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New Nexus 7 “razor” Factory Images and Binaries Now Posted

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 3.18.17 PM

After a little drama earlier in the week, the factory images for the new Nexus 7 “razor” are now live. The binaries too. We’re looking at Android 4.3, build JSS15J.

Feel free to download the factory images and store them in a safe place – you never know when you might need to flash your device back to stock. If you need instructions on how to flash factory images, hit up this guide of ours. As for the binaries, leave those for the developers in the building. 

If you are confused by the name “razor” since you have also seen us refer to the new Nexus 7 as “flo,” I’ll try to explain. Each Nexus device is essentially given two names:  a device name and a product name. Take for example the Galaxy Nexus LTE. You’ll see it often referred to as “toro” which is the device name, but in the software updates for it, it is referred to as “mysid” aka the product name. So for the new Nexus 7, we have a product name of “razor” and a device name of “flo.” Product names are typically listed with factory images since they are tied to the software of the device.

Via:  Factory Images | Binaries

  • Jerry

    How can this impact us Nexus 7 owners?

    • Jerry

      JBQ leaving AOSP? and Licensing issues w/Qualcomm?

  • CHRIS42060

    Nexus 4: Occam
    Nexus 7: Razor

    Well played Google, well play.

    • joejoe5709

      Okay that’s pretty cool. I wasn’t educated enough to know this off the bat but Wikipedia put me in the right direction. Good looking out. Gotta love Google.

  • J_french94

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  • Kane Desousa

    Horray for the only android device that can run Google chrome without lag (chrome sucks anyways)

  • I have always felt that JBQ has very thin skin and gets bent out of shape about things way too easily, especially considering his job. Something tells me he isn’t going anywhere once this all blows over. He was probably just having a really bad day and shot his mouth off without thinking. It happens to all of us.

  • brkshr

    Thank you Google for calling it the “razor”! “Flo” just didn’t sound very spectacular & that is what all the devs have been using so far.

    • joejoe5709

      I can’t think of flo without thinking of Progressive insurance, but I think flo will stick. Flo is the device name which I think most devs use.

      • zurginator

        Thank God I’m not the only one lol.

  • Pedro

    Hey, look! Factory images for the Nexus Q!

    Oh, Ice cream sammich. Never mind.

    • 4n1m4L

      Yeah. Its pretty dead. We’ve been having to use old versions of apps, most are converting to cyanogen and using bubblepnp instead.

    • What exactly would you gain from upgrading?

      • Pedro

        I would have thought that the terribly bad joke based on Google’s update history wouldn’t have resulted in so many downvotes, but hey.

        The Q has been abandoned.

  • Tyler Durden

    I’ll stick with stock rooted. tis nice

  • Zargh

    1 JBQ too expensive.

  • JustinD2473

    too bad it cost us JBQ

    • hkklife

      I agree, but as always, there’s probably much more to that story than we are privy to.

    • Well, he’s still around for now. Been answering questions in Android Building all week, even after his G+ post. Maybe his leaving of AOSP wasn’t immediate, though.

      • Adrynalyne

        Vote to enable feature that identifies people who downvote.

        • I agree. If you downvote something, you should have the balls to do it without anonymity.

          • Tyler Durden

            Right? Would love to see the cowards that do it.

        • andrew401


        • joder

          I downvote Adrynalyne everytime.

        • Munchma Quchi

          I downvote anyone from Tucson 😛

      • aye_winchell

        maybe he walked in with a flame thrower and laid waste to the lawyers, a person can dream can’t he?

      • brkshr

        Maybe his passion for AOSP is still there, just not officially…

        Edit: or Google told Qualcomm “if we lose JBQ over this, hell hath no fury like an Android nation scorned”

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Now we need a JBQ factory image so we can restore him to AOSP.

  • squrel23