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Due to Insane Demand, Google Axes Netflix Deal When Buying Chromecast (Updated)


After just a single day of Chromecast devices flying off of the shelves, Google has decided to end the sweet three months of free Netflix deal. Google reported to the LA Times that the deal was too sweet and couldn’t keep up with demand. So in essence, was Google losing too much money on the promotion? Not that they can’t afford it, but the Chromecast was costing just $11 when factoring in the promo.

Again, certain retailers still have units available with the Netflix deal, so make some calls and get yourself a Chromecast before they are all gone.

Update:  Google has posted the following message to their Google Play listing to let customers know when the cut-off was for the Netflix deal. If you placed at order before 1PM PST on 7/25, you will still receive a Netflix code.

netflix promo

Via: LA Times

Cheers to the hundreds of you that sent this in!

  • Smeckle

    Jfyi I bought mine from Best Buy today (in-store pickup) and received the Netflix code in my email about five minutes after I picked up the Chromecast at the customer service counter. I have already redeemed it. It works.

  • BOB Dudek

    Got mine ordered 1 minute after going live. on 7-25 Free Netflix ..on the first 15 thousand or so. only
    Should have bought 100. Has anyone , today, seen EBay?

    .Had no idea .. THIS was next sliced bread.

  • leo

    I got mine today and I got the promo code for Netflix. But they only allowed me to buy one. It’s all good Woooooooooooo!

  • Frank Drewniak

    Just picked up the Chromecast at my local Best Buy and it had the Netflix code. Tried it and it worked.

    • droidrazredge

      🙁 my local best buys don’t get them till Saturday! Hopefully I can still get the voucher code. What state are you in ?

      • Frank Drewniak

        Las Vegas, Nevada. Checked in the morning they had none, 3 hours later they arrived. Got lucky.

  • Alienogh

    I bought mine today (7/26/13) from best buy and still got my credit. shhh dont tell anyone,lol

  • TSY87

    I just picked two up from best buy, within 5 minutes i got an email from best buy with my 2 netflix codes.

  • edmicman

    What about orders placed on Amazon before the cutoff? My order was placed, but it was out of stock; will ship when available.

  • Jon Drain
  • addicuss

    Best buy still has the promotion according to their site. Is this an error on their part, or is their entire stock considered purchased before 1PM on 7/25

  • avs

    Do (Chromecast) orders from Amazon qualify for the Netflix promotion if you ordered the device before the offer expired?

  • akazerotime

    If anyone is looking for one, eBay is a great place. I know i put an extra up for auction and I’m including the Netflix coupon too.

  • gintoddic

    netflix blows anyway, never many new movies.

  • manilaboy1vic

    ordered mine at: Jul 25, 2013 12:52 PM — and im on the west coast, looks like i get the code. 🙂

  • TheSimpleTruth

    Good thing I got mine the day of. Just credited $25 back to my Netflix account. TY Google

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    Yey mine shipped this morning from google (the estimated ship time was for August 2nd) I’ll have it by this Wednesday. Also got my netflix code and it worked 🙂

  • they call me Rob

    I ordered it from Amazon on Wednesday and I received an email last night that it had shipped, due to arrive tomorrow – however I didn’t receive an email with the code to use for the Netflix promotion 🙁

    • Michael Pahl

      they say give them at least 5 days to email you the promo.

      • they call me Rob

        I didn’t see that, thanks! Even if I didn’t get it, I already have NF so it’s not like I’ll cancel over the promo – but if I can get $24, I’ll be more patient.

  • Chris VanAnden

    Went to check the stock on Amazon and I was presented with this awesome “frequently bought together”….I guess I have to keep my clothes clean to be able to use my Chromecast

  • Jason Parr

    Just got the email with my codes. Guess I ordered it before the window closed!

  • Web design company NSW

    I feel so bad and disappointed. I missed the offer!

    • Michael Pahl


  • Forch

    I think this is a great product – but somewhat limited. Sookbox (MIT startup) might have nailed it with the Stream Runner – but not quite in production yet. They just launched on kickstarter.

