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Android 4.3 ROM Leaks for the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition, Nothing Much to See

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Well, Android 4.3 has now leaked, except not for a Nexus. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition is the beneficiary (along with the regular GS4 GT-I9505) this time around, receiving the newest version of Android before even Google had a chance to make it official. We were told by reliable sources to expect it on June 20, before learning the week of that the 20th was out and that no new date had been picked. We’re now approaching July and 4.3 is still evading us. Thing is, we’re not sure why as this leaked 4.3 build appears to be incredibly minor. 

It’s Android 4.3 alright – it’s also still Jelly Bean. Nothing surprising there, but once it has been loaded up, finding changes becomes difficult. The folks at Android Central went ahead and flashed the build to their Euro Galaxy S4 and didn’t find much other than a file listing for “android.hardware.bluetooth_le,” which means the rumor of Bluetooth LE landing in 4.3 was correct. That’s pretty much it.

If you own the Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S4 (how could you?) or the GT-I9505, you can load up 4.3 today pretty easily. The leak comes via SamMobile.

Via:  SamMobile [2]

Cheers Brian, Jay and Weber!

  • veda99

    after flashing, did anyone see S4 gestures, smart stay and scroll or anything?

  • wellhayhay

    Papapaplllease give us avrcp!

  • klone

    I dont know why they even bother calling it 4.3 , were months away from a new nexus device any way they couldve just waited for Klp. that being said i hope the next Nexus doesnt have a glass back to it im still on gNex bcuz im not a fan of both sides being glass.

  • Brandon Golway

    I found to (not very useful) added features that apparently everyone missed: In dev settings there are now options for use experimental web view, debug non-rectangular clip operations and revoke usb debugging authorizations 🙂

  • Probably saving all the cool stuff for 5.0

  • tjk775

    lol fml! bricked my phone

  • Why does nobody care about SELinux! When I get 4.3 I’m setting it to Enforcing and see what happens.

  • joejoe5709

    Hmmmm. Worst Android version release to date?

    I really like the new camera app. Other than that, yawn. Here’s hoping KLP is around the corner.

  • jim

    Doubt the Gnex could take anymore updates,getting real laggy now on 4.2.2, and have to reboot everyday, just to use it as a phone

    • Can’t wait for a new phone! 2 of my friends upgraded from like dumb phones to Nexus 4’s and it makes me sad. Its so much smoother. My GNex decides to be laggy only at the most inconvenient times and smooth only when no ones looking.

  • Blue Sun

    All I wanted was a better camera app.

  • cjohn4043

    *waves hand* this is not the 4.3 update you were looking for!

    • ROB

      Move along…

  • Does the camera in this update have HDR support?

    • starnovsky

      Camera in 4.2.2 has HDR support already

  • proVOCAL

    Since most people will never buy a Play Edition phone, it is frustrating to think that their net impact is that we can look forward to a steady stream of leaked Android versions before they hit Nexus devices.

  • C.Sweat

    This seems to be a fake 4.3. The original thread was closed for review and is pending action. The provided.zip file was flagged malicious on my system. I dont recommend downloading

  • Fred Gissubel

    this is because there is new android management and… maybe chrome is more important to the new vp.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Google didn’t announce anything, i’m not going for it.

  • Steven Santinelli

    Soooo….. Basically Android has gone to hell in a hand basket ever since Andy left. Ugh.

    • Drome

      Andy was fired.

      • AshtonTS

        No he wasn’t. He still works at google, just not on android.

        • Drome

          they didn’t publicly say it but yes he was. I live in SF and have friends who work there and told me. He was banished to the shadowy xlab and they took android away from him (which he founded) and gave it to the leader of Chrome OS who he had conflicts with. Apparently Andy did not want to go in the direction that Larry and others did and was hard to work with so they removed him. You can expect him to leave for a “new venture” outside of google in the next few months. They were just trying to save face.

