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Rumor: Verizon Planning Customization Service for Galaxy S4 LTD Edition

Galaxy S4 LTD

Android is already known as the go-to OS if you want to customize your phone – custom backgrounds, keyboards and third-party lockscreens can all be added after you purchase the device from an OEM. However, if this newest leak is to be believed, Verizon is looking to give customization options during the ordering process to wildly change the outside look of your new Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4 LTD edition is reportedly soon to come to Verizon with its own SKU, allowing the carrier to partner with different brand names to make your phone look extremely unique. Kid Robot (a popular urban toy line), KAWS, Undefeated (an urban clothing designer) and KRINK all have different designs on board that you can choose to have grace the back of your device.


The back of the device isn’t the only canvas however, as software customizations are also on the list of changes that can be made. A website is said to be in the works to allow you to customize and order your S4, making the whole process easy. The leak comes from @evleaks who is usually pretty spot on with his digging, so this is all the more intriguing. Motorola has been hinting towards hardware customization for a while now, but with Samsung’s weight behind the project it could take off.

Would you pay a bit extra to have a limited edition S4 with a brand design on the back?

Via: @evleaks | TheUnlockr

  • matti861


  • Thanks information exchange. I love galaxy s4.


  • a.d.AM

    It should be cheaper if im putting some companies brand name on it!!!!

  • eli

    i’ve been samsunged!!!!

  • yummy

    I consider Furizon the least
    creative entity in the known universe.
    They suck creativity out of people
    with a straw. If I want to be
    creative, I turn my back to Furizon,
    and do the 180° polar opposite
    of whatever they are doing.

  • radiohead14

    and i bet you they still won’t let you customize/remove any verizon branding off of it.

    • michael arazan

      I hope they allow me to customize the os, get stock android and keep the camera software would be nice

  • Forgreforn1932

    Edit: How’s about instead of trying to make us feel good with
    customization of a phone, you give us the phone upon release and not 6
    months after, VERIZON!

    • Tyler Durden

      I ought to stick a gun in your mouth and pour acid on your hands for just typing in the format.

      • Sean Royce

        They’re on every Android site it seems.

  • Mon

    I love my S4. EVERY PHONE HAS ITS FLAWS PEOPLE! Name one phone that does not? As long as you are happy with your phone, and it isn’t using outdated 3D wallpapers as its sales pitch, what does it matter? 🙂

    • sukt

      Moto DROID

  • Col_Angus

    Here’s my custom request: Unlocked bootloader, no bloatware.

    • s4tips

      give me vanilla android instead!

  • Paul Hansen

    As part of my customization… Can I return my existing one and replace it with one with non-plastic materials for $150 more? I’d totally do that…

  • SkylaC90

    I would pay buy it and love it so long as I can get it with any storage above 16gb

  • NexusMan

    I think it’s a great idea. Will I get one? No. But I also will not be getting the regular S4. But for the average consumer, I think it’s cool that they can customize the look of the most popular device on the Verizon network and make it “their own.” Especially since i am not a fan of the standard casing of the S4. If these options were offered for a phone I planned on getting, I absolutely would get the customized LTD edition if it looked cooler than the standard version.

  • joejoe5709

    Dumb. People with half a brain cell can do this on their own. The wallpaper thing probably isn’t terrible, but this rest is. I change my wallpaper practically daily now depending on my mood so it doesn’t matter anyway.

    This is the opposite of the Nexus program.

  • Bob Allen

    Hows about unlocking the bootloader and putting out the 32 and 64 GB editions instead? Then we’ll talk customization!

  • Logic says…

    Just a sneaky way for you to get a device that you can’t return

    • joejoe5709

      Probably true unfortunately

      • Jdon285

        Not to mention it’s always nice to get the best resale value you possibly can when you want the latest later. Hard to sell a phone with pink flames and J-Lo all over it. :o)

  • gbenj

    I just hope this isn’t a precursor to the fact that they won’t carry the X-Fone.

    Future me: “Hey Verizon, why don’t you carry the X-Fone. ”
    Future VZW: “We have many device, if you’re interested i customizing your device, try this Galaxy S4 LTD.”
    Future me: “Groan…”

    • Oh god, this makes sense…

  • Zach Karabatsos

    For like $15 bucks you can by basically stickers and completely design it yourself while providing extra protection (minimal but still stops basic scratches)…so why Verizon? If you want to allow us to customize our GS4’s – let me use Google Wallet!

  • JoshGroff

    This is a step forward, always wanted to be able to customize my phone to make it truly personal/unique. You’ve been able to do it with laptops/mp3 players/other crap for a while, so why not phones?

  • Voltism

    The irony. I think I’m getting iron poisoning.

  • REallyDerp

    “This is the greatest thing since the HTC one on vzw”…..said nobody EVER!

  • Blue Sun

    Not impressed. Maybe I’m not hipster enough…

    • Franklin Ramsey

      This is too mainstream for hipsters. Unless you do this to your phone with third party organicly green made stickers, you are doing it wrong.

