  • pcdroidski

    Interesting deal. I feel like all unlimited VZW customers, like myself, will eventually be forced off the Unlimited Data plan once the next generation wireless technology comes out. It’s similar to how Verizon forced you to a new contract when coming from a 3G phone to LTE.

    The question is whether or not customers with unlimited data plans will be able to carry over their data plan to the next generation wireless spectrum — my guess is no.

    • hkklife

      Agreed. A VERY interesting and unexpected move. I am personally in the 6-9Gb/month group, occasionally surpassing 10GB if I am doing a lot of video uploading, streaming, and tethering while traveling but never anything much beyond that.
      There’s NO way I could ever throttle my usage habits down comfortably to fit in 2 or 4GB. It’s not that I am hugely opposed to charging the same for a few GB what used to get us unlimited each month. So a reasonably priced 6 or 8GB plan would suit me just fine but it REALLY sucks if it’s just a carrot to dangle to grandfathered users. You know when it came time to renew, we’d be seeing our bills skyrocket to $120+.
      Gotta think long and hard about this one. The utter lack of any compelling new hardware on VZW is thankfully a blessing in disguise here. Now, if the Note 3 arrives in a timely manner and is truly beastly, it might be something to consider.

      • pcdroidski

        Indeed. The only new tech that Verizon is expected to announce is the Advanced Wireless Spectrum network. That should be announced in the coming months and at the moment, the only phone to support the AWS is the S4.

  • Derek Lockovich

    That’s disappointing for me. I’m on a plan with my family, and I’m currently trying to jump ship and go on a plan with my fiance and myself, and this would have been good. Too bad it’s only to unlimited folk. >_<

  • chris

    I’ll keep my unlimited I mean

  • S.Scott Turgeon

    Have any of you tried the Verizon payment arrangement/loan program that’s how I bought my droid Maxx.
    You pay the phone over 12 months no credit check at 7% interest. You do not lose your unlimited data and it does not use an upgrade nor does it extend your contract.
    They dont offer this to you you have to know about it and ask and its not the edge.
    It just charges you a monthly installment fee in addition to your bill for 12 months.
    The fee to use this service is $24 spread over a year so it’s an additional $2 I think its a win win situation.
    The edge program is some convoluted plot to get you to pay your phone over two years but it uses your upgrade but you will not lose your unlimited data and it does extend your contract somebody told me that when edge starts the paid program will go bye bye, Another representative told me they will continue but you have to know which one

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Are you sure the 7% interest wasn’t just tax? If you read their offer, it is a flat finance charge of $24 over the year, as you pointed out.

      Also, you can pay off the remainder of your device at any time with no penalty and purchase a new device. However, it is limited to a total of $1000 financed per account, so if you purchase more than one device you would owe the difference between the total cost of the devices and $1000 at the time of purchase.

      • S.Scott Turgeon

        Considering you get a contract to take home I am positive its seven percent interest of what the phone cost say $699.00. The phone will not cost me $1000 over a year?

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Edge doesn’t have a contract attached to the line, it is a payment plan for the phone. You spread the cost of the device over 24 months with no service fee. After 6 months, you can pay out 50% of the device, turn it in to Verizon, and start paying on a new device if you would like to do so.

          The upshot is that you must have a “Share Everything” plan in order to enroll in Verizon Edge, though it looks like Verizon Max is an effort to extend the offer to someone on an individual plan.

          As for the $1000 limit, that is just the maximum total amount you could have “financed” with the payment plan (not Edge, the device payment plan you mentioned) per account. However, if the device only costs $699, you would only pay $699 + tax +$24 fee/12 per month. If you are getting charge interest, you should ask them why.

          Device payment plan details: http://support.verizonwireless.com/support/faqs/FeaturesandOptionalServices/device-installment-plan.html

          Verizon Edge program details: http://news.verizonwireless.com/news/2013/07/edge-device-payment-early-upgrade.html

          • S.Scott Turgeon

            I don’t need to ask why because I know why,you seem to be confused

      • S.Scott Turgeon

        the $24 is the fee to use the service just like they have a fee for everything else from upgrading to activation the interest rate is flat and the same for everyonen 7 percent and I have no idea what you’re talking about I have no idea how much it is per line if you need to buy 10 phones why don’t you just call them and ask

  • chris

    Nope I’ll get my unlimited

  • SUNupe

    If they were offering 8gb for $30..to make up the 2gb they say the average person uses..then I’d consider it. My wife and I are on separate plans so I’m not sharing. I stream movies, sports, videos…etc. like everyone else. I’d consider it. There is something to be said for jumping on this now. It’s not far fetched to believe that VZW WILL eliminate unlimited…don’t under estimate corporate greed!!

  • Walter Partlo

    Its nice to have a dumbphone line that I can use to get new phones that I add to my unlimited lines.

    • Can you explain that process, plz. Can I add a dumbphone and make this happen? Thanks.

      • Walter Partlo

        You usually have to get the appropriate associate, but I have transferred an upgrade form an unlimited line to the dumbphone line, upgraded the dumphone line to a smartphone with tiered data, then switched the dumbphone line back to the original dumbphone, and the new smartphone onto the unlimited line.

  • ricB

    25 gigs last month on unlimited, this be the only reason I’m still with these crooks.

  • Barry

    Honestly this sounds almost too good to be true. Right now my wife and I are on the old family plan each with Unlimited Data(Averaging 5GBs a month.) We pay $150 total for 700 minutes shared and 500 texts each. We are on month to month with an iPhone 4s and an HTC Rezound. We have not upgraded because we don’t want to lose our unlimited data which will end up costing more for less service… UNLESS…. this is actually legit. Then I can switch over to this plan and only be paying $110 a month which leaves me plenty of room to upgrade using VZ EDGE and not pay anything out of pocket. This is a huge win for me and I will definitely switch.

    • Mark

      I am in the same boat…. but from the sound of it, it doesnt look like it works like that… you would not be moving over to a share everything plan… you would still be in your current 700/500 text plan but just swapping out unlimited for 6 gb on each line with no price change at all… only thign you get out of this is that you get to use the VZ EDGE program

      • In all likelihood he’d been forced into Share Everything, because that’s the only currently existing plan for smartphone data. But his math is still good. $30 5GB Data + $40 Smartphone 1 + $40 Smartphone 2. The only unknown are taxes/fees/etc.

        • Mark

          Yes his math is good but this is not how the promotion works. This is how we wish the promotion works because then it is a true incentive to move off of the unlimited plan over to a Share Everything plan. I am on a family share plan (700 minutes/unlimited text two lines.. one unlimited data for 29.99 and other 2gb for 30 bucks). If they were to offer 6GB for 30 bucks on the share everything plan instead of the normal 80 bucks for 6gb, then i would give up my unlimited data and move over to the share everything plan.. it would actually save me about 30 bucks a month compared to what i pay now… but it doesnt appear its gonna work that way.

          • As the later post proved, you were correct. Which makes this infinitely less appealing.

    • Just don’t forget you’ll be paying twice for your phones. VZ Edge is a financing plan for off-contract phone purchases, but, as always, your service payments have a “hidden” subsidy built into them (no less than $20/month) that supports all the people who buy phones on contract.

      Every customer that uses VZ Edge is a pure profit center for Verizon because they are grossly overpaying for phones.


    HELL NO! I use 8-15GB per month.

  • instrument

    I won’t be giving up unlimited data untill I have some real broadband options in my area. I use my phone for netflix at home….I pay 30$ a month for 1.5 mps which is still the fastest available….ughhhhh

  • charles rogers

    Make it 12 for $30 and We’ll talk Verizon.

  • Ronald Bernard

    6GB and throw in a upgrade to any phone for little or no cost……then…..just then. I might give up my unlimited data. It has to be worth paying more for less. So if I will have to pay more for data and get less of it to use, then dam it you are going to make up for it by subsidizing the cost of the phone. That is if you really want me to switch!

