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Comparison: Moto X vs. Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One vs. Nexus 4

moto x vs galaxy s4 vs one

First, we gave you the Moto X when compared to its brothers sold exclusively on Verizon – now we’ve got Motorola’s new flagship compared to other flagships of the moment. This is how the Moto X stacks up against the Galaxy S4, HTC One, and the Google-inspired Nexus 4. Is the Moto X really that far off in terms of specs than the others? Let’s look. 

As I was putting this together, I saw a couple of things. The first is the craziest, and it involves the Nexus 4. It’s still quite remarkable to think about how cheaply priced this phone is. But we all understand that Google is the only company on this list that can make zero money off of the hardware of their phone, since they can turn around and make it back and then some through Google Play services (at least in theory). Sure they own Motorola, but time and time again we have been told that Motorola is operating as a separate entity. So in other words, they still need to make money off of their hardware sales. (A conversation for another day should probably be over whether or not they should operate as Google or at least with Google’s approach to hardware pricing.)

So the other thing that stood out to me, is how small of a gap there really is here when it comes to specs. We’re talking 1080p over 720p, and quad-core over dual-core. Because of those two things being on the lower end in the Moto X, the world has decided that this phone is overpriced and worthless. But then you couple that idea with the fact that Moto’s parent company is selling a phone for $299, and all hell has come crashing down.

I think it’ll be tough for Motorola to convince die-hard tech fans that the Moto X is worth its $199 on-contract price when compared to the Galaxy S4 and One. But maybe Motorola wants the rest of the world, not those tech die-hards. I think in a perfect world, they’d try to capture everyone, however, after watching the waves of furious internet techies cry out over last couple of days, this might not be the phone to do it.

moto x vs

  • firefightermdc

    This is the first showdown I’ve read where the comments are all civilized. This is why Android is king, bc were all different and want different things. We don’t have to be fed what were told we need. DroidLife

  • markvturner

    Nexus 4? Are you kidding me?! It has 16 GB max flash storage, which is utterly pathetic by today’s standards, and no SD card slot, so you’re stuck with that 16 GB.

    Just look at the hardware specs for the Nexus 4. You’re comparing 3 high-end phones to a mid-tier phone.

  • thomas tongol

    i dont really care about the speed of the phone as long as its a nice smooth experience because i have a tablet for intensive games

  • tomosaigon

    Nexus 4 at $199 now makes it no contest

  • androiduser

    * stole Idk why it said booked

  • androiduser

    Motto x completely booked the nexus design! >:(

  • jsin
  • jsin


  • dreamkiller

    View the latest comparison between lg g2,htc one,samsung galaxy s4 and moto x here

  • Jay Michael Headley

    Can we add a category for Made In U.S.A.?

  • KJFX Labs

    Guess it just makes me a bad person to be a fan of the Motorola Droid brand phones and think that Verizon delivers the best service, at least by what I read in the blogosphere, but that’s cool with me I’ll stick with my “being wrong and being a fanboy” persona. The only reason I am tho is it seems moto has been consistant with this line from the get go of offering a cross of durability with function and top notch hardware design. For me getting a moto droid I’ve always known I’ve gotten one of the best devices available no questions asked. The one exception I’ve had was with the moto droid 2 global being a poor performer and verizon upgraded me to a moto droid 3 after a few months free of charge and that phone is still working just fine on one of my lines years later. That said a lot to me that they could admit that launch was a true lemon and not just a percieved “I want what someone else has” episode and make it right. That being said I think the Droid Maxx is probably the new flagship device and the rest being the supporting fleet with something unique to offer. Since Verizon has the exclusive to the Maxx they threw a couple bones to AT&T with the moto x to keep them happy and make them feel special. The end result still being that moto x will become the cross carrier popular device it is meant to be. On a side note I just have to say I cringe every time I hear someone say Kevlar is a gimic. I use to work with Kevlar, in hoses for automobiles, and have to say it was a great idea to make their backs from this material because of its durability and flexibility. Kevlar does not crack or chip, two of the huge main issues that polymers and plastics have.

  • Greg

    you forgot to mention the 50GB(2yr) of google drive that come with the Moto X.

  • Asset Mobile LLC

    I still think the moto x is a pretty good phone overall. Yeah it’s a little disappointing that Google and Motorola couldn’t come up with some better specs but this phone caters to the masses, and that’s where all the money is.

  • Mike

    If any other company tried pushing this garbage on us, there would be hell to pay. But since it’s moto this garbage is OK? Lol

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  • Ian Dunn

    To me the real standout here is that the S4 is the only one that has an SD Card slot and a removable battery. Call me old fashioned but keeping all of my stuff on the SD card makes switching phones so much better. Kind of fascinating that only one out of the 4 phones here support that.

