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Moto X Dominated the Weekend With Benchmarks, Specs, Motorola Hypebeasting and More


So, if you happened to unplug from all things Moto X this weekend, then you actually missed quite a bit. First, we had the device and all sorts of details about it leak in a promotional video for Rogers Wireless in Canada. We know about the phone’s always-on capabilities, new voice actions, notification system, and camera gestures. Motorola is going to try to win over crowds with software tweaks, the idea that the phone can do things hands-free, and what we’re hoping is an affordable price. But that mega-Rogers leak wasn’t all that happened. No, sir, we also saw a benchmark, screen measurement, screenshots of specs, a teaser by Motorola, and some extra “Moto Magic.”Β I’ll drop it all for you below and then let you sort of have at it in the comments. There is a lot to take in, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on it all.

The first place to start if you want to catch up is going to be the two videos below that were posted by reddit user Kronikbudz (classy). The guy had the Moto X (AT&T variant) in hand all weekend and posted two videos, but also hung out over at reddit answering questions and even doing a measurement of the device’s display.

And here are the measurement and size comparison pictures:


Brian Klug from AnandTech posted this series of screenshots to Twitter that give us a look at specs, including all of the sensors in the phone:


Motorola teased a fast camera for the phone on Twitter with this image and the line “Either this kid is really fast, or today’s phones are really slow.”

moto x camera

In terms of specs, what was previously reported appears to be correct:

  • 4.7″ HD (720p) display
  • 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor (MSM8960T)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage with about 12GB usable
  • No micro SD slot
  • Android 4.2.2

And last, in case you missed the Rogers video, here it is again:


If you hadn’t figured it out at this point, we think we pretty much know most of the details of this phone. While the processor may sound like last year’s cheese, it appears to perform with the best of them and no one has complained about overall performance. It won’t win you over in specs, but Motorola likely doesn’t care – it wants to win you over by how it fits into your life and what it can do from a software standpoint.

At this point, we have seen professional pictures of it taken in the hands of Eric Schmidt and seen it leak all over the internet within the last few days, so I’d say we should be hearing something official from Motorola any day now.

Via: Β reddit | @nerdtalker | @Motorola

Cheers to everyone who sent all of this in!

  • percysnow

    that’s clearly not the phone Mr. Eric had in his hands, i think this was more of a software presentation, i’m pretty sure the amount of marketing money they claim to put behind this phone that’s not the same one in commercial

  • Sean

    You storage crazy peeps (not knocking you) are free to pay $700 for a plastic Samsung with ugly touchwiz ui and useless software gimmicks that don’t work. That’s totally your choice. I’m personally stoked to get an amazing device, trimming just the right specs to come it at an amazing price. I think this is the future, specs that we need, that are useful and lower the price, instead of pointlessly high numbers on paper that are expensive and unnecessary.

  • edmicman

    Any change of a 32GB option? My LTE Nexus is in dire need of replacing by the end of the year, but I at least need parity with the amount of storage.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Lets get a AnTuTu and quadrant bench mark up there!!!!

  • guest

    I just don’t understand why people here don’t see the potential of touch free voice activation, I can see myself using this feature in multiple scenarios, Specially while driving or while cooking in my kitchen , I can trigger navigation, sending texts, answering calls, making calls ..All these years the only way to accomplish these tasks is by using touch, now you can use voice to do that ..that’s a major change in how you interact with your phone ..I see why people don’t use google now voice commands so much on existing android phones, as that requires touch to launch google now and say a command that defeats the purpose of using hands free voice command. Touch free voice command activation is what was missing all these years to make voice commands a good way to interact with your phone ..But there is a catch here what will be impact on battery life?if Motorola can get this feature to work by running this on low power core minimizing current drain, as moto ceo claimed at d11 conference, this will be a bring about big change in how people think about about interacting with there phones ..

  • superg05

    I really do hope this phone is software and hardware configurable cuz I need a micro SD slot and want a quad core processor and at least two gigs of memory

  • Joshua Bailey

    I am almost completely sold on this device. I think you have to try and think of it this way…

    For most of Android’s existence, OEMs have tried to put the most robust hardware into devices in order to make them smooth, and compete with the likes of Apple. Apple on the other hand optimizes the crap out of their software so it runs beautifully even on lower spec’d devices. This way, Apple makes even higher margins as they are using older, cheaper hardware.

    This is what hopefully Moto and Google are doing. If you can optimize your software so well that year old hardware performs like future/present hardware, you will get much better performance in the long run. Not to mention battery power will turn into an afterthought. This is where Android definitely has been lazy in the past, not Google per-say, but OEMs like Samsung who just kill you with specs and don’t lay the proper groundwork with optimized software.

    This is why I more than likely will be giving Moto a fair chance here. They have taken the proper time to do things right, and give us a device that outperforms many current handsets whilst not having to pay top-tier prices for next-gen hardware.

  • Gary Graf

    I hope the Maxx gets the same features as the X. If so, I’d take the specs especially the battery life of the Maxx over the decidedly better looks of the X.

  • Brandon Golway

    I’ll stick with my S4, thanks.

  • Allan

    Thanks, but no thanks. Definitely not the sound of a “hero” device.

  • BobD

    16g and no SD slot.

    Thats backasswardness to me.!

  • joel

    no SD card slot? sigh…. skip
    the search continues….

  • kali bred

    Would have thought that instead of completely taking the second sim slot out in the us version that theyd just use that space and make it into an sd card slot. Would that be a bad idea???

  • Sharkh20

    Such a pretty phone. I hope they have a non gimped version soon after release.

  • Captain_Doug

    MSM8960T may npt be quad core but it should run just fine. The adreno 320 should be more than enough to run the 720P display too. I could totally use this phone for 2 years. Although it’ll probably be priced so cheap that I can upgrade in a year or even 6 months. T-mobile here I come.

  • RC

    great phone, this would be an awesome upgrade from my moto razr! and since i have an unlimited data from vzw ..i wont be up-grading any time soon πŸ™

  • needa

    would anyone here argue that this is the biggest evolution in smartphones since apple stuck the gyroscope in the iphone4? i know some will… but if you sit back and think about it… this phone really is a big deal.

    • Bionic

      NO, its not. I sat here last night and played with S voice on my GS4 and i discovered its the same damn thing. You can option it so that its always listening and you just say “hi galaxy go to droid life .com” and guess what? It did it, and very fast.

      • chris420o

        s voice is for the gays

      • needa

        its more than just voice actions. and s-voice does not always work. it is also not near as good at understanding. it also does not use google now. and it uses quite a bit of battery where i get the feeling that is not the case on the moto.

        • SemahjLam

          ….dude you dont even know how the voice capabilities are on the moto x so everything you just said is pointless

          • needa

            I Am pretty sure I said ‘I get the feeling. Other than that I never made a reference as to what I know or don’t know about the x. Which pretty much makes your entire comment pointless.

  • Armus

    Barf. 720fail, dual-nothing cpu, sd-no, this is last year’s phone.

    • chris420o

      if you cant tell the dif between 720p and 1080p on a 37″ tv(which u cant and is why they dont make 1080p tvs under 40″) then how can you on a 4 inch smartphone…people like you make me weep for society

      • Jordan

        I usually can tell the differences, even though they are very minor. Just try using a 1080p device (ex. GS4) and then going back to your 720p (ex. Galaxy Nexus). That’s how I could tell. The icons in the notification bar are the easiest to distinguish the differences.

