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Motorola XT1030 and XT1080 Hit FCC, More Than Likely En Route to Verizon

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According to new FCC filings, two Motorola devices, models XT1030 and XT1080 have passed the Commission’s tests. If you will recall, a Motorola device with number XT1060 also recently passed through the FCC, which was previously known as the XFON on its way to Verizon. Both devices allow for working on LTE bands 4 and 13, meaning these devices could also show up on Verizon’s network sometime very soon. As for which exact devices these two are, we can’t be 100% certain. 

From what we have reported so far, our intuition would lead us to believe that these could be the ULTRA M and ULTRA MAXX, essentially being the littler and bigger brother to the XT1060 aka DROID ULTRA. Although, we can’t count out the Moto X device completely either. The two devices which passed through the FCC sport NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac radios, features that each of these devices could have when they launch.

If you are confused by so many capital letters and weird naming schemes, don’t worry because you are not the only one. Now we play the game where Verizon and Motorola take their time to officially unveil these devices.

Via: Engadget | FCC [2]

  • Mike Hilal

    Wtf, no tip?

  • bogy25

    RAZR MAXX HD ……….paid right out to keep unlimited plan….$649….. Yellow blurry pictures & lag on the home screen….enough said*

    • chris420o

      unlock…root…flash rom

  • mini-me

    Motorola is now a Google product. But its going thru Verizon which means updates will be slow to get as always. Its not a Nexus like phone where Google controls the updates. Was hoping Google kept moto in its back pocket. Here comes the bloatwares

  • Moore2877

    Please let one of them be a Droid 5

    • That’s the only phone I am waiting for.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    Droid Ultra MAXX with 5″ FHD/HD EDGE-To-EDGE screen, same size as RazrMAXX_HD and same 3300mAh battery, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal with SD, GSM capability, 12MPx cam, Snapdragon600/800… I am waiting…

    • Sean Royce

      You might be waiting a while. Who knows what the specs will be.

    • hkklife

      I agree that all of those specs are plausible except for the 5″ screen, 12Mp camera.

      I say, take the above specs and reduce them to a 4.7″ or 4.8″ 1080P screen, a 10Mp camera, and a Snapdragon Pro . Basically an update to the existing HD & HD Maxx….release date in September 2013 but with late-2012 specs.

  • Radgatt

    Now I’m starting to wonder if I should get ready to sell my Note 2.

    • Ian Smith


  • Justin


    That is all.

  • Bigsike

    And buying a new Moto device on Verizon you’ll never get screwed… Oh wait.

  • AxemRed

    This seems like a crazy amount of phones from Moto going to Verizon. Droid phones are exclusive to Verizon, and evleaks mentioned a Droid Ultra, Mini, and Maxx (Maxx probably being the Ultra Maxx and basically same as the Ultra like the last two I would think.) But then the Verge said Moto X would be separate. And I don’t know where XT1060 XFON fits in except that other leaks have said that there would be two variants of the Moto X, one small (probably XFON) and one larger. And Verizon is supposed to get them all. So that means 3-5 new Moto phones on Verizon, maybe by the end of the year. I think my head is going to explode.

  • michael centeno

    No worries guys it will come out ” sometime this winter”

    • master94

      Watch it be released the day before spring. Ultimate troll and still winter.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    I’m guessing that these are the Ultra M and Ultra/Maxx (remember that the MAXX variants have the same model number as the regular version). So, I’m going to go with the Moto X (flagship) being in the XT1090 or XT1100 series, as it is likely newer than the Ultra, just as the XFON is likely newer than the Ultra M but not as powerful/highly spec’d as the Ultra.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Let’s get our ducks in a Row here guys. Verge has it from their sources that the Verizon Verizon of the MOTO X won’t be Droid Branded. Since we know the XFON is the phone from the leaks over the past couple days XT1060 shouldn’t be a Droid anything….?

