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HTC One on Sprint Receiving Minor Update, Brings HD Voice Improvement

htc one google play edition

Owners of the HTC One on Sprint can go check their phones this morning, as Sprint is currently beginning a roll out of software version 1.31.651.2 to the device. The update is quite minor, bringing what is listed as an “HD Voice enhancement” and a moving of Sprint Music to the ringtones list. 

If you own a One on Sprint, go check if you have an update through Settings>Software Update.

Via: Sprint

  • Ken

    Sprint Galaxy S4 Received an update as well 387mb in size If i remember correctly. 4.2.2 Build JDQ39.L720VPUAMF9

    • Guest

      • ken

        I had not see it published anywhere yet so i though i would share the info.

        My bad. sorry

  • slole1

    Not seeing it yet and in Sense it is Settings -> System updates -> HTC Software Update

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Sprint always does a rolling update during that week. You could see it Friday for all you know.

      • Jason Schmitz

        Sprint does rolling updates, but they let you update manually if you wish, and this update is looking pretty fictional so far.