    • Droidzilla

      I used to care about those features, but then I had to admit that I only removed the battery for stuck ROMs (and the non-removable battery phones have other ways to do a soft reset) and I never removed the SD card. Now it’s actually a plus for me to have a phone with no additional storage option and a non-removable battery. YMMV

  • Uzin

    This comparison will not be complete without a Face-off between iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4. Take a look at: BRAND COLLAGE

  • j

    Go samsung

  • NexusMan

    What HTC One is cranking out 26.2 hrs of battery life? Please forward it to everyone I know who owns an HTC One.

  • PowerBoater69

    Removable battery and MicroSD

  • chucklehead322

    My big question mark with this phone is whether it can be rooted and ROMmed.

    Will we be able to mod the crap out of this thing? While the “stock” experience is nice, I get a little anxious when it comes to being able to customize my phone. Things like changing the softkeys and colors is a big deal to me.

    Motorola isn’t known for being custom friendly unless you spend the extra cash on a dev edition.

  • Russ

    It seems unfair to write this off as an old, underpowered dual-core. The whole X8 thing that Moto is touting means it has 8 smaller cores devoted to handling different tasks, leaving the main dual-core wide open for applications and the heavy stuff. If optimized as well as they say, it could mean real world performance just as good or better than one big quad-core, and potentially better battery life for it. I’m gonna wait for some reviews before I write it off as being a wimpy phone. My GNex handles almost everything just fine even now. Hell, my iMac is a dual-core and works great. Phones are getting to the same level as computers where the processing power sort of plateaus.

    720p? So what. My TV is 720 and looks really good. Plus, since getting a tablet I’d rather use it for media and not my phone. Give me the better battery life.

  • Adam Truelove

    Nexus 4 = Android 4.3. Nexus 4 wins. End of story.

  • guesswhat

    i Just read this in venture beat article “I’ve had the phone on for around 18 hours as I tested apps and took photos, and its battery life is only down to 70 percent.” Looks like battery life is awesome ..

  • DROID Maxx for me.

  • stages

    “Motorola wants the rest of the world” to love this phone but, who do they think the rest of the world turn to when they don’t know what to buy?
    The techies that’s who…

  • Ron_Swanson

    You can’t really put the Moto X and Nexus 4 in the same league as the S4 and HTC One….imo

    • Justin W

      I disagree. The Nexus 4 is Google’s flagship handset for this year, and the Moto X is Motorola’s. Specs may not match up well, but that doesn’t mean the Krait 300 cores in the S4 Pro Dual the Moto X is running or the 4xKrait 200 cores the Nexus 4 is running don’t put up a good fight.

      • Sogard

        Nexus 4 has Krait 300 cores.

        • Justin W

          It’s got 4 Krait 200 cores. Same as the Xperia Z & Droid DNA – that’s why this processor is more powerful than the Nexus 4’s. The Krait 300 debuted with the Snapdragon 600.

  • joejoe5709

    I know a lot of has to do with the press, but I’m slowly coming around to the Moto X side of things. I’m starting to get it now. I’ll wait and see what happens with the new Nexus and if that doesn’t pan out the Moto X might be pretty high on my list especially if the price comes down.

    • I think once all the actual reviews start filtering through the web a lot of people will start coming around. It’s kinda like an iPhone thing, it doesn’t have the most powerful CPU nor the highest quality display but it just works and works quickly.

  • umbrellacorp

    And if you have Verizon, just stop looking at the Nexus 4 all together.

  • Back2Back

    Serious question. Do you think the HTC One would be worth the upgrade from the GS3?

  • Michael Hammond

    Ugh … again with the integrated battery …. Samsung FTW. That was my biggest concern in my daily usage and life – I was bringing a charger everywhere i went because my OG RAZR was not staying charged past 10 hours …. replaceable battery is key for me – I don’t want a whole new device just because of a bad battery that can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of new(er) phone.

    Sammy has the bigger screen and faster cpu and more powerful battery …. touchwiz ain’t so bad and is liquid smooth …. but all in all, battery is key and integrated is not cool IMO

    • I’ve had both the OG Razr and other phones with removable batteries (HTC Rezound, Thunderbolt, etc) and I have found the OG Razr to be the easiest overall. Now it may not get great battery life (I’m pushing it to get 8 hours on a charge) but with my schedule it is a thousand times easier to just carry a charger with me during classes and then have a car charger to top it off when streaming bluetooth. To me it is just easier to plug in a cord and let it sit then have to charge 2 batteries at night, carry the spare and then change it when the time comes.

      Just my 2 cents…

  • jh123416

    Stop right there. After seeing the Nexus 4 has more pixels per inch, I really don’t know if I can consider this. Verizon, please show off the LG G2 or HTC One.

