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Rumor: HTC T6 aka “One Max” to Launch Q3, Boasts 5.9″ 1080p Display and Snapdragon 800 CPU

HTC T6 One Max

If you were hoping to see HTC send out a competitor to Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 3, then you might want to get a load of this. Above is a blueprint made by a non-HTC source, showing off an alleged device supposedly known internally as the T6 and soon to hit the market in Q3 as the One Max. The device will attempt to steal the Note 3’s thunder, bringing with it a massive 5.9″ 1080p display, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3GHz, currently labeled as the “dream CPU” for any mobile device. 

Beyond those two tantalizing specifications, it is rumored the device will come shipped with either Android 4.3 or Key Lime Pie, along with HTC’s UltraPixel camera, a 3,300mAh battery, BoomSound speakers and a very thin bezel.

According to the source, global release for the One Max is set for some time in Q3, right around when we can expect Samsung’s new Note device, pitting the two head to head in a battle for all out phablet (sorry, boss) dominance.

Please, let us know your thoughts down below.

Via: Mobileaks

  • Bizzle9

    Those buttons! Why?

  • DJyoSNOW

    Ultra pic is killing me and may kill it for a purchase ….

  • derrick evans

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  • Neutronxray

    I went from a HTC Rezound to the Galaxy Note 2. I must say I think the Rezound was a much better phone. My wife has my Rezound and when we are together her Rezound will have service when my Note 2 does not. I look forward to upgrading from my Note 2 to the One MAX if Verizon carries it. Incidently the Note 2 was my second Samsung phone and I gotta tell you I find Samsung phones to be anticlimatic and lack luster. JMHO

  • bionicwaffle

    Nice work HTC! Maxx size battery and Snapdragon 800 (I’ll take that over the Exynos “Octacore” any day!). I hope that display is SuperLCD 3! HTC has been doing the right thing over the last year or two. I hope they don’t go back to OLED since marketing departments have managed to convince many that OLED is better than LCD.

  • nblufire12

    i would love this on verizon…

  • TankerTuff

    Samsung needs to put speakers in the front instead of that crappy lil one their devices have.

  • ikikikik

    i came

  • Richard Yarrell

    Okay fine HTC with this ROOKIE device. Samsung has owned this category for the last 2yrs making this Phablet space prominent when everyone else stood back and laughed in 2011 and last year 2012 when the Galaxy Note 2 hit the market. Now everyone wants to join in on the bandwagon with their UNPROVEN products as if Samsung is supposed to be scared. Please let’s keep it gully Samsung owns this space and owns the android platform as well. Nothing will be better than the Galaxy Note 3 when it launches in October 2013 to July 2014. Samsung hasn’t existed in this space for nothing copy cat products coming to market won’t mean much. Samsung will sell easily 50 million plus Note 3’s. And believe this the Note 3 will launch with a 4200mAh battery not some silly 3300mAh battery. My current Galaxy Note 2 already has 3100mAh battery. I will standing back laughing when that large Phablet of Htc’s will have lousy battery life. The current Razr Maxx Hd and Galaxy Note 2 are the best devices on the market today when it comes to battery life. Nothing is better today.

    • HaHa Richard Yarrell

      Jesus crouton juggling Christ you are tiresome.

      Anyone who’s been here or android central for longer than 5 minutes gets it: if Samsung were a dude, you would desperately want to put your testicals against Samsung’s testicals while gripping handfuls of chest hair. (Hat tip to The Oatmeal for the phrasing)

      And, to be fair, if Samsung we’re a chick, you would cue up some Barry white/boyzIImen, get out your bearskin rug/beach towel with a bear on it, light the fireplace/burn a candle on a dinner plate and engage in approximately 3.7 seconds of lovemaking.

      You are worse than a Twilight fan.

    • On a serious note, the majority of people won’t care about the specs or company history when it comes to which device they want. They will instead go with which device is most pleasing to the eye, that means which device has the best build materials (HTC would win this everyday of the year) and the best build quality (this one is kinda a toss up, some HTC devices suck here and others excel while Samsung is normally above average). While yes some people will go all out comparing specs, the majority of the world will just see the metal design of the HTC device with the huge speakers on the front and go, “I MUST HAVE THAT ONE!”

      • dmagicp

        Although I do like the direction HTC is going in with their devices, I always think about that button configuration and it deters me from getting one. I most likely will just stick with what I know and that is Samsung. I’m only interested in the device, not rubbing my testicles on it or having sex with it. Lol!

        • RaptorOO7

          I like having the home, menu and back buttons, why can’t HTC make the HTC Logo an active home button OR get rid of them altogether and put them onscreen.

      • Dave

        Unfortunately for them, the S3 by itself sold 140% more units than HTC could muster in total units for 2012. Specs only sell phones to us Android extremists (and that’s a stretch) that represent about one 25th of one percent of Android activations.

