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Rumor: Motorola Nexus Coming in Q4?

motorola batwing

“I just want a Motorola Nexus!” How often have you seen that in the comments of this site? Probably more than you can count, right? Taylor Wimberly, who was spot on with details of the Moto X months before it launched, has heard from sources that Motorola and Google will finally partner up to release one in Q4 of this year. He doesn’t have any other details other than it won’t be a Moto X turned Nexus, but could potentially be a different device altogether. 

I’d attempt to speculate on what exactly we could see, but truthfully, I have no idea. Will it be better (in terms of specs) than the Moto X? Maybe it’ll be equal? It can’t go lower, can it?

I was told we could see upwards of four Nexus devices this fall (including the much anticipated watch) – maybe this Moto device is one of them. Also, don’t jump to the conclusion that LG couldn’t still be making a new Nexus. We could see two phones for all we know.

Take to the comments, please. Hypebeast.

Via:  +Taylor Wimberly

Cheers BK, Lawrence, and Open1Your1Eyes0!

  • juanjeremy2012

    i hope this isnt true, motorola seems unwilling to sell at a reasonable price, id rather have asus or lg make it

  • Chris Amaya

    Here’s an idea for a great Nexus phone. How about one that doesn’t get super hot? I love the Nexus line of phones but my Galaxy Nexus got super got and while my Nexus 4 doesn’t get as hot as the Galaxy Nexus did, it still gets pretty damn hot.

  • watson111505

    Mot Nexus would be Awesome…

  • David Narada Brown

    A nexus with decent battery, good antennas, build quality, on stock android with unlockable bootloader!!!! the only thing i think they will F-up is storage. please atleast give us 32gb if your not going to include sd card slot.

  • Josh Oberg

    if they had moto maker for VZW I wouldn’t be waiting so it’sl their own fault

  • wmsco1

    As Stated a few mths ago Moto would not be investing in top of line Equipment untill surplus was gone. Being, top of line type, I do not for see an Investment this year. But Jan.-March may be an eye Opener for top of line Products. Moto may come out with Gun’s Blazing! I shall have to wait and see.

  • Ned Danov

    Common MOTO 🙂 Bring it on 🙂


    Nexus, Nexus Maxx, Nexus Maxx+, Nexus Maxx HD, etc…

  • geek_girl

    Please please please let it be true!

  • Fresh360

    This an update of a leak Taylor posted on Moto X launch day…Originally he stated Moto will be making a Nexus 4 and LG will be making a Nexus 5…The numbers denote screen size and not model year.

    • joejoe5709

      “The numbers denote screen size and not model year.” Makes sense with the Nexus7 name not changing. I doubt they’ll be sequential. Makes it difficult to tell them apart based off of names alone though! We’ll end up with model years like a car. “Yeah I’ve got a 2013 Nexus4.” Lol.

      • Fresh360

        Lol I actually like that better, makes Nexus a brand name HTC Nexus One, Samsung Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus; the Nexus name is always co-opted. With Nexus 4 (5,7,10) it makes it easier to garner recognition. So bring on the new model years!

  • Butters619

    Moto Nexus 4
    LG Nexus 5
    ASUS Nexus 7
    Samsung Nexus 10

    Makes Sense to me

    • Tim242

      Nexus4 already exists.

  • Higher_Ground

    Just shameful, pulling our chains like that ;P

  • MotoRulz

    THIS Will be the Nexus of all Nexus

  • ~dArK.AnGeL

    Why wouldn’t it be like the Nexus 7 32GB LTE edition that is coming, Verizon capable?!…
    … it won’t need to be released by the carrier from now on… Moto Nexus LET @ Play Store

    • aDROIDfreeworld

      because Verizon still uses their massive CDMA network for calls, SMS, etc,. LTE alone is something that will not come to fruition for a very very long time. If it comes to Verizon, it will have the same radios as the moto x, and somebody at Verizon will probably jump off a building because they failed to keep it off their network.

  • Joshua Bailey

    Moto is going to make a sick Nexus phone if rumors are true. Think of the X8 architecture running in conjunction with the S800…mind blown.

    Here is what I think it needs to be the “best” device:
    -4.7″-5.0″ screen 1080p
    -2-3GB RAM
    -32GB & 64GB variants (time to cut the 16GB nonsense already)
    -Matte Black finish on the back (Uniform Nexus aesthetics is necessary)
    -Solid camera tech all the way around
    -Moto’s killer radios
    -Android 5.0 (my body is ready, lol)
    -Give us two color choices from the get-go (Need to differentiate my wife and I’s phone)
    -Make it tough (no more cases, please)
    -Giant battery (at least the size of the Maxx)

    Make it so, Moto. Will buy two day 1.

