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Flickr App Updated, Brings High-Res Photo-centric Look


On top of all the other exciting news from Yahoo! today, the company just launched an update to their official Flickr Android app through Google Play, bringing a very polished look with it. The app’s UI is centered solely on photos and Yahoo doesn’t seem scared to recommend some great photographers that you should start following. Within seconds I was greeted by gorgeous landscapes and classy nudes. Thanks, Yahoo! 

As a cherry on top, Flickr is offering 1TB (yes, a whole terabyte) of storage when folks sign up for the service. That’s enough to get anyone signed up just the sake of having it.

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Via: Flickr

Cheers Nick S!

  • Raven

    It is a good start, but a photo viewing app like this should not be locked into portrait layout. It is not at all nice to use on my tablet which I mainly use in landscape orientation. Even selecting photos in portrait and then viewing them in landscape is a pain requiring constantly rotating your device.

  • Daniel

    Am I the only one who hates this new layout and interface and STILL prefers Picasa’s site today to either G+ photos or the new, slower, flickr?

  • Files have a lot of interesting scenery and people. I think it’s a contemporary art. I love it

  • hinijusopowi

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  • socalrailroader

    “As a cherry on top, Flickr is offering 1TB (yes, a whole terabyte) of storage when folks sign up for the service. That’s enough to get anyone signed up just the sake of having it.”

    How about for current users?

    • Labam88

      I am a current user and found that I had the 1TB as well. This special isn’t just for new sign ups thankfully!

  • Blood

    Off topic, but don y you think Google should also sort out the mess they have with Picasa and Google+ photos? They should kill one off or unify them like they did with hangouts.

    • shane

      I’ve been a Picasa user for years for hosting my pics and such. The new Google+ “integration” absolutely drives me insane!!!

      • michael arazan

        Why is there no picasa app in the play store? I’ve had images auto upload to it and can’t find how to access my picassa anything

        • r0lct

          G+ app
          Set your gmail account to sync photos, then they will appear in your gallery

    • rekem

      They’re itching to kill Picasa, that’s why Google Plus users are getting redirected to a Google Plus url when visiting Picasa. Aside from a few core services, such as Gmail, it seems Larry Page is hell bent on killing any standalone service that isn’t part of Google Plus. Personally I’m happy with this Flickr news because I’m not signing up for Google Plus, so let them kill Picasa now. Switching will free up Google Drive space for me anyway, since they blended all the storage limits together recently.

    • r0lct

      As a long time Picasa user with the latest changes coming out after I/O to both G+ site and app I think they are finally on the right path. I find the experince now to be coming together as singular good one.

  • apingaut

    Have clothed girls, kittens… Man yahoo is trying to please every demographic

  • Bob G

    Looks just like any Gallery app.

  • Dan Lowery

    I haven’t been able to find it in the app, but I’d like to know this as well. With that 1TB and full resolution photos, I’d like to be able to auto upload here as well.

  • MyStroPro

    I usually don’t try to say too much – but if its a main image – watch the borderline NSFW images please. That would have been awkward had my boss walked in.

    • Bob G

      Obligatory, “shouldn’t be surfing the web instead of working, anyways” comment.

      • MyStroPro

        Obligatory – “Apparently has no concept of what a “workbreak” is” comment.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Obligatory – “NSFW is up to you….not the internet”….comment

          • MyStroPro

            How long does your nose go? 😉

        • Chris

          Breaks ususully mean break. Get up, go to the break room. Go outside for fresh air and smoke that cancer stick.

    • Obligatory you never have to worry about that from us comment. 🙂

      • MyStroPro

        I dunno – its fun giving you hell sometimes Tim! =0)

    • michael arazan

      1st Amendment, don’t like it then leave

    • Chris

      Maybe you should be WORKING and not on tech sites…

  • ragnarok180