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Moto X Dominated the Weekend With Benchmarks, Specs, Motorola Hypebeasting and More


So, if you happened to unplug from all things Moto X this weekend, then you actually missed quite a bit. First, we had the device and all sorts of details about it leak in a promotional video for Rogers Wireless in Canada. We know about the phone’s always-on capabilities, new voice actions, notification system, and camera gestures. Motorola is going to try to win over crowds with software tweaks, the idea that the phone can do things hands-free, and what we’re hoping is an affordable price. But that mega-Rogers leak wasn’t all that happened. No, sir, we also saw a benchmark, screen measurement, screenshots of specs, a teaser by Motorola, and some extra “Moto Magic.” I’ll drop it all for you below and then let you sort of have at it in the comments. There is a lot to take in, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on it all.

The first place to start if you want to catch up is going to be the two videos below that were posted by reddit user Kronikbudz (classy). The guy had the Moto X (AT&T variant) in hand all weekend and posted two videos, but also hung out over at reddit answering questions and even doing a measurement of the device’s display.

And here are the measurement and size comparison pictures:


Brian Klug from AnandTech posted this series of screenshots to Twitter that give us a look at specs, including all of the sensors in the phone:


Motorola teased a fast camera for the phone on Twitter with this image and the line “Either this kid is really fast, or today’s phones are really slow.”

moto x camera

In terms of specs, what was previously reported appears to be correct:

  • 4.7″ HD (720p) display
  • 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor (MSM8960T)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB internal storage with about 12GB usable
  • No micro SD slot
  • Android 4.2.2

And last, in case you missed the Rogers video, here it is again:

YouTube Preview Image

If you hadn’t figured it out at this point, we think we pretty much know most of the details of this phone. While the processor may sound like last year’s cheese, it appears to perform with the best of them and no one has complained about overall performance. It won’t win you over in specs, but Motorola likely doesn’t care – it wants to win you over by how it fits into your life and what it can do from a software standpoint.

At this point, we have seen professional pictures of it taken in the hands of Eric Schmidt and seen it leak all over the internet within the last few days, so I’d say we should be hearing something official from Motorola any day now.

Via:  reddit | @nerdtalker | @Motorola

Cheers to everyone who sent all of this in!

  • percysnow

    that’s clearly not the phone Mr. Eric had in his hands, i think this was more of a software presentation, i’m pretty sure the amount of marketing money they claim to put behind this phone that’s not the same one in commercial

  • Sean

    You storage crazy peeps (not knocking you) are free to pay $700 for a plastic Samsung with ugly touchwiz ui and useless software gimmicks that don’t work. That’s totally your choice. I’m personally stoked to get an amazing device, trimming just the right specs to come it at an amazing price. I think this is the future, specs that we need, that are useful and lower the price, instead of pointlessly high numbers on paper that are expensive and unnecessary.

  • edmicman

    Any change of a 32GB option? My LTE Nexus is in dire need of replacing by the end of the year, but I at least need parity with the amount of storage.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Lets get a AnTuTu and quadrant bench mark up there!!!!

  • guest

    I just don’t understand why people here don’t see the potential of touch free voice activation, I can see myself using this feature in multiple scenarios, Specially while driving or while cooking in my kitchen , I can trigger navigation, sending texts, answering calls, making calls ..All these years the only way to accomplish these tasks is by using touch, now you can use voice to do that ..that’s a major change in how you interact with your phone ..I see why people don’t use google now voice commands so much on existing android phones, as that requires touch to launch google now and say a command that defeats the purpose of using hands free voice command. Touch free voice command activation is what was missing all these years to make voice commands a good way to interact with your phone ..But there is a catch here what will be impact on battery life?if Motorola can get this feature to work by running this on low power core minimizing current drain, as moto ceo claimed at d11 conference, this will be a bring about big change in how people think about about interacting with there phones ..

  • superg05

    I really do hope this phone is software and hardware configurable cuz I need a micro SD slot and want a quad core processor and at least two gigs of memory

  • Joshua Bailey

    I am almost completely sold on this device. I think you have to try and think of it this way…

    For most of Android’s existence, OEMs have tried to put the most robust hardware into devices in order to make them smooth, and compete with the likes of Apple. Apple on the other hand optimizes the crap out of their software so it runs beautifully even on lower spec’d devices. This way, Apple makes even higher margins as they are using older, cheaper hardware.