    • Skittlez

      it only has more ppi because the phone is a bit wider and has the extra few pixels. there’s virtually no difference

      • jh123416

        Oh, I got ya. Just trying to future proof my next device. Currently on a Verizon GNexus

        • Skittlez

          i think the X is a good place to be if you’re coming from the Gnex. I forsee it being $475 tops from Motorola. And then i’d wait to see if verizon will get a nexus this year, and then sell it and get that.

          • Justin W

            I hope you are right, but I’m prepared to be disappointed (price-wise). I hope the Unlocked version has customization available, but if not then I get stuck with buying the AT&T version (which I’ll use on prepaid anyway).

  • Vaporware

    If you look at the performance testing so far the X8 system in the new Droid’s and Moto X they are actually a bit faster than the GS4 and HTC One in most everyday tasks. Faster graphics performance due to 720P screen (which matters very little as the PPI is high enough that 99.9% of the population won’t see the difference vs 1080p) which also should yield better battery life and smoother performance in games. Faster web browsing as well. And most other normal every day task like, email, social networking, etc., will be just as smooth if not smoother than the others as well. The only place the quad core phones will be any faster is synthetic benchmarks which don’t mean jack.

    This is a case similar the PC era when quads started showing up. The quad cores were faster in synthetics but the dual cores were faster where it mattered, every day activities. The reason? The OS and programs/apps were highly optimized to run on dual cores so resulted in better performance. It took a good bit of time to get quads to run faster because the OS and software had to be written to take advantage of all four cores. This is the case currently with Android. It is getting better but has a long way to go to optimize use of all four cores. Most apps don’t touch all four cores either. You could argue the different cores can do different things at the same time but that has to be optimized on the software end and HTC and Samsung have a long way to go to get good battery life and performance with quad and octo cores.
    The Moto X and new Droid’s appear to be highly optimized to work with the X8 system and should perform just as good or better than anything currently out or due out this year.
    The only people who will care about the SOC being dual core are spec whores who need to have a bigger phone pen*s and that’s quite sad when you think about it. If anything everyone should just trust in Google. Google doesn’t due half assed. They are quite proud of the Moto X and it must be for good reason. I believe that these devices will provide the best Android experience to date period. As for the price, it was always going to be high due to Motorola/Flextronics paying American works to build it.

    • calculatorwatch

      Don’t get why everyone’s throwing such a fuss about the 720p screen. I can barely tell the difference between 1080 and 720 on a 32 inch TV let alone a <5 inch screen.

      • azndan4

        Then you are blind.

        • calculatorwatch

          Fine with me, I’d rather be blind and happy than getting all hot and bothered over a difference of 125 ppi

          • albertow7


      • Skittlez

        i can tell the difference but yea, anything over 300 ppi cant be seen with the human eye, so why do people get so bent out of shape?

      • Liderc

        That’s a pretty big difference if you can’t notice the pixels. I have a 1080P 50” and I can see pixels at 10 feet. I’m a little closer than I should be, but the pixels are huge if you’re looking closely.

  • Skittlez
    • Justin W

      Nice find. He wrote this up after you posted, but you can tip them in the “Contact” tab at the top for future tips!

  • woodraskam

    The N4 ruined expectations about how a phone should be sold? Damn straight. That was the point.

  • EvanTheGamer

    SGS4 still FTW! Just my opinion and nothing more.

    Seriously can’t wait for August 16th when I’ll finally have my upgrade!

  • Manik Tyagi

    Couple of Big plus for Moto X vis-a-vis others:

    1) Touchless “Ok Google Now”, this probably will not come to even Next Nexus.
    2) A separate processor for sensors, resulting in much better battery performance.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      I’d be willing to be the house the next Nexus and Android 5.0 will have touchless Google Now.

      • calculatorwatch

        If it’s made by Motorola yeah (crosses fingers). Otherwise LG or whoever will have to create their own separate processor that listens for voice input while the phone is on standby. Despite people saying it’s a gimmick, the X8 system is actually a solid step ahead of the competition right now.

  • jose

    This post strengthens my raging hatred for Verizon.

  • chris420o

    ok i understand motos take on this…kinda…i can see them saying oh the average person doesnt neeeed a 1080p screen or neeed so much storage or needdd a quad core processor or whatever else they convinced themselves…but then why would the adverage person pay the same exact amout of money for less…were did they learn the average person wants to do this? you want the average person give it aprice the average person can afford especially if you spent less on the internals and screen…you saved money going with last years tech i dont care how optimized it is you cant ask for the same amount as the other guys with current top like specs and parts

    • Skittlez

      they’ll market the experience. and that X8 computing that saves your battery life.