        Plus, we don’t have tv’s as close to our eyes as our cell phones, so it’s harder to tell the difference in resolutions in 720 and 1080p tvs unless up close in personal IMO

      • SemahjLam

        I can tell

    • chris420o

      everything else you said though…i sadly agree

  • Ajmcnicol

    Once again google has proved to be the BEST advertiser for buying a samsung phone.
    No expandable storage, no removable battery, last years specs and software addons that arent worth the hardware trade offs.

    Note 3 (was waiting to see if moto x was going to be better), here i come.

    • needa

      note 3 and moto x are in two different classes. you either want a huge phone or you dont.

  • TimXer

    Should’ve packed in the 2014 specs to make it THE phone hands down! I’m still psyched to see/touch the hardware

  • Jonathan Mallett

    Tape measure shows that the display is slightly less than 4.7″. More like 4.5″ possibly 4.4″

    • Jordan

      …Forgot to include the on screen nav buttons *cough cough*

  • Jordan

    I was hoping this would be as revolutionary as my Galaxy Nexus was, but it fails to impress me. I will be sticking with my Galaxy S4 for now.

    Major turnoffs: 720p screen, internal battery, no microSD slot with only 12GB usuable memory.
    The only factor that would consider me to jump on board at this point would if its price is $300 or less off contract price with unlocked bootloader.

    • chaoslimits

      Galaxy S4 must be real nice with it’s external battery.

      • Jordan

        Oh yea. No complaints with it so far. I have 2 batteries from Anker with a standalone charger that I cycle in and out after its out of charge. Each battery last me a minimum of 12 hours, so I couldn’t enjoy life any more right now πŸ™‚ haha

        • needa

          i know how good the battery life is on the gs4. you must be using the heck out of it to get 12 hour times.

          • Jordan

            Oh yes. I forgot to mention that I had almost 5 hours of screen on time. And lately, I’ve been playing NFS: Most Wanted so it’s been eating my battery because I like to play with the brightness considerably high.

      • Bionic

        Are you kidding me? I am averaging 1 day 9 hours of life on my S4

        • chris420o

          no u dont

          • needa

            i have to back up bionic here. the gs4 gets amazing battery life. even with the ‘not so needed’ options turned on. my brother gets a couple hundred emails a day and sends/receives twice as many texts. along with being on the phone for hours and he gets a full day out of his. it took him nearly three weeks to see the ‘connect to your charger’ message.

          • Bionic

            You are now my bitchhhhh

          • chris420o

            26 min screen time? Meh

    • Sean

      It better not even be $300 considering it is below the nexus 4 in terms of CPU.

  • I-Troll-U

    Waiting to see the reviews on this thing before I pass any sort of judgement on it.

  • RoadsterHD1

    MOTO X looks like winner. Great improvements. I hope all of this will be available on the Droid MAXX….

    • Bionic


      • RoadsterHD1


        • Bionic

          cuz its old pipeline and isnt outfitted with the proper sensors and all that.

          • RoadsterHD1

            Old pipeline? I thought the Droid Maxx and the Droid Ultra were new phones?

          • needa

            they are the next iteration of the razr line and the last of the phones coming from the old moto/verizon exclusive contract.

          • RoadsterHD1

            If that’s the case they should have Mini HDMI out, right?

          • needa

            unless verizon deemed it unnecessary. verizon has the final say in what the phone has. tis the reason why i think they always have the worst screen and camera of all android flagships. also why they are going with capacitive rather than onscreen.

  • Mike Hilal

    The spec sheet says “(ghost)” not X phone

    • needa

      internal name most likely. kinda like the m4/m7 ended up being htc one/mini. and eos ended up being lumia 1020.

      • Mike Hilal

        Who knows. Price dependent, this might be my switch from the Gnex. Either that or the one/S4 with the GPE port.

        • needa

          i think this will be my next phone regardless of price. i had the nexus 4. was running it with aokp. whcih equated to the exact same thing i was running on my rooted gs2. the experience was the same. the speed increase was negligible. i sold the nexus and went back to my gs2. i decided then that i would not buy another phone until one of two things happened. either this one stopped working or a phone was released that actually gave me a different or better experience. i do believe this is the phone that is going to do it.

  • Frettfreak

    I bet this will be a great phone… if you dont need to take a lot of pics, or want actual music on your phone… WTF.. 16gb storage and no SD… guess that just made my decision to get a GS4. 32gb and i would be good but 16gb phone just doesnt cut it.

  • needa

    12 gigs usable equals a whole lotta not so nexus software on this thing. and i am glad for it.

  • Its not going to be a powerhouse but it looks to have similar specs to the S3 but with an upgraded GPU so its not going to be sluggish at all.

  • bananatroll

    Im still wondering if Verizon’s moto x will have the moto blur transparent nav bar like the leaked picture showed the other day. Does anybody know if that is the case?

  • maxx1987

    As much as I wanted to believe that Moto would provide the perfect phone experience, that little amount of storage is pretty disappointing if the rumors are true. As someone who would prefer to ditch the ipod and put most of my music on my phone, it looks like the X won’t help me accomplish that. If the price is right i will be in line for the 32 gig model, but, damn, low internal storage is a HUGE detraction from the smartphone experience.

  • Hatyrei

    Disappointing… specs for Motorola 2013 flagship phone. So, if the rumors are true , you can customize this phone…to your liking? So…. can they upgrade the screen to 1080p screen and faster cpu as well?

  • bananatroll

    Will there at least be an option for 32gb of memory?!

    • Jordan

      I’m hoping a 32gb variant would be in the works, just not available at launch. Kind of like what happened with the Verizon Galaxy S4

  • nobody72

    no-micro-sd slot. I’ll stick with samsung.

  • edmund75

    This is what the Galaxy Nexus should have been 2 years ago!

    • Jordan

      Agreed. This phone is 2 years behind it’s time. The only thing I didn’t like on my GNex was the 5mp camera. I wonder what the camera resolution will be on this phone.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Well it looks like I’m looking at the Ultra Maxx then for my next phone!

  • noc007

    I’d really like to have a phone that I don’t start feeling like it’s clunky after a year. I’ve noticed some of my previous phones start getting some odd bugs a little after a year.

    My new need as of late is being able to have a separate environment where I can run corporate MDM (the Orwellian MobileIron). Preferably I could root and get rid of some of the bloat of the stock OS.

  • I-Troll-U

    Any word from the imaginary Sarge?

  • Sean Bello

    I really can’t get over these specs. Doesn’t matter what the phone does differently, I’m not taking lesser specs. I mean aside from the processor, even the 720p screen. Whether you need 1080p not, that’s what the benchmark is for a top of the line device.

  • troy studnicka

    Ah I love my GS4 more and more each day πŸ™‚ These specs suck…I’m in noway going backwards in specs. When moto and google make a phone with specs similar or higher than my GS4 then come talk to me, until then no thanks!!

  • apdimatteo

    I don’t understand why Google is hellbent on not having a microSD or enough internal storage to make a phone usable. They have offices in NYC! Do their employees ever venture out of the Google complex and ride on a subway or take an elevator up any one of the numerous skyscrapers or enter an older building with thick walls that signal can’t penetrate? Streaming services are useless in this city and you need local storage so that there is no interruption of service (even if you are fortunate enough to still have an unlimited plan).

  • feres13

    This has the coolest boot up screen i have ever seen

  • Michael Pahl

    If this phone goes global, and sells for $350 or less off contract, and brings 4.2.2 w/ those decent specs, it’ll boost Android Market share in developing countries.
    This is not a top of the lince phone, I bet its designed to cost under $350 and will be a great way for me to keep unlimited data on Verizon.