  • Ryan

    Major doubts… &_&.

  • Adam Truelove

    Everyone’s first thought: Man I hope this comes to Verizon.
    Everyone’s second thought: There’s no way this is coming to Verizon.

  • Brandon Golway

    Since I’m on T-Mobile now I’ll definitely have access to this new Nexus, the question is well it be a worthy successor to my beloved S4?

  • David Narada Brown

    i just ordered a straight talk sim and nano cutter to get ready for either the Moto nexus (fingers crossed praying to God this happens. may be the only way to get a Moto phone at that nexus price), Moto X (even tho this lacks in specs on paper i like what Moto has done with this phone), or possibly a note 3. whatever the case may be, im retiring my Gnex and leaving verizon and this ridiculously high bill (although paying the bill wouldnt seem so bad if they didnt ruin every possible experience with their phones except service (I truly believe they have the best service at this time). but yea ready to make that move.

  • chris420o

    well good thing is that if you guys are like me your holding out to nov to decide between a custom motox(which still is pretty cool idea) or whatever else is coming out with the nexus line and see whats best for the pocket…my droid hd will hold me over till then

  • MikeSaver

    Fortunately I can’t get a Moto X until November I guess (want to customize, obviously) so I guess I’ll just find out what the Nexus deal is. Really doubt its on Verizon. If it is I’ll just root it.

    Then again, the Moto X has the always listening thing which is a big plus for me. As a star trek nerd.

  • Joshua Bailey

    Peacing Verizon if this rumor is true. Time for that mystic Moto Nexus that we all dreamed about for years.

    Driving around in Atlanta losing signal constantly with my GNEX’s Samsung radios is getting old.

  • Razma

    annnnnd start the $300 rumors on Verizon again. lol. That worked out well for the Moto X

  • Corey Foltman

    Moto Nexus that can use MotoMaker please

  • rk

    If true, my guess would be a nexus world phone with tegra 4i, 720p, X8 architecture, 2G ram, 8GB rom, $199. See Nvidia press releases targeting tegra 4i for pre paid phones under $200 in late 4th quarter or early 2014. Plus great gaming!.

  • Elliot Kotis

    If it is a moto Nexus, it won’t come WorldWide, I hate moto now. 70% of Moto X hype was given by people who can’t get it.

  • I really hope that this turns out to be true! Hopefully they stuff a Snapdragon 800 into the X8 Computing System, and I wouldn’t mind some customization options.

  • Charlie

    as much as i hate to admit it, i think the chances of another Nexus on VZW are nil – and maybe not even that good. BUT, if a Moto Nexus was based off of the Moto X, then maybe it could be possible to unlock the X. i think that’s probably the best hope we (who are locked into VZW) have. just some way, some how, i would like to have a developer-type device on VZW.

  • Goodriddance183

    At this point for me it’s either Nexus or bust. I’ve had the T-bolt, the Rezound, so I’m not sold on the HTC One, even after I use one hands on and talk with my other phone geek friends about how much they like the phone. It’s Sense UI and that button config for me. The GS4 is nice, but too much software crap. I’m with Verizon and actually worked for them for a long time, but the way they treated the GNex was a joke. I’m probably going to snag an AT&T sim card and unlocked Nexus 5 and call it good. I’m not too particular about who is making it. The Moto X is intriguing to me because it runs almost stock Android, but I’ve waited too long to own a phone with a quad core processor. lol.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Forget this…what does sarge say? 🙂

  • KRS_Won

    Taylor Wimberly is Bionic

  • gnex

    yes give me another nexus that will never get updates. LOL

  • NexusMan

    4 devices: New Nexus 7 (already released), New Nexus 10 (already confirmed), New Nexus Phone & Nexus Watch.

  • Marcus

    Please let at least one of the rumored Nexus be with Big Red…GNexus on last leg…

  • mislora

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  • David Marzluf

    And on Verizon ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh I did it again

  • David Marzluf

    Just think about it
    Moto nexus x 5″ edge to edge 1080p screen quad core 800 4 gigs ram android 5.0 32 gig internal storage CDMA and LTE Bluetooth 4.0 HDMI out and nano SD with x8 computing and touch less controls.
    I wouldnt even care if it was $1000 I would ahhhhhhh I think I already did it

    • Knlegend1

      Man for what lol

    • Brian Kircher

      Somebody must have deep pockets…

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Another Motorola phone rumour… Reminds me the low off contract price rumor of Motorola X…

    Bucket load of salt is NOT enough…