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Possible Verizon Roadmap Suggests August 1 Launch of HTC One, August 23 for Moto X

htc one verizon

According to a purported document out of Verizon corporate stores that was obtained by PhoneArena, we may have a look at the roadmap of the company’s device releases and policy changes through the end of August. First, this roadmap touches on the July 25 price increase of extended warranties and Total Equipment Coverage, which we first reported earlier in the week as happening. After that, it dives into the good stuff, namely the HTC One and Moto X.

If this document is accurate, then Verizon currently has the HTC One penciled in for an August 1 release. I’d certainly hope that they wouldn’t push it out any further than that, especially now that we’ve seen an official press render for it appear, along with a sighting of the phone at the FCC.

The Moto X on the other hand isn’t supposed to arrive until August 23, again, if this document is to be believed. That’s a little over a month away, and could be a possibility, especially since we haven’t seen an official announcement out of Motorola’s camp. All signs point to the Moto X launching on all major U.S. carriers – hopefully Verizon isn’t last to the party with this late August date.

As you’ll see below, the new DROID lineup is no where to be found. If you were hoping to snag a DROID ULTRA, MAXX, or Mini before we hit September, you may be out of luck.

Here are the important dates:


Via: ย PhoneArena

  • chris

    What about the DLXPlus, whatever happened to that mystery device? Did they plan on making a varient of the one under that moniker, but decided to just go with the original design of the One? It would explain the long delay til the release of the phone.

  • janagggg

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  • Me

    Does it even matter??? Why all the hype for a phone that will be blocked by VZW from htcdev.com and will not be able to be unlocked? Have you not seen what they did this week to the S4 and all the Moto phones that had been unlocked? Pushed updates blocking those exploits. So what makes anyone think they will release this phone (which has already been out since Feb I might add) with the ability to unlock it?? Common sense. Does anyone use it anymore? Screw you VZW for raping your customers every month on their bills and FORCING them to take whatever crappy, locked down phones you want them to have.

  • Marco Pรฉrez

    I’ll tell you how you can know if this road map is legitimate: have any on the points from July 10 th come about?
    I personally am not sure and not familiar with whether or not the Verizon Family Base it the insurance price hike went into effect.

    Does anyone here know?

  • James Hill

    I like the DNA better, and it’s been around since November

  • master94

    Having the NFL app pre-installed will be well worth the wait no doubt for VZW customers /s

  • Marsg

    so then is it going to be a early August unveiling of the moto x ?

  • davergoalie35

    Yeah this thing has to be wrong since there is no mention of any of the new Moto Droid phones

  • Andy Stetson

    THAT’s what they were waiting for! NFL Mobile 2013!!! So that they could have it already installed for us, how nice!

  • tyguy829

    So if it’s coming out August 23rd for verizon, it should be out like tomorrow on every other carrier based on past experiences… /s (but not really)

  • moosc

    So answer this, the HTC ONE is currently selling for $99 around town. Reason it is getting old. My question will VZW sell at $149, $199, or even $299 since its a 32gb phone like S4?

    • n900mixalot

      They’re still selling the Note 2 for $299 so … probably at the higher end. I like that question.

  • Chris Schmucker

    Did anyone else smirk a little when they read that Verizon was releasing a new flip phone?

    • Andy Stetson


  • BRIM

    Is that “LTE router” finally one I can get in my house to get better data reception?

    • Ian

      That’s a signal extender. “LTE router” sounds more likely to be a wireless router for computers and other wireless devices that runs on Big Red’s LTE network. Get ready for obscene data prices and more network congestion! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Guest

    Doesn’t matter since the Hero X beast won’t be coming out until October. The time to choose will be then.

  • Eric Soriano

    That is a lame list of products!

  • Joe

    So, why would anyone get the One on Verizon this late? May as well just wait for the G2 or something better.

    • tomn1ce

      At the same time pray that vzw picks up the G2. They didn’t pick up the LG Optimus G and picked up something else from LG that was not worth buying. Hopefully at&t doesnt get an exclusivity on the G2.

  • dannyWHITE

    But no LG Optimus G2 ๐Ÿ™

  • Who care about those crap phones. The Razr Ultra kills them both.

    • LiterofCola

      You’re just askin’ for it huh?

      • Sorry dude, I don’t want a purple and pink Miley Cyrus phone. I’m a big boy.

    • decidedtochangename

      Sounds like a shaver.

    • Dale

      It would have had a chance if it would have had the 800 in it…but now that’s not happening…

      • Umm…battery life, bro.

        HTC is the worst manufacturer and I suggest nobody waste your money on their crap until the DNA2 comes out.

        • Ian

          “Don’t buy HTC, they are crap. Wait for HTC’s next phone, get that.” is what I hear you saying. I have to say, I’m confused.

    • Diablo81588


  • Shane Redman

    What a pathetically horrible year for Verizon phone releases…

    • michael arazan

      Verizon, no other company is more dedicated to hindering innovation to its customers

  • Dale

    Come on LG Optimus G2!