    • Droidzilla

      I’m reserving my opinion until I get hands on one of them. Truth be told, if it runs better it doesn’t matter if it’s using a Cortex A8 single core; better running is better running. And to me, 720p vs 1080p on a sub 20″ screen is a non-issue. Yeah, you can see the difference if you hold the devices side by side and stare at them from 6″ away, but it makes zero difference in one’s day to day experience. Using different processors for accessory functions is a fantastic idea, too; if it works, that’ll trump even a slight edge by the SGS4 in gaming performance (if indeed there even is one; initial tests aren’t saying there is).

  • ImmaDroid

    Well I think all those parents, older folks, and the rest of the world wont be picking up tons of these Droid X’s. they’ll probably get the Maxx, or Ultra, and whatever else in that line. Or a Samsung phone. Remember that most normal users like a Touchwiz and don’t care about a minimal look from Google and Motorola. Especially now they’ll have too many Moto phones to choose from, I don’t see Moto selling many of each, The one thing they have going is the Colors, which may be appealing to some

  • razorwit

    I think you’re definitely right about the Nexus 4 affecting expectations on the Moto X. Last year, Google sold a good phone at $299, and ever since they bought Motorola we’ve been waiting to see what they could do with their own hardware company to defy carrier pricing and bring speedy updates. The Moto X just turned out be something a bit different.

    I for one am dying to move on from my Galaxy Nexus and get a $30/month plan with Tmobile and no contract. I’ve been expecting Google and Motorola to help me break the old carrier business practices, and I don’t know yet if the Moto X will do that or if I will have to wait longer for something else. So the only disappointment is that I was ready to throw money at these companies and make a big change and now it’s up in the air. The Moto X does seem like a different kind of phone so it’s all about the off contract pricing at this point.

    • Skittlez

      i also want to leave verizon for the $70 unlimited everything plan on t-mobile, but i pay the same price on Verizon and can’t justify leaving their coverage, and unlimited data and LTE. it’s quite the pickle

    • Droidzilla

      I did it with the Nexus 4 and didn’t look back. Love that phone, and I certainly don’t mind the money saved every month.

  • gk08

    The NFC comparison should come with a caveat. The HTC One does not have the secure element that allows Google Wallet to work. Had to return mine to the play store when I found out.

  • Raj Bhatt

    I understand people’s arguments when they say specs shouldn’t matter… but last year’s specs should have meant a lower price. Mid tier specs with high end price will doom this phone. Moto squandered a opportunity here because of greed.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Exactly how I feel.

    • Skittlez

      just cause it says dual-core, doesn’t mean it is an old processor. Those Krait 300 cores are beasts

      • typical

        The funny thing is, honest to god “tech nerds” would realize that this phone is kind of a Marvel of the cell phone world.

        Nonpentile 720 @ 316ppi …..your gonna bitch about that when the lauded Iphone 5’s is 322? IE the screen is just as good and has far better battery usage.

        has 3 dual core processors all with top of the line cores and ones a low power core to handle the phone during limited usage…no other phone has that. Performance benchmarks show that clock for clock its just as powerful as the s4 and the HTC one. And real world tasks everyone of the big tech blogs loved the performance.

        Best available android build with always one google now. the new noise cancelling and speaker tech, battery life, extreme customization and last but not least – They made effort to use some parts manufactured in the US and created something like 2000 US jobs by assembling it completely within our borders.

        And it feel’s small enough to be a 4″ phone.

        How is this phone not a big deal to everyone? Oh thats right, 99 percent of you read the spec sheets and move on b/c its not the rumored 128gb/4.8″fhd/3300mah phone that rumor whores actually believed….

        • The main reason it isn’t jumping out to me is the price. Now before you go on about how it is assembled in America and has a lot of engineering, you have to realize that this phone is coming from Motorola, a company whose CEO stated the current pricing models of mobile phones is absurd (I can’t find the link at this exact moment). To me, I inferred that since the X was supposed to be the brain child of both Motorola and Google, it would set a new standard of pricing for other OEMs to follow. I’m not saying the tech isn’t really nice, I’m just saying Motorola and its CEO are looking very hypocritical right now.

          • PhillipCun

            The carrier pricing, the one floating around, is only AT&T’s pricing. No carrier will price the phone cheap even if Motorola sold it to them cheap. Example: Look up how much TMo sold the Nexus 4 at launch vs the price in the Play Store.

            Motorola hasn’t announced their pricing yet right? So wait it out.

          • PhillipCun

            The carrier pricing, the one floating around, is only AT&T’s pricing. No carrier will price the phone cheap even if Motorola sold it to them cheap. Example: Look up how much TMo sold the Nexus 4 at launch vs the price in the Play Store.

            Motorola hasn’t announced their pricing yet right? So wait it out.