  • teevirus

    If this phone has the same specs as the S4 Active It will be a the top of my list this fall. I can deal with stupid street art skins.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    I rather love my phones minimal since I love stuff one day and hate it the other. Thats also why I would never get a tattoo or anything (good thing that phones doesnt last till one dies right? 😉 )

  • Trevor

    What’s the verdict, an extra $50-100 to do this? Personally I don’t think it’s worth it. Plus, don’t a lot of people use cases on their phones?

  • BRIM

    How about you give us customization options on whether we want stock Android or TouchWiz?

    • Hector Delgado

      This man speaks for every single person that owns a Galaxy S phone in the entire world. We all want that OPTION.

      • CapnShiner

        Technically, you will have that option when they release the Nexus Experience Galaxy S 4.

        • michael arazan

          Not on Verizon

        • Sean Royce

          Pretty much this.

      • Wrong. People like us want that option. 99% of GS4 owners have no idea what that “stock Android” even means, nor do they care. People don’t want choices. People don’t like options. All it does is confuse people. They want to be told what they want and they want it to just work. They don’t care what Android UI they have nor do they care what version number appears in “About Phone”.

    • tomn1ce

      Not to mention to stop holding back updates and release them in a timely fashion…They hold updates to make sure they work properly and when they release them something always goes breaks anyway on the device receiving the update. Look at the GS3 they had to stop the updates because it broke something on some devices.

  • zepfloyd

    But but….how will Verizon get their carrier branding all over it?

    • CapnShiner

      I think Verizon is willing to give that up for the exorbitant price I’m sure they will charge for a customized GS4.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    I simply don’t see this ending well…..

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Safe to assume that they will charge for the service.

  • Tyler Durden

    Can I get a Viva Movil version with a sexy J lo background?

    • EC8CH

      only if you’re Hispanic

      • Tyler Durden

        But that means Id have to be a minority

        • EC8CH

          oh, and you have to like social networks too.

  • Ian

    da fuq?

    Let the alienation of early adopters continue!

  • KleenDroid

    How about you let me customize my own phone.

  • Ryan B


  • Charlie

    I just want the 32gb version on Verizon so I can maybe have 16gb of free space……

    • Tyler Durden

      I put in a 64gb SD and have 74gb of free space

      • Charlie

        Congrats, but all that storage is pretty much useless for apps without root. It’s pathetic to offer a 16gb phone that only has roughly 9gb available out of the box.

        • Tyler Durden

          And who doesn’t root their phone?

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Majority of users.

          • Blue Sun

            Other way around… I’m sure a majority of users don’t Root their phone.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Which is what I said.

          • Tyler Durden

            Then they are doing it wrong.

          • Blue Sun

            I’m sure Mama Durden isn’t doing any unlocking of her S4 phone.

          • Tyler Durden

            She does or she gets a little acid to the hands.

          • Blue Sun

            Hah hah! Too funny.

          • JohnBergman

            Honest question though (I really don’t know). How is app performance when running from the SD Card? Do you have to manage your larger, CPU/GPU intensive apps on the phone’s storage and install the apps that don’t require as many resources on the SD Card? Or does it not really matter since it goes into RAM anyway?

            I have always wondered this about installing apps to the SD Card.

          • Skittlez

            most people in the world

          • I seriously hope that was a rhetorical question.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          But but IT HAZ SD!!!! All it did was make Samsung think that they could get away with having a MASSIVELY bloated UI take up nearly half the available internal space that they will “try” to cut back “ina future update”.

          • Tyler Durden

            You only get a 1-2 GB more with stock android.

        • KidFlash1904

          I Remember when we only got like 200 mb on the OG Droid, good times..

          • Greg

            Having to uninstall apps or delete text messages to clear room for another app… good times indeed…

        • tomn1ce

          I agree with this. Knowing that their UI was going to take up 1/2 of the internal storage they should’ve skip the 16GB model and just go straight with the 32GB. This way they wouldn’t be getting all these negative comments all over the place.

  • Kyle

    Why would I want to customize the back cover of my phone when i’m going to put a case right over it??

    • skinja99

      Why would you complain about having the option to do so?

      If you don’t want to do it, then don’t. But is nice to have the option. Plus it forces other carriers to innovate in order to have our business. Which means more competition which is good for all of us.

  • JohnBergman

    I’d rather have an HTC One. And still waiting….. 🙁

    • Dc

      Mid to late July. 🙂

    • Mobile maestro

      Htc One trick pony?!?

    • weird. You are the first person I’ve encountered that actually wants an HTC phone. You’re familiar with their track record, right?

      • JohnBergman

        Maybe not. I had the HTC One for 2 weeks on T-Mobile (was going to switch from VZW, but their service didn’t work for me unfortunately). It was a great phone. I haven’t had any HTC’s in the past, though.

        What should I know about HTC? Not worth waiting over the Galaxy S4?

        • MariaxNY

          HTC ONE is alot faster than the s4 and 0% laggy. the s4 is laggy phone and has over heating problems

          • Sean Royce

            Mate the HTC One is a lot more prone to heat problems due to the aluminium housing. Why do these articles always turn into stupid immature fights.

          • I have zero lag or overheating issues on my AT&T GS4. I’ve heard various complaints about the phone but never that it overheats.