  • LiterofCola

    Something isn’t accurate if that’s the case, the leaked commercial storyboard announced the Droid Ultra to be released on August 8th, now it’s not even on the radar with this document? Something’s not jiving.

  • Joshua Bailey

    Already made the decision to leave VZW for T-Mobile. They have decent enough coverage in Atlanta.

    • tomn1ce

      I’ve been thinking about leaving vzw but T-Mobile doesn’t have the coverage that vzw has. When T-Mobile gets the coverage that vzw currently has I may switch, but until that happens I’ll be on vzw. I see many people complaint about T-Mobile service and the people on vzw they complaint about the price.

    • Diablo81588

      Here we go again..

  • up2bKrzy

    Word i received from an insider recently is 8/2 on the HTC One, and for Moto X phone like normal Moto fashion matching #’s ( ie 8/8 )

  • Knlegend1

    Could someone kindly explain to me why did it takes so long for the one to come to Verizon?

    • David Wanless

      Because Verizon

    • EC8CH

      Oh you wanted the HTC One sooner…

      Verizon Don’t Care!

      • Knlegend1

        I switced to at&t…..I was just wondering.
        I don’t think they care either.

    • Anon

      My guess would be bloatware.

    • Verizon

      Droid DNA firesale would be my guess.

    • chris125

      Because Verizon, like apple feels they rule the world and can do whatever they want whenever they want.

      • Anon

        If you can, why not?

      • Verizon

        Sorry, I was busy clubbing a baby seal and couldn’t reply to this comment sooner.

    • schoat333

      This is entirely and assumption, but I would bet they planned to release it as some form of droid, but after seeing how popular it was as the one, they changed their mind. That sounds like something VZW would do.

    • ahhh yes

      i would think because of the extensive testing vz does. oh and making sure there is plenty of bloatware on the phone before release.

      • Anon

        Adding the bloatware is the extensive testing. Have to make sure it works.

        • imns

          Since when does bloatware have to work to be put on a device? PC manufacturers learned that years ago.

    • Detonation

      Because the DNA had recently come out when the One did so they wanted to maximize sales out of the DNA before it got replaced by a better phone.

  • David Wanless

    Nice! Just in time for everyone to have forgotten about it!

    • schoat333

      Forgotten about What?

      • mark smith

        that is really funny… nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  • decidedtochangename

    When’s the last time one of these have been right about a phone more than 2 weeks out from the date? I can’t remember in the last 2+ years.

    Remember the Gnex.

    • sc4fpse

      No, actually, I’d rather forget the Gnex. ._.

      • Marsg

        mine has 2 hours battery life >.>

  • Bionic

    There you have it.

    • Josh C

      Doesn’t matter since the Hero X won’t be coming out until October. The time to choose will be then.

      • the what? the X is a gimmick phone for tweens. Justin Bieber phone.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    WOO!… I dunno man. After the 4.2.2 update I STILL want the HTC ONE. Gearing up to sell this GS4. Swappa here I COME!

    BUT….. We all know how “accurate” leaked VZW roadmaps are…*EHH EM* VZW Galaxy Nexus DEBACLE** Eh Em** . . . Just clearing my throat.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Based on the Ultra storyboards leaked, one must be wrong. The question is which one. And the fact that AC was asked to take the images down is interesting, but not really telling one way or the other. However, my gut tells me that Verizon wants a new set of devices for their usual Back to School push, which would be a perfect time for the One-Ultra-Maxx-Mini combo, as there’s a device in there for nearly anyone’s taste. Hence, the 8/1-2 and 8/8 dates work out well.

      • Josh C

        Something is definitely fishy here. Hopefully that storyboard 8/8 date was right and we see the new DROIDs sooner than later. I want to be able to choose between all the new Motos at the same time.

      • decidedtochangename

        Snapdragon 800 in August doesn’t seem likely. Either it’s not coming in August or it won’t have an 800.

        • Josh C

          600 is my guess.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Other sites are reporting that it will likely have the same chip as the Moto X now, not the 800.

  • Unknown

    Why do can’t companies just announce devices? Why keep them under wraps for so long before they are planned to be released? And why on Earth does Verizon always release phones a month+ after other carriers?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      You’re asking US this? Don’t you know? Verizon is the devil

      • Verizon

        I’m not the devil! I’ve applied for the job 5 times and been turned down.

        • sc4fpse

          You’re bound to get it sooner or later. I have complete faith in you, Verizon.

          • Sirx

            Nah. They say he’s overqualified for the position.