  • AndrewScottRox

    The fatal flaw: you would be bound to a two year contract.

  • kfath1978

    I would be all over this if VZW was getting the Nexus 5…Unless that happens I will be leaving VZW when the Nexus 5 launches.

  • cheezer88

    You can take my life but you can’t take my UNLIMITED DATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  • skubadoo

    In highschool, I was taught that INFINITY (unlimited) > 6.
    Sorry Verizon, but I love math.

    • thedonxr

      I was taught that arguing with friends on the bus in 3rd grade…. (infinity times infinity!)

  • Verizon is stupid

    those people who is idiot would fall for trap.
    UNLIMITED DATA PLAN is not equal to 6GB data plan.
    and im sure person like me (who streams netflex, watch videos through browser etc and uses a 26gb from 8-1-13 ~ 8-23-13) won’t ever get a stupid plans like that. EVER!!!!

    • schoat333

      No doubt, if you use that much data, never make the switch For someone that never uses even close to 4gb combined, it may make sense to save $10 – $20 a month, and get new phones at subsidized prices.

      • In all likelihood there will be some forced end date in the future for users like this. But, I agree with schoat333, use it while you’ve got it!

  • schoat333

    They had better offer it to those of us that had to already make the switch as well, or I’ll be leaving VZW for good.

  • cheezer88

    Unlimited data, you can take out from my cold dead hands.

  • emily

    pour l téléchargements ( life unexpected 1 saison complet ( VOSTFR ) mais Grauite ???

  • ad78

    Grandfathered and getting at least over 30GB a month for $29 HELL NO!

  • emily

    pour l téléchargements ( life unexpected 1 saison complet ( VOSTFR ) mais Grauite ????

  • Buur

    Just checked and the most I’ve used in the last year is 10GB, with most months being around 4GB. That is with never turning WIFI on and streaming music while I run and such. If this saves me money it could actually be worth it. Though I agree with the “IT’S A TRAP!” people.

  • *soapbox*

    Some of you here are attacking folks for using, in your eyes, “too much data”. “You ruined it for the rest of us!” you say. I wholeheartedly disagree – Verizon ruined it for you, not us.

    When I signed up with Verizon, I chose the Unlimited Data plan because I knew I would use it. Unlimited means “no limit”. It does NOT mean “We’ll say it’s unlimited but you really shouldn’t use a lot of data”. I very rarely use my phone for tethering – probably three times a year for just a few minutes at a time. I do, however, use a lot of the FREE apps that we have received over the years that use data: Google Music, Google Books, NFL Mobile (you call it bloatware, I call it being able to listen to Falcons games when I’m out of the market), Pandora Radio (before All Access). How am I ruining it for anybody when all I’m doing is using the technology that has been developed since I hopped over to VZW back in 2010?

    When phone companies realized most people weren’t using all their phone minutes anymore, they had to find a way to recoup those costs. What are we all using? DATA. There’s the cash cow.

    Tiered data was coming regardless of how much we power users use in a month. Don’t blame me, blame the companies who are trying to force you off the unlimited plan you signed up for.

    • Tyler Lamb

      The problem isn’t using the apps, it’s the fact that you are not allowed to tether on unlimited data but people were “hacking” their phones to do it anyways. If you don’t think its a problem to tether, give big red a call and tell them you tether on your unlimited plan and see how happy they are for you.

      • Did you read what I wrote? I rarely tether. I’ve done it maybe six times total, and the total amount of the data I used in those six times is probably less than the amount of data I used writing my initial post while streaming through Google Music.

        • Tyler Lamb

          Yes I read what you wrote – You said “Some of you here are attacking folks for using, in your eyes, “too much data”. “You ruined it for the rest of us!” you say. I wholeheartedly disagree – Verizon ruined it for you, not us.”

          I was responding to that mainly, and like I said the problem isn’t using the apps, its people using their unlimited data in ways they are not supposed to.

          Didn’t really mean for my response to be an attack on you, sorry if it came off like that.

    • Weber

      I blame you personally.

  • yummy

    Let me sleep on it.
    zzzzzzzzzzz, yawn…


  • Jonathan Williams

    I seriously laughed my ass off. And that’s a lot of laughing.

  • HitokiriX

    I used 7GB last month. They’re gonna have to come better than that. Not about to sucker me.

  • BIG CAT #7

    Hmmmmm… Let’s see here. $30 and Unlimited Data with a 21% corporate discount vs. $30 and 6GB Data with a 21% corporate discount? I think I will just stay put, thanks for the offer Verizon but no thanks.. I will just keep tethering along!!!!!

    • Chris Hannan

      It’s also $40 for unlimited text and calls or $40 for 450 minutes and $20 for unlimited texts.

      This actually isn’t a bad deal if you don’t use much more than 6GB/month. If you pay for texting and/or pay for more minutes, this is cheaper. You can also get a phone for on contract pricing.

      I, however, will not be downgrading to this because I use way too much data to justify losing unlimited.

      • BIG CAT #7

        To get the new phone would be nice but like you, I use way too much data now with my unlimited. Maybe I can downgrade my wife’s line, just to get the Note 3 or LG G2 lol…. She doesn’t hardly use a GB a month so she would never know the difference.

  • RaptorOO7

    I am already on shared data, and right now I have a 20GB plan (its my home internet as well until I move) so if I could get 6GB for $30 that is huge since it’s normally what $80-90. I will gladly take it.

  • 1TallTXn

    Yes, it would probably get me to move.
    My wife and I use about 2.5-3gb/mo between us.
    The ShareEverything would save us about $50/mo. This would save us more, and still leave us with enough data to do most anything we want.
    I would be quite unhappy if the tethering is removed from the 6gb plan as that is one of the few features that’s worth anything in the ShareEverything plan.

  • dukenilnil

    Those with unlimited have a much better tethering option. $30 for unlimited and $30 for unlimited tethering (legitimately through VZW). For $60 a month, have as many devices as you want access unlimited data through the phone and NO ridiculous device access fees

  • Travis

    For $30/mo and 6GB, I would probably do it if it meant I could upgrade my phone every 2 years at the subsidized price again. Because if you look at it, those of us on Unlimited data plans right now are actually paying Verizon MORE than $30/mo. Why? Because the price of their service already includes that subsidy to some degree. So if you aren’t getting a phone at a discounted price, then they just end up making more off of you anyway. So why would they end the Unlimited data plan? They make more off of us because we have to buy our phones outright (or add another line and use its upgrade, which they don’t mind either).

    So yeah, 6GB is plenty for me at $30/mo but I don’t see this happening. They’d have to offer it for everyone and there’s NO way their going to do that.

    • mec

      yeah, with the subsidies (or lack of):

      unlimited plus a spread cost of no subsidies: ~$45/mo
      6GB with subsidies on your phone: $30/mo

      for a large chunk of unlimited users, this will work. for those who use 30GB, obviously not.

  • breadable

    I use 9 to 12 GB a month with what I would consider moderate usage. With the Google music all access using more and more data and better video streaming options which I don’t take much advantage of due to battery drain concerns, then no. I’d maybe take 15 GB a month at $30 with a good upgrade discount to get me to change over, but then I’d be still worried every month about going over instead of enjoying the penalty free unlimited data.

    Verizon should be upping everyone’s tiered data limits anyway soon. If Comcast can double my internet speed at no charge every two to 3 years, Verizon should be able to up the data tiers as customer’s usage needs change

    • timrcm

      …ever heard of WiFi and/or local storage?

      • breadable

        But I have unlimited data ;- )

        • middlehead

          And you’re the reason no one else does.

          • dgarra

            No he isn’t, I also have Unlimited data. Regardless, we have all these things that stream so we can use them anywhere at anytime, the GB limits are a bunch of rubbish.