          • NeedName

            Maybe he was making that statement because of the carriers’ control over pricing. Do you really think the carriers are going to carry the phone, buy it for $250 from Moto, charge the customer $200, then allow Moto to sell it for anything less than their unlocked price?

            HELL NO!

            Moto still has to play the game with the carriers. . .

          • But Motorola is a big name to Verizon and they could have definitely negotiated for lower subsidized prices and even made that price exclusive to Verizon bc Motorola isn’t as big of a player to them. Hopefully by the next generation of the X they will be in a position to sit down with all of the carriers and say this is what we are gonna do, if you don’t like it then tough luck.

          • chris125

            eh verizon has their droids so they probably just would have been like thanks but no thanks we just wont sell it.

        • Skittlez

          exactly. i go for experience. not specs. you can have the best specs on the planet, but if they’re not optimized, whats the point? i used the nexus 4 on t-mobile for a month, and i miss the hell out of that phone. best phone out as far as experience goes. and it was 720p and dual core.

          • Andrew Bockus

            The Nexus 4 is a Quad-Core. Just a heads up. 🙂

          • chris125

            nexus 4 is quad core….

          • Skittlez

            thats right i forgot. even then, it was still optimized(which is what matters). Look at the S4. still lags. Moto X is optimized and minimal skin. It’ll be the best experience other than the N4. Also the best ANDROID experience i’ve had ever was on a dual core. N10

        • NeedName

          THIS X²

          • Justin W

            Not sure if this times two or this for the X2…

        • Droid 1967

          just wrong.. none of the stuff you mentioned bother me. 16 megs (11 usable is reported) no sdcard, no removable battery. and low power cores dont mean anything when running video it will eat that battery just like any other phone. Great for the jobs. customization for 1 isnt even on verizon until verizons “soon” and could care less about that anyways. Let alone locked bootloader on verizon.(not a surprise) not going to give up unlimited so looking at full price and this phone just has nothing to justify the price.

    • Tyler

      This phone is one of the fastest phones on the market and benchmarks higher than s4. Read the 9 facts about the moto x article.

      • Raj Bhatt

        Small screen, low dpi, no wireless charging, already behind on software, locked, mini-blur, older cores, no expandability, only 16 gb on vzw, x8 is marketing mumbo jumbo, etc, etc. Mean that it isn’t the right phone for me unless it was much cheaper.

        This may be a good phone for some people, I only speak for myself.

        • Tyler

          It’s not low dpi it’s just not high, software is less gimmicky and cleaner then others, reports that it will be unlocked bootloader/development version for Verizon, the phone uses the latest cores and has the same adreno 320 gpu as s4 or one, i thought Verizon was getting 32gb alongside the 16gb. X8 isn’t marketing mumbo jumbo it uses 8 cores, 4 graphics cores, 2 main cores (s4 pro), a natural language computing processor, and a natural language processor. this seems more ideal in being able to control hardware of the phone to use less battery but that’s just a guess on my part. But yes if the screen size is too small and you need expandable storage and wireless charging this may not be the phone for you. If you want links to articles talking about certain things let me know.

          • chris125

            32gb is att exclusive supposedly which is really dumb if true.

        • Skittlez

          ummm x8 is what made this processor blow the 600 out of the water. besides….for like the millionth time…..no one knows the off-contract price from motorola yet. just wait before you make any decisions. look at the nexus 4

          • chris125

            yeah look at the nexus 4, not on verizon… Not to mention look at galaxy nexus on verizon. Was like 600+ and not available through play store at the price for verizon users. This phone isnt going to be cheap and wont be available through play store for verizon

          • Skittlez

            you can’t even compare it to the GNex. When the Gnex was released, it was one of the first phones, if not the first, with a 720p display, so back then it was pretty badass. and i’m sure it was like $560. You can still buy the X from moto. they will sell all versions. Manufacturers will sell it for less than the carriers.

          • chris125

            It was $650 I know I was on Verizon and bought it(with one of my other lines upgraded) and no the rezound was first in US with 720p screen. Still doesn’t change the fact the processor was near end of life when it launched. Bet they won’t sell it less than the carriers do. Play store maybe, OEMs not so much.

    • nsnsmj

      The Moto X doesn’t have last year’s specs though.

  • Michael Pahl

    these things all weigh almost the same – thats the biggest shocker to me.

  • Curtis

    One very interesting aspect to these threads is that the carrier you are with dictates much of your opinion on the phones coming out (e.g. Some people on Verizon hate the Moto X because it will not be available on MotoMaker until every other carrier has a turn with it… supposedly).

    • thedonxr

      I bet Verizon wouldn’t approve moto maker because they couldn’t force their branding.

  • j

    Calling BS that manufacturers need to charge $500-700 for new phones in order to ‘make money’. Top Manufacturers are pulling in over 20% profit margin.

