Last Minute Thoughts or Predictions for Tomorrow’s Verizon Event?

droid ultra and mini

Kellen arrived shortly ago in San Francisco, one of two cities (the other is NYC) where Verizon is hosting a small press event. There are no guarantees in this world, as we’ve seen Verizon pull a fast one on us before, but their invitation does state that we are to see the next generation of their most popular family of devices. We can’t think of any VZW device family that would be more popular than the DROID family, but again, it’s Verizon.  (more…)

Motorola XT1030 and XT1080 Hit FCC, More Than Likely En Route to Verizon

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According to new FCC filings, two Motorola devices, models XT1030 and XT1080 have passed the Commission’s tests. If you will recall, a Motorola device with number XT1060 also recently passed through the FCC, which was previously known as the XFON on its way to Verizon. Both devices allow for working on LTE bands 4 and 13, meaning these devices could also show up on Verizon’s network sometime very soon. As for which exact devices these two are, we can’t be 100% certain.  (more…)

evleaks: Verizon to See Motorola DROID RAZR Ultra and RAZR M Ultra?


In the wireless industry, understand that phones are often times planned years in advance. That also means that contracts or agreements have been made between phone manufacturers and carriers…years in advance. With that in mind, take today’s tip from @evleaks, which suggests that Motorola and Verizon have teamed up once again to continue the DROID RAZR line, as evidence of that idea. According to a Tweet sent out by the famed leaker, Verizon and Motorola will release new phones called the DROID RAZR Ultra and RAZR M Ultra(more…)