  • Steve B

    I figured this thing would be popular, but not this popular.

  • Keith0606

    Not related but you can go onto bestbuy’s website and do a store purchase of the new nexus 7 and then select pickup at store if you want to get one today. Worked for my local MD store anyway.

    • Steve B

      Yeah, I just checked BestBuy online and the new Nexus 7 is available all over the DC area. Nearly every store has them available for pickup immediately. Might have to go pick one up. That gorgeous screen is calling my name…

  • Franklin Ramsey

    Google’s spring cleaning came early for this promotion.

  • barrel

    This sucks, I ordered from Amazon yesterday but after 5:31 PST.

    At the time I placed me order the page was saying the netflix deal was included. Then they pull it today retrospective!

  • jnt

    Best Buy (at least locally – DFW) is still giving codes on the receipts.

  • Artune

    Ordered on the 25th at midnight and just got shipping confirmation around 730am, got the netflix code around 3am this morning. Purchased at bestbuy online

  • brahma

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  • Opinionated_In_Bangor

    I ordered from BB yesterday afternoon (after they came back in stock), and I got my Netflix code overnight. Still awaiting on delivery confirmation of the Chromecast though

  • Michael Martin

    I went to the 24 hour union square bestbuy the moment I saw you all saying bestbuy had it. I have mine backordered on Amazon so my patience was thin. The guys never hear or saw it before and had to hunt it down for a friend and I. I picked up 3 (my room, living room, girlfriend) and my cruel friend picked up the remaining 7 (wonder why). The workers got hyped by what we told them and said they guess they would pick one up at the next shipment and then a customer walked up and saw then said wow you cleaned house.

  • roy69

    Best Buy is one of them retailers still offering with netflix deal.

  • mjbutler

    Just got my code from Best Buy, as long your order ship you should get it soon

  • Minh Ly

    Best Buy just sent me my code via email. Sweet

    • Droid4Life

      Same here!

  • jmich
    • Luke Grissom

      Yep, picked mine up as well.

      • Taylor Abrahamson

        I read somewhere that a lot of HDMI ports are powered (like usb) and if yours is, you don’t need to use the usb cable with it. Is that true?

        • Luke Grissom

          I can’t be sure, but I assume the device would have to be designed to pull power from the port as well which I doubt the chromecast is. I know when I plugged in my device it didn’t power on until I plugged in the micro usb adapter. of course I don’t know if my port is powered anyways.

        • jmich

          If your HDMI is version 1.4 it is

    • Mr E

      Jealous! I can’t wait for mine to get here!

      How do you like it so far? Anything cool youv’e discovered?

    • monkey082506

      Just grabbed the last 2 at my BestBuy! Can’t wait to get home!

  • fritzo

    got mine through Google play and the Netflix promo code! Will MKV files work through Chrome? This Wired story says yes, http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/07/one-night-with-chromecast/ … can’t wait to try it if it does.

  • Franklin7777

    It just became available for pickup at one of my local Best Buys. When I placed the order, the Netflix bonus was included… we’ll see if I actually get it when I go pick it up this weekend.

  • Franklin7777

    It just became available for pickup at one of my local Best Buys. When I placed the order, the Netflix bonus was included… we’ll see if I actually get it when I go pick it up this weekend.

  • Christopher Moore

    The only reason I bought one on Amazon at 8am central time was because shipping times were 3 to 4 weeks on Google play. I knew this sucker was going to be a hit. And $35 is not bad for the potential factor. Ultimately I want to stream movies on my computer to the dongle. I’m sure we will see something by the time my chromecast arrives.

  • Christopher Moore

    The only reason I bought one on Amazon at 8am central time was because shipping times were 3 to 4 weeks on Google play. I knew this sucker was going to be a hit. And $35 is not bad for the potential factor. Ultimately I want to stream movies on my computer to the dongle. I’m sure we will see something by the time my chromecast arrives.