  • dmagicp

    phones with giant 5in + screens and tiny bezels. They are never going to go away and I love it! Now Samsung will try even harder to make the Note series even more incredible!

  • This phone will be super tall having those speakers & that screen size. Not for me, but I’m not everybody.

  • TankerTuff

    Samsung take note of these front facing speakers! Not one lil speaker in the back. Depending on design of note 3 I might be getting this phone. They both need softkeys it leaves more room for the screen.

  • terrorist96

    OMG HTC stop using those two buttons. WE WANT A MULTITASKING BUTTON!
    And does it look like the power button is going to be on the top of the left side instead of on the top of the device? I hope so..

  • Rodeojones000

    Please, for the love of all that is holy, stop with these idiotic phone sizes.

  • s_a_m_i

    someone please tell HTC.. its NOT about hardware specs beyond a certain point. Seems to be a problem plaguing the android world. I mean are people really this stupid? Isn’t it obvious by now??

  • AmendFIRSTment

    1. drop the < button to the left side of the bottom speaker
    2. drop the HOME button to the right side of the bottom speaker
    3. move the htc logo to the left of the top speaker
    4. move the bottom of the phone up to the screen, or make the screen longer.

    Do this and I will by one for sure.

  • chris125

    If they can really get a 5.9″ in a shell that size that would be huge for it not being humongous in the hand for the size. That would make it not much larger than the s4.

  • Skittlez

    the 4.2.2 update has slide up from home to access Google Now. Id be good with this to replace my GNex if it comes to Verizon. i need more than 7 hours of battery life on a light use day

  • ericsorensen

    That may be what replaces my Gnex when the contract runs out. But only if it’s not locked down, of course.

  • Steve Blais

    Ok I never understand the Fiscal Quarters and their timing.. (July August, Sept) is Q3 .. yes I had to google that here’s the link http://www.investopedia.com/terms/q/quarter.asp

  • Michael Kane

    Isnt the note 3 a 7 inch now? I swear i saw it will be Note 7 8 and 10.

  • LionStone

    Galaxy Note Killer 🙂

  • BRIM

    This is my next phone.

    What I hate about the One is the massive bezel width.

    This solves that and only adds a small change in length.

    • bob

      Its only a small change in length until you actually measure it, then you realize that
      to fit a 5.9″ 16×9 screen in a phone 140mm tall you have to round your inches down to 20mm

  • Casey

    Back in February, Qualcomm announced the RF360 which is a solution to all the numerous LTE band, and would appear in phones second half of 2013. I wonder if this phone might have that, and how much difference that would make with the LTE fragmentation.

  • EC8CH



  • bloop

    Why call it One Max? That’s like following Motorola’s naming style. Razr, then to Razr Maxx minus one “x”..

    • bob

      Because if you change a couple of letters and swap one for a ‘5’, then rearrange a bit, you get Nexus 5

  • droidrazredge

    In terms of specs and features do people think this will this be better phone than the Sony Xperia ZU Phablet( Togari) ?

    • kg215

      Well if you look at the smartphones they have made so far, the Sony will be inferior to this device in almost every way. Of course Sony could surprise us and make something great but considering the newest Xperia phones that is extremely extremely extremely unlikely.

  • mini-me

    knowing HTC they’ll put a 1600mah battery in it non-removeable of course. they’re always cheap on battery. i’ll believe it when i see it

    • leoingle


    • Dylan Patel

      ? The One has similar battery life to the S4 (winning in browsing time losing in video playback) so is samsung always skimping on the battery?

      • Jason Bittner

        Samsung at least gives removable ones….

        • Guest

          and plastics.

          • jboogie1289

            Aww, here we go!!!!!!!!!

        • Skittlez

          To be honest, i have my Nexus 4 now, and i have no issues with non-removable. yea it’s more convenient to just pop another battery in when you need it, but this thing gets me over a day of charge and i’m usually charging at night when i go to bed.

      • chris125

        samsung also has a larger screen. But at least with samsung they make the stock larger than most( in many cases) HTC is notorious for small batteries. I mean would it kill them to put a larger stock battery in?

        • btod

          Your argument assumes that they both consume energy the same.

          HTC One is more power efficient, therefore they can get away with a smaller battery.

          Samsung S4 is less efficient, therefore they compensate with a bigger battery.

          • chris125

            I think you fail with the power efficient argument since the s4 has a larger screen which most likely would equal out to the same as the one if it was down to 4.7 instead of 5″ screen.

          • btod

            I think we might be saying the same thing differently then, my mistake. Since the GS4 has a bigger screen, that makes it less efficient, therefore needing a bigger battery to compensate. No?

          • chris125

            I agree. I think we were saying the same thing just differently

          • Agreed..