          • breadable

            Verizon has always been very good about building out their network and keeping up with capacity needs (unlike AT&T when the iPhone came out) and I certainly understand them wanting to keep abusive usage in check to limit the majority of customers from seeing slowdowns in areas, but if 4% to 6% of us are using a couple GB’s more than the average that should not cause them to need to shut down the unlimited options.

            More likely they saw the other providers setting data tiers to bring in more revenue, they didn’t need to limit data for capacity reasons like AT&T but hey, more money. It’s business. Kick people off the unlimited, then they have to get the more expensive tiers. More money.

    • NAM37

      >> I use 9 to 12 GB a month with what I would consider moderate usage.

      That is NOT moderate usage…

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Agreed. When the average user does <1GB, its difficult to call that moderate.
        I'd *almost* but not quite take this deal. I have great wifi at home and work, so that's not an issue. My wife on the other hand….yeah no. And she BURNS through data watching Netflix for 4+ hours/day on her phone since her work blocks it on their computers and their wifi is ridiculous blocked.

        • Chippah

          Tell LAZY to DO WORK…

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Woah, dafuq dude, back the hell off. She does her job, plus asks for additional work when she has any down time at all. If they don’t have work to assign her, that’s not her fault. There are plenty of days when she works overtime, at home, and on vacation to make sure everything gets done. So calling someone you don’t know “lazy” because they have the luxury of down time at work is disingenuous at best, and frankly makes you sound like you’re jealous of such a luxury and are lashing out to make yourself feel better.

          • Chippah

            tsss tsss, somebody took the joke serious!

            that dont make no sense!

            But 4 hours of time to watch Netflix and put in overtime sounds disingenuous… as you put it

            “she BURNS through data watching Netflix for 4+ hours/day on her phone since her work blocks it on their computers and their wifi is ridiculous blocked.” I wonder why they locked down connectivity.. lol

            How about that Mr Fung? <— most of you too old to know where that quote is from…

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Firstly, my apologies, I read your post as an insult rather than a joke. I hate pure-text communications sometimes. Looks like I’m the one who needs to lighten up eh?

            As for the other, her work has pretty extreme peaks and valleys. During the summer its pretty much dead, and fall/spring it gets super busy with some days when its slow.

            Her work blocks a ton of stuff because they are trying to cut costs on bandwidth. They operate private servers, so they block high-bandwidth activities such as video streaming to improve the connection for their users.

            As for the last, nope, that was waaaaayyyyy before me old-timer 😉

  • Mark

    Hey Kellen….did the tipsters for this mention anything about this promotion only being available in conjunction with the new Edge program starting on the 25th? That basically you can only do this if you are currently off contract with unlimited data and you enroll in the Edge program.. so that even though you are saving the 50 dollars a month between the 80 ro 6gb and 30 for 6gb, you will also be adding 20-25 dollars a month for hte phone you are adding through the edge program… still would be a great deal and i would be jumping to it… just wish we had 100% confirmation how the promotion really does work, etc.

  • calum wilper

    so really what they’re saying here is that they will never ever offer a solution to “power users.” i use an average of 16 gb per month and i know there are some people out there that use even more… they forgot we exist/ don’t care.

    • middlehead

      They definitely haven’t forgotten about you, you’re the reason they changed their plans.

      • calum wilper

        oops, my bad for using what i was paying for

        • middlehead

          I don’t disagree with you, they never should’ve called it unlimited publicly when they clearly didn’t consider it to be so, but users like you ARE the reason that no one can buy “unlimited” anymore.

          • calum wilper

            no dude you’re absolutely right, as data became a more desirable service verizon saw the opportunity to make more money off of it and unlimited users are their biggest money loss. I wonder though how much more money they could make by actually giving people what they want and not being assholes

          • dgarra

            Verizon didn’t take Unlimited away because it was too demanding on their system, they took it away because it was too good of a value. They knew they could make more money off their most in-demand product, so they do.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            And yet, T-Mobile has no problem with unlimited data users.

            I get that congestion is increased with unlimited mobile, since there is no incentive for people to use anything but with the reliability of Verizon’s network. But the move to tiered data was mostly profit driven, and the reduction in congestion was a side benefit.

      • Big_EZ

        No its not the reason. They can see how much usage is going to go up and want to get everyone on a plan that will increase in $ as we increase in usage. This is all about $

        • middlehead

          Yes, it’s about the money they can make, but that doesn’t negate what I said.

        • lasj

          that’s exactly right. If you look back and correlate the demise of unlimited data, it was just as smartphones and tablets really started to hit mainstream. Brilliant move on their part … make customers pay more for data just at a time when they’ll be using more data.

    • dgarra

      They didn’t forget, they do care, they just don’t like us.

  • A. Butta

    Was at a VZW store last night.. Manager said to try waiting for Sunday to get this 6GB deal.. so its legit… Still dont know if i want in though…

  • Bassdj

    That’s me: A tethering machine!

  • josh

    both promos are real. the program is called verizon max. verizon edge is an option to all customers, tiered or share everything, who are upgrade eligible.

    • Mark

      i thought the edge program is only available to people who are on the share everything plans? and can you elaborate on this Verizon Max program you speak of

      • josh

        look for updates from kellen 🙂

        • Mark

          I see the updates….. if these are true…. there is no reason to switch to this at all…… this does not save anything on my bill and i get 6 gb for the same price as unlimited….. just so i can buy my phone from verizon and spread the payments over 24 months…. very stupid…. ill keep on doing the same thing i have been doing and selling my previous phone to help pay for a new phone off contract and keep unlimited data

          • Mike

            The only reason I am thinking about this is because eventually I will need a new phone, and I’m not going to pay $600+ every year or two for a new device just to keep unlimited. So I may as well get a deal while I can, right?

    • Terrible branding when they have a Maxx phone on the market.

  • middlehead

    I rarely use more than 4GB, so I’d consider this but probably would still not do it.

    My concern is not so much with the data usage, but the cost. Switching to Share Everything alters the structure of corporate discounts, so I’d end up paying more even at the 2GB level on the current official prices.

  • Kevin

    i’m barely using a gig a month, my bionic is horrible, and i’d rather not pay full price for a phone when it’s subsidized within a plan anyway… this would be a good bait to get me to switch, and could allow my parents to upgrade to smartphones since they will rarely use data anyway.

    • dukenilnil

      Buy a 6 month old phone from third-party retailers or second hand. Then, the unsubsidized price is much closer to or even better than subsidized price. I am big tech geek, but honestly, the rate of innovation on phones has slowed down so much that even a year old phone can pretty much hold up against the newest phones

      • Kevin

        i like the idea but i’ve been waiting too long for a new phone to back track like that.

  • Elliot

    FYI, this article is based on incomplete information, it is *not* compatible with Share Everything, it’s an option for people who have unlimited and take part in Edge. It’s for lines that still have individual data plans (so instead of having to go to a 2GB/$30 plan, there’s a choice between 6GB/$30 with no tethering and an 8GB/$50 plan with tethering).

    (FYI I work for VZW)

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      dont kill my vibe, good for a personal line i guess.

    • dukenilnil

      Verizon does realize that for $60 we have unlimited data and unlimited tethering, right? So, how is it worth losing that flexibility to save $10 on the 8GB plan

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Technically tethering on an unlimited data connection should result in extra fees, and if it continues they could drop your service completely even if you’re on a contract as it is unauthorized usage. So, while you *can* tether with unlimited data, you’re taking a risk by doing so.

        EDIT: Just realized you were talking $60, so I’m going to assume that at some point you had tethering legitimately added for $30/mo. The above applies to those who are not paying extra for tethering.

        • Andrew Pabon

          Very true. I pay $30 for unlimited data and shell out another $30 for unlimited tethering because I don’t want to give Verizon a reason for taking my unlimited away. $60 is a lot but I sure as hell get my use out of it between work and personal use.