  • IgotGAME

    Glad I got mine 🙂 Now if someone can figure out how to play AVI files in Chrome…I will be good

  • fish1552

    It came back up on BestBuy.com, but only for in store pickup. However, it cannot be shipped to my local store. I have to drive 4 hours to get it. Who wants to pay $100 for this with gas factored in?

  • JamesU513

    Bought from Amazon yesterday, says it shipped today and arrives on 27th…no code yet

  • christophermcconkey

    I just ordered one from BestBuy, they just happened to have one in stock at my local store, and the NetFlix code was added to my order so I guess I am going to get a code!

  • Spider210

    So if I ordered this yesterday and it says delivery not until August 22nd does that mean I will not get the netflix? If I’m not going to get that I guess I’ll cancel it

    amazon clarified for me

    Customers who ordered their Chromecast prior to 5:31 PM PST on July 24, 2013 will receive a Netflix gift code via email within 5 days of their product’s ship date.

  • ChrisCorp

    FFFF!!!! I was at work and didn’t order mine in time! This sucks balls.

  • Swauger

    I ordered from Amazon yesterday and didn’t get an email with any promo code.

  • SUMmaro400ex

    Just got two from Bestbuy, and had two emails for 3 months free before i even got home. You can only apply one at a time though, so I have to remember 3 months from now to apply the second one. Good thing google now has awesome reminders!

  • bqluong

    I speak only for Arizona but I assume the west coast has this issue…All the local Best Buy’s are expecting shipments tomorrow and Saturday. Do those shipments get Netflix?

    • bkosh84

      Best bet would be to call and ask them to look up the SKU number of the Chromecast..

    • Mezocy101

      I never comment on here but figured I should. I live in PHX and they had them today at Fiesta Mall, Mesa, Superstition Springs, and North Scottsdale BB locations. Picked one up and got the Netflix promo via BB email. Make it happen.

      • bqluong

        Of course. Tucson always gets the shaft 🙂

  • justjmatt

    If I buy a Chromecast from my local Best Buy, will it still be valid for the deal?

    • bkosh84

      I just bought mine today at BB and I still got a redemption code and it worked.. So I assume yes.

      • justjmatt

        Good. I should be going there tomorrow.

        • bkosh84

          Also, I live in Cleveland and we have about seven Best Buys in the area and there was only one that had it in stock, and they only got a shipment of about three.. lol.

  • Steve B

    Glad I already got my Netflix confirmation email. Sounds like this thing sold like wildfire. Google really knocked it out of the park with this gadget.

  • Ed Olulenu

    I just canceled my Amazon order since I was able to pick it up at my local best buy. This will be perfect for the bedroom and I can move the logitech Revue I have there to my office.

  • Taylor Abrahamson

    Lets be honest, that deal was way too sweet! There is no way they could keep that up. And for some reason, they REALLY underestimated how popular this device was going to be lol!!!

  • Capt. Crunch

    Looks like Chromecast is gonna be a huge success.

    • trd105

      I wouldn’t say this is gonna be a huge success, yet. I think most people are willing to take a chance on it since the cost is so low. I’m hoping it is/evolves into something truly great.

      • sagisarius

        I bought an Apple TV 2 because it was only a $100, which was a crazy good deal at the time. Same thing, if it works it works, if not oh well. I think it honestly worked because so many people gave it a shot. I suspect Chromecast will be a bigger success because it’s so approachable (and it works on multiple devices).

        • trd105

          I’m hoping the same thing. I hope google has a killer product here, but calling it a success just because it has sold out everywhere doesn’t exactly make it so.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            If it does what it is supposed to do, easily enough that the average consumer can use it, I think it will be a success. Hell, my uncle bought one at Best Buy the other day, because he asked a sales person what it does and thought it sounded cool. Doesn’t own an iOS or Android device, but he was able to get it working with his computer which is a minor miracle unto itself, since I didn’t have to go set it up.

      • I think that with the SDK available for developers, The sky is the limit.