    • Skittlez

      HTC One and S4 have the same processor, only the HTC One is underclocked at 1.7GHz and the S4 is 1.9. S4 has a 2600mah battery and the One has a 2300mah battery, giving them both about the same battery life. i say HTC isn’t skimping, considering they’re getting the same amount of life, and the S4 has been seen lagging in some areas, where a lot of reviewers are reporting no lag at all on the One.

  • khkhkhkh

    2,3 Ghz

    • KOBALT

      GHz *

  • hkklife

    My early predictions: no VZW version, no microSD slot and no Nexus Experience version and/or no Sense removal option.

    Otherwise, this looks to be the best device HTC has ever come up with!

    • Payaso

      And also delayed 3 months after every other carrier gets it, for added bloatware.

      • Oxy-Moron

        Payaso culo…..dont act like a techie puto…we aint talkin about shanking someone or picking grapes….jajajaja…culero

    • Josh Shaw

      Why does everyone complain about the 2 buttons, but not praise for no micro SD? The Nexus 4 has no Micro SD…..

      • hkklife

        Huh? The 2 buttons suck and no microSD slot sucks. These specs represent a huge leap ahead for HTC on one hand but on the other hand they are still stuck in the past.

        I do not expect a Nexus device to have a microSD slot but I certainly do expect a flagship handset from HTC or Samsung to have a slot, especially when they are still finding ways to squeeze ’em in on the variants released in Asia.

        • Josh Shaw

          I really don’t miss my SD slot, that’s the whole reason I bought the S3 over the One X. Have you ever tried a phone with no SD card slot. With more than 16GB of memory, at least HTC made up for it with 32GB internal storage for the same price of the 16GB s4.


    Samsung is really gonna have to screw up the Note3 to make me consider this.

    • psblog

      would making it a 6.5″ screen a screw up? b/c IMO it is.

  • 2 buttons, yippee, awesome job HTC, you really never learn

    • laceyq

      Only Apple dBags need fewer buttons, and only Samsung “small penises” need more. All you need is back and home, sweetheart. Next time come up with a unique complaint and stop quoting morons and their unoriginal thoughts.

      • leoingle


        • droidrazredge

          Mind Blown!

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        Quit whining. Shocker that someone might actually have a different opinion than you and want “multitasking” button in addition to “back” and “home”.

      • kg215

        Yeah they really “did everyone a favor” by putting their logo there in the middle. How generous of them. Only idiot HTC fanboys actually think 2 buttons is better in anyway, when the Google standard (not Samsung) is and has always been 3 buttons. Is 2 buttons an absolute dealbreaker? Probably not but taking it away just to put the logo there is lose lose. They didn’t put something better or different there to make up for it.

        • Dylan Patel

          “Always been” No, it was 4 buttons for a long time.

          • ReturnOfTheMack

            Details. I think we get the point he’s trying to make.

          • MK17

            Still not sure why a search giant got rid of the best button, the search button. It’s the first thing I set up on my GNex. Single tap for search, long press for voice search. I use it more than the home button it seems.

        • Josh Shaw

          It went from 4 to 3, maybe HTC will start the 2 button trend?

    • Josh Shaw

      Softkeyz * Root

      • Believe me I know, but since I don’t use any buttons anyways this isn’t the issue .but i dont like HTC everybody wanting to tell 2 buttons is better and then they later do things like double tap are long press to make 2 buttons more bearable . This is just ridiculous

        • Josh Shaw

          I want to enable onscreen buttons on my HTC one, but IDK how D: Will softKeyz do that??

          • Don’t know for sure, but I never heard of soft keys on sense but on the other side I don’t know much about the latest sense anyways since I don’t have it and won’t get it also in the future

          • ikikikik

            nope, softkeyz can’t do that. you need a custom ROM that supports enabling the nav bar (most AOSP-based ROMs have that feature).

  • nvitone23

    Nova will be better…

  • Ethan Besbris

    I’m just happy the One has S-off now!

  • Patrick Jewell

    Well looks like I got to wait longer with my DX.

  • MariaxNY

    i don’t believe this leak at all because where is the styles and where is the hole for the pen and it will have sd card

    • “Above is a blueprint made by a non-HTC source, showing off an alleged device”

    • chris125

      This is HTC not samsung……

  • landon

    Why does it not have on screen buttons?

    • kg215

      That’s what i don’t get. Google has highly recommended on screen buttons since ICS, but all the android manufacturers ignore that even though they look better and are easier to use/customize.

      • michael arazan

        HTC, if it ain’t broke, Fix It, make it stand out, form functionality be damned

    • Tyler James Edward Hills

      Why are you shocked that it doesn’t? lol

    • Bill Kenton

      Because on screen buttons usually require two presses to get where you want. Of course for folks whose time is worthless, on screen buttons would be desired.

  • MariaxNY

    i don’t believe this leak at all. where is the styles? or the hole for the pen? also it will have an sd card