    This is what hopefully Moto and Google are doing. If you can optimize your software so well that year old hardware performs like future/present hardware, you will get much better performance in the long run. Not to mention battery power will turn into an afterthought. This is where Android definitely has been lazy in the past, not Google per-say, but OEMs like Samsung who just kill you with specs and don’t lay the proper groundwork with optimized software.

    This is why I more than likely will be giving Moto a fair chance here. They have taken the proper time to do things right, and give us a device that outperforms many current handsets whilst not having to pay top-tier prices for next-gen hardware.

  • Gary Graf

    I hope the Maxx gets the same features as the X. If so, I’d take the specs especially the battery life of the Maxx over the decidedly better looks of the X.

  • Brandon Golway

    I’ll stick with my S4, thanks.

  • Allan

    Thanks, but no thanks. Definitely not the sound of a “hero” device.

  • BobD

    16g and no SD slot.

    Thats backasswardness to me.!

  • joel

    no SD card slot? sigh…. skip
    the search continues….

  • kali bred

    Would have thought that instead of completely taking the second sim slot out in the us version that theyd just use that space and make it into an sd card slot. Would that be a bad idea???

  • Sharkh20

    Such a pretty phone. I hope they have a non gimped version soon after release.

  • Captain_Doug

    MSM8960T may npt be quad core but it should run just fine. The adreno 320 should be more than enough to run the 720P display too. I could totally use this phone for 2 years. Although it’ll probably be priced so cheap that I can upgrade in a year or even 6 months. T-mobile here I come.

  • RC

    great phone, this would be an awesome upgrade from my moto razr! and since i have an unlimited data from vzw ..i wont be up-grading any time soon 🙁

  • needa

    would anyone here argue that this is the biggest evolution in smartphones since apple stuck the gyroscope in the iphone4? i know some will… but if you sit back and think about it… this phone really is a big deal.

    • Bionic

      NO, its not. I sat here last night and played with S voice on my GS4 and i discovered its the same damn thing. You can option it so that its always listening and you just say “hi galaxy go to droid life .com” and guess what? It did it, and very fast.

      • chris420o

        s voice is for the gays

      • needa

        its more than just voice actions. and s-voice does not always work. it is also not near as good at understanding. it also does not use google now. and it uses quite a bit of battery where i get the feeling that is not the case on the moto.

        • SemahjLam

          ….dude you dont even know how the voice capabilities are on the moto x so everything you just said is pointless

          • needa

            I Am pretty sure I said ‘I get the feeling. Other than that I never made a reference as to what I know or don’t know about the x. Which pretty much makes your entire comment pointless.

  • Armus

    Barf. 720fail, dual-nothing cpu, sd-no, this is last year’s phone.

    • chris420o

      if you cant tell the dif between 720p and 1080p on a 37″ tv(which u cant and is why they dont make 1080p tvs under 40″) then how can you on a 4 inch smartphone…people like you make me weep for society

      • Jordan

        I usually can tell the differences, even though they are very minor. Just try using a 1080p device (ex. GS4) and then going back to your 720p (ex. Galaxy Nexus). That’s how I could tell. The icons in the notification bar are the easiest to distinguish the differences.

        Plus, we don’t have tv’s as close to our eyes as our cell phones, so it’s harder to tell the difference in resolutions in 720 and 1080p tvs unless up close in personal IMO

      • SemahjLam

        I can tell

    • chris420o

      everything else you said though…i sadly agree

  • Ajmcnicol

    Once again google has proved to be the BEST advertiser for buying a samsung phone.
    No expandable storage, no removable battery, last years specs and software addons that arent worth the hardware trade offs.

    Note 3 (was waiting to see if moto x was going to be better), here i come.

    • needa

      note 3 and moto x are in two different classes. you either want a huge phone or you dont.

  • TimXer

    Should’ve packed in the 2014 specs to make it THE phone hands down! I’m still psyched to see/touch the hardware

  • Jonathan Mallett

    Tape measure shows that the display is slightly less than 4.7″. More like 4.5″ possibly 4.4″

    • Jordan

      …Forgot to include the on screen nav buttons *cough cough*

  • Jordan

    I was hoping this would be as revolutionary as my Galaxy Nexus was, but it fails to impress me. I will be sticking with my Galaxy S4 for now.

    Major turnoffs: 720p screen, internal battery, no microSD slot with only 12GB usuable memory.
    The only factor that would consider me to jump on board at this point would if its price is $300 or less off contract price with unlocked bootloader.

    • chaoslimits

      Galaxy S4 must be real nice with it’s external battery.