  • Elliot Kotis

    Way to put your finger up at Nexus customers Google, thanks. Plus wtf? You have always been very globe focus recently:
    1. Wireless Charging only for US
    2. Subscription Music only for US
    3. HTC One GED and S4 GED only for US
    4. Fastest updates only for US (in the GED editions)
    5. Most updates and new features for Google Now only US?!?!?!?!

    • ToraRTC

      You sound like an entitled child.

    • PhoenixPath

      Google didn’t release anything to anyone and there is some serious doubts as to the validity of this leak.

      Take a few pills of the relaxing variety, put the phone down, and chill the frak out.

    • Weber

      ‘Murica. That’s why.

    • zurginator

      1. Maintaining multiple products in multiple markets is expensive,and drives up costs.
      2. You can thank the copyright holders for that. Pandora has the same issue, and that is their only source of income. If anyone could solve the problem it would be them.
      3 see number 1.
      4. See number 1/3.
      5. Pretty much number 4, why repeat?

  • Raven

    If that is all that it is it should have just been called 4.2.3.

    I for one am hoping for some drastic improvements to the multiuser tablet support. As soon as I log into a second user (my wife’s user on my Nexus 7) the whole tablet slows to a crawl for both users and only a reboot will fix it. They obviously leave too many things running from each user instead of fully suspending them.

    • Blue Sun

      |major rollout| . |maintenance release/new features| . |bug fixes|

      There are some new features in this release, therefore it (barely) warrants the 4.3 instead of 4.2.2.

  • Rockets

    what is this. an apple update???? c’mon google get real

    • needa

      why does everyone think they are going to get the moon with every update? with every new flagship?

      • Elliot Kotis

        Because we have high expectations from Google, and they seem to be slipping ATM.

        • zurginator

          Slipping? You people just got spoiled by the overhaul. They got Android as a whole where they want it, now comes tweaking.

          • Jonathan Williams

            What do you mean “You people?”… lol

          • zurginator

            I must go. My people need me!

  • addicuss

    does the remote work ? can anyone confirm?

  • needa

    i really didnt expect much more than under the hood improvements after the i/o keynote.

  • Brandon Golway

    I’m going to load it up on my tmo S4 anyway because I just loaded the GES4 rom on it last night. There’s probably some code optimizations and other things that aren’t really noticeable. An improvement is an improvement.

  • dmagicp

    Most of these updates are minor. The last significant update was from ICS to JB. As for the rest sure they might offer improvements or new features, but nothing that will set your experience on its ear. When they bring back apps to SD, that’s when I will be excited again. As for the rest of these, I’m not really sweating it too much.

  • Chandler

    Does anyone know if they have the air view, gestures etc. built in this version for the GS4?

    • Brandon Golway

      I just loaded the 4.2.2 GES4 on my TMO GS4 last night and I don’t see anything about those, but someone did mention that gestures works.

      • chandler

        Let me know if you dont mind after messing with it if you get those GS4 features. Didnt think i would like them as much as i do but i would prefer vanilla android with those features. I have been running hyperbeast basically a touchwiz rom that is good but again prefer vanilla with those GS4 features. Even if there is an APK file that we could add would be fine.
        ⬇ Drag and drop your images here to upload them.

        • Brandon Golway

          I just looked through my phone and I don’t see anything about it bud, sorry to get your hopes up. One of the devs may be able to hack it in since it is using a TW kernel.

          • chandler

            No problem like you said im sure a DEV will figure it out at some point. How does it run?

          • Brandon Golway

            Really f****** fast! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. There’s also a leak out for 4.3 but it’s unrootable at the moment.

  • dcdttu

    Maybe on the N4’s version they fixed the ARP-offload issue where, when on wifi, the phone gets zero push-notifications except every 15 minutes or so when it fully wakes up.

    Ever notice that, while on wifi when you wake your phone up it gets all these notifications all of the sudden?


    • mclarenfan1968

      Yes some clowns keep saying it doesn’t happen to them. Those idiots forget to mention they never use their Wifi that much and receive most of their stuff or VoIP calls while on mobile data plan.

      • dcdttu

        Well, it’s fixed – if you get an AOSP derived ROM. The OTA totally has this turned off STILL.