  • Tom Luley

    I think the BEST question is, why are all these phones face down in a pile of pine needles!?!?

    • lonleyisland

      I took it and threw it on the ground…

      • Nicholas Smith


        • Droidzilla

          I’M AN ADUUULLLTT!

          • drmaa

            You cant buy me a hot dog maaaaaan

    • Gorilla Glass is why!

    • Luisito Mercado

      Reviewers always pick the most odd and awkward surfaces to place smartphones for photografs… From cement, to rocks, to grass, to pine needles… Is it so hard to put on a rug or on a table with a cloth???? Shesh… It’s like they wanna scratch the phones -.-

      • michael arazan

        The Best way would to have 4 women in bikini’s holding each phone in the shower

        • maikeldaloo

          I like the way you think.

        • AcidRed

          Yeah, me too….;-)

        • markvturner

          Even better, put the phones on a hot girl’s tits, instead of on the ground.

    • brendasmith3

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    • Frettfreak

      Not to be nit picky… but those r wood chips… just sayin.. 😉

  • Shane Redman

    So the MotoX has a smaller batter and lasts longer than all these…Moto future is promising in that department.

    • Justin W

      Careful with that though – it says it lasts for “24 hours usage”, not 24 hours talk time. We don’t truly know what the actual talk time or other metrics are, just that they generalized it to 24 hours usage.

      • Shane Redman

        w/e it is, it’s still better than a VZW Gnex

        • Justin W

          So I’ve heard, lol.

    • chris125

      also smaller screen and less pixels so makes sense it would “last” longer

  • Jordan Webb

    HTC One (Soon)…sadly about to lose my business to Moto. I was so excited for this phone, but now I’m just irritated at not being able to get it.

    • Justin W

      Why can’t you get it? I’m guessing not in NA?

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    Just look at all that sexyness. There’s definitely an option for all of us. For me? S4 Google edition. I want my 64 GB memory card!

    But considering all the others are also offered with stock android, that’s awesome! We are so privlaged that just after a year we have all these OEMS who’ve listened. 😀

  • Cody Revels

    Just show us the cool stuff DL lol…..battery impressions, screen comparisons, overall thoughts on the phone up to this point. How fast is it? Does it compete with the quad cores like everyone says in terms of performance?

    • JamesU513

      They’ve done all of that…the review for the Moto X is coming soon

      • Cody Revels

        I hope you’re right…I want to read it. Lol

  • Gnex

    Hmm, I get the feeling Kellen likes white phones. Not sure why, though…

    • The white ones are always more reliable 🙂 lol

      • Guest

        I’m sensing an underlying meaning.

    • Skittlez

      GPE only comes in white

  • Steve DeBellis

    Looks like the S4 is still top. Glad I went with it.

    • William Kister

      Yeah and they sport an external memory storage and a removable battery. The others don’t even have the option.

    • Skittlez

      go look at the benchmark tests of the processors in the 9 things you didn’t know about the moto x article. S4 not on top.

      • chris125

        benchmarks dont mean jack. It’s all about real world usage. I could care less if my phone got 12k on quadrant standard. All that is is another marketing thing

        • Diablo81588

          In real world usage the s4 is a laggy mess..

          • chris125

            That’s what I hear yet everyone I know who has one has none of these issues and is far from a laggy mess but maybe they aren’t using their phones right? Do you even have an s4? Seems like the typical response other than boohoo its plastic oh it sucks so bad.

        • Skittlez

          so why are people even caring if it’s quad-core? those things are only in phones to the sake of benchmark tests, since the s4 still has lag. if this is a dual core and scoring those scores, it’ll be nothing to laugh at. look at the N10

          • chris125

            Every review I saw said the N10 lagged because the processor couldn’t handle the added pixels

  • Daniel

    I just wish you could add a MicroSD to the Moto X while you’re adding colors…

  • Joshua Kirchmer

    wait doesn’t the X support wireless charging?

    • Alex Goings


  • Kenny Larson

    My N4 runs perfect (minus a couple glitches that came with 4.3) Still pretty darn fast. I have no compulsion to upgrade for the foreseeable future.

    • albertow7

      Feel the same about my N4, planing to keep at least 1 year or 2 more

  • Keeping N4 until there is a real ‘new’ option for $300.

    • If you have bought into the Nexus, it’s one of those phones that you can almost just continue to get year after year, especially if Google keeps similar pricing.

      • Chippah

        But with zero available accessories.

        • Like what? I have bumpers, cases, plus, media to TV, bluetooth to car stereo… what am I missing?

        • Jack3D

          And no CDMA support

      • Yep. Even if they go to a two year cycle, its still great. I take good care of my phones, so I should easily be able to resell for a great price to put towards whatever Nexus comes along.

