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AOL Launching Google Reader Alternative, in Beta Testing Now (Updated: Beta Live)

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Update:  The beta for AOL Reader is now live. Go sign-up!

With Google Reader scheduled to shut down in about a week on July 1, we’re seeing more replacement services pop up by the day outside of Feedly. One of those happens to be mega-internet giant AOL, who appears to have semi-secretly launched their own Google Reader replacement into beta. 

They already have a landing page for the new service, which is simply calling it AOL Reader. According to the site, the service will be customizable, allow you to adjust the experience to your liking, and allow for importing/exporting to and from other RSS readers. Also, if you take a look at the image used for AOL Reader (included at the top of the post), we’re seeing the presentation of experiences across multiple devices and device sizes, ranging from phones to tablets to computers. That could mean apps or it could mean a website that scales depending on your browser or device.

As far as the beta goes, the AOL Reader website displays a sign-up or invite request box, however, I’m unable to get it to submit without error. Engadget is reporting that sign-ups will go live on June 24.

Via:  AOL [2] | Engadget

  • David Becker

    Looks nice, but doesn’t have any exporting options yet. Until they do I won’t be moving my feeds from commafeed.com

  • DeAnna Sowder

    AOL, really?? HA!

  • mariebryson325

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  • Robert Castles

    I’m using gRreader with feedly just now, and except for the reordering of my feeds, all seems good with the world.

  • hughlewis325

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  • Alain Lafond

    lol, really…

  • michael arazan

    Thanks AOL for polluting the world with trial CD’s

    • Brenda Thompson

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  • ScottM

    AOL? Seriously?



  • TheWenger

    Looks like they only want to focus on Apple devices.

  • ßen Murphy

    You’ve got… to be kidding me?!

  • It makes sense for AOL to develop a google reader replacement. They own a lot of news outlets like Huffington Post, Techcrunch, Engadget, and countless other blogs. Journalists are one of the biggest power users of RSS readers and their brands still get a lot of traffic from their own RSS feeds.

  • James

    I dont know guys, AOL is how i got my flirt on in middle school.

  • brkshr

    You lost me at AOL

  • S2556

    A wild AOL appeared!
    on another note thanks for the gift card DL! Always feels good to win a contest let alone a Droid Life contest!

  • John Miller

    I want AOL as the OS for my phone. I’m not even joking. Make this happen.

  • BA_Carroll

    AOL is still around?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Yep, just as NetZero is. lol No idea why, but that’s just the way it goes.

      • BA_Carroll

        Holy Crap NetZero is still around too! LOL have AOL and NetZero been hiding out in the dark corners of the internet all this time?

        • BaconEater


          That’s still a thing too. You oldschoolers know what I’m taklin about.

          Good times back then. That’s for sure.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Juno was one of my first EVER e-mail addresses(also the infamous Juno e-mail client)…wow, I feel extremely old right now. lol

            Good ole 90s! 🙂

    • Brian Menius

      … as is Nutscrape Navigator, in some form.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Netscape Navigator*

        Or wait…were you trying to make a funny? lol

  • sonicyoof

    Don’t laugh, you get 370 hours free when you pick up a disc at Circuit City!

    • EvanTheGamer

      And all 370 hours will be infested with AOL ADS! There’s always a catch…always…

      • Wyveryx

        I know this is bad, but I swear I read that as AOL AIDS….

        • EvanTheGamer

          I sorta read my own comment as AWOL…honestly no idea why really. lmao Damn mind tricks!

    • BA_Carroll

      Sweet I’m on my way…… wait a minute Prodigy is offering me 371 hours!

  • DiegoKokomo

    I wonder if Google has questioned their decision yet given how many different companies are popping up with Reader replacements. It’s as if Google had a good service that filled a need…odd.

    • Hoosegow Flask

      I thought for sure Google was going to have a change of heart on this.

    • zurginator

      The thing is these replacements that are popping up don’t know how many people they’ll get.

      Google’s reasoning was lack of use. Now that might just be it was no longer economical to support their Reader team, or it could mean that there was actually a very small population using it. People often forget we’re a very small minority.

  • Daniel

    eh, you say that, but I’m not a fan of needing a browser plugin just to use the website. The Old Reader is my favorite until I see what the Digg Reader has in store

    • Jordan

      Feedly Cloud.

    • John

      They launched their web version the other day

  • Chris

    AOL is so out of touch… They used all Apple products in the ad…. 🙂