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Motorola XT1056 for Sprint Stops by FCC, Could be Another XFON Variant

sprint xfon

The Motorola XT1056 stopped by the FCC this week sporting Sprint’s LTE band. If we were betting men, we’d be willing to bet that this is likely the Sprint version of the “XFON” that has been spotted a number of times on its way to AT&T in both benchmarks and in pictures. The model number for AT&Ts version is XT1058, so XT1056 certainly matches up to the model number scheme, especially if the XT1060 that we reported yesterday is indeed Verizon’s variant

The XFON has been pretty heavily scrutinized over the last couple of weeks by readers as details for it emerge. The device looks to be sporting a 720p display and low-end dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, while the rest of the smartphone game is running quad-core Snapdragon 600 chipsets and 1080p displays. Maybe this is the last of the devices in Motorola’s pipeline that aren’t “wow” by Google’s CFO’s standards? Or maybe Motorola has some extra tricks up their sleeves that will try and prove that top-of-the-line displays and processors don’t make a smartphone great?

We will certainly be curious to see what this new smartphone of Moto’s turns out to be, as we are all wanting Motorola to make another comeback. With HTC apparently in turmoil and Samsung continuing to grow, we need another contender.

Via:  FCC | Engadget

Cheers Franklin and Scott!

  • Patrick Hermey

    128.5x65mm. pg 37 of the first rf testing link of the fcc.

  • I-Troll-U

    Find it funny how people complained that Moto was pushing new devices out too fast.. Now they can’t push them out fast enough 🙂

  • GCE1701D

    While I don’t doubt at some point Motorola will come out with a more ‘flagship’ spec-ed phone before the year is out if the xfon really does have mid-range specs (I find it funny how the 4LTR campaign they started with the RAZR is now over like 13+ years old lol) I call out the speculation they’ll release anything that’s got a 5 inch or bigger display, considering that a Moto exec has stated that Motorola isn’t interested in playing the 5 inch or bigger “is it a phone? is it a tablet? can I even use one hand to reach across the damn thing!?” game and would stick to 4.x inch screen sizes instead and that some people will like it, for those that dont there are other phones. And honestly I’m all for that, my RAZR is already too wide and big to use comfortably with just one hand, it’s also less pocketable the larger the screens get (and honestly kind of unnecessary) even 1080p is over kill, it’s a phone, with a tiny screen, do we really want to walk around with magnifying glasses so we can even hope to read text on our 4K resolution 6 inch phone screens in 2 years? just my two cents 🙂

    • gokusimpson

      True, but wouldn’t it be nice if they put a better processor in there?

      • Jarred Sutherland

        The Snapdragon S4 is still a great processor. If they offer this at a low price point it will be great, otherwise it will be good. The only people that care about specs are those that check sites like this. The mass public doesn’t care as long as the price is something they can afford.

  • is this supposed to be the Neuvo-RAZR M?

    • nvitone23


  • zombiewolf115

    come now guys u cant all be this stupid to believe that this will be motos new flag ship phone . i mean seriously

  • S.Scott Turgeon

    seeing as how Motorola has not had put out a new phone this year I think it’s the least they can do but I don’t think it’s that their groundbreaking phone! it will come

  • Moto needs to bring it this year. They are a laughing stock right now. Google, as in the company that owns them, abandoned their “XFON” project because it was so run of the mill.

    Give me a device like the S4/One with Moto’s industrial look, unlocked, stock 4.2.2, on all 4 big carriers for $500 or less and they will be good to go.

  • Weber

    XPhone Mini One+

    • Bionic


      • Weber

        haha I’m not doubting anything at this point. And with all the haters you have, I’m on your side with all of this. I really want what you say to be true about the Xphone. I don’t care who is giving you the info, be it Sarge or a hobo with a tinfoil hat. I’m actually waiting to see if what you say pans out before I get my new phone. My GNex has developed a hacking cough and Alzheimer’s. It’s time to pull the plug, so I’m rooting for what info you’ve given us.

        • Bionic

          Yeah but the problem is that if it comes out sporting a year old quad core chip i dont think im interested in it. Thats why im hoping for an upgrade and that is why its taking longer, hopefully.

          • Weber

            I can play the waiting game.
            I can’t remember if you mentioned it would be a VZW exclusive…

          • Bionic

            no its all carriers just like the x phone mini

        • Weber

          I gotcha.
          At any rate, keep the info and rumors coming. If anything, it’s entertaining, although I’ve got faith in what you say so I hope at least most of it is true.

          • Bionic

            trust me i hope its true as well, seeing as how the info isnt coming directly from me.

  • Bionic

    I will say it one more time, this is the X phone mini. The 5 inch X phone is coming later and HOPEFULLY has been given a new CPU since the last time Sarge updated us. We’ll see but certainly no promises. Less than 50% chance of that.

    • Ian Smith

      explain your CPU rumor for us, please sir

      • Bionic

        its not really a rumor more than a hope. That last time Sarge gave us specs on the 5 inch x phone it was using a quad core S4pro. Seeing as how that CPU is almost a year old, we are all hoping it will have the 600 or better instead.

        But who knows at this point.

        • nvitone23

          Honestly, I’m doubting they are gonna do that, but if they did, this would 100% be my next phone. Otherwise I may try and hold out and get that other beast of a phone with the Qualcomm 800. 😉 That processor is going to be unreal, especially with the much faster charging.