      • tyguy829

        unless you’re on verizon like me. doh

      • EatUrCrap

        Can you compare the Galaxy Nexus to the Moto X? Since that’s what most of us are about to upgrade from. Pleeeeease? 🙂

        • vzwnexus

          The specs aren’t that far off and the gnex is 2 yrs old. This moto x is disappointing to say the least 🙁

          • mgamerz

            Hah! I’ve used my galaxy nexus and a last year midrange [LG Mach] phone with a Dual Core Snapdragon S4 Plus at 1.5Ghz. The galaxy nexus is so much slower in pretty much every way.. Just cause the Ghz is higher doesn’t mean the device is way faster, practically everything is better, even on midrange.

          • chris125

            the nexus was crap out of the gate. They used a processor that was about at end of its life cycle so its nothing special as it wasnt even back then.

          • Jaredsutter

            2GB RAM, non-pentile, better calibrated display (hopefully, I mean it must be better than the crap that was the GNex display, right?), better battery, far better camera, better GPU. I would say it would be a great upgrade from the GNex. I don’t think that quad core or 1920×1080 resolution are really that important.
            Disclosure: I jumped from a VZW GNex to an N4 on T-Mobile a few months ago, but if I was stuck on Verizon, I think this might be the phone I would get. Near-stock Android would be more important to me than quad-core and 1080p. But I would probably wait a bit, as I don’t think the price will stay $200 on contract for long.

          • chris125

            first and foremost… better radios so you wont have all the reception issues the galaxy nexus had

          • MrWicket

            I did the same and agree, if I was still stuck on VZW I’d go with this phone in a beat.

          • JoshGroff

            I cannot possibly upvote you enough. You took the words right out of my mouth.

          • Skittlez

            everyone that has messed with the x has said nothing but good things. how is it disappoiting? just cause it’s not a spec whore?

          • galaxy

            But why downgrade specs? There’s no way in hell I would go from an S4 to a Moto X. It’s a dowgrade.

          • chris125

            well they aren’t aiming to get people to go from an s4 to this. Clearly they are aiming at those waiting to upgrade that have a phone 1-2 years old so in that case it would be a huge upgrade. Clearly they dont expect people to change phones multiple times a year.

        • woodraskam

          I personally went with the GS4 and then rooted it to stock. Touchwiz was a no go, but with AOKP, couldn’t be happier with the upgrade from the Gnex

          • J.C. Study

            This ^

        • Tyler James Edward Hills

          I can. Better in every way. Done

          • woodraskam

            Less Storage

          • Tyler James Edward Hills

            True. Unless you’re on AT&T

          • liveTexas

            Free 50gb of Google Drive. That’s not too shabby at all.

          • albertow7

            Best review on the internet 🙂

        • Bootleg Zani

          Yeah I still have my G’Nex. I think the only thing that will replace it is the Galaxy Note III since we can already safely assume that the Nexus 5 will not be on Verizon.

      • PapiBone5

        Now y’all see how iPhone user feel finally have a phone that you can get year after year if u bought into.

      • tomn1ce

        Not if you’re on vzw. Even if the Nexus 5 lands on vzw it will be more expensive then the international version just like they did with the G-Nexus.

    • droyd4life

      My thoughts exactly. So glad I ordered my nexus 4 on the release date… My Galaxy S1 was getting old haha.

      • Droidcaster

        Im still on my S1, about to get the N4 then the Moto X came out, I just hope they would release an Int. version of the X soon, since im in Asia,. Guess I’ll be with my S1 a little more :D, perhaps until N4v2 or 5

    • Mayoo

      Still rocking GNex and keeping it until contracts ends. Then I get whatever Nexus will be available on GPlay. GNex still runs great, with 4.3 even better. There is absolutly no reason for me to change early, and certainly not at the price of the non-Nexus.

      • litobirdy

        really? off gplay? on verizon? how is that possible?

        • Mayoo

          I’m not with Verizon. I’m in Canada with Videotron. I flashed yakjuux to yakju long ago so I am unlocked.

  • Ryan Gullett

    It clearly lacks in most areas when compared to other phones. I guess Moto X is truly banking on usability, design, and its battery. Good luck!

  • droyd4life

    The Nexus 4 is nearly a year old. Considering that’s a LONG time in terms of technology, it still manages to stand up to the competition.

    • NexusPhan69

      And at a discount of over $300!

      • Bill

        And only works on carriers that have sparse 4G service!

        • Ben

          Hardly – it doesn’t work on Sprint

          • Bill


        • Krzysztof Jozwik

          If T-Mobile had a good presence where you live, you’d be singing a different tune. Going from $130 for 2 phones with Verizon to $60 a month with excellent service is quite a nice change.