  • NexusPhan69

    Everything is in place for Google to abandon the Nexus line and focus 100% on software. I still really hope I’m wrong. I need the Nexus 5!

    • r0lct

      Well they did publically state that these Special Edition phones would not mean the end of Nexus.

      • NexusPhan69

        I know. But, I won’t believe it unitil I see it.

    • Ethan G

      How do you get everything is in place for them to abandon the Nexus line? It’s been announced they’re working on a gaming console, smartwatch, and potentially a phone outside of their motorola division, all I would be willing to bet will be branded Nexus devices. The next version of the Nexus 7 should be rolling around here soon and it seems unlikely we’ll see the demise of the Nexus line, if anything it looks to be set for expansion at a rapid rate.

  • calum wilper

    Skip it, just gimme 5.0

    • sc0rch3d
      • Go Hawkeyes

        As a matter of fact I did get all the bitches when I drove a Mustang. I also happened to work at the dog pound at the same time.

  • sc0rch3d

    maybe 4.3 was some “special” 1-off version for the phones that allowed to be unlocked without any special tools…i dunno. usually a “.X” update for google is pretty big

  • Geoff Johnson

    Google shouldn’t even land 4.3 if these are the only changes, as it will just add to the already poor fragmentation that is Android.

    • I wouldn’t doubt it if they release 4.3 and OEMs just wait for 5.0 and skip 4.3.

    • r0lct

      Assuming 5.x is a major update and some older phones won’t see it, hopefully those on JB (and will be stuck on it) will at least see 4.3 with BT improvements and whatever else is on store.

      • zurginator

        What exactly do you consider a “Major Update”?

        • r0lct

          Changing the number before the dot. 😉

          • zurginator

            OK, so if this was the 5.0 update you would be happy?

      • Simon Belmont

        I’ve read that Android 5.0 was purportedly developed to run better on lower-end phones and tablets. So, technically, they could run it and run it well.

        Of course, that leaves the little problem of carriers not feeling like updating old phones. Which is a shame, of course.

    • BangIShotYou

      People are saying RAM usage is WAY down too. That’s a significant and worthwhile change, especially when viewed from a distance. Because something like that means legacy devices could theoretically run newer versions of Android. So OEM excuses of “the hardware can’t run it” would no longer be acceptable (as if they ever were, not when the ROM community can make that hardware work perfectly fine with the latest software in almost all cases).

      • Simon Belmont

        ^This. I think KLP is supposed to be designed to run on lower end devices much better, so perhaps Android 4.3 is a stepping stone towards that end.

        I’ve said this elsewhere, but my prediction is that Google will update the G’Nex to Android 5.0 to prove that it runs well on older hardware. Too bad the Verizon version probably won’t get it until 2015, though.

        • SkylaC90


      • ROB

        Wow, so the Bionic might get this….and no I’m not high.

    • Right, so those of us with Nexus phones or who get these GE editions shouldn’t get Bluetooth Low Energy Profile support just so the rest of Android doesn’t feel too fragmented? Give me a break.

      • Geoff Johnson

        Does that alone warrant a whole new OS version? Make it a 4.2.3 update if it only has a bluetooth fix.

        • WickedToby741

          It probably represents more under the hood sort of changes like Bluetooth LE and better memory management, which are less visible but still significant.

        • It’s an entire new version of the Linux kernel as well, and presumably a lot of less visible tweaks. I think so, yes.

    • Ethan G

      The fragmentation issue is directly in the crosshairs for Google. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the past few months, more and more of Android is being broken up and put into the play store. The OS itself will always continue to change and evolve, but there’s not much that a 4.2 phone can do that a 4.0 can’t. Anyone still on earlier versions of android can still get an updated play store and nearly all of the updated core Google apps. 4.3 isn’t going to fragment much of anything really. Everything seems to suggest that 4.3 is just a performance and maintenance release with a few improvements like Bluetooth.