          • Bionic

            I agree, its unlikely. That is why i plan to get an S4 in July unless motorola can convince me otherwise.

          • David Marzluf

            I am with you on this but I am afraid of getting the S4 and then next year google and moto come out with a super phone and I will be stuck with a plastic samsung that i dont like in the first place.
            So please be true please

        • YouSeeLA11

          Bionic, Sarge said the 5 inch XPhone would have the S4 Prime, not the S4 Pro…just sayin’

          • Bionic

            yes he did, i mistyped. But still an old CPU

  • Bionic

    So now that we have all but confirmed all carriers, who wants to continue to doubt Sarge’s information?

    • Joey

      No doubt. But I would settle for clotheslining you off of that high horse you’ve been riding.

      • Bionic

        Nah, The SHIELD will protect me, they are my henchmen.

    • i will continue to doubt you and this sarge , until i see evidence that
      this x-phone is real, and you are this sarge are not just the biggest
      trolls around

  • Nathan Keeley

    If you can buy it on Google play for around $200 I’m in

  • mike jones

    obviously this is the mini version Motorola isn’t dumb enough to release this as their flagship phone. There trying to focus on the less techy consumers by releasing a mid range device at a good price. I believe that bionic is right and we all just need to be patient and wait till at least quarter 3 or 4 for the flagship device to be released with a snapdragon 800 or nvidia tegra 4i.

    • Bionic

      thank you for seeing it correctly

      • XphoneTroll

        Sorry to say but he is just trying to make you feel good since most of DL readers are bashing on you..Someone had to say it..

        • nvitone23

          Let’s be real, there are a decent amount of people who support him. And if you don’t, well, I can’t wait to see all of the apologies later on 🙂

    • XphoneTroll

      Who’s Mike Jones, Who? Mike Jones… 🙂

    • coolsilver

      Well they have terrible timing in my opinion.

  • HTC already showed their hand with the One, Samsung showed theirs with the S4, I really hope this isn’t what Motorola is going to bring to the table as their power phone. I doubt it is, but I’m sure when they do it will be awesome.

    • sc4fpse

      Pricing could be their ace in the hole. At least, with medium-range specs like what we’ve seem, it had darn well better be.

      • michael arazan

        Thee FCC is testing the sprectum bands and radios of the device, not the hardware of the motherboard, processor, ram, cameras, and android software. They can change the hardware if they want after the testing just like they can change the software if needed too, like the bionic did when it was reworked

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          That doesn’t happen this late in the game. The Bionic took months to be reworked after it got delayed.

          • tyguy829

            this may sound crazy…but what if it is just be a really intricate decoy? Like michael said, radios, etc. don’t change, but they could have just put old hardware in there to throw everyone off, then actually have models with the correct hardware (snapdragon 600 or 800) 2gb ram, etc. already in testing

          • Ian Smith

            why would they even bother? the only people who care (us) make up such a small market share that it’d be pointless. i’m betting this is just the solid, mid-range phone with a great price to bump some sales out.

          • tyguy829

            they still need a flagship to compete though. So either they are disguising the specs or a different phone will come later. There is no way they would be dumb enough to make this their top phone for 2013

          • sc4fpse

            Yeah, no. I don’t think they would go to such crazy lengths to hide their new product.

      • rodney11ride

        I agree… i mean if it does the trick… and i can buy it off contract at a good price to keep my unlimited then hell yeah

  • Send this to less fortunate countries. They wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Strange that this so low specd and coming to 3 carriers so far… What am I missing here? Should we expect this from VZW today? Any late breaking rumors in the pipeline for the VZW announcement Kellex?

  • Qwerty

    I just want this thing to be officially announced already. Sorta getting tired of all the speculation and disappointment. Just release it already and settle things!

    • Yes then Bionic can cry himself to sleep. Per sarge.

      • Dr0me

        who the hell is sarge anyways?

        • I have no clue. I’m guessing Bionic met him at the neighborhood sausage party.

          • Manny

            You always have the best comments. Nice username, too.

          • LiterofCola

            you’re a moron

          • Well that didn’t take long for somebody to ruin the fun.

          • Bionic

            actually i met him fighting Klingons on Kronos and then Khan showed up.

        • Tim242

          Supposedly a Motorola employee.

          • Dr0me

            i have a friend who works at moto too and they told me this is absolutely the X phone.. SOOOO

          • Tim242

            I have absolutely no doubt that this is the X phone. I have been telling bionic this for months. At least now the people waiting can now make a decision. Such a sad time for Motorola. I love Samsung, but I don’t want them to be the only player in the Androidgame.

          • mike leistiko

            no no this is only the x-phone mini u guise. bionic and sarge said so. just wait and see ok

          • Tim242

            Sir yes sir!

          • XphoneTroll

            You and I both have been telling bionic .:p

          • rodney11ride

            Agree… however i still believe that the Maxx HD competes and holds up very well with S3 and ONE. Built well , bad ass battery…. on screen nav… still a contender and its gonna be a year old soon.

          • Bionic

            x phone mini

        • Guest

          Sarge is some guy who I’ve seen in other forums (Seargentmajord) who I doubt works for moto like people say. He tosses a crapload of rumors out and half the time, they turn out false. He used to troll the Bionic user forums with all kinds of ‘insider information’ that turned out to be inaccurate or just plain wrong.

          • Bionic

            no one ever said he works for moto

      • Tim242

        Haha I love you Tyler.