      • Jordan

        Oh yea. No complaints with it so far. I have 2 batteries from Anker with a standalone charger that I cycle in and out after its out of charge. Each battery last me a minimum of 12 hours, so I couldn’t enjoy life any more right now 🙂 haha

        • needa

          i know how good the battery life is on the gs4. you must be using the heck out of it to get 12 hour times.

          • Jordan

            Oh yes. I forgot to mention that I had almost 5 hours of screen on time. And lately, I’ve been playing NFS: Most Wanted so it’s been eating my battery because I like to play with the brightness considerably high.

      • Bionic

        Are you kidding me? I am averaging 1 day 9 hours of life on my S4

        • chris420o

          no u dont

          • needa

            i have to back up bionic here. the gs4 gets amazing battery life. even with the ‘not so needed’ options turned on. my brother gets a couple hundred emails a day and sends/receives twice as many texts. along with being on the phone for hours and he gets a full day out of his. it took him nearly three weeks to see the ‘connect to your charger’ message.

          • Bionic

            You are now my bitchhhhh

          • chris420o

            26 min screen time? Meh

    • Sean

      It better not even be $300 considering it is below the nexus 4 in terms of CPU.

  • I-Troll-U

    Waiting to see the reviews on this thing before I pass any sort of judgement on it.

  • RoadsterHD1

    MOTO X looks like winner. Great improvements. I hope all of this will be available on the Droid MAXX….

    • Bionic


      • RoadsterHD1


        • Bionic

          cuz its old pipeline and isnt outfitted with the proper sensors and all that.

          • RoadsterHD1

            Old pipeline? I thought the Droid Maxx and the Droid Ultra were new phones?

          • needa

            they are the next iteration of the razr line and the last of the phones coming from the old moto/verizon exclusive contract.

          • RoadsterHD1

            If that’s the case they should have Mini HDMI out, right?

          • needa

            unless verizon deemed it unnecessary. verizon has the final say in what the phone has. tis the reason why i think they always have the worst screen and camera of all android flagships. also why they are going with capacitive rather than onscreen.

  • Mike Hilal

    The spec sheet says “(ghost)” not X phone

    • needa

      internal name most likely. kinda like the m4/m7 ended up being htc one/mini. and eos ended up being lumia 1020.

      • Mike Hilal

        Who knows. Price dependent, this might be my switch from the Gnex. Either that or the one/S4 with the GPE port.

        • needa

          i think this will be my next phone regardless of price. i had the nexus 4. was running it with aokp. whcih equated to the exact same thing i was running on my rooted gs2. the experience was the same. the speed increase was negligible. i sold the nexus and went back to my gs2. i decided then that i would not buy another phone until one of two things happened. either this one stopped working or a phone was released that actually gave me a different or better experience. i do believe this is the phone that is going to do it.

  • Frettfreak

    I bet this will be a great phone… if you dont need to take a lot of pics, or want actual music on your phone… WTF.. 16gb storage and no SD… guess that just made my decision to get a GS4. 32gb and i would be good but 16gb phone just doesnt cut it.

  • needa

    12 gigs usable equals a whole lotta not so nexus software on this thing. and i am glad for it.

  • Its not going to be a powerhouse but it looks to have similar specs to the S3 but with an upgraded GPU so its not going to be sluggish at all.

  • bananatroll

    Im still wondering if Verizon’s moto x will have the moto blur transparent nav bar like the leaked picture showed the other day. Does anybody know if that is the case?

  • maxx1987

    As much as I wanted to believe that Moto would provide the perfect phone experience, that little amount of storage is pretty disappointing if the rumors are true. As someone who would prefer to ditch the ipod and put most of my music on my phone, it looks like the X won’t help me accomplish that. If the price is right i will be in line for the 32 gig model, but, damn, low internal storage is a HUGE detraction from the smartphone experience.

  • Hatyrei

    Disappointing… specs for Motorola 2013 flagship phone. So, if the rumors are true , you can customize this phone…to your liking? So…. can they upgrade the screen to 1080p screen and faster cpu as well?

  • bananatroll

    Will there at least be an option for 32gb of memory?!

    • Jordan

      I’m hoping a 32gb variant would be in the works, just not available at launch. Kind of like what happened with the Verizon Galaxy S4

  • nobody72

    no-micro-sd slot. I’ll stick with samsung.

  • edmund75

    This is what the Galaxy Nexus should have been 2 years ago!

    • Jordan

      Agreed. This phone is 2 years behind it’s time. The only thing I didn’t like on my GNex was the 5mp camera. I wonder what the camera resolution will be on this phone.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Well it looks like I’m looking at the Ultra Maxx then for my next phone!