          • Andrew Weckerly

            As far as I’m aware you don’t have to pay that extra $30 for unlimited tethering. VZW was ordered by the government to allow people to use whatever app they want to connect to the internet. So PDANet+ or SVTP will both work, and both only require a one time investment of 7 or 10 dollars respectively.

          • The FCC ruled that that only applies to people on limited data plans (ie Share Everything or Data Bucket). I personally rooted my phone and have been tethering via the stock app on my Droid Razr for over a year and use it almost daily with no issues. I’ve never gotten any type of email / text from Verizon threatening to take my data away or charge me extra.

          • Andrew Weckerly

            @Champion I looked it up on the FCC’s website and I found that Verizon had 1) Argued that the restriction and cost for tethering was because people with unlimited data and tethering have the ability to use a lot more data and 2) Subject to the agreement specifically lifted the restriction of tethering applications for limited data plans – but I was not able to find the entire text of the agreement between the FCC and VZW regarding unlimited data users. Given that the verbiage from the original licensee agreement that VZW signed when buying up the C block spectrum states that Verizon “shall not deny, limit, or restrict the ability of their customers to use the devices and applications of their choice on the licensee’s C Block
            network” I have a had time seeing how they could say “Well but that only applies to this group of people.”

          • I too find it kinda hard to believe they could say it only applies to one group of people but you also have to factor in the fact that some if not most unlimited users signed contracts BEFORE this ruling was made and even possibly before Verizon bought their 4G LTE spectrum so if you fall into this category then you are still locked into the previous terms of service and not the newer ones.

        • Edwin M

          The $60 dollars he is talking about is from that old VZW contract. It’s $30 for Unlimited and an extra $30 for tethering that unlimited data. There is nothing unauthorized about what he is doing. Now if you rooted your phone and tether using an app without paying the fee then there is a problem.

        • Chris Hannan

          Verizon has an official $30 unlimited tethering option. That’s the extra fee. So you pay $30 for unlimited data and $30 for unlimited tethering which is $60 total, plus your voice and text plan of course.

  • Robert Macri

    Sheesh, and I just decided to go to T Mobile when the new nexus comes out. I doubt this is going to change my mind.

    • CraigBoyte

      I’m in the same exact boat… although this is making me wonder if that is the right call (just a tiny bit)

  • Ravi Rao

    If this was offered as a promo to new customers, I’d consider jumping back to Verizon. I left Verizon for Tmobile because of the cost.

    • Jon

      Me too…but I also left because of the hardware. Verizon just ignores way too many phones that people want. They never got the original Note, they get the HTC One months late, and I was there when they passed up on many good phones.

      I won’t go back.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i already switched my plan from unlimited, the Gnex was killing me. But I have 3 lines on my plan with 2 smartphones sharing 4gb. Nobody goes over the data limit because theres wifi in most places. This plan is ideal and will save me money or add some value to what i’m paying. i’m on board if the promo pans out.

  • Higher_Ground

    I guess I’d just have to make sure I was on wi-fi more often, especially after downloading a new ROM and adding all my apps back.

    • MichaelFranz

      yea that is a huge killer. I make sure to stop the apps and use TiBu, but still a 400MB rom or whatever (150MB for AOSP) still adds up in the long run

  • Timbo

    I am only paying $20 for unlimited on each line. This is still not a deal.

  • Kilam Daha

    This is a joke right?

  • mini-me

    Not falling for that trick. I used more than 6 gigs.

  • If it was $30 for 10+ GB, I’d have to consider it. I currently use around 12-16GB/mo (streaming through Google Music for hours a day at my desk at work) but that also includes NEVER using WiFi. If it was a 10GB plan, I’d switch to WiFi where I could and just use the data plan at work (where the WiFi does not allow streaming).

  • Brooks Barnes

    From my cold, dead hands Verizon…

    For the months from November til March, not a big deal, but during baseball season, my data runs up to 6 to 8GB. And thats only watching games when I’m not at home AND on 4G.

    • Mathew Colburn

      I switched to T-Mobile’s unlimited everything plan this last month just because I was tired of not getting to watch baseball at work. 5 days left in my 1st month and I’m already at nearly 20GB. I can’t imagine not getting to watch baseball at work now like I used to not be able to on my 10GB plan on VZW.

    • SUNupe

      For me it’s during Sept-Jan: Football season. I watch tons of games when I have to work on Sundays and Mondays through DirecTV, NFL, etc. I briefly considered it when I read the article, but after everyone’s comments…NAH!!

  • Greg

    I am still clutching on to my Galaxy Nexus just because i have unlimited data….with everything streaming now and days it doesn’t make since to have a shared data plan….

    • Jonathan Williams

      Same here…

      • Curtis

        Just let go guys… I was there once. It’s bad, but not as bad as you think. I went back to my Gnex (cause my DNA died).

        • charles rogers

          Nope not letting go, I’m not willing to doule my cell phone bill.

          • Curtis

            Well, work pays for all of my data so I have no dog in the fight… until they fire me.

          • charles rogers

            Well now I’m jealous. I guess the only thing better than unlimited is anything free.

          • Curtis

            ^ This

    • Tobias Kundig

      Ditto. My share everything plan is a dd-wrt router configured as a repeater bridge connected to my GNex. 60gb a month is no problem. Don’t understand how 6gb makes sense?

      I finally got my Chromecast I’m sure I’ll hit 100gb.

      • thedonxr

        Your phone must live on a charger lol.

        • Tobias Kundig

          I’m constantly reminding the wife to keep it on the charger. I’ve chained two cords together so we can move it a little for phone calls. We do Hangouts with most family members from our tablets so having the phone act as a hotspot works out fine.

      • Detonation

        Except what you’re doing violates your contract’s terms and services. Verizon doesn’t do anything about it (for now) but using your phone as a home internet service isn’t a valid argument for data usage and giving up unlimited.

  • MichaelFranz

    throw in unlimited phone upgrades that just push the 2 yr contract out from the purchase date (like old school nextel/sprint) and make it 8-10Gb of data and I would switch. Over the last 4-5 months i have seen my data usage go down.

    Now if i started to flash more roms on my phone again and download roms when i am out of a wifi zone i could see it spiking back up. I barely use music streaming. Watch a few videos once in a while. i still push over 2GB a month but i have hit 10 on occasion and pushed an average of 4-6 alone before the last few months

  • Phil

    I would not come close to using 6gb if the 30 a month is a guarantee not just a 2 or 3 month promotion then they rape you for 80 or 90 i would consider it 70 a month is alot better that 120

    • MichaelFranz

      my only question is what if i wanted 10GB. If i use 6-10GB on my own but now i have to share it with 4 lines I want a better deal.

      the only thing i get out of this deal is unlimited calls. Right now im on a special plan that was back in my Droid Inc days that got me 450 minutes, utl text and utl data and with 12% discount my bill is under 80/mo after taxes. In the 4+ years i’ve had it, i’ve only went over on my minutes 3 months

  • mec

    i have unlimited and use about 3. I would be ok with this, if they were going to boot all unlimited users (dont really have a choice i guess)

    What I would like to know… does this promotion exhaust after 24 months? for instance, i was told by verizon that the 4 GB for the price of 2GB promotion expires upon contract renewal

  • Stewie

    About to lose my corp 22% discount, have my smartphone (unlimited) and wife’s non smartphone already costing $150/Mo, already off contract month to month, would this end up being cheaper for me? I’m already on wifi at home and at work, so 6Gb would definitely have a cushion for me and most of the time is using Gmusic I’m at home on wifi.

    If it came to fruition would this end up being cheaper for me?

    Would need to see totals, and another question would be for HOW LONG would that 6Gb remain at $30/mo?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      It would be $40 (smartphone) + $30 (data) + $30 (dumbphone) = $100. That’s a hell of a deal for you. If your wife wanted a smartphone, it would be $110, which is still significantly less than your current payment.