    • Kenton Douglas

      Razr M > Razr M Ultra
      (Atrix HD, Razr HD, Photon Q, Electrify M) > Moto X

      Razr Maxx HD > Razr Maxx Ultra

  • Dave

    The first Motos to launch with JB…..yeah baby!

  • pooty

    If you remember the Motorola teaser site for the Droid Ultra claiming glassy Kevlar colors.. could these be the choices, assuming the Droid Ultra is Verizon’s version of the Moto X?


    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Unless you take the Verge sources at their word. Which are saying that Verizons version won’t be Droid Branded.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        Verizon’s version of Moto X-braded devices will not be Droid branded, but they likely have a contractual agreement to supply at least one more Droid-branded device to VZW.

        There’s every possibility that Verizon will have 3-4 Motorola-built devices on their network, with the assumption that the Droid Ultra/M/Maxx will be front-and-center in stores and online, with the Moto X/XFON either online exclusive, tucked in a corner of select retail stores, or available straight from Moto off-contract.

        As for the comment you replied to, it is highly likely that the link provided is indeed what the launch page was referring to when it touted “glossy colors”, as Kevlar fibers are available in at least 6 different shades, which are all metallic/glossy. I’d love the blue one myself, I have a soft-spot for anodized-aluminum blue 🙂

  • moew


    But you have me confused.

    Moto X M 1030/40/60 ULTRA Maybe. You might need Ilaina Walker to get you back to sorts asap.

    Someone hash Laina if you can here!

  • James Hill

    You should really change that Motorola Logo already.

  • kynyrd synyrd


    • DanPatrickFlores

      I remember the line: “When I peeked at a peak, it piqued my interest”

      • Bill Hill

        my spider sense is tingling

        • Steve

          There we go much better. No grammar issues able to be encountered… I think.

        • MHinvallover4706

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          I’m guessing that these are the
          Ultra M and Ultra/Maxx (remember that the MAXX variants have the same
          model number as the regular version). So, I’m going to go with the Moto
          X (flagship) being in the XT1090 or XT1100 series, as it is likely
          newer than the Ultra, just as the XFON is likely newer than the Ultra M
          but not as powerful/highly spec’d as the Ultra.

    • etobare

      can´t it be “my interest is peaked” as in… “my insterest is at its maximum point”? english is not my native language so i´m just asking to learn…

      • Anon

        My interest has peaked in this story…

    • LiterofCola

      lol, yep

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Here we go… hope they come out soon!

    • Only a few more decades.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        God I hope not. The sooner we go thru these, the faster we’ll get to that 5″ moto device

    • michael arazan

      Too Bad Verizon doesn’t show when Devices pass through their testing facilities

  • Pedro

    Locked bootloader to follow.

    • LiterofCola

      Not everybody cares

      • Pedro

        I do.
        Unlocked bootloader, unlocked phone are my requirements.

        I need to be able to drop my work SIM card in the phone if I have to go to Europe. And I have to be able to load my ROM on it if I have to use my phone.

        • Geoff Johnson

          That has nothing to do with the bootloader. Most, if not all of Verizon’s recent phones have been SIM unlocked, even though the bootloader has been locked.

        • Justin W

          Also, see previous Moto phones. It’s not difficult to circumvent bootloader locks – how many devices have we been able to do so with?

          • Greyhame

            Except that Dan Rosenburg, the guy responsible for all the RAZR variant unlock tools, has hacked his last Motorola device.

          • Justin W

            There are others who can circumvent the locks.

          • Indeed, but Dan has been the master for a while now. His exit could potentially spell trouble for those of us hoping to circumvent Moto bootloaders. :/

          • Justin W

            Eh, it doesn’t bother me too much. Either way, I don’t particularly use Root features anymore since most things I want are available without root (and, since Moto’s skin is now essentially stock, it won’t bother me at all).

    • Priorities

      Yeah, and straight Goog AOSP feed would be nice! We can dream, right?