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Motorola Skip Accessory for the Moto X Now Available, Unlocks Phone With a Single Tap (Updated)

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A new Moto X-specific accessory called the “Skip” just showed up on Motorola’s site, days before rumored launch dates have suggested that the Moto X would arrive. The accessory is listed as being a special “wearable accessory” that can be used to unlock your phone with a single tap. And yeah, that’s all it says. So in other words, when you pull your phone out of your pocket, you could tap your phone to the Skip to wake it rather than having to reach for the lock switch.  

I think it makes sense for someone who uses a lock pattern or PIN. In that situation, you could simply tap your phone to the Skip to unlock it, rather than having to enter a PIN. But should your phone fall into the wrong hands, it would still be locked up tight with a secure lock screen. Interesting.

The accessory is listed at an introductory $19.99 price, which seems a bit steep for an accessory that only wakes your phone (which your thumb can do for free). There has to be more to this story. Maybe?

Update:  Finding out more info now. There is an app for it in the Play store already that can be found here.

Update 2:  Here is the support document for it.

Via:  Motorola

Cheers David!

  • jmsbwmn

    I actually like this idea. It allows you to have a complicated password, not just a simple pattern, in the event that you ever misplace your phone, and it gives you a convenient option for not having to enter said password every time you want to use your phone. I would rather hold it (my phone) against my pocket for 1-2 seconds than aggravate my carpal tunnel with a super duper password.

    Just my two pennies worth…

  • Daistaar

    So, the phone doesn’t really know when you pull it out of your pocket, but the NFC-type device does? Maybe I’ll just put a tec-tile on the underside of my belt near my pocket and replicate the same thing. Pretty weak that they touted this as a feature.

    Edit: Guess I’m late and other people have said similarly. Kudos DL community.

  • Cory_S

    what’s interesting about this is not so much the accessory…but that its existence means NFC is polling with screen off on the Moto X…which allows you to do all kinds of interesting things.

  • Milind Shah

    app not found on the playstore

  • Mickey A Valentine

    The link to the play store is dead.

  • King Lo

    Why must Motorola insist on price gouging every chance they get. It’s always the same results. People say ” I like the idea, but I don’t want to pay that much for that”

    • Ej McCarty

      it’s 20 bucks man. I wouldn’t call it price gouging. it’s going to be convenient for a good many people. if it were apple it would be 40-50 without a doubt

  • jarekt

    I love double screen tap to wake in l920. That’s really convenient with those huge smartphones..

  • Kenton Douglas

    This thing reminded me of the Fitbit Zip/One. If you look at the current wearable health/fitness trackers they’re basically just using a combination of pedometer/altimeter/accelerometer/gyroscope to upload data to a fitness app that evaluates steps/distance walked, calories burned, etc from the readings. Most phones have most of these sensors, BUT, they’re always on in the Moto X running at low power due to the contextual core. If the contextual core can store/write data without waking up the main CPU cores, then you can just upload (polling) the data to a XActv app (or MyTracks?) when they’re awake. You’d be able to use the Active Display to show progress throughout a given period. You’d need to have your phone on you most of the time to make it reasonably accurate, but you’d have a built in health/fitness tracker. Does that work?

  • Rex_D

    Looks like something that could easily be lost or misplaced (or even stolen). Deciding where to wear it would be another issue everyday, unless you wore something like scrubs or the same type of suit all the time. I already have to remember to grab my charger each night before I head off to work and remember to bring it back home when I leave. I see this as something else to keep up with. $20 is over priced as well. Maybe it should be included in the box when you purchase the Moto X. That would be the way to get people interested in it. Then when they are accustomed to it and lose it, maybe then people would spend $20 to replace it.

  • Bruce

    Motorola is skipping the accessories for Moto X, and the bootloader can be unlocked with a single mouse click.

  • You have to hold it pretty flush against the MotoX to unlock it or it won’t work.I think so

  • Ryan N

    I have a long password. So this will be convenient for me. and I can simply place it on the opening of my pants pocket and it would work perfect.

