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Comparison: Moto X vs. Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One vs. Nexus 4

moto x vs galaxy s4 vs one

First, we gave you the Moto X when compared to its brothers sold exclusively on Verizon – now we’ve got Motorola’s new flagship compared to other flagships of the moment. This is how the Moto X stacks up against the Galaxy S4, HTC One, and the Google-inspired Nexus 4. Is the Moto X really that far off in terms of specs than the others? Let’s look. 

As I was putting this together, I saw a couple of things. The first is the craziest, and it involves the Nexus 4. It’s still quite remarkable to think about how cheaply priced this phone is. But we all understand that Google is the only company on this list that can make zero money off of the hardware of their phone, since they can turn around and make it back and then some through Google Play services (at least in theory). Sure they own Motorola, but time and time again we have been told that Motorola is operating as a separate entity. So in other words, they still need to make money off of their hardware sales. (A conversation for another day should probably be over whether or not they should operate as Google or at least with Google’s approach to hardware pricing.)

So the other thing that stood out to me, is how small of a gap there really is here when it comes to specs. We’re talking 1080p over 720p, and quad-core over dual-core. Because of those two things being on the lower end in the Moto X, the world has decided that this phone is overpriced and worthless. But then you couple that idea with the fact that Moto’s parent company is selling a phone for $299, and all hell has come crashing down.

I think it’ll be tough for Motorola to convince die-hard tech fans that the Moto X is worth its $199 on-contract price when compared to the Galaxy S4 and One. But maybe Motorola wants the rest of the world, not those tech die-hards. I think in a perfect world, they’d try to capture everyone, however, after watching the waves of furious internet techies cry out over last couple of days, this might not be the phone to do it.

moto x vs

  • firefightermdc

    This is the first showdown I’ve read where the comments are all civilized. This is why Android is king, bc were all different and want different things. We don’t have to be fed what were told we need. DroidLife

  • markvturner

    Nexus 4? Are you kidding me?! It has 16 GB max flash storage, which is utterly pathetic by today’s standards, and no SD card slot, so you’re stuck with that 16 GB.

    Just look at the hardware specs for the Nexus 4. You’re comparing 3 high-end phones to a mid-tier phone.

  • thomas tongol

    i dont really care about the speed of the phone as long as its a nice smooth experience because i have a tablet for intensive games

  • tomosaigon

    Nexus 4 at $199 now makes it no contest

  • androiduser

    * stole Idk why it said booked

  • androiduser

    Motto x completely booked the nexus design! >:(

  • jsin
  • jsin


  • dreamkiller

    View the latest comparison between lg g2,htc one,samsung galaxy s4 and moto x here

  • Jay Michael Headley

    Can we add a category for Made In U.S.A.?

  • KJFX Labs

    Guess it just makes me a bad person to be a fan of the Motorola Droid brand phones and think that Verizon delivers the best service, at least by what I read in the blogosphere, but that’s cool with me I’ll stick with my “being wrong and being a fanboy” persona. The only reason I am tho is it seems moto has been consistant with this line from the get go of offering a cross of durability with function and top notch hardware design. For me getting a moto droid I’ve always known I’ve gotten one of the best devices available no questions asked. The one exception I’ve had was with the moto droid 2 global being a poor performer and verizon upgraded me to a moto droid 3 after a few months free of charge and that phone is still working just fine on one of my lines years later. That said a lot to me that they could admit that launch was a true lemon and not just a percieved “I want what someone else has” episode and make it right. That being said I think the Droid Maxx is probably the new flagship device and the rest being the supporting fleet with something unique to offer. Since Verizon has the exclusive to the Maxx they threw a couple bones to AT&T with the moto x to keep them happy and make them feel special. The end result still being that moto x will become the cross carrier popular device it is meant to be. On a side note I just have to say I cringe every time I hear someone say Kevlar is a gimic. I use to work with Kevlar, in hoses for automobiles, and have to say it was a great idea to make their backs from this material because of its durability and flexibility. Kevlar does not crack or chip, two of the huge main issues that polymers and plastics have.

  • Greg

    you forgot to mention the 50GB(2yr) of google drive that come with the Moto X.

  • Asset Mobile LLC

    I still think the moto x is a pretty good phone overall. Yeah it’s a little disappointing that Google and Motorola couldn’t come up with some better specs but this phone caters to the masses, and that’s where all the money is.