      As for how long, I doubt they’d kick you off it anytime soon. At least a solid two years, and who knows what will happen between now and then.

      • Stewie

        Great to know, don’t know about the contract though. Will have to decide this winter … Thanks for pounding out the numbers for me though, I appreciate that!

  • bos

    The day they take my unlimited plan is the day I switch to T-Mobile

    • Big_EZ

      Same here. Once I can no longer upgrade and keep unlimited data I’m gone.

    • David Narada Brown

      definitely will switch but maybe str8 talk on At&t

    • Cowboydroid

      Unless they release a Nexus (without the mayhem of the previous attempt), they’ve already lost my contract renewal.

  • Bryant

    There are lots of unknowns in this plan. What if you exceed the 6GB and want to increase? Will you be forced to increase to the regular prices of $90 for 8GB?

  • pd240

    I would definitely take this deal. They will end unlimited data at some point so securing this deal would be a good time to get off unlimited.

    • chaoslimits

      Oh, so give up my unlimited plan because sometime in the future VZW will get rid of it. Makes complete sense.

    • SUNupe

      And your right…I was at a VZW store and the guy tried to sell me a Jetpack. Offered me a great deal…the catch…drop my unlimted. I looked at him and laughed…”you crazy”. I asked him if the thought they would eventually kick everyone off..his opinion was that it will happen…just a matter of time. pd240 has a point!

    • Big_EZ

      I know that day is coming, I’m just hoping it’s later and not sooner. I’ll be leaving Verizon when this happens, I hope T-Mobile increases their coverage by then.

  • George Fayad

    Now that my wife is the only one on our plan, this might be enough to get me to switch and get a subsidized phone. Too bad there aren’t any phones I want bad enough.

    • David Benson

      Same with me. We are on WiFi at home and we use 2gb between both of us. The reason I dont want my unlimited data to go away is because they are charging too much for GB of data. If it was more reasonably priced I would sign another contract for a phone. I am not a fan of any of the phones they have now, but if I had to choose it would be the S4.

  • Wes Jordan

    Tweet appears to have been deleted.

  • Kyle

    Do you jump on it now because in 6 months they’re going to pull unlimited and the promo will be gone by then??? Is this the beginning of the end of unlimited?

    • dukenilnil

      Unlimited is already gone. From what I understand, they can’t take legally it from those grandfathered in. All they can do is try to make it enticing to give it up (make you pay full price for a phone, give a limited time promo, not offer it on VoLTE)

  • dukenilnil

    Let me see, unlimited data for $30 a month. Or 6GB for the same $30, and, oh, I have to SHARE that 6GB with anyone else on my plan so if my wife and I share, that is really only 3GB each. Nevermind if I add any kids to the plan.

    • legaceez

      I agree but the one upside to this is being able to upgrade my phone at a discounted price right off the bat and being able to use the Edge Upgrade program on top of that.

      Right now my Droid Bionic is way overdue for an upgrade and I’m not going to pay 600+ for a new phone off contract and still pay Verizon a montly bill that already includes a subsidized phone price in there.

      Since I don’t have a family plan and never go over 3GB anyways this is perfect for someone like me.

      • Edwin M

        For you this probably works. But for someone like me it definitely doesn’t. I go over 8gb every month myself. I use my phone for work and home and on top of that my son uses it in the car whenever we’re going somewhere. My wife luckily doesn’t go over the 2gb on her end. This would be a death sentence to my wallet. I still have my HTC Rezound with an extended battery so how do you think I feel. I am hoping the next Nexus phone is VZW compatible.

        • legaceez

          Ouch yea it definitely won’t work out for heavy users like you.

          As for the Rezound though I suppose if you want to keep unlimited data your best bet to upgrading is trying craigslist or eBay. I’ve found some decent deals on there. Actually got my Bionic on craigslist for about $150 a year and a half ago. I was rocking an Xperia Play before that.

        • Isaac Garrison

          Why don’t you guys use craigslist? I got my wife and I Droid DNAs for 200 bucks each. You just have to get the Clist app and check it each day for a good deal.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Just bought a brand new replacement Rezound with beats headphones off craigslist for $100. Kept the headphones and traded the phone to some kid for a Gnex. I was looking for another gnex because I busted the screen on mine. For $100, I got my gnex and a set of Beats. Love craigslist.

          • Edwin M

            Which craigslist app do you use?

          • CasperTFG

            Mokriya Craigslist. Hat tip DL. Reviews average 3.7.

          • Isaac Garrison

            Craigslist+ pro

        • verizonchris

          Upgrading at the discounted price and keeping your unlimited data isn’t a problem. I have already assisted a few DL readers with this.

          • Jordan Thompson


          • James Hill

            Alternate upgrade.

          • legaceez

            Yes do tell please. I’m probably waiting for the Note 3 but I am curious as to how this could be done.

          • verizonchris

            Basically, you need at least one line on the account without unlimited data to funnel your upgrades through. If you are on a family share plan and don’t already have a line without unlimited data, it is only $9.99 per month to add a line to the account (assuming you aren’t already at 5 lines). For single line plans, it depends on what plan you are currently on and how many minutes/texts you are using. For example, the perfect situation is when the customer is on the 900 minutes talk and text plan and using less than 700 minutes/1000 texts. Convert to the 700 minute family share plan with 1000 texts, add a line, and you are paying the same amount per month.

            I’m over on rootzwiki with the same screen name if anyone would like to pm me. Send me your account info and I can send back exact numbers.

          • Joe

            So when I add a $9.99 line, how long until I can remove it without a termination fee?

          • Bigwavedave25

            Immediately if you bring your own phone to the table. If you run an upgrade through it I believe the line is “renewed” for the standard 2 years

          • verizonchris

            It would be a standard 2 year contract. You would want to keep the line though for the next time you need a phone.

          • Alan

            So that sounds like $9.99 * 24 + fees for the line * 24 + price of the subsidized phone. I don’t know, I can get cheaper prices on new phones when not buying the phone directly from Verizon.

          • verizonchris

            You are correct. Even with the extra $9.99 per month plus fees, you are still paying less than full price. For example….Note II is $699.99 full price online. ($9.99*24)+$249.99 discount price of note II = $489.75. Fees will vary depending on the address attached to your account, but they will be less than $40 total for the 24 month period. I don’t know of any place where you could get the note II brand new (not used) for that price off contract.

          • legaceez

            Thanks for the response. Good idea I never thought about that. I’ll definitely consider it as an option if I don’t just go for the Max program out of convenience.

      • verizonchris

        There are ways you can upgrade at the discounted price right now without losing your unlimited data. It may cost a little more per month, but it is possible.

        • CaptainDisillusion

          Edit: Answered below.

      • alan

        Can you say you won’t be using over 6 GB any time in the future? When you do get more capable phones and the fact that Google and Verizon are pushing/forcing cloud usage, you don’t expect your data usage to increase gradually/sharper?

    • Big_EZ

      My wife uses around 4-5 gb a month and I use about 16-18 gb a month. I’ll keep signing new contracts and keep my Unlimited data like I’ve been doing.

      • lgreg64


        • Big_EZ

          My wife mainly just streams music at work and while getting ready, and checks Facebook frequently with a little bit browsing in there as well. I stream music and youtube, and heavy browsing. I also download roms frequently (which add up quick at 1gb a pop for TW)

          • fauxshizzl

            I think he meant how are you signing new contracts and keeping unlimited? New contract means no more unlimited.

          • Big_EZ

            About 2 years ago I put my mother on my account. Her phone is just a feature phone for emergencies. I just transfer the upgrade, then switch Sims and add her old feature phone back to her line.

          • Bigwavedave25

            I’m all set up and ready to do the exact same thing here shortly.

            6gb dosen’t even come close to my monthly average data useage…

          • jstew182

            I think they were asking how you are upgrading and keeping your unlimited data…which I would like to know also…

          • Big_EZ

            Look 2 comments down, my answer to the same question.