    • Jeff Badger

      Absolutely this! Price will be a huge consideration especially the off-contract part so that my wife and I don’t lose our unlimited data on Verizon.

  • SeanPlunk

    What do we know about the screen? I’ve heard AMOLED, but it’s hard to tell from the leaks? Pentile matrix? The only non-pentile 720p+ AMOLED I know of so far is the one on the Note 2?

    • JMonkeYJ

      it seems like that new notification system would require AMOLED. you wouldn’t want to light up a whole LCD for every notification.

  • enigmaco

    I am curious what googles hatred is with micro sd cards, I like google drive and all but I would like to have my photos, and music on my sd card to free up space on the phone. I have the nexus 4 and that is one of the things that is driving me nuts is the no micro sd cards They wouldn’t have to include a micro sd card just a slot for it, pretty much everyone has a sd card now. I came across this link as well, could explain the specs on the phone.


    • AxemRed

      I’ve heard it claimed that they feel that having an SD card and therefore multiple places to save data is too confusing and provides a bad experience for the average user. Thinking to the times when I’ve tried to explain hard drive partitions to relatives, I could *maybe* see that.

      I think Google has another major motive though: the promotion of their cloud services. When the Verizon GNex came out, I think it was in variants of 16/32. They cut it in half for the Nexus 4. I think they did it on purpose so that you would be pressured to use Google Music, etc.

      • Thats exactly. Unfortunately though unless you have Verizon and get high speed data everywhere you’re gonna need to have some offline files

  • Robert Macri

    I can make due with 32gigs… 16 won’t cut it.

    • Frettfreak

      100% agree.

  • RaptorOO7

    Too little internal storage, not interested.

  • Chris512

    Phone looks great. The new voice interactions are cool. However, full screen notifications seem too much like the eye fone. Standing by for down votes.

  • flyinggerbil

    looks like a good phone for my wife

  • turb0wned

    Oh yeah Google…. A game changing phone huh?

    16GB? 12 usable?
    Last year’s specs?
    A camera that already looks like crap?

    • XvierX

      Where are the pic’s taken with the moto X? I’m curious to see some samples.

      • tyguy829

        evleaks tweeted several last week

        • XvierX

          Wow, that’s amazingly unimpressive. Thanks for the lead.

          • needa

            its through a tinted window.

          • XvierX

            Ah yeah. Well it appears I’ve jumped to a false conclusion. My mistake. I wish they’d announce it already. I hope to have the refreshed n7 and moto x asap. I’m just impatient.

          • You can clearly see that it’s been taken through a window. Hardly indicative of anything.

    • Camera that already looks like crap? Where do you get that?

    • AxemRed

      I think it’s arguably a modern phone.
      This is just speculation, but I think that small amounts of on-board storage are part of Googles plan to push people to use their cloud services.
      The specs are not top of the line, but they are modern. 2GB of RAM and the cpu/gpu are this years models despite being dual core.
      And I think the blurry pic above is meant to poke fun at the crappy cameras in other phones. They weren’t taken with the Moto X.

  • chris420o

    i hope whoever invented the cloud dies…it is simply the worst thing that has happened to mobile tech…when all carriers are moving away from unlimited data to stop people from using data always and killing network speeds manufacturers want to get rid of storage space to save money since u can use the cloud for photos and music? WTF I HATE THE CLOUD…if i have music i wanan hear it high quality and whenever n whereever i am without having to stream and buffer and rely on a strong cell phone signal…f this phone i couldnt be more pissed off wtf is google n moto thinking…my nudie folder on my phone takes up more space then this

    • a.d.AM

      You can save tracks for offline listening in almost every cloud music player. I use GMAA and I build offline playlists so I can listen to high quality whenever where ever. I also so dont need 60 GB of music on a phone so maybe our needs are different. But there are ways around the cloud.

      • chris420o

        yeah but then therein lies the issue…cant cache everything if you have no physical memory to do so

    • anezarati

      im going to up vote this just so that last sentence can get to the top of the comment section

      • chris420o


      • needa

        i guess its a good thing that i keep mine set on ‘newest’ and not ‘uninformative and slightly funny’.

        • chris420o


          • needa

            fail. kinda like you saying the cloud should die. thinking that the cloud is the reason 16gb is standard. if anybody wants to blame anybody on the 16gb standard,blame the consumer. you know… the ones that buy way more 16gb phones than 32 and 64. hell… google sells way more 8gig phones than 16gig. not everyone feels the need to have all of that storage.

    • Don’t hate the cloud, or its inventor, hate the carriers. The cloud’s one of the most valuable modern tools we have. The carriers, on the other hand, are hellbent on reducing our ability to use it.

      • chris420o

        do you realize how bogged down the network would get if EVERYONE on it was constantly streaming their music and what not instead of just playing it physically? thats not good for anybody…cloud is good for one thing if i wanna pull a picture or file from my comp n phone and work comp laptop ect…then services like dropbox make sence…but i dont wanna uplaod all my info to a server god knows where n stream it…f that…u think i want my nudie folder on dropbox so some creepy dropbox employee can see my accomplishments?

        • You do realize that’s the same argument providers have been trying to force down our throats since home Internet connections, right? It wasn’t true then, and it’s not true now. You’re setting up a strawman. EVERYONE won’t be constantly streaming their music and “what not.” Only a small subset of smartphone owners are ever playing music at one time as it is, streaming or not. Only a small subset at one time are ever doing ANYTHING. That’s what the entire network relies on, successfully.

          Cloud is good for MANY things, not just YOUR narrow interpretation of what it’s useful for for you. And who said anything about uploading EVERYTHING to it? It’s useful for some things, not useful for others.

          And a DropBox employee can’t see your nudie folder. Everything’s encrypted and accessible only to you. Cut the paranoia.

          • chris420o

            its not paranoia…and please go look up the number of smartphones being sold and activated every day people know what their doing and as manufactuors push us towards this cloud itll get worse and worse…and its WAY dif then hardlined connections in your house so why bother making that comparison

          • You didn’t explain to me why it’s not paranoia to claim that DropBox is looking at your porn.

            And the number of phones being sold and activated every day means what, exactly? Most of those are replacing previous phones.

            And different how? YOU explain it.

          • chris420o

            and please tell me what else is useful for…now the xbox one cloud services sound great…but thats totally different than self storage…which with 12 gigs of nothing they are forcing a lot of people to start doing…so u tell me when my 2 gigs are up and i wanna pull a picture of my dog or a file for work i cant without paying data charges bc i couldnt fit it on my non existent storage…google n moto must be getting paid in the background by verizon n att&t

          • Do you even know what “the cloud” that you’re so angry someone “invented” is? Because the only thing you seem to be able to think of is file storage. The “cloud” predates its name by decades. It refers to any service, storage, computing platform, etc. that’s located offsite, in neutral, central locations that doesn’t rely on your local device for all the work involved. It’s a powerful, valuable, vital tool toward improving the future of technology and innovation, and we’ve already been relying on it for a long, long time. People only just recently popped a name on it and starting branding things with that name. That’s all that changed. Everything we do already on our phones relies on the cloud. All of our communication, syncing, contact storage, calendar syncing, app stores and remote installs, remote access, instant messaging, and the works relies on cloud. And yes, now music services like Play Music allow me to have access to my entire music library from anywhere. Services like SkyDrive, Google Drive, and Bitcasa allow me to ensure all my personal documents and files are everywhere I am. And yes, I can sync my porn, too, via secure connections. And since I’m a mature adult who isn’t looking at child pornography, I’m not that concerned about who’s seeing it. Which is nobody, since my accounts are all encrypted and password protected.