    Only thing is…

    I ordered one earlier, said it would ship in 1-2 days.

    Now, link is dead, and I click on my motorola order history and it has an order number next to “null”.

    And my card has been charged…

    What now???

  • Chad

    Lazy much??

  • Ryan Chapman

    When moving your finger just sounds like to much work, we introduce Skip.

  • Trueblue711

    You’ve gotta be kidding me. Just disable your swipe/pattern/pin unlock instead of paying $20 for this.

  • Tim242

    Gimmick. What are they thinking?

    • Mike

      Remember if Moto does it, it’s not a gimmick its innovative. Only Samsung has gimmicky features.

      • Tim242

        But, of course! What was I thinking?

        • Mike

          Just thought I’d set ya on the right path good sir

  • NexusMan

    This isn’t an accessory for everyone, but I must say for my personal use case I think it’s neat. I’m someone who always liked to keep a pin lock on my phones, but it became so annoying to always have to type in my pin and unlock my phone constantly while at work (or home) that I fairly recently just stopped keeping it locked. With this, I can once again leave it locked while in public, and have it unlock automatically as I pull it out of my pocket and it passes by the clip.

  • NexusMan

    This clip was shown at the small, “secret” invite only private Moto X unveiling 5 weeks ago. Motorola planned to release it at launch, then suddenly changed their minds, opting to release it “later on” after the phone’s release, which is why they didn’t mention it at the 8/1 announcement. They’ve apparently changed their minds again. It has a magnet that wakes the Moto X and uses NFC to unlock it, not Bluetooth, though a great feature of the Moto X is Bluetooth authentication, which allows the device to be set to unlock when in range of authenticated Bluetooth devices.

  • Daniel Walsh

    This is so stupid.

  • jer85008

    This does prove a point though – the accessory parade for the Moto X has already begun.

    • Justin W

      At least they aren’t taking after Google in that aspect. Accessories available at launch instead of months later.

  • Mark

    I’ll keep using Pebble Locker instead, thanks

  • jer85008

    I get it, but something with NFC like a key fob would be better. It’s a good idea though -you could make a really intricate password to protect the device yet easily access it as well.

    • NexusMan

      It is NFC

  • Flat_Stanley

    My guess is this is for the Moto X’s trusted bluetooth feature. When the Moto X detects the Skip (or any other bluetooth device you designate as “trusted”), it bypasses the need for a lock screen. Consider users who are required to have a pin lock for security purposes. This way, when the user is close, the pin lock can be avoided.

    • Flat_Stanley

      Actually, if this is NFC like some users are commenting. does this mean the Moto X can react to NFC tags while off? or will the user still have to turn the phone on first?

      • brkshr

        Someone above posted that a magnet wakes up the device, then NFC authenticates & unlocks the device. Sounds about right to me.

        • Guest


  • kashtrey

    Pretty cool but I think the Trusted Device feature is a little cooler and a lot more convenient. I’m hoping someone can create a simple toggle app for Pebble that will allow you to lock your phone while still in BT range as a trusted device.

    • Justin W

      Do you have a link with more info on the “Trusted Device” feature? I haven’t seen/heard about this yet, but it sounds like it has a lot of potential.

      • kashtrey

        “One way around this, which is absolutely brilliant, is the ability to trust specific devices. Since your car’s built-in Bluetooth is paired to your phone, and since your phone is in the car, there’s a reasonably good chance you are in the car with your phone connected to Bluetooth. By allowing trusted devices, you don’t need to enter your passcode to unlock your phone as long as you are connected to that device. This way, when you’re in the car you can completely control the Moto X without ever having to unlock it or touch it.” From BGR http://bgr.com/2013/08/08/motorola-moto-x-review/

        Just do some Googling.

  • Jeremy Michael Hobbs

    I’m a disabled user with limited dexterity. I am sure this wasn’t designed for folks like me, but these little things can be handy. I have the DROID Mini on preorder, and my main reasons for picking it up were the always-on display and mic; sometimes my thumb doesn’t get along so well with wake-up buttons.