    • InvaderDJ

      The later update says this would be for people who have the seperate lines and aren’t on the share plan. Meaning that you wouldn’t be sharing this.

      Honestly it would be more attractive if it was on the share plan since that would come with unlimited calling, texting, and no additional fee for tethering.

      I was extremely close yesterday to giving in and getting upgrading my unlimited line on my family plan but unknown to me my other line with the limited data had just got into the upgrade period the day before so I did an alternate upgrade. But if Verizon can get 6GB of data for $30/month with the share plan (meaning unlimited calling and texting) I would be tempted again.

      • lgreg64

        Agreed I have 3 phones on my plan and as of today we only have 3GB used. I would look at this if it included unlimited calling and text.

  • FAL_Fan

    I hit over 6gb a month with my line alone, I rarely tether but I do stream Google music for at least 5 hours a day…so still not worth it. Now, a 10gb for $50/month would be tempting but 6 is shadowed by me alone and 8 would easily be crushed with only adding one of my other 3 lines on my plan, so keep trying Verizon, not quite there yet.

    • James

      Google Music uses WAYYY too much data. I really hope they fix this! Otherwise I might have to consider spotify again. *sigh

      • DanSan

        there is a setting in google music to limit the quality which will limit the amount of data used.

        dont care because i have unlimited and dont listen to any music really on my S4

      • breadable

        I’d say the sound quality is worth the data use. But then again, I still have unlimited data

    • Jon

      No WiFi available? That would cut down your usage like crazy if you could find some WiFi for a few extra hours each day. I think that learning how to”ration” data these days is a good thing. Will keep you flexible and ready to jump ship to another carrier if the need ever came. I was surprised at how much choice I had when I weened myself off of Verizon data.

      On T-Mobile now using 1-1.5 gigs a month after being on Verizon for 8 yrs and using upwards of 7 gigs/month.

  • Nope. Time’s ticking, VZW, my contract’s got a few months left, and Sprint’s looking awful nice… Cheaper, isn’t out to screw me over… Mmm….

    • Eric Hare

      Do you have T-Mobile coverage? Because unless the answer to that question is no, I highly recommend not moving to Sprint. Excruciatingly slow data, more expensive than tmo, and LTE that is expanding at a pathetic rate.

    • Bryant

      I disagree. Sprint will still screw you just in difference ways. For example, $200 for Verizon with excellent coverage vs $150 (or so) on sprint with no coverage.

      • Weber

        …unless he has good coverage with Sprint.

    • Tirionfive


      Just a warning.

  • Jack

    I’d definitely consider it.

  • jayray78

    My current unlimited data is only $30 a month…plus a 10% corporate discount, so….No. Nice try, but no.

    • Jeremy Sheehan

      Amen to that corporate discount – 19% for me! I’m on a MAD old family plan (700 min, unlimited txt, unlimited data). Got the unlimited plan back when I picked up an LG Dare (remember that “iPhone Killer”? lololol). I’d love to get unlimited minutes so I can drop my landline, but until they offer unlimited data at an affordable price, I’m sticking to with my plan.

    • Michael Tate

      Yeah … I’ve got the same with a 20% corporate discount … so, I’m not really seeing the value. Plus, what happens after your contract is up … I’m sure you’re going to loose your 6GB for $30 per month.

      • They tend to keep those promo’s on the lines. The old $15 for 150mb plan. I saw people renewing those plans with no issue.

  • jb

    If I hadn’t just paid full retail for an S4, I’d have done it.

  • BTLS

    Wow this will definitely make it a tough decision for me… I use 6-8 GB consistently, but I also tether from my gnex to my nexus 7 for free now. I really want a new phone, and would perfer not to pay $600+… hmmmm

  • @bleakneonblack

    I have wanted to move to Share EVerything so I can get my phone, tablet and iPad all on one plan… this might make it happen. I’m only using an average of 2-3 GB a month, but the costs just didn’t justify it. This might make it work.

  • Billy Schlotter

    A dealer store rep said that Verizon would be ending all unlimited as of October. I didn’t argue with him, but that was the first I have heard of it and didn’t think they would do anything like that without the end user signing a new contract.

    • shindo107

      just stop. people like you make me wish i didnt have eyes to read your silly comments.

      • Billy Schlotter

        It was meant to be a comment it was actually a question. Since that was the first I heard of it. I have no intentions to start a rumor but ask a question to which i do not know the answer too.

      • Billy Schlotter

        It wasn’t meant to be a comment it was meant to be question. Since that was the first I heard of it. I have no intentions to start rumors.

      • Weber
    • sirmeili

      They can’t take it away from those already in contracts with the unlimited data. It’s part of their contracts. They can say that as soon as their contracts are up, they can remove it, but they can’t remove a feature of the contract without giving you a way out that doesn’t include the ETF because they are the ones breaching contract, not you.

      Now, if they change it, and you don’t do anything about it, then you are giving them your approval for the change with your silence.

      • Billy Schlotter

        Good to know. Just upgraded to the GS4 through another line on my plan, and don’t plan on upgrading through my line again, just to keep my unlimited data.

        • sirmeili

          Note that this is just from my understanding of how contracts work in general and Verizon will likely bully you saying you can’t do that (then it would fall on you to sue them, in which case, most people wouldn’t find it worth their time).

          They can say “we’re breaching contract, you can leave with no ETF, or just accept it”. They can also slip a notice into your bill letting you know of the change, but not really make it very “evident” then say that you were forewarned of the change in the contract (that is how some CC companies used to do it).

          Basically there are ways for them to get around it, unless you really keep an eye out (which most people don’t do).

          • Billy Schlotter

            I will to the best of my abilities. I actually went through a dealer when upgrading, and he suggested this before I said I wanted to do it.

  • itsroly

    I tether the hell out of my data and doing about 30gb a month with Netflix and linking my ps3 to play call of duty so to hell with 6gb hahaha

    • Tim Lawlor

      You’re the kind of person that ruined it for the rest of us.

      • BTLS

        I hate to say it because I have also raped big red’s unlimited data a few months here and there, but more and more people doing this is what will make vzw drop it.

        • DanSan

          i didnt “rape” their unlimited data but most months i only use like 3 or 4GB. when i was even slightly considering the idea of switching off, that month i somehow used over 6GB. no way im switching unless i am 110% forced to. by then tmobile will be 100% solid in my area and ill be switching to them

      • DanSan

        trust me, its a drop in the bucket for them. it was never about saving verizon money or reducing the amount of data on the network. they even said it themselves, majority of unlimited data users never used more than 2GB anyways so its not a big deal. the only reason they got rid of it was to make more money. they realized they can hit people big time for going over the data cap and they just saw the $$$ making their pockets heavier.

        • josh

          if it makes you feel any better, 94% of unlimited data users use less than 6gb of data per month…makes you wonder why 6gb is part of the promo 🙂

      • Matthew Yourchisin

        No, Verizon is the one that ruined it for the rest of us. He’s using what he paid for, “Unlimited Data”.

        • psuturtle

          Does he also eat himself into a coma at all-you-can eat buffets?

          I get the whole “I’m technically allowed to do anything I want because it’s unlimited” concept, but people that go out of their way to use gobs of data ARE the ones ruining it for everybody else and forcing providers to go the tiered route.

          • DanSan

            that is his right. when you offer an unlimited plan you must be able to understand what that means.

            thats why a lot of all u can eat places might give plate limits or time limits to cover themselves.

            why should i have to moderate myself when you offered me the unlimited plan, that isn’t my fault or problem.

          • psuturtle

            true…but then you don’t have any right whatsoever to b!itch when they try to make changes to offset the challenges of supporting those types of users. That includes when they shut down the unlimited plans, which they’ll be able to do whether your grandfathered in or not. Trust me…the more people use the mentality of “because I can”…the faster Verizon is going to make it so they can’t.