            And no, Google’s not getting paid in the background by Verizon and AT&T. You know how Google makes their money? By you USING the Internet, their services, and most importantly, looking at their ads. Google’s primary focus has been on pushing Internet providers to improve their speeds and their rates, hence the Google Fiber project. I give it five years, tops, before Google buys up enough companies to start their own mobile network with unlimited data (or come up with a way to finance someone who can, if there are antitrust concerns) to shake up the industry. They don’t benefit from caps, they’re ONLY hurt by them.

      • Celz

        I’ll take optional cloud storage IF I decide not to use my local storage…

    • godnikeboy

      Who the f*ck upvoted this? For sure close minded people or people who pirates every song they hear.

      Cloud is one of the best thing for me. You can access your files anywhere, on any device. Changing to a new phone? Contacts, apps, etc automatically syncs. Switch to a new computer or device? Your previously open tabs are there. Work from home instead of the office? Access your files through Drive or Dropbox.

      Hate the carriers or the lack of internet. But for sure cloud will be the future.

  • Rohan Lal

    I am in the market for a new phone and I don’t know if it’s worth waiting for the Moto X or just getting the Galaxy S4, or the HTC One whenever it comes out. I do want to have the latest specs if possible, and I like to root/rom my devices. So any suggestions?

  • Intriguing device…However, no SD card and 16GB internal storage is pretty close to a non-starter for me. It works on my Nexus 7. I don’t think it will work for me as my primary, data-enabled mobile device. I like to keep music on my device so I don’t kill my battery streaming. And while I’ve got unlimited data now, I’m not counting on having it in two years.

    Anyone know if the battery is removable? If it’s in the article or on the page, I did a search and missed it.

    • Bionic

      Non removable

      • /fart noise

      • bananatroll

        will there be an option for 32gb of storage?

        • Ted

          Yes there will indeed be a 32gb model.

  • Jonathan Lamonte

    This is ridiculous. JUST ANNOUNCE THE PHONE ALREADY! We know everything about the Moto X, even the release date! Good job spending your $500 million on marketing when all these websites are doing it for free!

    • Chris Schmucker

      Its genius if you think about it. With this amount of hype plus $500 million in marketing, everyone will know about this phone. All they have to do is take a bite out of Apple and Samsung sales then they will have more to work with such as word-of-mouth.

      • needa

        yah but now they have the hardest job of it all coming up. making sure the phone is capable if living up to the hype.

        • Chris Schmucker

          If there is one thing i know about the tech world. Nothing lives up to the hype. EVER. There’s always gonna be someone trying to find something wrong with it.

  • DroidGuy

    Thoughts on camera: looks like a deal breaker??

    • Jonathan Lamonte

      It’s a little misleading but Motorola tweeted that picture to show how bad current cell phone camera’s are. Those are not stills from the Moto X.

  • Todd Black

    I guess not bad for a mid-range device, but If I were Motorola, I’m not sure I wouldn’t try to re-enter the game with it.

  • chris420o

    well the 12gigs of space just shot this phone down for me…if there is no sd card this is a complete joke wtf is moto doing playing us for stupid? last years processor and no storage space? whos this made for my parents? why not make it for the new age of tech savy people like us? who actually know wtf we talking about when we want a device…i couldnt be more upset with these specs

  • callumshell1

    16GB internal storage with about 12GB usable
    No micro SD slot

    Yeah, no thanks.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Agreed – If it’s only 16 GB of internal storage and no SD Card slot, I’m going to have to pass. I have over 16 GB of music that I keep on my phone on an SD Card. I’d even be fine with 32 GB internal storage as I’m not a power app user. Hope there’s a variant with more storage or my Razr Maxx will have to hang on a little longer.

      • Suralin

        16 GB of music? Jeebus. : Do you always find yourself in no-signal areas or are those 320kbps songs?

        Not bashing, I’m just curious as to why you would put 16 GB of music on your phone. Surely you don’t need all of it.

        • LP @ThisisEther

          16 GB is normal… They did used to make 64 GB mp3 players, you know, so it’s not out of the norm for people to still use this format…

        • MyStroPro

          If you don’t use streaming services a lot, or if you don’t want to set up services like Google Music (i.e. set up the library) and prefer to manage your library faster than constantly swapping songs out I can easily understand this.

          I have a 64GB USB stick in my car that’s much faster to manage than any streaming service – probably has over 35 GBs used right now. I avoid the radio though, and never adopted to subscription streaming services, nor really focused on setting my GMusic library up because it’s a chore to manage.

        • Tweekex

          I have over 1,000 songs in Google Play, and I have T-Mobile. That alone should tell you why I personally keep my music locally on my phone πŸ™‚


          if you’re not living in the stone age you can even carry up to 64 gb of music on your phone! oh my!

      • Guest

        buy an ipod. *GASP*

    • onDroid

      That’s just the model that the leaker had. With all the talk about customization I’m sure you will be able to get a model with more local storage. The no SD lot though, that’s not going to change πŸ™

  • Tim Buchanan

    16gb and no SD slot? Count me out.

    • LiterofCola

      Yup. I’m done.

      • hkklife

        Great move by Google to neuter one of the most compelling features of the “old” Motorola. MicroHDMI is another notable loss. Google just loves all of these spec-gimped “me too” devices. I don’t care what anyone says, there is no substitute for cheap, fast, reliable local storage.

        • MyStroPro

          That’s why they don’t want you to have it – its cheap and fast and LOCAL.

          They want us all to buy into cloud computing tech, which I still don’t believe we are even close to actually having the real infrastructure to pull off correctly. Google Drive, Play Music / Book / etc library, and so on.

          It’s a deal breaker for me personally when a device doesn’t have removable storage. I don’t want an HTC One or the S4 either – looks like I’m screwed…. because the chin on the Droid Ultra…. :shudder:

          • Ryan

            There’s a problem with cloud computing though. Its fine on the desktop market, but those that rely on it heavily, and the insane data caps by AT&T and Verizon, it doesn’t really allow for the Cloud to be used all that effectively. Though, those on Sprint or T-Mobile have unlimited data, so those users don’t have much to worry about (assuming Sprint can even hold a data connection XD).

          • MyStroPro

            This would be true on the later if they didn’t throttle.

            I agree with your point though – however, as an innovation / application company Google doesn’t really worry about what the carriers chose to do with the data, they still want you to use their streaming / cloud products. Remember this is a Google decision, not a carrier product push.

          • Nathan Bell

            T-Mobile has a non-throttled unlimited option. Unlimited everything for $70/month

          • MyStroPro

            4G option? I honestly know little about Tmo – but I am debating the switch

          • Nathan Bell

            Yup. LTE and HSPA+ 42.

          • MyStroPro

            Knew about the HSPA+ 42 – didn’t really know that they are rolling out the LTE in most markets yet.

          • Frettfreak

            yeah, except if you arent in a MAJOR (LA, NEW YORK, SEATTLE ETC) city on either one of those networks your arent getting fast enough to use “the cloud” without wanting to pull your eye balls from their sockets anyway so really its a moot point.

          • Ryan

            Which is why Verizon has people by the balls with their network infrastructure. I don’t know how well Sprint is and t-mobile in my area.. But I do love in a major metroplex though, so perhaps it won’t be terrible. Well except Sprint, they’ve always been terrible.

    • tomn1ce

      I don’t know why is it that they just can’t throw in a 32GB of internal storage in devices these days. I was looking foward in picking this one up but it looks like I’ll be skipping this….Its a good thing that I’m looking towards the end of the year to make my move.