    • Dave

      It’s always nice when you can get some added convenience to help out.

    • panicswhenubered

      I really like this idea much better than a clip on your clothing: http://nfcring.com/

      Edit: I know the NFC ring is not out yet, but it seems like it could be a more convenient method. I hope the Skip is not only for use with the Moto X…

      • Keg Man

        this is awesome, thanks for sharing.

  • creed

    I think that’s a big assumption that it will unlock the phone if it has a pin or pattern unlock. However, if it does do this it’s worth owning. If not, it’s a complete waste of money.

    • NexusMan

      Creed, It does eliminate the need to type in your password to unlock.

      • creed

        Then it’s definitely worth it.

  • SparkysShocker

    And it’s gone from Play

    • C-Law

      you can still buy it from the motorola link. It says bonus item next to it. Does that mean you get a bonus item with it or the Skip is the bonus to the moto x? Bc it’s not free

  • Bran

    App says you have to tap it to the back of phone if that’s the case I would have to take my phone out and turn it around as I always put it in with my screen facing inward.

    • Jonathan Reid

      Me too. Makes me nervous to leave it screen out in my pocket. As a tall person, most tables are at the exact height where corners can bash the screen.

      • Justin W

        TIL I’m either tall or all the tables in my town are short.

        • Jonathan Reid

          Or this is me:

  • 655321

    Maybe uses NFC or RFID to allow you to unlock without having to enter your lock code? Sort of like keyless ignition for your car. If you have the right fob you just push the start button.

  • Needs Da Help

    Verizon contract ends on 9/9/13 (unlimited data). Should I stay with Verizon and get the Moto X for now then get the Nexus 5 on Tmobile? or Just go straight to Tmobile with the Moto X? Thoughts?

    • Carlos Lopez

      Are you getting the x on contact if you stay with verizon?

    • sk102704

      Let me guess, you bought a Bionic on day one? I have the same contract end date so I’m in the same exact situation as you and was considering the same thing as you. Last night I asked people on Facebook who had T-Mobile in CT (where I live) if I should switch to them and I got a lot of responses and every single one of them said switching to T-Mobile wasn’t worth it and the service was terrible. I’m sure there are areas where the service is good enough to be worth it but the areas where I live and work and where these people responded were in areas where T-Mobile’s website says gets excellent service. I got lucky though and a friend who use to work for Verizon saw the post and has a friend who still works there and can let me keep my unlimited data. I really hope it happens but either way from what I was told last night, T-Mobile is not an option for me so I would definitely find out how the service in your area is before you make any decisions.

      • Needs Da Help

        Thanks for the replies guys… Yeah, my wife and I have had bionics
        since launch and they’re barely crawling by (keyboard is screwed, screen is
        cracked, slow as hell). I live in California (bay area), I think Tmobile is pretty good around here, but I should confirm first.

    • Justin W

      I’d say jump ship from Verizon, get an unlocked Moto X, then take it wherever you want (probably an AT&T MVNO). Then you can upgrade to a Nexus 5 later this year if you want!

    • Justin Kos

      I got the 30 dollar Walmart plan to test t mo out..with a nexus 4 ( former launch day gnex unlim data) so far hspa is fast enough to download music and read droid life, in very happy with my switch ! I’m going to try straight talk on the 28th!

  • ykz

    Just a way to relieve you of your sheckels …

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    maybe if it was a ring..

  • Droid Ronin

    I got one of these to test with. It’s kind of nice to use, but it isn’t terribly sensitive. You have to hold it pretty flush against the MotoX to unlock it or it won’t work.

    • So you can’t just quickly swipe past? Have to hold it for a second or two?

      • Droid Ronin

        I had to hold it for a second or two to unlock. Maybe it’ll get better with a software update to the Moto X.

        • aQuickBit

          So it’s kind of like when you use Google Wallet on a PayPass reader?

