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Download: New Stock Camera App From Google Play Edition Phones

New Android Camera

After posting the new boot animation and SunBeam live wallpaper from the new Google Play Edition phones, we made mention of the camera app with its new UI being the next on our list to get a hold of. At that time, it wasn’t available, however, we knew it wouldn’t take long with this good of a community. Late last night, the camera .apk from the GPe phones was made available, and appears to work on any phone without root. I installed it on my HTC One without issue (pictured above). In fact, I was able to snap a Photo Sphere, Panorama, video, and regular photo like you would hope. 

This camera also comes with the stock Android gallery.

To install, download the file to your phone tap on it when it finishes, and then install. It should show up in your app drawer with the stock camera icon. If you have a Nexus, it will more than likely replace your current camera.

Download Link

Via:  XDA

Cheers @WinDroidGuy, Jeremy, and Robert!

  • John

    I just updated my nexus 4 to 4.3 and now my ringtone doesnt work, my gallery wont open, i cant download any apps either. I did a factory reset twice and its still the same any clues?

  • Chris

    The OTA Android 4.3 update hit my GNexus today, and the same photosphere instruction screen bug has reared its ugly head again.

  • Chris

    Installed on my Stock S4 and everything works but photosphere takes 1 or 2 pics then crashes. I have not been able to use photosphere anyone PLEEEEEEEASE help me..

  • Bessie Arino

    The flash on this camera seems to be really wonky for me. If it uses flash the light is very over bearing on the first picture and I have to take the picture again, then it’s normal.. kind of a hassle..

  • Christa Marlaise

    Anyone know a way to change the setting on this camera app to save the photos to the external sd card? I had it that way on the stock camera before installing the app. Now that this replaces the stock camera, I have 2 separate “Camera” folders in my gallery. I’d much rather have one. Lol.

  • Brandon Kesler

    Anyone figure out how to change the save location in the new camera app?

  • gokul

    can anyone tell me how the photos come up? I mean the quality when compared to touchwiz camera app which i presume is more optimized on S4

  • RW-1

    I have had to drop it and go back to my TWRP Backup on my GNex (running MMuzzy). Although the new camera was working in all features, somehow other things within the ROM seemed to have been busted after that install, the photo gallery widget must not have been updated to work with it, got varying picture sizes and resizing images caused lockups. But more importantlly my email notifications and light flow was affected (nothing else installed after the camera, only change), going back to my backup restored push exchange, email notifications, etc. so I’m good to go. Can wait until the ASOP Version instead of the GP edition for the HTC device.

  • Chris

    This update broke the photosphere camera on my Galaxy Nexus, it got stuck on the instruction screen and never went to align to start screen.

  • Ezra Farber

    I love it EXCEPT I can’t find hdr, multi-shot, or panorama. With a mediocre camera (Razr M), I really count on HDR to make things look nicer. Does this even have HDR?

  • Muhammad Kamran Arain

    I am getting a parsing error

  • Steve Lovell

    I have a nexus 4: Do I need this download – the phone already has a great camera. The download has been blocked which has given me a cooling off period. Grateful for any advice.

    • RW-1

      No, not really IMHO …