        • Guest

          They say you’re overqualified for the position. You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling:

        • Guest
    • Jarren

      Because they don’t want to get people’s hopes up and then let them down. So much goes into these phones that an unanticipated delay is inevitable… There is nothing I hate more than when a company announces a device launch date and then says “oh wait nvm jk jk, sry we’re pushing it back 2 months and not telling you why…. lolzz”

      • Unknown

        So you would rather not know about a device, including it’s release date instead of knowing the device’s specs, etc., and rely on rumors because you won’t like waiting for the device if it’s delayed? I’d rather know about it and be able to make a decision about whether to upgrade to it or not instead of waiting on an upgrade blind.

        • Jarren

          Okay so let’s say Verizon says “hey everyone, the Moto-X will be released on Sept 10 ” then you analyze your options and decide to push off purchasing another smartphone on vzw because youre willing to wait. Then on Sept 9 vzw says, “oh wait, sorry we need to push it back until Nov 1…” Then what? Would the fact that vzw told you it’d be out on Sept 10th matter at all?? No

          To add to that, we are never given phone specs well ahead of time. It’s always just speculation until the official announcement.

      • ROB

        If a phone is delayed it has problems. Dont buy it.

    • decidedtochangename

      The non-tech bloggers will buy whatever is in the store right now, why alert them to a phone they can’t sell them now?

    • Mark Mann

      for the same reason they released 3 different versions of Avatar the movie one right after the other…because htey want you to buy an available phone and then go back when the One or X is available and have pay full price for it

    • tomn1ce

      Look what happen to the Bionic, it was released 4-6 months later then what vzw expected its release to be. It was announced at CES to be released in the spring and it was finally released in Sept. I was waiting for the Bionic to be released and then found out that the G-Nexus and D-Razr were going to be released 3 months after the Bionic. So I waited to see what these had to offer and I skipped the Bionic.

      • Diablo81588

        That was a little different. The device shown at CES of 2011 isn’t the same phone that turned out to be the Bionic. I’d say the Bionic was an extremely rare case of delay.

        • tomn1ce

          I know they change released a totally different device then what they had announced that’s exactly what I was referring to. If they announce a device and then have to go through what they went through with the Bionic people will be up in arms trying to cut vzw throat for releasing the device later then what was announced. Look also at the G-Nexus release debacle.

    • PhoenixPath

      The problem is that when they announce them 3 months ahead of launch everyone whines that they have to wait and we see a lot of, “Why can’t they announce it the day it’s available instead of making us wait?”

      They can’t win. No one can. Ever…

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Hmmmmm WHO ARE YOU TARUND!…. I see you seemed pretty sure about that date… what else do you know… aiy?

      • I’ll share when needed ๐Ÿ™‚

        • neo1738

          Here’s a question, I’ve been due for upgrade for a while, currently HTC One is top of the list for Aug 1 to get. Do you have any reason I may want to delay that a little bit maybe another month or two at most? hmmmmm ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Are you referring the ‘any reason’ to a possible new HTC device? Or devices from other manufacturers?

          • neo1738

            Other manf but is there something better than the One on the horizon. As far as I can tell neither the moto x or ultra/maxx will be better overall.

          • If you plan on sticking with Verizon, wait until September/October. I wouldn’t rule out Moto X or the Ultra/Maxx phones yet especially due to the software optimization Motorola is going to bring to these phones.

            You’ve already waited this long why not another 3 months? And if you don’t like new Moto phones and software, the HTC One for Verizon will most likely drop in price on Amazon by that time.

          • n900mixalot

            So when’s JellyBean coming to the LTE Xoom?

          • n900mixalot

            I’d rather “install” my Xoom into the hindquarters of Motorola’s CEO.

          • LionStone

            Yep, that’s my plan…my girl already said she’s fine with my DNA, so I’ll wait to see about the DNA2.

          • Droid_Me

            Sounds like you’re talking about the Droid Ultra/Maxx, which I peg to be released September 17th or so, which is 90 days from the day Verizon released the Droid Combat trailer that ended with “90 days until domination” ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • InvaderDJ

            I think he’s asking about other phones on Verizon. Sounds like he thinks you have leaked or insider information rather than guessing.

          • InvaderDJ

            Two months would be October 1st. At the most you would have the Galaxy Note 3, the DROID Ultra/MAXX, and the Moto X by then.

            But just remember that new stuff is being released all the time. If you wait to October you may kick yourself in December or January when HTC announces whatever new device they’ll have or when Sony does.

            The best way to go about it is to have a bare minimum of specs, performance, and features you want, make sure you buy at a time where the thing you’re wanting to buy won’t be immediately (ie in the next few weeks) obsoleted and learn to ignore the improvements in specs that are inevitable.

        • Richard Jackson

          TarunD or Tardis, are you a time lord?

          • michael arazan

            TarunD – Time and Space UNiversal Dimensions?

    • dannyWHITE

      We have a Nostradamus in here!

  • abrego47

    finally a date but not close enough…….still waiting

  • Verizon

    Moto X on my birthday!

    • sc0rch3d

      Verizon…you suck. That is all. (don’t take it personally)

      • Verizon

        I also use teeth so be careful.

        • Alex


    • EC8CH

      Oh the irony!