      That said, the OEM’s were struggling to keep up with a new Android version every year which between them and Google really created the fragmentation mess. Google played it smart by keeping JB on our plates this year while they keep working on KLP and let the customers as well as OEM’s catch their breath. A small bump will be nice as it will more than likely iron out alot of JB wrinkles and sprinkle in some good enhancements. Google is also trying to (I believe) make Android lighter and easier so that OEM’s can more quickly update their phones without having to redo everything, but we’ll see.

      • Geoff Johnson

        Exactly, Google is working hard to make fragmentation less of an issue, and they have been doing great with slowing down the releases of their OS – up until now.

        • Ethan G

          I still disagree that them releasing this now is an issue at all though. If you have a project you’re working on with alot of milestones along the way, it helps to release things to the wild and see how they do. Android has a long life ahead of it, and Google has been doing a pretty great job of moving in a particular direction that people are only starting to get a real picture of since I/O, that being an all-in-one place for everything in your life.

          Part of 5.0 is going to be these new features and enhancements. From the time Google bought Android to now, they’ve continued to build and mold what has worked and trim the fat where they can. Enhancing bluetooth, improving the camera, and particularly making API’s more streamlined is essential to hitting 5.0. There’s no harm they’ll cause by putting out this release, consider it another milestone.

      • Eli

        Great post!

    • Elliot Kotis

      Okay, think of it this way. Nexus and GED are like the flagship, all other phones are a spinoff, and the OEM’s, let’s say, are not Android, but…..a mimic, and the mimics get the versions later, no fragmentation, buy the bloody actual android, if you don’t like it. Google have android, and they give it to GED and Nexus, and allow others to use it, but just a side thought. Hard to explain, but you probably get my point. I don’t call Android, android I split it up when I am talking about this stuff.
      Nexus and GED: Nexi OS
      Samsung: TouchWiz Android
      HTC: Sense Android
      And so on. No fragmentation, just variations, that is what android is. It is choices.

  • LiterofCola

    Well they can’t all be winners now can they. By the way, so much for the hype everyone was drumming up about the Google Play Editions not getting fast updates. Granted, this isn’t an OTA push but it still came out fast.

    • It was presumably in the works from before the phones were even announced. Not necessarily enough to tell us we won’t have problems later.

  • charles rogers

    All i wanted was a better bluetooth.

  • s23

    not the 4.3 I expected……….

    • r0lct

      Maybe it’s an old incomplete build?

    • NexusPhan69

      Which is a good thing. It means most of Google’s resources are going to 5.0 development. And it will be epic. They’ve come close enough to perfection on Jelly Bean (In my opinion) that it no longer needs any major changes.

      • zurginator

        I’m not sure what you’re expecting, but an ICS-like jump will probably never happen again, at least not for 5+ years.

        Before ICS, Android was just kinda… ‘there’. Post ICS, Android is… Android. It has a brand, it’s recognizable, it looks and performs well. That’s the reason there was the huge jump: They finally made Android something worth using.

    • Blue Sun

      What did you expect to be in 4.3? I hoped for a better functioning camera. I expected refinements. If this is an under the hood update like some are mentioning, expect your existing device to run better, & longer.

  • 4n1m4L

    We will say that, and then all the system apps will update from play.

    • NexusPhan69

      But why bother pushing out 4.3 then? Unless, its a tablet focused upgrade? Can someone force tablet mode DPI and screenshot it please!

      • needa

        bt 4.0 le

        • NexusPhan69

          One feature being enabled where hardware support was already existing and where other manufacturer skins already support it is certainly not worthy of a .X version bump.

          • needa

            i hadnt realized there was support for it.

          • AnotherAndroidKid

            Not all phones with hardware have skins that make use of it yet. BT4 is important to many

          • NexusPhan69

            Regardless, by itself it’s still waaaay to minor to justify a .X bump.

          • Jase Mase

            Too minor? Just because you personally don’t use something doesn’t mean it’s minor to everybody else. How inconsiderate.

  • bionics sac


    • needa

      so you want to be his sweaty balls? thats about as good as being his skid mark.
      hows life down there? smell good?

    • Except to those of us who are waiting for Bluetooth Low Energy Profile.