    • George264

      And for some reason, it’s getting more and more compelling to buy. Even when it’s a year old. That’s tough to say for an Android device. I’m holding out for N5 though.

      • palomosan

        That’s what I’m waiting for, Nexus 5.

      • michael arazan

        If the Nexus 5 comes to Verizon, it will definitely lower moto x sales there. I am crossing fingers the Nexus comes again.

        “Buddha! Zeus! God! One of you guys do something!…..
        Help! Satan! You Owe Me!!!!” —– Professor Farnsworth

        I am wondering if google will even come out with a Nexus phone this year, they might wait till the beginning of next year or so to give the Nexus edition and Moto x a chance. Not to mention the One and SG4 also have developer editions and on verizon too allegedly.

    • Miguel Angel Portela

      Agreed. I came from my Note 2 to the N4. While the battery is…pretty bad, it’s probably the smoothest phone I’ve ever owned. I may just hold onto it.

      • Sim Lash

        Could you please explain why you would go from a Note 2 to a N4.

        • Miguel Angel Portela

          Sure! See thing is, I really don’t run Android anymore. Well I do but I run MIUI. At first it was for the themes but now I just love all the features. I use Google Sync only for calendar and Gmail. The rest I use for Xiaomi Sync. Contacts with HD photos, remote messaging, cloud storage of all my text messages. It’s really great. Plus the rom itself has an insane amount of features baked right in. The problem is that there are only a handful of phones, especially US phones, that have official ports with consistent updates (MIUI has an OTA every Friday) . The Note 2 was abandoned. So I went for the N4 and never looked back!

          • Sim Lash

            Ah, I get you. How do you deal with the limited space, and did you go to 4.3 or are you waiting for MIUI’s version? I heard a lot of N4s have issues with 4.3

          • Miguel Angel Portela

            I bought the 16gb one and surprisingly enough its been good. I steam a lot. Netflix, Google Music. Signal is good where I am so it’s usually fine. Sometimes I’ll load on a TV show or movie but I delete when I finish. The ROM itself is only 275mb give or take. With all the utilities it has baked in, I got rid of tons of utility apps I used to have. I really love the N4 but my only gripe is the battery. MIUI is Stoll on 4.2 so I’m waiting for that. But I heard the people who have 4.3 on their N4 that aren’t having issues are experiencing marginally better battery life so that’s something!

    • Jason B

      Not with its throttling issues, it most certainly does not. It manages 10fps less in off and on-screen tests versus the Moto X (closest resolution), since benchmarks are so important.

      You could, of course, make a custom copper heatsink to cure that “feature.”

  • George264

    The back of the Moto X kind of looks like a Magic Mouse. If it feels the Magic Mouse in hand, it would be a great feeling phone.

    • Justin W

      Magic mouse?

      • chris125

        the apple mouse aka magic mouse

        • Justin W

          Gotcha. Just hadn’t heard of it before.

  • Alex Goings

    Will be using someone else’s upgrade to get custom Moto X on Verizon once it is available.
    Edit: I will be upgrading from GNex

    • Gnex

      Same here. According to Engadget, the bootloader will be unlockable if you buy it directly from Motorola.

      • mgamerz

        Probably should wait for a confirmation on that if it’s coming from Engadget

        • Skittlez

          motorola also said this. see the newer post. it’s the developer edition

    • Justin W

      I’ll be buying it from AT&T customized, then moving over to their prepaid plan. Sad part is I have to pay full price, but IMO, it’s worth it.

  • annahuffington9

    Moto X for me

    • Ian Smith

      do it

      • Justin W

        That’s the plan!

  • chris125

    For someone paying full price to keep unlimited on Verizon which phone do you recommend s4 or moto x? Stuck between the two

    • Booyabobby

      Same here but add HTC One.

    • BenderBendingRodriguez0101001

      HTC One…but only when it becomes available. I settled for the GS4 because of the whole delaying fiasco. I would only consider the Moto X when MotoMaker makes it over to VZW.

      • chris125

        Eh I’m not a fan of the one. Htc is in a hard place and seem to have a hard time with updates.

        • jnt

          Let alone once it’s on Verizon…

    • tyguy829

      or the G2. I really think it is going to be amazing. Snapdragon 800, 2gb (maybe even 3gb) of ram, and arguably even less bezel than the moto x. Wait a couple days and wait for that announcement

      • woodraskam

        ^^This is not bad advice.

    • j

      S4. Replaceable battery.
      No battery can stand up to 2 years of use. I find they last about 1.5 before charge starts to drop precipitously.

    • William Kister

      S4, external storage and removable battery available and it works great for me. You can do a few tricks and the phone is faster then it comes stock. Download the Google keyboard and use it instead of the Samsung one and it works great.