  • Dominick White

    So guessing with those spec’s, thats its going to be $99.99 on contract and either 349 or 449 off contract

    • a.d.AM

      Im hoping they change the game and go $249 – $349 based on the outside materials.

  • rdrizzle

    What good is a fast camera if there is no storage to keep those photos? Or are we supposed to keep deleting pics and using Google + for storage? I get the cloud stuff but geesh….12GB….what is this thing about going backwards on storage in a world when micro sd cards are getting bigger and bigger?

    • boybert

      12 GB can store several thousand photos. Somewhere along the line of shooting that many images, you surely will want to back them up and/or archive them to storage elsewhere, no?

      • chris420o

        your a dope…how many photos when ur phone is full of apps and videos and photos and downloads…this is bs if its only coming with that 12gb of space

        • warenmac

          I download a ridiculous amount of apps on my 16 gb Nexus 7 and still have plenty of space… Is 12 enough idk, but I’d be able to function just fine

          • rdrizzle

            Now I support and defend my droids as much as possible. I have had a Nexus 7 and have a Galaxy Nexus. 32 GB is too small. I struggle with it. I hate relying on cloud services for beautiful crisp 10MB photos that I take with my real camera…it takes too long to show people my portfolio. Furthermore, anyone who says their device does not struggle when maxing out the storage is a liar. 12GB is not enough for apps, photos and downloads….it is downright unacceptable (maybe ok for the masses though). I wanted this to be a killer phone…

    • Yes, you are supposed to use Google+, or DropBox, or a dozen other options now. That’s become our modern standard. I prefer it, too, as phones get lost or broken. I’d rather not have to rely on the physical device for the photos.

      • rdrizzle

        I don’t think anyone minds a “backup”. You must be one of the few people that has not been in an area with shoddy coverage trying to listen to music or show friends some photos. Its actually embarrassing and feels second rate to someone who has fast access to their content.

        • No, I’ve been in places with no coverage. But I have no expectation that I should have every photograph I’ve ever taken with me available in any circumstance. That’s a pretty modern-world problem to have. I see no harm in keeping highest-priority photos stored on my phone, or most recent, but anything historical is only in the cloud. In the off-chance I’m somewhere I have poor signal AND no WiFi access and want to show someone a photo I didn’t think was important enough to keep on my phone, I simply don’t. Without any sense of embarrassment about the limitations of technology. If they’re the types who prefer to keep all their photos stored locally on their phone at all times and feel superior about that fact, I find them kind of dickish.

          • rdrizzle

            Well when there is an easy fix to the tech limitation, its pretty dumb to not have that capability.

          • Before I respond, what “easy fix” are you referring to?

          • rdrizzle

            The obvious. Add the SD card slot. Don’t come back with some coding garbage… I write apps. It’s not rocket science to add the functionality. Cost…maybe an argument given the target audience but again, that’s why I said this may be “ok” for the masses but not enthusiasts and/or business users.

          • Google’s done with native support for microSD cards, and I understand it. You may disagree, but despite my years of trashing Apple for lack of expandable storage, after having compared my Android phones with external storage, and the mess involved with the management, against the unified storage of my Nexus 4, I get it. Plus they get guaranteed knowledge of the speed and reliability of the storage medium. When the majority of the apps I used didn’t bother to distinguish between cards, or seemed to pick randomly between storage locations, it made the external useless. And when the card would occasionally dismount for some software reason, crashing large swaths of the phone with it, it proved App2SD unreliable. At this stage, microSD is useful only for manually loading media files, which really isn’t something the majority of the market even knows how to do. Sure, I can, but I honestly don’t bother. I use Google Play Music to store all my music, and then I select for offline what I want. My phone never touches my computer anymore. The logic for no longer supporting microSD is there. I’d personally rather them just pack in more local storage at this point. And this comes from someone who avoided phones without expandable like the plague for a long time. Then again, I also avoided phones without QWERTY keyboards, too, and eventually realized my error there, too.

          • rdrizzle

            Agreed. More storage options and providing the consumer with that option is absolutely a viable fix as well.

  • John B.

    Give me a phone that has a decent battery life and doesn’t choke when I rotate the camera to landscape (both things my gnex is great at). Specs are fun, but its user experience at the end of the day…and my friends with iphones are getting a great one.

    I really want to like this phone because I’m an android and google fanboy. But in reality a lot of the core google experience apps are available on iOS. So what is keeping me with Android?? I like the freedom, but freedom doesn’t do a lot of good when your phone is dead in your pocket. Or not being able to catch something on camera. Or having maps take a minute just to search nearby. These are things that apple does right, with lousy specs but great software. Hopefully google and moto have figured this out.

    • chris420o

      not sure if youve heard but battery life on the new iphones is nothing to brag about…all i hear about from my iphone friends is how their phones dying or how they just bought a mobi case


        iphone 5 lasts longer than the galaxy note 2

        • What? The Note 2 is rated for over 40 days of standby time while the iPhone is only rated for 9 days….not to mention the 3G talk time for the Note is 16 hours while the iPhone 5 is only 8 hours.

          Heck even the user reported averages for the Note 2 are insanely higher than the iPhone 5!

          You are either dumb or too biased to see the facts because there is no way a 3100mAh battery is inferior to a 1440mAh battery.

          • JD_26

            dont feed the troll

        • Diablo81588


  • Johny M

    Is that adreno 330? Only 800 comes with 330 right?
    And the s800 had the always on voice too. Maybe custom chip with 2 krait 400s and all the bells and whistles of the s800.

    • AxemRed

      It appears to use a MSM8960T. The MSM8960T a Krait 300 cpu and an Adreno 320 gpu, the same as the S600. It’s basically a 2-core version of the S600.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Thank you for using “appears”. Too many people forget these are all rumors.

    • AxemRed

      It uses a MSM8960T which has the Adreno 320 gpu, same as the S600. I’ve also seen some articles that show it as using the Krait 300 cpu (also the same as the S600, basically making this a dual core S600) but I haven’t been able to confirm it for sure.

  • sr_erick

    I really hope they can introduce this at a relatively decent price given the specs. It would be nice to pay outright for this what it costs for a Nexus device ($200-$300 range). Rocking a Note 2 now and super excited for the Note 3, but I wouldn’t mind trying one of these out too.

  • emoney

    is this the equivalent of an iphone in droid’s skin? a mid range device, with outdated specs that will likely be better in real world performance than on paper?

    • Fresh360

      If Moto and Google have optimized this phone the way Apple does it could very well be a killer…I love my Droids (had every Nexus since the G1, yup I consider that a Nexus too) but that buttery smooth screen transitions on iPhones with ‘outdated’ specs are a thing to behold compared 2 the bleeding edge specs of some droid ‘Hero’ devices.

  • So the specs are not ground-breaking but the overall product sounds great. I can’t wait for a ROM’med port to my GS4

  • Russell Sprague

    Yay software nav keys!

    • Elliot Kotis

      Yay, where have you been for 2 and a half years of GOOGLE!

      • King Lo

        on Verizon?

        • Elliot Kotis


  • Mark Schleupner

    Why kill a good phone by giving it only 16GB storage space without the option of an SD card slot? This was why I didn’t get a DNA. I mean, come on! Put your music on it, a few good games and your 11GB of available space gets filled up fast with not a lot of room for hi-res pictures and HD video. When are these manufacturers going to wake up?

    • Justin Brock

      Google is expecting you to take advantage of streaming services for music and video.

