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Isis Mobile Wallet Will Give You $100 Amazon Gift Card If You Add a Credit Card to Your Account


Isis Mobile Wallet – the join venture between Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile that is the reason you can’t have Google Wallet – is still not currently available to the masses because it’s still being tested in select markets. But, should you be in one of those select markets (or if you convinced Verizon to send you an NFC SIM) and are using the app, then we wanted to make sure you were aware that a current promo running through the app could land you a $100 Amazon gift card. 

According to promo emails going out to customers who have “activated an Isis Mobile Wallet,” all you need to do is add a “participating” credit card to your account and they will hook you up with a $100 Amazon gift card. Sounds super simple.

I would attempt to test it myself, but my RAZR HD is rooted and unlocked, which means Isis will not work on my device. Should you have a non-rooted (and supported) Isis device, you may want to activate the app and add a card, just to get yourself $100.

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Cheers R!

  • Riki Lee Darke

    I did it all and never received the $100.00 Amazon gift card code! 🙁

  • Tofer

    @sg. Where you from? i have a feeling this is based on home location zip code.

  • SG

    FYI – I received my $100 GC e-mail yesterday afternoon

    • Tofer

      Where you from? i have a feeling this is based on home location zip code

  • Kevin N

    I emailed Isis about the $100 Amazon gift card. I will post once I hear back.

    • Tofer

      They will just tell you that the bonus was for select individuals. #isistroll

    • Kevin N

      Here is the email I was sent by Isis.

      Hi Kevin,

      The $100 Amazon.com Gift Card offer was an exclusive offer available only to select Isis customers who activated their Wallets prior to 7/9. Unfortunately, the Droid Life article made it appear as though this was a universal offer available to anyone who activated a Wallet and added a payment card. The terms and conditions that the blog cropped out of their screen shot of the offer email included language saying that the offer is “non-transferable”.

      Although the offer does not apply to your situation, we’ve decided to send you an Amazon.com gift card in good faith. You should receive an email with the gift card codewithin 7-10 days.

      Thanks for being an Isis customer,

  • Psytrooper

    Per ISIS official Twitter, it was a targeted email promotion (I guess the terms&conditions that were cropped out of initial screenshot explained that?)


  • daroc

    Has anyone actually received the $100 amazon gc? just wondering i fulfilled what was stated on this post but never recevied the offer in my email. not sure if I will receive or not.

  • Ryan George

    I got my NFC SIM card in the mail today, unrooted my GS3, and installed ISIS. When I started the app up, and went through a signup process, It told me it would text me when my secure element was set up. I got a text, opened the app, and it told me my secure element wasn’t working correctly. I uninstalled, and went through the process again. I never received another text. Now every time I open the app, I have to sign up again, and I never get a text. Any help?


    Ok. So I ran into an issue. Called Verizon, they are not aware of such a promotion. Is this for AT&T? Can someone confirm?

  • Kenneth

    I wonder what’s taking so long testing started in 2011, wish tmo would just go with google wallet