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Unlocked HTC One Sees Price Increase From $575 to $600


Over on the HTC store, the unlocked variant of the One has seen an increase in price, from $574.99 to $599.99. There is no official word on why the device got a $25 bump in the tag, but we are looking towards this being related to matching the upcoming “Nexus Experience” edition, which is to launch on June 26 for $599.99 on Google Play. It certainly would have not made much sense for HTC and Google to offer the “Nexus experience” for an additional $25 over the original Sense version, especially if they plan to allow owners of the Sense version to remove Sense for the stock experience

Both the unlocked and Nexus Experience variants are 32GB models, so this seems to make the most sense. The NE edition will work on AT&T and T-Mobile’s networks, so anyone deciding on which version to buy will basically only have to choose if they want vanilla Android or Sense 5.0 on their device. Options are good, even if those options are now more expensive than they were a couple of days ago.

Via: HTC

Cheers Miguel!

  • Lebron James Harden

    HTC One has terrible battery i used it for just a few days and was even worse than my Samsung S3. on top of that, it took worse quality pics than my S3 as well, so there was no point of me keeping the phone. Sell Sell Sell!

    the HTC One truly is everything my old phone isn’t.

  • chris420o

    so…moto x!

  • KleenDroid

    Still seems cheaper than buying a phone on Verizon.

  • James

    Bout to buy a nexus 4 for 350 now i have to decide if i want to pay 250 more and get this. hmmm

  • Miguel Zamora Oceguera

    HTC told me in Facebook that the 574.99 price was an “introductory” price and they were rude!

    • Hari Uday

      They are not rude. Its their call when to increase the price and how much to increase the price.

      • Miguel Zamora Oceguera

        Very true fortunately is my call if I want to buy from them

        • chris420o

          id buy this phone over any samsung even if it was 50 bucks more…and i dont even like htc

        • George264

          They weren’t rude, although you showed an unpleasing sarcastic remark. The S4 16GB is 640$, 32GB 690$
          It is your call to buy from them, I’m not telling you to buy from them, HTC didn’t tell you to go buy it, they simply said it was still a great value which obviously they had to.
          I’m just pointing out that you mind a 25$ increase so much that you wouldn’t buy the phone, while the S4 is 90$ extra to begin with, and you’re going with them.

    • Brand

      Samsung did something similar. They had a giveaway contest when s4 was announced and in the rules section it stated that the approximate retail value of the S4 is $579.

      HTC should have just priced google version the same, at $574 and not piss off potential customers.

  • Anyone consider that the higher price on Play is because google is taking a cut of all sales?

  • droidbeat

    Bickering about $25. Really?

    • hoosiercub88

      Less about the $25 more about the fact that the Google Experience version is launching at $599 which was more than the Sense version. So HTC said, eh.. let’s go ahead and bump it up there since Google is going to do it.

  • epps720

    Just glad I bought mine before the price jump and not taxes was nice.

  • Upon reading the title of the article I immediately thought the price hike was for the VZW version and to offset the price of the logo branding.

  • TechGuy22

    wow wtf. good thing i got mine on ebay for 550. i won a bid

  • banditball

    …..or just flash a vanilla ROM and be done wit it

  • imns

    Well, they do need the cash to pay headhunters to replace all the executives that have left recently.

    • ahhh yes

      im sure the headhunters cost less than the execs that left….

      • imns

        Not when you factor the effort it will take to convince someone to take a position there

  • boogie_monster

    so instead of decreasing the price on the Play Store to match the older price, they increase the previous price to make it even, seems legit! There goes HTC for me!

  • Bionic_Pags

    Now with the HTC ONE is coming to Verizon, is there a small sliver of hope that they will allow an HTC ONE NE?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson


      But seriously, Verizon + stock AOSP = enough improbability to power the Heart of Gold.

      • Bionic_Pags

        Haha… man i hate verizon.

  • Agree, the price hike is a bit BS. There was never an indication that the $575 price was promotional or temporary.

  • Blue Sun

    This is starting to smell like more HTC PR drama. They really are a mess. I wish they could get their act together.

  • Justin

    I would love to see Google sell the “Nexus Experience” HTC One for $574.99, just to troll HTC.

    • michael arazan

      Sounds about right, Charging you more for less, the Verizon Motto. Keep doing that and they’ll be a success. Let me guess, the extra charge is for all the vigorous testing they’ll need to do on stock android updates that google does for free. People who dislike Sense has to pay more for a troll tax on Sense and its removal.

      • Joe

        Yawn. I didn’t see that this thread was about Verizon…

      • Justin

        maybe they need to make up for the COO severance package? Passing on the savings to their consumers.

  • Ironclad1313

    would have *not* made much sense

    • duh

      Ha, you said sense.

  • 4n1m4L

    I’m just glad HTC is doing well

  • MichaelFranz


    totally agree

  • muffnman

    (as well as likely to keep price equivalent with the off-contract Verizon version)

    • EC8CH

      bingo… stupid carriers and their control over retail pricing.