            I’m not really disagreeing with you here…the providers created this problem with the way they structured things from the first smartphone plans. I swear some people just get off on being able to say they use eleventy billiion gigs of data a month.

          • DanSan

            Yes i still have every right to b!tch and complain. I can either suck it up and deal with it or tell them to stick it and never go back to them. They will understand the impact when they lose or gain customers depending on their actions.

            Thats the beauty of a free market, if i don’t like it i can go somewhere else. I purchased something that says unlimited, i am going to use it as much as i want.

  • EC8CH

    DON’T DO IT…

    • Verizon CEO

      Verizon only care about it’s customers.

      Our Motto: Customers first*

      *unless money is involved

      • Jarren


      • SparkysShocker

        Poor grammar makes joke unfunny

        • Also, the avatar is a picture of Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs……

      • Cares*. Its*.
        Also, did you just Google image search for “CEO” and then use whatever picture looked good? That’s Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs. You’re really just kinda hemorrhaging failure, aren’t you?

    • Lucky Armpit

      OMG, totally almost sprayed coffee on my monitor this morning. 1000 Internets to you, sir.

      • jamdev12

        Same here when I saw it. Luckily for me I don’t drink coffee.

    • Holstein

      Only idiots would go for this. As time goes by, you’re going to be using more and more data. Not using 6 GB today won’t mean you won’t be using more than 6 GB in the future.

      I don’t see the point of upgrading your phone every year or less. You’re better off putting money aside every now and then and upgrade when you have enough for the full retail price of the next phone or your current one breaks (don’t waste money on insurance either).

      • DroidzFX

        Verizon is going to kill unlimited data when VOLTE is rolled out. You can bet your bottom dollar on that one.

        • James Hill

          Is that what you saw in your crystal ball?

        • Dave Amburn

          Nah, the same thing was said when LTE was rolling out.

          • DroidzFX

            The entire plan structure will change. They are already working towards it now. When VOLTE rolls out and you are out of contract Verizon is going to say your plan is not compatible with VoLTE. There will be no more minute plans so not sure how you think your current plan will continue to work.

          • Tom

            You know this how? I ask because this sounds similar about people “knowing” similar things about the 3G to 4G jump and ended up not knowing anything in the end.

          • DroidzFX

            Its just logic. I understand your point with 3G and 4G but VoLTE is not the SAME. There will be no more minute plans which is what anyone with Unlimited is on. When you are out of contract and want to get a VoLTE phone you will have to get a different plan.

          • Portos

            Are you saying VoLTE will use your limited data allotment? I can see Verizon detecting VoLTE calls and charge separately for it. The same is done with text messages ever since text messaging existed. It’s just data too. Verizon could still apply “minutes” if they do that.

          • DroidzFX

            That is a possibility but highly doubt they will count minutes or text. The reason being they have already stopped counting them with the new share plans. I believe you will just pay for a data pool and probably a fee for each device because Verizon likes to screw customers that way.

          • John Davids

            They stopped counting minutes and texts because that is not where the money was/is, not because of a technical limitation with VoLTE being unable to track/count “minutes”. Ever since the iPhone came out, actual voice call usage has plummeted.

            Think back to your Moto Razr from the early 00’s. What % of your time spent with that phone was making a voice call? 60%? 80%? Easily over 3/4ths for me. These days however, I have a hard time even remembering the LAST time I made or received a phone call. I can go days if not weeks without using voice. VZW saw this, knew this, and took advantage of this. I suspect the brainstorming session went something like this:

            VZW1: Voice consumption over the past 3 years has fallen sharply. Most customers are no longer interested in our high-minute plans anymore. Many are asking for data-only plans.

            VZW2: No one is really using their phones to make calls anymore. Why don’t we dramatically raise our prices on what people are actually consuming, data, and then soften the blow by including unlimited minutes in every plan?

            VZW1: BRILLIANT!

          • DroidzFX

            I never said there was a limitation. Voice and text just wont matter anymore. It will all be data to them so why count it separately. Just like you said data is where the money is and that is what they are going to charge you for.

          • John Davids

            Fair enough, you didn’t. But lets be honest, voice and text hasn’t really mattered since about late 2009.

          • Big_EZ

            I’m with the NSA, and was listening in on this meeting. I can confirm this is exactly how it happened.

          • They already don’t count minutes and texts since everything is unlimited, what’s stopping them from using the same plans just switching voice and text technologies?

          • DroidzFX

            Nothing really…but with VoLTE you will probably get more data for the money since phone and text will be included in it.

            Verizon is not going to let a $30 unlimited plan be used with VoLTE. They would not be making enough money from you.

          • Big_EZ

            If you get a VoLTE phone you are right, but we won’t have to do that right away. They will wait until most people have switched to VoLTE phones before they discontinue their CDMA network and force people to get new VoLTE phones. I say 3-4 years. This is simply my opinion based on Verizons actions in the past.

          • DroidzFX

            Yes, you will need to get VoLTE phone. With most of the readers on this blog I imagine will want to hop on that boat as soon as it floats. Majority of the readers here like to have the latest and greatest.

          • Big_EZ

            But they won’t force you to get a VoLTE phone for at least 2 years after they sell the last CDMA enabled device.

          • DroidzFX

            Right but as soon as the VoLTE network is available and there is phone that can use it everyone on unlimited will be out of contract. Verizon is going to say you need to have one of our VoLTE compatible plans for us to activate the phone. Wont matter if you are in area with VoLTE or not. The phone is how they are going to make you switch.

          • Big_EZ

            But if we keep our phone they won’t force us onto VoLTE until the last contract ends with a CDMA device. That won’t happen until 2 years after late 2014 at the earliest. This is just speculation. I have unlimited data, but I won’t be off contract until after the first VoLTE only phones. My contract ends March 2015.

          • Dave Amburn

            I signed up for unlimited data in 2008. My contract ended in 2010. I was off contract well before LTE started rolling out and nothing changed.The plan structure changed then ie. “share everything” and I’m still on unlimited.

          • DroidzFX

            I have unlimited as well and went through the LTE change but you can read my statement below and maybe that will help you understand.

            I just want people with unlimited to start considering your options because the days of unlimited are numbered.

          • James T.

            Unlimited users should start considering options when unlimited is officially gone. Even if there are current plans to get rid of grandfathered unlimited they can still change. There’s no point trying to predict the future and you’re just better off doing nothing until there is a change.

            Look at AT&T, they got rid of unlimited from grandfathered accounts and then after all the backlash they gave it back (at least to those who were still AT&T customers).

          • John Davids

            Exactly this. If Verizon is willing to slash the price on a 6GB plan exclusively for people who still have unlimited, I think that goes a long way in illustrating that while VZW may not happen to like all the people still on unlimited, they are showing that they do care about those customers and aren’t going to just pull the rug out from under them. I speculate that come the day VZW decides to completely rid themselves of unlimited plans (if ever), they will have an equally sweet (if not better) of a deal and simply make it mandatory.

            However, more to James T’s point, any speculation as to what VZW may or may not do with unlimited data plans and the subscribers who still hold them is exactly that, speculation. 🙂

          • sb1189

            I also think that the deal they made to purchase the spectrum says that they cant hinder the usage of such data. So the only way to get us off of unlimited data is to “entice” us off of it. They can’t just get rid of it or they will be in violation of the spectrum agreement just like they were with tethering with an unlimited data plan.

          • everettedl

            That’s exactly why I’m not concerned. There are enough unlimited users for VZW to feel it if they all leave. Then again, this Maxx crap plan is a way to reduce those numbers so it won’t hurt as much if they decide to take it away in the future….so I guess I should be concerned then huh? lol

          • Blue Sun

            There are still 800+ days before this will become an issue for people. It’s too far off in the future for people to care about right now.

