Photo Sphere Software Gets Major Improvement in Android 4.3

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As detailed in a Google+ post from Googler Evan Rapoport, the Photo Sphere team worked exceptionally hard to make the software work much better on compatible devices running Android 4.3. Stitching and exposure were always a bit off, but according to Rapoport, a lot of the issues that were found in the initial software have been resolved. 

First, alignment and stitching are much better, giving you more level horizons and fewer errors throughout the image. While environments with lots of moving things are always challenging, scenes like the one attached here with a long flat horizon are now much better.

Second, we’ve improved exposure compensation for each individual frame, producing a beautifully exposed photo sphere. You can compare this to the previous versions that produced gray areas and inconsistent coloring in areas of high contrast (near the sun, horizons, buildings against blue sky, etc.).

Check out the via down below to see how nice and shiny new Photo Spheres will be. Now if only Photo Sphere was available for all devices. Sad face.

Via: +Evan Rapoport



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