      • emoney

        and cloud services

      • peezwizz

        I pay for google play service, but when I’m in areas with poor signals I can’t stand the constant buffering. I ended up downloading most of my library back to my device so when I’m driving/on a train/camping I don’t have to worry about it. 16 GB is definitely not enough, especially if Verizon wants to take away my unlimited data if I upgrade through them.

        • Justin Brock

          That is the one disadvantage, I’ll grant you.

        • Suralin

          I do the same, but most of the time, I only play certain songs anyways. Just set Google Music to download the playlists you use most often.

    • ToddAwesome

      mmmmm, data you will use!

      • Chris Schmucker

        This totally sounded like Yoda in my head….

    • Butters619

      I told myself when I bought a One X that 16GB and no SD was fine. I told myself I could make due and it wouldn’t be that bad. Now I tell myself, I’ll never do it again. Too much effort to manage SD contents.

  • drparty

    Moto x news…. Zzzz

  • Kevoskee

    Having 12 gb of usable memory and no expandable sd card slot makes this a pass for me. Seems pretty nice besides that

  • DroidzFX

    Well I was planning on getting the phone until I realized it has no SD and only 12 GB of usable space. Google Music offline playlist will fill half of that. It cannot cost that much to add a SD card slot.

    • Stephen

      afaik google is really adamant about the no SD card slot thing, which I totally get. But they need to start adding more storage than just “16” or “32” gigabytes of space.

      • DroidzFX

        To keep unlimited data on Verizon I was planning on getting this. Using cloud storage may make this feasible. Just have to cut back on some apps or games I don’t use that often.

        • Stephen

          I personally hate having to rely on the cloud for things

        • Fresh360

          I really like this phone, especially the white version Eric Schmidt has, but this 12GB is really killin me. I just checked my GNex and this is a new one from Asurion (crushed my old one in my car door) I stream from Google Music, have 60 apps, and less than 100 pics and I have used up 8.5GBs. And this is after 2 weeks of use I would blow thru that 12GBs so fast. This is disheartening.

          *I do not have one game on my phone either, so bless you if you’re a gamer.

  • Stephen

    after having a droid dna for six months, 16 gb is NOT enough storage. Why is it so hard to put more storage in phones????

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Google wants us to use the cloud but they seem to forget how stingy we get with our data plans. I think google favors T-Mobile and their unlimited data.

      • TylerCameron

        But T-Mobile doesn’t have 3G outside of cities. I’m not dissing T-Mobile, hell I love T-Mobile, but they’ve got serious limitations outside of the city.

    • After having a Nexus 4 for six months, 8GB is plenty of storage.

      • Stephen

        Do you even use your phone? How is that plenty? Honestly, tell me your secrets.

        • ToddAwesome

          I have 25GB free on my Galaxy Nexus. You know why? because if I load too much crap on it the performance goes right in the toilet. Frequent hard resets make this phone tolerable.

        • I stream almost all my music (I only have 1 playlist cached for when running/driving in the mountains without data), don’t play many games (7×7 is the only game I have installed), I delete photos after they have been backed up to G+, and I utilize Google and their cloud services for most of my needs.

          I use my phone a lot, but I keep it pretty minimal and mostly for communication, G+/Twitter, reminders/calendar, notes, running/biking/ski tracking, and music. Out of the 5.67GB of usable space, I still have 2.47GB free and that’s even with a full nandroid backup. Games and movies I mostly reserve for my Nexus 7.

          • Albert Reyna

            Me likes your managing skills. =)

  • Balthazar_B

    We know just about everything except pricing (and distribution channels). Whether the phone is a success or not will depend primarily on what we *don’t* know yet.

  • bionic’s tampon

    Have people forgotten that benchmarks are useless, stupid, and often times can be tricked? All we need now is Bionic to chime in 52,436 times to remind everyone he’s a dip$hit


      its why the iphone is the best selling smartphone ever created

      • bionic’s tampon

        oh i thought it was because the app quality is better. Or because they can update their devices when they choose without carrier interference, or because there is much much less fragmentation in the OS Ecosystem, or that IOS is much much more optimized that Android.

  • j973

    Fail no SD card 16gb of space might as well get a nexus for cheaper And better specs what a waist .

    • nerds

      what size waist does it have?

      • Weber

        lol grammar

        • Chris Schmucker


  • David Benson

    If this works on Verizon’s network and sells for $300 (off contract) or less on Google Play.. .this is a Win for me.

    • Eric Hare

      A Verizon phone sold for $300 unlocked on Google Play?

      We all can dream I guess!

    • htowngtr

      Keep dreaming.

      • David Benson

        haha, I will πŸ™‚

    • Damn, that thing is shorter than a iP5 but .7 (.5 usable with onscreen buttons) inch bigger screen! and a full half inch shorter than my same size screen Gnex!

      rumored $200 and $600 everywhere, and no chance VZW be getting it for $300 oc no matter what πŸ™

    • Tyler Durden

      Verizon would never approve

      • Verizon

        Actually, I would approve.

        • Tyler Durden

          Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.

          • Verizon

            I’ve explained this already. I’m not the devil. I’ve applied for the job, but I was turned down. Something about too much evil or something.

    • Kenton Douglas

      Why $300?

    • WickedToby741

      Just wait until the day of LTE only phones. Once the CDMA chip is no longer necessary this will be possible.

      • Avery Dejuan Herron

        A lte chip combined wit a cdma one doesn’t make a phone cost $600 in fact thats just the standard number carriers charge to force contracts.

        • middlehead

          They’re not talking about the price, they’re talking about the method of sale.

      • Justin W

        It won’t necessarily make the device cost that much less, but it will allow the phone to be bought unlocked and used on multiple VoLTE networks (including Vzw, as long as they don’t require their VoLTE devices have a CDMA connection for some stupid reason), since LTE is just a newer generation of GSM.


      this is worse than the facebook phone

    • millenialkid

      I don’t know. I had a bad experience with Motorola phones in the past. They seem to do very well for a while, but frequently need to be replaced.

      Keep me in the loop, but for my money, T-Mobile works well where I live and travel, including their HSPA+ network for the iPhone. For $70 a month, you can get an unlimited 4G rateplan on T-Mobile, without caps or throttling.

      I also checked out T-Mobile’s “Jump” feature, which, for $10 a month, you can upgrade your phone or device yearly. With this new feature, just announced last week, and if the service works for you, it may be worth looking into them. It’s also likely that the phone will be available on TMobile. Remember, T-mobile was the original launch partner for the very first Nexus.

  • htowngtr

    If it’s priced like a high-end phone today at $250+ on contract then no thanks.

    It’d be awesome if this was something like $400 no contract direct from Google and/or Moto.

  • dtraini30

    Android Authority contacted the developer of the cpu identifier app that was ran on the Moto X and he said it was a S600. (http://www.androidauthority.com/leaked-moto-x-video-4-7-inch-display-what-appears-to-be-a-dual-core-snapdragon-s4-pro-243648/#comment-962700572) Regardless, this is very confusing, although I still think it’s an S4 Pro, so let’s just wait until official release time ;).

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      This always read like a dual-core S600, which doesn’t exist. Not sure wth it is, it may just be an S600 with 2 cores shut down in software, or dedicated to background tasks, etc.

      • Balthazar_B

        Somewhere I read that the Moto X will run 2 CPU cores, 4 GPU cores, and 2 cores dedicated to the many sensors on board. Sorry, can’t provide a link but was discussed about 2-3 weeks ago.

    • AxemRed

      I’ve seen some articles that show it uses a Krait 300 cpu, which is the same as the S600. If that’s true, it is basically like a dual core S600 even though it’s labeled as a S4.