          • DroidzFX

            Far less days if you want a new phone that is VoLTE capable.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            But in order to make it a viable option they have to give you data for a “reasonable” price. If anything when VoLTE comes out they’re gonna give you data for what we find to be ridiculously cheap, 20-50GB for $50-$80.

          • Big_EZ

            This will not happen right away, there’s a ton of phones that wouldn’t work on LTE only. I think it’ll be like the Alltel situation. I think they’ll wait a few years until most people are on VoLTE, then say they are no longer supporting CDMA.

          • Kisuk3

            This is exactly what they said with LTE and it did not happen, are you privy to information that the rest of us aren’t or just making things up?

          • everettedl

            Why wouldn’t it be? VoLTE is completely data. I have unlimited data. I don’t see how it’s incompatible. I could see Verizon pulling a stunt like that though.

          • michael arazan

            When I got the GNex in Jan 2012 I called CS asking if I had to do anything about unlimited data and switching between 4G and 3G and they told me it is the same plan and there was nothing to do, and that Data is Data no matter what source I was using to receive it.

            Verizon kind of shot themselves in the foot with unlimited users by offering a 12 month payment plan available to us allowing us to pay off a new phone at full price. Then we can just sell it at 1 year and put it towards a new phone if one chooses. So why the hell would we join VZ edge and lose unlimited.

        • tutaina

          I’m afraid you have a point

        • Fattie McDoogles

          I think it’s the exact opposite. I think they’re gonna rerelease it and some ridiclous price.

      • jrgray27

        That’s what I did, since I have Unlimited Data still. I put away 50 dollars every pay period and in about 7 months of course I’ve got enough (Simple things like taking your lunch to work with you and not eating fast food). And what I will continue to do until they underhandedly FORCE me to change. : D And I use quite a bit of data…and could live with the 6GB limit. But just like the XBox One…it is the “principle” of it all.

    • morgan boyle

      exactly what i was going to post!!!

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    • MichaelFranz

      internet point for you sir

    • Moeyknight

      This is exactly how I feel. I’m hanging on to my unlimited data until they pry it from my hands. And that’s when I walk over to another carrier.

      • eDroid


    • BobButtons

      Agreed. A lot of people don’t realize how bad of a deal these early upgrade offers are. When you put a down payment on a contract, they tell you the rest of the device is paid off as subsidies built into your monthly plan. Under these programs you’re paying the same bill amount PLUS a payment for your device on top of it. You’re pretty much paying double for your device. Also, if you decide to not upgrade when you’re at 50%, you have to keep putting payments towards your current device instead of towards a new one causing you to pay more for it. It’s a horrible deal all around.

    • jenniferfuller88

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  • They better offer that to everyone.

    • Alex

      I’d be so pissed! I’m paying $30 for 4gb thanks to a data promo a few years ago, but if they don’t offer this to everyone they sure as hell will be hearing from me!

      • kretz7

        Don’t hold your breath.

  • kretz7

    Dear Verizon,

    This sounds like a great deal because 6GB is obviously more than unlimited. Nice try though.


    Not an idiot

    • Tyler Durden

      I can’t wait for the day for them to take it away. People on unlimited are so arrogant

      • EC8CH

        Funny… that comment makes you the one who sounds arrogant.

        • Guest

          He is just upset that he either lost his unlimited due to not reading the fine print or he signed up when Verizon did not offer Unlimited. Jealousy is a bitch.

          • Tyler Durden

            Keep hiding behind that Guest account. Grow a pair and make a disqus account.

          • Do what he says; how else is he going to stalk and properly chastise all your DL comments??

          • A_Different_Guest

            Tough little e-warrior ain’t ya?

      • James Hill

        Just like you are.

      • SomeDooD


      • Jared Tau

        I wonder if people ever read your comments, or just see your avatar and downvote?

      • tomn1ce

        Don’t hate….I’m loving my unlimited data plan…and this 6GB plan is not worth giving up my unlimited.

      • CaptainDisillusion

        Wow, that’s bitter for no reason.

        People with unlimited are just trying to enjoy it while they have it, hoping it never gets taken away. We can’t get phones for on-contract prices, which, if we buy a $600 phone every 2 years, means we pay $25 more per month just to keep unlimited data (and stay month-to-month, allowing us to jump ship whenever). If we upgrade more frequently than 2 years, this monthly cost just goes up.

        For some of us, this is worth it because data-overage fees would result in much more cost. For others, they are reading my comment and realizing that this 6 GB for $30 deal is right up their alley. And for you, you might want to stop being bitter and start fighting fire with fire: brag that your monthly phone costs are considerably less than the rest of us.

        What you mistake for arrogance is just self-affirmation and cost-justification, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

        • CaptainDisillusion

          Well, I guess with that alternate upgrade thing they were talking about in the other comments means no extra $25 per month. Sweeeeet. Still no reason to be bitter though, home slice.

        • duke69111

          Its actually more like $12-$16 per month, since you would still likely have to pay $300 upfront for a quality smartphone on contract with the subsidy.

        • Big_EZ

          Not all of us on unlimited data pay full price to upgrade, I don’t. I’ve bought 5 phones on contract since they went to shared data. All of them were on contract pricing, and both of our smart phone lines have unlimited data still.

      • joe

        Don’t hate just because you gave up your unlimited data for the upgrade
        To the hottest phone of the week. Only and idiot would go for this bait.
        Ill keep my unlimited data.

  • Eric Hare

    Would it be guaranteed? Or would be we forced to a $30/2GB plan after our contract is up?

    • Details like this we do not know. I’ve put word into Verizon, hoping to hear back.

    • It would be guaranteed

    • Fozzybare

      if it was anything like the 4gb for $30, that sticks around. even the verizon reps thought my friend was going to lose his 4gb when he upgraded

  • Raj Bhatt

    It is quite a savings over their ridiculously priced tiered data, but my wife and I are on the same plan. 6 GB isn’t enough for us to share.

  • Guest

    A dealer store rep mentioned that he thought that

  • ssjnimma

    Well it makes upgrading a device straight through Verizon that much more appealing, all though its seriously tough to let go of Unlimited…

    • LucasMonroe

      They already offered me this plan and I took it in order to upgrade my GNex to a GS4 for $199 instead of having to pay the $600+ retail price to keep my unlimited. I was also able to get the 32GB version through Amazon for the same price as Verizon was offering the 16GB version. So I saved $400+ on my device purchase and 6GB will be plenty for my wife and I. Sucks to have to worry about data now by not having unlimited but i thought it was a worthy trade off.

      • Rodeojones000

        So this is 6GB of data to share between your 2 devices? And do you pay $30 per phone for it, or is it just one $30 fee for the data?

        • LucasMonroe

          Now that I’m reading all the comments I don’t think it’s the same plan they mention above, but it’s $30 per phone, which makes our bill the exact same as it was before but I don’t have unlimited and I got to upgrade.

    • BigDeeNY99

      Im thinking the same thing. As long as its not share and my line only.. I barely reached 6gb in one month…But I have alot of music on my phone…And Wifi where possible.

      Unlimited is nice but to upgrade my phone and not pay full price or buy used like I did with my Note 2 would be nice.

    • Big_EZ

      I prefer my method of upgrading AND keeping unlimited data.

      • jamdev12

        Big_EZ can you please share. I only have one line with unlimited data. No other lines, so how do you upgrade to a newer phone without paying full price for the phone and keeping unlimited data? Is it similar to what some people have said here, which is get a crappy regular line with some data with the new phone at the discount price, call and have them switch over the phone from that new line to your unlimited data line, then cut off data from the crappy line with your old phone? Or do you have to have a crappy line phone already and be eligible for an upgrade?

        • Big_EZ

          I use the regular line method, but I didn’t add it just for that.

          • Fozzybare

            i did! twice over! im fine paying monthly for them until i can cancel one 😀

  • Verizon CEO

    You know cause you would never use 6GBs anyways.

    *insert evil laugh*

    • Jack

      ^ Seems legit.