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Vimeo and RedBox Voice Support for Chromecast, With HBO Go and Plex Following Suit?


Chromecast doesn’t seem to have only Android fanboys excited anymore, as online content publishers appear to also be jumping on board with the possibilities the device brings. With Vimeo publicly excited about “offering Chromecast support in our products,” it’s only a matter of time till even more are joining suit. 

In a recent teardown from GTV Hacker, it was found that tests of Chromecast were made with HBO Go, which could also end up being an official partner for paid TV subscribers who can’t get enough of their True Blood. In addition, it was reported by Gigaom that RedBox is looking to bring their Instant service to Chromecast, allowing those who make the trips to kiosks no longer necessary. That’s a way to save gas.

Plex’s company Twitter sent out a promising tweet, stating that the team purchased a few Chromecast dongles, hopefully intending them to begin work on bringing a mirrored media service for users some time in the future. With that said, Chromecast is quickly becoming the Internet’s favorite $35 gadget, so at this point, the sky is the limit.

Is there an online content provider that you wish would announce support for Chromecast? Please, nothing vulgar in the comments.

Via: Gigaom

  • Boiler

    BigTen 2 Go PLEASE!

  • a1locjaw

    I’d go with Amazon instant video app & some gay porn apps..I’d rather pay for it than steal it.

  • zurginator

    Audible (for stereo)…. Though they need to fix 4.3 first.
    Also all the apps need to hide it if there is no chromecast – it’s particularly bad looking in play music.

  • Bill Hill

    Any file explorer app and any good video player app

  • david west

    am i the only one thats really glad that they didn’t buy a nexus q now?
    I’m moving and my chromecast is waiting at my new place. i wish i hadnt sent it there
    (face palm)

    i’m excited to hear about HBOgo tho
    i think if spotify got on board thats all i would need

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    I got mine today! LOVE IT!

    I want spotify to implement it for their desktop and android applications

  • joejoe5709

    I honestly haven’t gotten into HBO Go or Plex but I might give them a try if the Chromecast was to support them!

  • AmendFIRSTment

    Science channel
    Discovery Channel
    History channel
    Animal Planet
    Syfy channel
    Spike TV
    Sports package
    ..Nothing more, nothing less..
    Google will dominate Television!