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Samsung Ships 72.4 Million Smartphones During Q2, Holds 30.4% of Global Market Share

Samsung Galaxy S4

Global sales of smartphones for the second quarter of 2013 have been calculated by research group IDC, showing some big numbers for Samsung in the newest report. During Q2 of this year alone, OEMs shipped a combined 237.9 million smartphone, a 52.3% year-over-year growth, which is the highest annual growth rate the firm has seen in five quarters. 

Of that large number, Samsung shipped a reported 72.4 million smart devices, good for roughly 30% of the global market share. Trailing behind Samsung is Apple with 31.2 million units shipped, coming in at about 13% of the market share. Other vendors like LG, ZTE and Huawei combined for around 15% of the global share, so it’s clear that in the smartphone game, Samsung isn’t getting touched by their competitors.

Global Sales

If you happened to notice, HTC is not present on this list for reasons we are not 100% sure of. It was reported that the HTC One was doing well with about 5 million units shipped within just 30 days of its launch. The chart states these are the top five smartphone vendors in the world, but it’s hard to imagine that HTC has dropped that much, even below ZTE.

Via: IDC

  • Ryan Erickson

    When it comes down to it yes people want a beautiful phone and great software. But what makes a phone is the internal hardware working seamlessly with the software. Samsung had the most powerful hardware in there phone. If simply just runs well and that is what people care about. If you have a underpowered phone which quite frankly other than the s4 htc one and Sony experia z they all have mediocre hardware not enough ram slow dual core processors and ugly to look at screens. I’d you are going to use a pentile display your resolution had to be at least 1080 or you are going to have a pixelated mess. Other phone manufacturers could learn a thing or two from Samsung

  • Jonathan Hartman

    I wish they would stop jerking us around about updates then. 😀

    • Weber

      They can jerk me all they want. Speak for yourself.

  • Adam Truelove

    Ugh, why does the company with average hardware and the worst software (Touchwiz is absolute garbage) own the Android market? I just don’t get it. Is it simply due to marketing?

    • Tyler Durden

      Worst hardware? It’s more durable than HTC’s One and Sony’s Glass. Touchwiz isn’t that bad. provides great camera software. and they market it good.

      • Adam Truelove

        Sorry, changed my comment to say “average hardware”, but I’m sorry, Touchwiz really is that bad. People are fooled into thinking they’re buying an Android phone, but they aren’t.

        • joseph barrientos

          i honestly dont see why you keep saying that, an android phone is not only because of the skin thats on it but also the ability that it has for open source customization as well as the awesome expanding google play store and other google apps, theres more than just the touch wiz look, anyone can use apex, download stock icons and run what will SEEM like vanilla android, or root it, the beauty of android is like the beauty of buying a car, youre not forced into one model, you can specify each little thing.

          and to add to that, if you mean touchwiz is an ios clone, does that mean anyone who runs MIUI doesnt run android?

        • Nagini

          Ooh shut up.

    • Steve B

      Yup, they have the best marketing and advertising.

    • T4rd

      Marketing and we’re the %2 that cares about stock Android or other skins. Most people don’t know Touchwiz from a potato.

      • Adam Truelove

        You’re right, but they know it’s terrible.

        • T4rd

          Apparently not if they keep buying them. I’ve yet to hear one person complain about the interface on their GS3/GS4/N1/N2.
          I actually like a lot of TW’s features, I just hate its color scheme and UI elements. So I have the best of both worlds and flashed a TW based ROM that looks just like AOSP (Beans ROM on Note 2).

          • joseph barrientos

            granted the s3 and s4 were superb phones and still are, i do think its the marketing and gimicks, im not looking for a phone so i can read my eyes while scrolling in well lit areas, but as said, we’re the 2% that cares about our phones specs and quality, not just having the next new phone as a conversation starter..

    • Nate595

      I think most techies agrees Touchwiz could be better but I don’t think most people think its garbage. Plus I don’t think the S4 has “average hardware” unless you’re referring to the build quality.

  • T4rd

    Damn, why didn’t they include HTC, Sony, Nokia or Moto to the list instead of grouping them with “others”? I’d assume they have more market share and be more worth mentioning than LG, Lenovo or ZTE.

    • Al-Burrit0

      My exact thought. Lol 😀
      Lg hasn’t even released there g2, at least Htc annouced there flagship device.

    • Hayden7200

      Especially considering the “others” takes up 42.4% of the market share, which is more than any single OEM. It seems like they should have broken that “others” down a bit more.

  • Guest

    Anybody else getting these GMAIL ads?

  • JamesU513

    Motorola needs to step up their marketing strategy and they too can enjoy numbers like this

    • What are you talking about? Isn’t making Verizon and US specific models, that do not sell well, a solid global strategy?

    • michael arazan

      I’m guessing Google is keeping Motorola in their back pocket as their own platform to work out of if they ever take Android off open source, which they could by 2015. Sooner or later other Manufacturer’s are going to have to adjust for when google starts working through Motorola for their own projects and making money off their own ideas for themselves.

  • azndan4

    Well gee, maybe HTC would’ve sold more phones if verizon actually let them sell the ONE on their network.

    • Tyler Durden

      doubt it

    • Richard Yarrell

      Nothing tops SAMSUNG or the products they produce on a yearly basis. That’s why they own the highest market share and the android platform would be a total JOKE without SAMSUNG.

  • Hey! The pics are back on Tato’s posts without turning off AdBlock! 🙂

    • There was something going on with the network that serves ads and the ad blocker stuff. Who knows. Glad it’s fixed! 🙂

      • Al-Burrit0

        yea it was getting quite annoying…:)