        • thebigmann

          Good incentive to develop for a device when it’s selling like hotcakes!

    • bqluong

      Its popular because of the price. If the Chromecast doesn’t pan out, you won’t lose sleep over $35. Now if you invested $299 for a Nexus Q and stops getting support, then you feel had.

      • sirmeili

        Too bad no one ever paid $299 for a Nexus Q. As you may know, all the pre-orders were just given to the people for free and they never sold any after that.

        I understand your point though, but those that have Nexux Qs have no room to complain due to the discontinued support for their “free” devices.

        • bqluong

          I guess a better example would of been a Droid Bionic….I think.

          • Steve B

            Haha, ouch! I bet most Bionic owners feel like they got cheated. I sure would have.

          • EC8CH

            The Bionic was a train wreck that you could see from miles (months) away. Anyone who got ran over by that debacle should have seen it coming.

          • My brother owns my old Bionic and has no problem with it.

        • ualdayan

          I figured he was talking about WHY everybody is willing to give Chromecast a chance, but people were wary of preordering the Nexus Q. Originally it really was $299, and nobody knew until it was already too late that they were going to decide to just give them away free to people who preordered them.

        • Jason Parr

          I guess “free” devices should not get support? At a minimum they should have supported through the time you received the chromecast. Most that have a Q, were willing to pay $300 for the device to begin with. But those of us with a Q can complain. We have a junk piece of electronics. It does nothing now.

        • Jason Parr

          I guess “free” devices should not get support? At a minimum they should have supported through the time you received the chromecast. Most that have a Q, were willing to pay $300 for the device to begin with. But those of us with a Q can complain. We have a junk piece of electronics. It does nothing now.

          • sirmeili

            You have a $300 device you paid $0 for. You got to use it for as long as you could. I don’t see why you are complaining or why you have a reason to. YOU PAID NOTHING FOR IT!

            did you really think that the device that you paid $0 for that they cancelled production would get support forever? Are you really that naive? I would have just been happy to have gotten to use it for as long as I could have ,especially saying I got it for free.

          • Jason Parr

            You need to calm down a bit! It is a bummer that I have a $300.00 paper weight that has zero functionality, which is exactly what I paid for it, correct. Since I use my Nexus Q on a daily basis, it would have been nice to see Google support the device until a replacement option became available, that is all.

            Understand, I am an early adopter on tech. With that comes a bit of frustration when something does not work out. I was willing to pay $300, which was why I ordered it in the first place. I also ordered 2 chromecasts, so at some point when they arrive, I have a solution for it and all is good.

            But in the end, I have this really cool looking device that does nothing. I am not really crying over it, it just sucks.

        • jab416171

          What about all the people who bought theirs off of eBay? They paid $299 (or more) for their Nexus Qs.

          • starnovsky

            When you buying off eBay you on your own. eBay seller is not an authorized reseller.

          • sirmeili

            “What about all the people who bought theirs off of eBay? They paid $299 (or more) for their Nexus Qs.”

            Sorry, Google does not owe them anything. They bought a product they knew was given away for free and production stopped. They should have been aware that support would have more than likely ended sooner rather than later.

          • jab416171

            They didn’t know it was given away for free until after they purchased it. I’m not saying they should be reimbursed, or supported. I’m just saying that they DID pay $299 (or more) for a Nexus Q.

        • jab416171

          What about all the people who bought theirs off of eBay? They paid $299 (or more) for their Nexus Qs.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Your avatar is boss.

  • coolsilver

    Ordered mine about 1:30pm EST… no shipping info yet 🙁

  • Mahercs

    I wanted to order from Amazon, but since we are leaving on vacation, it would have arrived when we were gone. I should have sent it to a neighbor. Now, I not only have to wait for restock, I lose the Netflix offer. Some clowns (ie thieves) are selling them on Amazon for double!!!

  • Justin W

    An Engadget commenter posted this, saying a Google rep told him whoever ordered before 1pm PST 7.25.2013 qualifies for the Netflix promotion:

    “I ordered first from Amazon because of Prime free shipping and they had pulled the offer yesterday and customer service didn’t know anything about the offer.