  • middlehead

    “Hypebeast” is still a ridiculously terrible term.

    • Weber

      YOU’RE a ridiculously terrible term.

      • middlehead

        I notice you did not deny my factual assertion.

        • MotoRulz

          Nothing you said was “factual” and that is a fact!

          • Weber

            He did say “assertion,” but adding the word “factual” to it is just dumb.

          • middlehead

            You either misunderstand the term dumb or misunderstand the term assertion.

          • Weber

            Here you go.

            Saying something is a “factual assertion” is saying that it’s a factual opinion. Do you even grammar? If you wanna make the argument that an assertion can be claimed as fact (which it is, depite proof of evidence and without reason) then you’d be calling it a “facty fact.” And that, sir, is what’s ridiculous.


          • middlehead

            2. an act of asserting.
            If you’re going to use a link against someone, you should really read the whole thing.

            Also, “grammared” is not a legitimate verb.

          • Weber

            Being assertive or asserting something doesn’t make it factual. It’s still an opinion, no matter how much you try to shove it down people’s throats. Still no evidence to back it up.
            Grammared isn’t a real word, nor is “Do you even grammar?” a legitimate sentence. Good thing is, I know the difference.

          • middlehead

            Being assertive doesn’t make something factual, hence why the modifier of factual was applied to the statement. That’s science, and science is no opinion.

            The only thing being shoved down anyone’s throats is the horrible, horrible nonsense that is “hypebeast.” Partly because it’s not being used correctly, partly because it was a terrible term when it was first used.

          • Weber

            Aaaaaaand we’ve gone full-circle. Good thing, because I was tired of that argument. *jumping high-five with freeze frame* *roll credits*

        • Weber

          Oxymoron FTL.

          • middlehead

            You either misunderstand the term oxymoron or misunderstand the term assertion.

      • kjaggy


        • middlehead

          BAD DOG. NO BISCUIT.

      • DiegoKokomo

        Your mother is a ridiculously terrible term.

      • seryozha

        Your mom goes to college.

    • Ian Smith

      personally, i hate “fackworz” more.

      • middlehead

        An acceptable opinion.

  • mustbepbs

    There’s nothing wrong with the S4 Pro at all. If it keeps their costs down, we should be happy. I’ve got the DNA with the S4 Pro and this thing flies.

    • htowngtr

      Yea, but watch this phone be $200-$250 on contract from VZW and AT&T.

      I hope we see it released as an off-contract variant online but I doubt it.

      • drparty

        Exactly, with these specs it should be $99 and dropped to free after 3 months.

        • Butters619

          I would bet free on 2 year contract from the get go. That would put off contract price through a carrier around $450.

    • Well the DNA OS an S4 Pro quad core. This is rumored as dual core. There may not be a huge difference; well have to see.

      • Elliot Kotis

        But this benchmarks higher that that. It is a S600 speed S4 PRO (AKA less consumption, more power).

        • Frettfreak

          And if either one of you can tell me the ACTUAL difference between an s4 pro and the s600 you get a cookie. Everyone is bitching and moaning about “s600” this and that but REALISTICALLY there isnt MUCh different. both have adreno 320 graphics, both have quad core variants (google just chose not to use it maybe) both are made using a 28nm process. IMO the 600 is a new way to MARKET the chip and not so much different in the internals.

          • Elliot Kotis

            Probably correct, but why would Google choose the “older processor” to market with?

    • tomn1ce

      Once the LTE-Advance switch are turned on those with this phone will stay in the dark…

      • Frettfreak

        yeah.. cause its just a switch.. someone at a corporate office somewher will flip it like a light and all of the sudden all the towers that had LTE will now magically have LTE-A and the world will suddenly double its data speeds.. except those with this ONE phone…

        • tomn1ce

          If you took the switch part of my above comment literally shame on you. I know that the carriers have to upgrade their towers and wouldn’t you think that they could be working on that? You mean to tell me that OEMs are putting S800 in their device for decoration only and not thinking about LTE-Advance coming along in the near future….All I’m saying is that they should’ve use a cpu from 2013 and not one from 2012…

  • Eric Hare

    I know we still need to hear more details, but if you were in the market for a new phone right now, would you get an HTC One, or this?

    • middlehead

      Whichever gives me a microSD slot and removable battery.

    • htowngtr

      HTC One

    • Balthazar_B

      Something we know about vs. something we don’t? Does not compute.

    • My personal choice would be the HTC ONE mainly because of the display. I’ve had plenty of bad experiences with SUPER AMOLED displays, which is what the Moto X is rumored to have. If it wasn’t for that, I’d probably go a little mote towards the Moto X

    • Elliot Kotis

      HTC ONE GED/Sense, wtf cares? Google has no updates that matter apparently.

    • cucabueno

      I have the HTC One, and I CANNOT WAIT until this comes out. Sense just drives me insane… the One is a great phone, but… I just love Motorola and stock Android waaaaay too much to let this pass. Out of the 12 Android phones I’ve had (OG Droid, Droid 2, Droid 2 Global, Droid 3, Droid 4, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Atrix HD, One X, Galaxy S3, LG Optimus G, HTC One) I was always happier with Motorola devices that could run stock or the new UI which is really close to stock. Can’t believe it’s taking them so long to announce this thing!!! =

  • Droider

    So this is what first feels like

    • Nexus_FrEak

      Nope…Try again!

    • Weber

      Top 10, dude. Hang your head high.

  • Chris

    If it’s buttery smooth specs wont matter. This will be marketed to the masses not just for the power users. I think it will do alright!

    • Jeff

      Agreed, as long as my phone is smooth and has minimal lag opening apps, I don’t care if it has the best CPU in it. Unfortunately, I’m still in the camp of wanting a phone with a 4″ or under screen that has specs like this, so I’ll keep waiting.

      • Tyler Durden

        It’s called the iPhone

        • Kenton Douglas

          This is the same height as the iPhone, and only marginally wider

        • JoshGroff

          Take into account bezel, and it’s actually pretty big. Screen size, as we know, isn’t everything.

          • Justin W

            It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean. Or so she said.

      • Butters619

        With the size of the bezel that the Moto X has, it is about the size of current 4.3-4.5″ phones while packing a 4.7″ display, which seems about perfect.

    • Raj Bhatt

      It might be smooth now, but I want it to be that way for at least 2 years. Even cutting edge specs aren’t capable of that right now.

      • Butters619

        Any top tier phone released now will easily pass the two year test. Last summer’s phones will still hold up to anything that can be thrown at them except for stupid benchmark numbers.

        • Raj Bhatt

          You say that last summer’s phones hold up, but how about the year before that? My GNex is struggling with new features. If it had worse specs, it would have started struggling earlier.

        • Cowboydroid

          That’s what I thought 2 years ago when I bought a Galaxy Nexus. My Gnex now weeps tears trying to run 4.3 πŸ™

          • what 4.3?

            p.s. genuine que., was offline for a few days.. has it been launched.? :/

          • duke69111

            I agree except on the 4.3 part. My gnexus shows its outdated specs from time to time.

          • millenialkid

            Hmm. According to Apple, the iPhone 4 will run ios7 just fine. It’s 4 years old.

            Is Android getting bloated?

          • Frettfreak

            yeah.. it will run it just fine… “fine” not great, and certainly wont run ALL the features that you should get with it. Ask ANYONE with an older iphone that has updated it to iOS 6… 90% will tell you their phone runs worse than it did before (the other 10% are just idiots).

