AOL Launching Google Reader Alternative, in Beta Testing Now (Updated: Beta Live)

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Update:  The beta for AOL Reader is now live. Go sign-up!

With Google Reader scheduled to shut down in about a week on July 1, we’re seeing more replacement services pop up by the day outside of Feedly. One of those happens to be mega-internet giant AOL, who appears to have semi-secretly launched their own Google Reader replacement into beta.  (more…)

Feedly Cloud Available to All Users Two Weeks Before Google Reader Shuts Down, Press Updates With Support


The end is near, folks. Google Reader will officially shut down on July 1 whether you are ready for it or not. Thankfully, services like Feedly have stepped up to the plate to make sure that RSS addicts still have options when that day arrives. In a blog post this morning, Feedly announced that their replacement service, Feedly Cloud, is now available to everyone. With Feedly Cloud, the RSS replacement service now has an entire platform to make them completely independent of Google Reader, which is a good thing since we are days away from Google’s RSS service shutting down.  (more…)

Feedly Roadmap Detailed, Continues to Prepare for the Death of Google Reader


Google is just one month away from completely shutting down Google Reader. While folks scramble to find their favorite alternatives, the one we have been using for the past month continues to get better with each update. Feedly, a 3rd party RSS news feed application that launched not too long ago for Android, has been preparing for the Reader shut down for some time, making sure their product is feature rich and bug free when the date finally does come.  (more…)

Feedly Releases New Update on Android – Introduces New Discovery Tool, Pull-to-Refresh, Easy Sharing and More


Feedly, the app that plans to take the RSS reigns from Google Reader when it’s retired in July, released a new version of its app on Android this morning. Over the last two weeks, Feedly has added some 3 million new users thanks to Google’s announcement, prompting the team to quickly upgrade their apps to be much more polished, stable, and feature rich. After spending the weekend with this new version in place of Press (my usual RSS reader app), I can easily say that I’m a fan of what Feedly is up to.  (more…)

Question of the Day: How Do You Find Your Daily News?

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With Google intending to kill off Google Reader by July of this year, people in my industry are freaking out a bit. You see, we all live and die with RSS feeds as we browse dozens throughout the day to help us create the stories that we bring to you. But we’re a small group, as the comments on this site and Twitter have helped us realize. RSS feeds are not as popular as they once were – if they were, Google wouldn’t be killing off their famed service. Many of you have turned to Twitter, Pulse, Flipboard, Google Currents, or a variety of other services.

Speaking of Currents, I retweeted a comment this afternoon from a reader who suggested Google kill it off instead of Reader. As someone who rarely looks at Currents unless it has received an update, I fully agree with this person, however, many of you were quick to point out that you enjoy the service and would rather stick a needle in your eye than use Reader.

So that brought me to today’s poll – how are you gathering your news throughout the day? News readers? News gatherers like Pulse? Social media?

Google is Killing Off Google Reader in July of This Year

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This afternoon, Google announced that they have more spring cleaning to do, which yes, means more closures of services that you probably use. In order to focus on making better products, they do not want to spread themselves too thin and have decided to eliminate a number of products. One of those is Google Reader. Yes, that Google Reader. The same one that you probably use to store all of your RSS feeds in.  (more…)

Press for Android Receives Update, Joins the DashClock Supported Party

press android dashclock

Press, our favorite feed reader application on Android, received an update today to add extension support for the hottest app on the block right now, DashClock. This new extension will show you unread counts for articles, as long as you have it set to sync automatically in the background. Otherwise, it’ll just show a “0” until you manually refresh it.

In order to use this new extension, you’ll need Press and DashClock. With both installed, add DashClock to one of your lockscreens, press the “Add Another Extension” button, and then choose “Press.”

If you are a big feed or Google reader user, you should really check out Press even with its $2.99 price tag.

Play Link $2.99)

Cheers Michael K!

Press Receives Major Update: Sync on App Launch, Background Syncing, New Article Navigation Included


Press, the feed reader Android application that has quickly become a favorite of the DL staff, received a sizable update this afternoon. While the original release of the app grabbed our attention, it was still missing some pretty basic features that other feed reader applications have had for some time. Simple things like background syncing and auto-sync on app launch are just a couple. Those are now included, along with a new way to quickly navigate between articles, more detailed sharing to social networks, and new text-alignment options.  (more…)