    I cancelled it and ordered from Google Play yesterday. I did NOT receive an email with the Netflix promotion.

    I emailed Google from my order to insure I do get it. I ordered it at 5:23 PST yesterday.

    I received email confirmation about 10 minutes later that I would get the promotion. I’ve copied it below. That’s great customer service.

    ‘Hello XXXX,

    Thank you for contacting Google Play. My name is Dave and I will be helping you out today. I see that you are having an issue with your Chromecast order. I can understand how it can be upsetting when you’re unsure of what to do next. I am going to do all I can to resolve this issue.
    After reviewing your case, If you ordered a Chromecast before 1pm PST on July 25, 2013, you are eligible for the Netflix promotion and will receive an email with the promo code after your device ships.
    If you need anymore assistance, please reply to this email or refer to our support website at:

    Thank you,
    DaveThe Google Play Support Team’ “

  • Harry Ballsachs

    That was short for Google to remove something everyone loved

  • Droid4Life

    I ordered mine from BB last night and still haven’t received the promo code for Netflix. It shows in my order, so I hope they honor it.

    • Artune

      Same for me, ordered when they restocked at midnight, fingers crossed.

      • Droid4Life

        I called BB and apparently the system is down regarding the Netflix promo code issue. They said call back in 24-48 hours later. System Overload!!!

        • bkosh84

          Yeah, I physically picked one up today from Best Buy and the computer system was running REALLY slow when he was checking me out, lol.

        • JDub

          Just walked out of BB with one 1 hour ago. Got my code when I got in my truck.

    • Aaron

      I got my promo emailed to me from BestBuy shortly after the CC shipped

    • Raven

      I ordered one from BB late Wednesday night. It won’t be here until next Wednesday, but I got my Netflix code in my e-mail today.

  • kevlar

    I just ordered online from BB for instore pickup and it said it comes with the 3 month Netflix

  • droidrazredge

    I was just about to send you guys this article, hit F5, and say well its already been reported!

  • question

    What happens if you want to skip forward or back through a video in the YouTube app? It doesn’t appear that the video plays on the mobile device, so I am wondering if this is possible. Thanks in advance!

    • ShadrachCA

      I received my Chromecast today. If you are using the YouTube app on your phone or tablet, it doesn’t play on your device if you send it to your tv, but you can skip forward/back and pause from your device. It works this way on all apps with native Chromecast functionality. If you use CC through your browser, it plays in both, but you can still skip around from the browser controls.

  • DaveTea

    I ordered one from Best Buy yesterday afternoon, received a shipping notification earlier today, then about an hour ago I got an email directing me to a website to fetch my promo code. I guess I ordered at the right time.

  • EC8CH

    I hope this bodes well for widespread adoption of chromecast. It would be great to see chromecast functionality built into more apps.

  • Ryan Gullett

    Question: Does my TV need built in WI-FI for chromecast to work? I just have a regular HDTV. It does not have wi-fi for apps or anything. Will this still work?

    • EC8CH

      chromecast has wifi built in… all you need is a wireless router.

    • Your TV needs an HDMI port….the wifi is built into the Chromecast dongle

    • Michael Chapman

      It will still work. Essentially, the purpose of the device is to bring wifi functionallity to a non wifi tv (and more). The Chromecast itself connects to the wifi so your TV doesn’t have to.

      • capecodcarl

        What advantage does this thing have over something like a Roku? I’ve already got a Roku and two WDTV Live players. Maybe I’m not the target market since I already have set top boxes for streaming video off the Internet.

        • Travillion

          I’m in a similar situation, I already have a GoogleTV which handles my netflix and music situation. What this brings to the table is added social capabilities (friends with devices can add to a YouTube or Google Music playlist), as well as the ability to stream something from the web browser (that aren’t already covered by apps). Lastly, it’s so portable, I was thinking I can take it when I travel and just plug it into a hotel TV and voila. Even though I don’t travel much, it was essentially $11, worth it to me.