          • ReturnOfTheMack

            iOS is incredibly slimmed down on older devices.

          • Aaron

            The iPhone 4 is 3 years old, not 4. FYI

          • Butters619

            According to Apple, the iPhone 4 will run ios7 just fine*

            *after they removed a handful of the best features.

          • Elliot Kotis

            Just like the iPod Touch 4 ran iOS 6 well (the slowest device I have seen that realised in the 2010’s, and I have seen, very, very low end phones.)

          • masterpfa

            Don’t listen to what Apple says, wait and see.

          • RyanBcrazyMon

            The iPhone 4 specs were dated the day it came out cuz it came with 3g not to mention the 4S STILL had 3g a year later but made the 4 even more worthless cuz it had siri.

          • Guest

            So your G-Nex made it to 20 months before it started feeling old. And the G-Nex didn’t have top of the line hardware when it came out.

          • Cowboydroid

            Wrong, it started feeling old about 8 months ago.

          • Nathan Bell

            4.3 isn’t out yet

          • ReturnOfTheMack

            I’m assuming you meant 4.2? My G-Nex runs it just fine. What are you doing, trying to put Touchwiz on that thing??

          • Cowboydroid

            Yes, I meant 4.2. My Gnex runs slow as hell on 4.2. It’s pure stock.

          • AMPthe13th

            Both my GNexes do pretty well on Carbon ROM (4.2.2 base). It will get bogged down every few days and need a reboot but generally speaking it runs quite well.

          • RebornZombie666

            I’m still using an HTC Inc with tiny’s CM10.1 for the dinc. It’s serviceable, and even fast sometimes.

            I’ve been waiting for something so killer it’ll have to pass the two year test.

          • Jahf

            Try running 4.1 on a Captivate. Yeah, I’m doing that. 384MB accessible RAM. Loads of fun. RAM is by far the biggest bottleneck for new apps, not CPU.

          • Cowboydroid

            Yes, I did have issues with RAM and having too many apps running. But even after clearing out running apps and trimming things down to bare bones, the device still struggled to open apps in a timely manner, and even the keyboard struggled to recognize input as soon as I started typing.

            Thankfully, I decided to get a Nexus 4, and have had no issues so far.

            Galaxy Nexus is simply old hardware that can’t handle the latest version of Android. It was gimped from the beginning with that pathetic TI processor. Same thing happened with my DX. That company should never make another mobile processor.

          • CFraser

            Odd, My GNex is buttery smooth running 4.3 (Shiny ROM AOSP). Better than it ever did on any version of 4.2.

        • Derek Gelinas

          The gnex’s processor was considered underpowered for what it was even when it came out, to be fair.

    • Fred Sanford


    • tomn1ce

      No matter how much you optimize the software this chip is not going to make the device future proof for LTE-Advance, which happens to be around the corner for the US carriers. If Motorola really uses this chip on the Moto X I think that they are shooting them self on the foot from the get go. The Snapdragon S800 is LTE-Advance ready, and it was announced at CES. Unless they are releasing another device towards the end of the year with the S800. If they do this it will get people worked up again just like they did when they released the D-Razr and about 2-3 months later the D-Razr Maxx.

      • RyanBcrazyMon

        The Moto Ultra and Ultra Maxx are rumored to have the S800 chips in them and they are supposedly coming in as early as September.


      LOL no sd slot and no 32 or 64 GB version god you fandroids hate choice. enjoy your walled garden and last year specs OMG LOL

      • Frettfreak

        Wow.. this is about the most ignorant comment yet. “Walled Garden” How? I agree specs leave a little to be desired, but have a little faith in Google. Specs dont mean crap if the software is optimised to run well on those (look at the iphone.. specs that are basically 2 years old but still gives a good experience)

        • Justin W

          I think he’s talking about the next iPhone.

      • Who said you had to buy this particular phone? If you are looking for raw specs and expandable storage I might point you towards the Octo – Core S4 or maybe even a Note 2, heck pretty much any android phone would offer better specs and options than an iPhone.

        Nice try trolling, a$$hole!

    • MicroNix

      Say what you will but with the Android OS, specs *DO* matter…especially if you want to remain on current OS levels throughout your new 2 year contract and do so without disappointment.

      • Justin W

        Not as much so as you think – the S4 Pro is a powerful processor, and should easily last 1-2 years on current and future gens of Android. The higher-end games and graphics that may come out in the later part of that period, however, may not run so well.

        • MicroNix

          Having been through Android since v2.0, one thing is for certain; each new version consumes more resources than the last. And by the time a version goes by that is one up from what the phone shipped with, it will start to seem long in the tooth. Maybe Google and Motorola will pull one out of the hat on this phone but if I’m going to spend $200 on a phone, I’m going for high end specs so that it lasts as long as I can squeeze life out of it. Its the nature of the beast which no matter how hard someone tries to refute it, the higher spec hardware and architecture always wins. You can’t spin raw processing power.

          This phone appears as if it is going to always be listening for commands. Not only does that take battery, but it also takes processing power. You can’t add new geez whiz features without using resources. To couple that with older gen hardware is not what I would consider a value deal.

          Just my personal opinion.

    • Joshua Bailey

      I am almost completely sold on this device. I think you have to try and think of it this way…

      For most of Android’s existence, OEMs have tried to put the most robust hardware into devices in order to make them smooth, and compete with the likes of Apple. Apple on the other hand optimizes the crap out of their software so it runs beautifully even on lower spec’d devices. This way, Apple makes even higher margins as they are using older, cheaper hardware.

      This is what hopefully Moto and Google are doing. If you can optimize your software so well that year old hardware performs like future/present hardware, you will get much better performance in the long run. Not to mention battery power will turn into an afterthought. This is where Android definitely has been lazy in the past, not Google per-say, but OEMs like Samsung who just kill you with specs and don’t lay the proper groundwork with optimized software.

      This is why I more than likely will be giving Moto a fair chance here. They have taken the proper time to do things right, and give us a device that outperforms many current handsets whilst not having to pay top-tier prices for next-gen hardware.

    • Maximβˆ‘


  • Weber

    Eric Schmidt must get pedicures.
    Oh, and Moto X, NSA, rabble rabble rabble.

  • Dominic Powell

    That CPU -Z benchmark doesn’t align with the specs everyone knows, something fishy is going on here. There is no way optimization would have literally doubled bench marked scores to perform similarly to a snapdragon 600 (8064T). I think that either the MSM8960T is heavily modified and performs like a snapdragon 600, or something else is going on.

    • dtraini30

      From Android Authority comments..

      “Debunking time.

      My Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core processor at 1.5 GHz comes in at 25408.

      Add 13.333% clock speed increase = 28976.

      Add about 14% efficiency increase of the next generation Krait cpu = 32827

      The benchmark result was 34715.

      Nearly the same as my linear prediction.

      And near the results of the quad core Snapdragon 600.

      Conclusion – there’s no doubt that the benchmark is incapable of assessing a fully powered quad core Snapdragon 600.

      The Moto X is clearly running a Qualcomm S4 Pro.

      Without any secret sauce whatsoever.

      The real news in the article that’s overlooked completely – it’s sporting both temperature and pressure sensors.”

      Might help!

    • kixofmyg0t

      Also the FCC filing says it supports 802.11ac….the dual core S4 Pro doesn’t according to Qualcomm.

      It has more stuff in it then what we know publicly.

    • htowngtr

      That’s what I thought. Seems fishy to beat performance of a newer gen processor.

  • Zach B.

    Personally, I was hoping for a fun press conference. But I’ll take leaks, too, I suppose.