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WhatsApp Sets New Company Record, 27 Billion Messages Sent and Received in Just 24 Hours


If you needed a reason to believe that people enjoy sending messages through systems other than SMS, take note of the milestone that WhatsApp hit today. The popular chatting and messaging system has been around on Android for a long time and has a huge user base. They took to their Twitter account to run through some numbers for us and they were a bit staggering. In one 24 hour cycle, WhatsApp handled 27 billion messages. That’s with a “B.”

WhatsApp said that in one 24 hour period, they had 10 billion messages sent from their users come through their servers on their way to their destination and they have 17 billion messages come from other people to WhatsApp customers. WhatsApps’ user base is over 100 million, but hearing these numbers puts it in perspective just how popular it is. Between this and Google Hangouts, can we get rid of SMS yet?

Via: Twitter

  • I still don’t really see the benefit especially compared to just sending a SMS / MMS through a carrier! I mean here in the US on most carriers unlimited messaging comes included with share everything plans and for older subscribers on grandfathered plans unlimited messaging is maybe $20 for a family to share (the old style of share with just minutes and texts, not data).

    • flosserelli

      “here in the US” =/= the rest of the world

  • Alseddiq

    I noticed that WA is not that popular here in the US, but it’s very popular everywhere else

    • tomn1ce

      Its a nice app to text people outside of the US. I use it all the time to text people back home instead of paying vzw $0.20/text. Some of the others wireless providers have a plan of some sort for international texting, but vzw doesn’t…..

  • blackmagick20

    Why would one need to type ‘that’s billion with a b?’ It can already clearly bee seen in writing that it’s billion with a b.

  • bigw34

    If I text using this program on my Verizon line does the NSA get all my records or this the loophole? HAHAHAHA

    • Ray Gray

      No they wont get this info. There is a bill i remember hearing about will they eventually will but that would mean they would need to Subpoena WhatsApp specifically for your info.

  • Spider210

    and don’t forget to charge us up the a** for the premium text messages!

    • michael arazan

      Speaking of being charged out the ass for text, if you have unlimited data and text on Verizon and pay for both, can you remove unlimited text feature to save $30 a month and still keep unlimited data, even though both were in original contract before they got rid of both? I had both when I switched to vzw in Jan 2010 with the D1 and continued with Gnex contract.

      • tomn1ce

        I just have the lowest texting plan $5/month and use G-Voice and what’s up for all my messaging needs.

  • Jon D

    I feel like sms helps prevent people from doing and saying things they shouldnt.. its easy to change a user name not as easy to change your cell number (except google voice)

  • jcampbell474

    they’re just letting this info out so that the big guys will pay big bucks to acquire them.

    • mjmedstarved

      Just?? Ummm, why should they NOT???????????

      • jcampbell474

        i personally don’t care what they do. just seems like everyone is somewhat awestruck with the number. Ummm…it’s another perspective.

  • Advisor

    Google your hangout is still not robust enough or not the main vehicle people use to replace their sms. Despite you force people to sign into google + to get the full features of the hangout. What you should do is at least copy LINE, or Wechat. Smartphone messenger is big, should be right behind web browser and email as the most used and frequent activities on a busy smartphone users. Buy them before you are behind the curve.

  • Michael

    The exact thing I was going to post.

  • Raven

    I have never used it and I don’t know anyone that uses it. Someone please explain why I would want to. I pretty much just use e-mail for long messages and sms for short ones and Google Hangouts for video chat now.

    • BeLogical

      I’m curious as well, I do the same as you.

    • blubbb

      it’s more geared towards young people. here in germany, almost everyone aged ~ 15 – 22 uses mainly whatsapp instead of sms. moreover, it’s waaayyy cheaper than SMS.

      • Raven

        Cheaper than SMS? I guess I forget that some people still pay per text. I have had unlimited text messages as part of my Verizon plan since I had a flip phone (probably over 10 years), so I just never think about them.

        • This^^
          The convenience of being able to message basically anyone with a phone is what will keep me sticking to SMS / MMS for a while! I mean an app like this would work BUT all of your friends would have to download it and use it (which most of them won’t).

    • Jon

      In Spain everyone uses it. It’s just a free way to text, but way cooler as you can send better looking pics than MMS. Also people over there use it as a mini social network. A private place for your to chat with a group of friends that isn’t on facebook. It’s great really…sadly I can’t get my friends here in the US to use it.

  • Mordecaidrake

    My problem with this app is that I gotta use a whole new number and can only be sent to other users(right?).

    • Fresh2infinity


    • Alseddiq

      No, it’s linked to your phone number, and it will show you any of your contacts who has it

  • Cory_S

    I don’t see how they can afford to support that kind of volume. They don’t have any advertisements, and the first year is free with only a buck per year thereafter.

    • Jorge

      well on iOS the $1 is upfront, I’m sure with a 10 million userbase the profit is substantial

      • Cory_S

        10 million a year isn’t very much to run a company off of that is handling this kind of volume.

        • briankariu

          I for one will be paying the 1$ when my period is over. However, I wish that they could add multi-device use and wifi tablet support

          • Cory_S

            I only ever talk to one person on it. By the time my year is up Hangouts will probably be a better all in one fit for me.

    • Royal2000H

      Sponsored by the NSA. JK they can get our texts regardless.

      • aas

        nobody liked this?

        • Cory_S

          I did 🙂

    • Ray Gray

      Companies like this get most of their money from investors who see the potential in where the company will eventually go and be able to make money

  • moelsen8

    sorry, delete. should finish reading the article before commenting.