        • WAldenIV

          I’m getting one for two reasons. First, I can stream “web only” Hulu content. Second, I can stream online episodes of shows like “Bar Rescue” available on the show site but not through any of the Roku channels free.

    • Ryan Gullett

      That is what I figured. Thanks for the clarification!

  • With my netflix plan the 3 months free completely offsets the cost of Chromecast. Score!

    • sirmeili

      I don’t think anyone realizes that if you have the 4 device streaming, this is worth $36 instead of $24. I don’t even know if covers if you have a DVD plan. It just says that you get 100% 3 months paid for.

      • I have the streaming and one disk plan. I put in the code and said 100% discount for three months.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Can’t believe i missed the deal. Will still end up buying because its Showtime anytime and HBO GO > netflix. Lame ass movies.
    Yeah, i’m mad.

    • shdowman

      Neither is supported yet, just fyi..

  • Jeffrey Gouse

    Just bought mine today at my local Best Buy literally minutes after it came off the truck and onto the sales floor. Had an email waiting for me when I got home with my promo Netflix code, and it did work. Looks like if you get a code, it will be honored but I’d do it quickly. And it DOES work for current Netflix subscribers. My confirmation was for $27 discount being applied to my account.

    • Apostrafee

      Same here except I got it from Google Play

    • Tyler Bowden

      When you buy one from a Bestbuy store do they ask you for an email or how do you get the code?

      • Tyler Bowden

        Ok, just went to Best Buy and bought the last Chromecast they had. When I checked out the register automatically chose the RewardZONE email on our account, but the cashier easily changed it to the email I wanted it to go to.

        I’d assume that if you’re not a RewardZONE member then they’d just ask for an email address.

      • epps720

        They sent it to my reward zone email address but the code was also printed on the receipt. Good thing I got lucky and got the last one they had in the store.

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    so i ordered one from google play and another from amazon yesterday… do i still get the promo?

    • i9

      Exactly my question.

    • droidman101

      I would assume so because you were promised it.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      We better. They should be able to honor that we purchased it under a set of conditions that were promised by the time stamp of the order. If they can’t honor it, they need to be emailing us immediately offering cancellations without penalty.

      • You can cancel without penalty anyway. The play store is honoring the older orders: “Please note that the Netflix promotional offer (which was available in limited supply) has now ended. Orders placed before 1PM PST on 7/25 will receive their promotion code once their order ships.”

        • AnotherAndroidKid

          I meant they (google) wasn’t letting me cancel the order at all. Their cancel in the first hour or your screwed thing.

          I have received my google netflix code already, although the amazon one is still mia (a week i’m hearing)

          • I am still able to cancel my Google order. Should ship on the second. I just got one at best buy though so my brother is gonna take the online order one.

    • cmbeid

      I purchased one from Google Play and one from Amazon. Received my Google Play code but not the Amazon one…

      • thebigmann

        From what I can tell, the Amazon promo code will come, but it could take up to a week to receive it. Since there’s no way to view the promo details on Amazon anymore, I’m just hoping that’s the case and waiting …

    • TSY87

      honestly, I had a terrible buying experience with google for the nexus 7 launch and will never order (directly) from them again. At least with amazon, you can actually get a hold of customer support… when s#!& hits the fan at google, they pull their CS number off their website. Best of luck!

      • zwade

        I hear ya. One of my N7’s USB cords crapped out on me just 2 days after I received it from Google. They told me I’d have to ship the tablet back as well in order to have the cord replaced. I have plenty other cords but that’s beside the point.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Their CS was actually really good when I had a problem with my Nexus 4. They setup a return and did everything I needed them to when I called. Hope it stays like that!

        • TSY87

          they must have cleaned up their act after the n7.. it was absolutely HORRENDOUS. Good to hear..