          • Droid Ronin

            It’s exactly like that as it uses NFC to activate.

          • aQuickBit

            Cool, but is there any reason something like GoToTag (http://www.buynfctags.com/) or Samsung’s TecTiles wouldn’t work as well? I mean GoToTag sells NFC key tags and wristbands for $1.40…nowhere near $20.

            Or are these proprietary to the app and phone?


          • Droid Ronin

            I think these are proprietary to the phone. You wouldn’t want a standard NFC tag to be able to unlock any phone.

          • aQuickBit

            True, since anyone could make a tag that “unlocks phone”. There’s gotta be a way to encode it so that it is uniquely connected/encrypted to just your device for cheap.

  • duoexo

    If they would of made this into a bracelet or ring type of sort. That was assigned to you only it be cool.

  • Jason Downing

    Limited amount of space… Would be cool if you could work some other gestures into it

  • bboyairwreck

    whats the point of the AMOLED notification always on thing then? Or is it more like a password/patternlock bypass thing?

    • I think it’s for people with passwords/patterns.

  • Scottyb112

    So hey I’m lazy enough.. Swiping my finger is why toooo hard for me. So let me pay $20 to tap it, awesome… (not)

    • paul_cus


  • fartbubbler

    “which your thumb can do for free” lol

  • tanknspank

    Probably meant to be right by your pocket, so that when you pull it out it’s close enough to unlock it as it goes by and is automatically unlocked when you go to use it.

    • chris

      Hmm, then to assume this is NFC-based then?

      • SparkysShocker

        One would think

        • Droid Ronin

          It is NFC based.

          • Jonathan Reid

            No offense, but I can get 5 official samsung nfc tags for 15 bucks. I’m sure XDA will have a mod for this with normal nfc soon (if not already).

          • Justin W

            The two devices’ (Moto X and Skip) targets are the general public – they won’t go to XDA to find a hack/mod for it. While I agree, the form could be different (a ring, possibly? I’d wear a titanium ring with an NFC unlocker built in), this is for those looking for security and convenience within the general public.

          • Jonathan Reid

            I guess my comment was more about the price, but you’re right. If that’s what people will pay…

          • Checkit
          • aQuickBit
          • chris420o

            true…but still how u gonna attach it to your pants everytime…some ghetto rigged thing that cost you 5 bucks or spend 20 and get something official

          • aQuickBit
          • chris420o

            so u what…save five bucks…dont forget the clip or tape youll have to buy to attach to your pants everytime!….dope keep ur sammy phone

  • NexusPhan69

    Sorry kellex. I posted this in the comments a while ago. I should have dropped you a tip. Rookie mistake.

  • chris

    They did say there were going to be alot of accessories for this device… regardless of the amount of “dafuq??” they may cause.

  • Mike

    Interesting, not worth $20 if that’s all it does though

    • SparkysShocker

      Name alone I thought it’s be a pedometer

      • joejoe5709

        I was thinking some sort of music controller, but it certainly doesn’t look the part.

      • Higher_Ground

        does sounds awfully similiar to the “Skip-it” toys

  • Kamesen

    This is obviously an encryption token. Tap to unlock or you have to input the password/key.

    • Colton

      that could actually be interesting. not for me, but cool idea anyway. good thinking!

    • Dorian Brooks


      • Kamesen

        If I had to guess I’d say yes. Lowest power option.

      • Higher_Ground

        Yep, according to the support doc you have to enable NFC for it to work

    • michael arazan

      Almost sounds like an NFC tag. I bet you could do the same with NFC and put a tag on the inside of your belt

      • morgan boyle

        NFC tag in 5th pocket!!

  • joejoe5709

    Lol. Weird. There must be more to it than that.

  • Brandon

    What if it “unlocks” your phone. Like Unlocks the bootloader? Am I right? Am I?… I hate Verizon sometimes.

    • thedonxr

      This was the first thing I thought lol.

      • New_Guy

        I have to sadly admit that I though the same thing for about 3 seconds…