        • epps720

          I just switched off Verizon and onto Net10 (ATT) for the One and love it. Couldn’t do TMo since their svc is horrible in my area. No issues at all with ATT though

      • HTC used to have great phones in the early stages of android. I believe with the HTC One they are bringing back their same great standard that they used to have.

        • I hope you’re right, they cleared out some of the upper management so they might turn it around, but the ship be sinkin’.

          • PhillipCun

            Well if you don’t work for HTC, I don’t see how this is relevant for someone wanting product A over product B. He just thinks the HTC One is a better phone and to many people it is. Is there something wrong with liking a phone that isn’t as popular as its competition?

      • ezpotato

        Are you kidding me? I will take the DNA over the s4 any day. And I’ve been patiently waiting for the One. I used my friends S4 after using my DNA for a while and it feels like a toy. And not just with build quality, but interface, Ui, etc.

        • Yeah, the DNA is a great phone for non-power users. If you need battery life, you’re screwed.

          Awaiting the Butterfly S with the front speakers and hopefully much improved battery life.

          • For me the DNA looks to be an improvement all around (especially in battery life) coming from my Droid Razr. Now if only we could get mSD card support!

          • tomn1ce

            microsd card is something that the D-Razr HD, D-Razr Maxx HD and the GS4 all have -_-

          • ezpotato

            I found turning the GPS off helped a lot. It was bad with it on, but now i just turn it on when I need to use it, which kinda sucks coming from the RAZR MAXX HD. Not sure why maps takes up so much battery in the background with GPS on.

          • Sean Royce

            Who lives the GPS on 24/7 anyway? Seriously guys? I don’t want that draining my battery, and as tinfoil hat as it sounds, I’d rather not have my location available all the time.

      • jose

        Have you been living in a cave since the Thunderbolt was announced and are just now coming out?

        • Rezound overheated and had terrible battery life. The HTC One X couldn’t multitask. Should i go on?

          Tiny battery in the One.

          • jose

            I own the Rezound. Have had it since December ’11. It doesn’t overheat and battery life is just fine. So yes, please go on until you have something of substance.

          • You’re in denial. but it’s ok.

          • jose

            Am I? Or are you just being delusional?

          • 1620 mlliamp with an inefficient processor and early LTE chip and 720p screen. You can twist it any way you’d like, but the Rezound was one of the most returned phones in Verizon history.

          • T4rd

            I dunno about most returned (would think the Thunderbolt would have that award), but the Rezound was definitely a failure, IMO. See my above post for reasons why. Biggest disappointment was HTC dropping support for it after the ICS update when every other phone that came out with it (and even the Bionic months before it) is at least on 4.1 right now and will probably see 4.2.

          • frhoward

            I agree HTC and Verizon dropped the ball on the Rezound and Thunderbolt, but I have the HTC One and its an amazing phone. And the dev support from HTC is amazing. However, Verizon is a beast in itself so carrier “Verizon” experience will vary….

          • T4rd

            I severely regret getting my wife the Rezound. She hates it and I can see why; it lasts maybe 3 hours off the charger if she uses it at all (and there’s nothing running in the background except Facebook), esp. on 3G/4G and it’s a complete lag-fest on ICS. HTC/Verizon pretty much forgot about it after updating it to ICS 9 months after its release. It’s the last carrier exclusive phone I will ever buy. I feel bad for DNA owners who don’t root; they will probably never see any updates past 4.2.2 and Sense 5.

            I do plan on getting her the One though since it’s not a carrier exclusive and I know it will have much better performance, battery life and software support from HTC since it’s their universal flagship. I blame the Rezound’s failure more on Verizon than HTC, because I’m sure Verizon just wanted an exclusive phone with 720p instead of waiting for the One X, same with the DNA and the One.

          • jose

            Our experience has been the complete opposite; my wife has this phone too. I have the extended battery so…. I unplug at at 7am and plug back in at 11pm and usually have 5~20% battery left depending on how I use it. A typical day for me will be 1~3hrs of screen-on time. 4G is always on.

            Battery life isn’t the greatest of any phone but it works for me. Much better than the GNex I owned before this phone.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, that’s quite odd. I got the Gnex and she got the Rezound. Battery life is not great on the Gnex, but it’s still a bit better than her Rezound. I was trying to fix something on her phone the other day and it was literally dropping like 1%/minute and that was on WiFi. I used System Panel to try and diagnose the battery drain issue and there was nothing using the CPU at all besides System Panel itself, no network activity either.
            Which extended battery are you using? I’ve considered getting one for her too, but dunno if she’ll like the extra bulk of the phone and they’re $25 on Amazon (for third party, HTC extended was like $50+ which is too much). She has a spare OEM battery and they both drain just as fast too, so it’s not the battery, I don’t think (other than being too small for this phone).

      • skinja99

        I was in a VZW store today and was comparing the S4 next to the DNA.

        The S4 has everything you can ask for.
        But the DNA feels so well built. It makes the S4 feel like a toy next to it.

      • PhoenixPath

        Still living under that bridge and hating on HTC, I see.

        Poor kids got nothing better to do…