    • tyguy829

      The promo ended at 5:01pm PST july 24th. if you ordered before then, you should be fine

      • englishguy

        I bought mine from Best Buy yesterday (7/25/13) at 5:03pm PST and was still eligible for the Netflix promo

    • tyguy829

      The promo ended at 5:01pm PST july 24th. if you ordered before then, you should be fine

  • Daeshaun Griffiths


  • Nick

    Well that blows…..
    If I place a order from the Google Play store and best buy gets a shipment on Saturday can I still get a refund from the play store?

    • They’ve not been allowing people to make any cancellations after 1 hour. So doubtful. You can easily ebay/craigslist it to get your money back though.

      • AlexFirth91

        Or dispute with your credit card/bank and just have them stop the transaction, it works all the time.

      • AlexFirth91

        Or dispute with your credit card/bank and just have them stop the transaction, it works all the time.

        • Can’t you only do that if:
          a) You didn’t actually make the transaction:
          b) The seller didn’t provide what they claimed to provide (however this might be and whatever this might mean)?
          So if it’s neither of these and you try to get a refund via your credit card, aren’t you now essentially committing fraud? You promised Google that they would get your money and now you are intentionally keeping it from being sent to them – sounds like fraud to me.
          The better option, if you can’t cancel the order then just receive it and then contact Google to return it for a refund. Stop trying to game the system in ways that screws others out of money – that’s not right.

          • AlexFirth91

            It’s not about screwing the company, it’s the fact that Google is screwing the consumer by not letting you cancel an order that didn’t even ship yet. It gives you an option, I know because I ordered one. Otherwise I wouldn’t use that method only on last resort because of the merchant or as you stated, Fraud.

          • If you need to cancel because the product is delayed or something like that, that’s one thing. But the person we’re responding to is conditionally cancelling days later if Best Buy gets a supply in at a point where Google would have already shipped the device. We’re not talking about an “oops” but a deliberate “I’m ordering for many sources and cancelling from all but the first one that gets it to me”. Using a credit card dispute is the WRONG way to handle that scenario.

            The scenario that I think you mean to be talking about is fine and I have no qualms there if you need to cancel the order and Google’s process is broken. But that’s not what’s going on here.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      Likely no. I’m getting two now because Play store won’t cancel mine and i refuse to wait their time when amazon popped up with prime shipping.

  • bboyairwreck

    Well that escalated quickly. That’s a real bummer =[

  • ßen Murphy

    What about Amazon?

    • They were the first ones to sell out.

      • ßen Murphy

        Well I ordered one, but how does the promotion work, is there a code?

        • EC8CH

          some say they’ve been told when buying from amazon it could take up to a week for the code to be emailed to you after your order ships.

          • Jordan

            As soon as your order ships, you’ll get the code. I got mine today.

          • JimmyHACK

            They said it could take up to a week. Mine shipped yesterday and I received them today and still no codes. No rush I know it’s coming.

          • thebigmann

            I called Google support about it. Google referred me to Netflix support. Netflix support said Best Buy actually fulfilled the Amazon orders, so they referred me to Best Buy support since it didn’t come packaged with a receipt. Best Buy support didn’t know what a Chromecast was, and eventually referred me to Google support.

            Frustrated, I called Amazon. They are contacting their Promotions Department, and I am supposed to receive a response by tomorrow.

            Seriously, how can this be so complicated? haha

    • user311

      Amazon looks like they will be sending them out the promo codes about a week after the unit ships as long as the offer was available at the time of purchase.


  • joejoe5709

    One day… One day saaaale. One day sale at the Google Play Store.

    (old Bon Marche ad for those who don’t get it it)

  • Wish I had ordered several of these from Amazon while the getting was good! :'(

  • Zargh

    Most likely Netflix gave them a limited amount of promo codes, and they ran out.

    • cjohn4043

      yep. Exactly what happened.

    • mejumaxuturi

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      They’ve not been allowing people
      to make any cancellations after 1 hour. So doubtful. You can easily
      ebay/craigslist it to get your money back though.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio
      • James Hill

        I’m officially jealous.

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