Yahoo Updates Mail App With New UI, News, and Yahoo Today Feature

Who ever thought Yahoo would be a company to make waves on Android? In a few short months, the company has acquired the contextually-aware Aviate launcher, launched the ambitious new Yahoo Screen, and released Yahoo News Digest. Talk about ambitious. But Yahoo refuses to slow down, which is good for us. Today, the company announced that the new version of its Yahoo Mail app is coming to Android. (more…)

Top 5 Muzei Live Wallpaper Extensions: March 2014

Here at DL, we have become fans of Roman Nurik’s latest creation, the Muzei live wallpaper. It lets us forget all of those hours of heated internal debate on deciding which wallpaper looks the hottest, and has essentially claimed its rightful place on most of our home screens.

Yet still, Nurik has only partially solved the whole problem with his newest app, because even now, we have to decide between hordes of different third party Muzei extensions, a problem I think we don’t mind having. The app displays wallpapers in such a beautiful way and there are so many good extensions already, that it’s quite fun seeing each outdo each other.

Which are the best five for the month of March? Let’s check them out.


Beta Testers: Facebook Home Update Brings Support for Instagram, Pinterest, and More

Facebook Home

If you are part of Facebook’s Android Beta program, a new update that is rolling out today allows you to add feeds from Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Flickr to your Home lockscreen. When you wake your device, you will be greeted with great content from the folks you follow, then when you’re are done, simply unlock and continue with your day. It’s a good addition, one that Zuckerburg said was coming during his interview at Disrupt.  (more…)

Flickr App Updated, Brings High-Res Photo-centric Look


On top of all the other exciting news from Yahoo! today, the company just launched an update to their official Flickr Android app through Google Play, bringing a very polished look with it. The app’s UI is centered solely on photos and Yahoo doesn’t seem scared to recommend some great photographers that you should start following. Within seconds I was greeted by gorgeous landscapes and classy nudes. Thanks, Yahoo!  (more…)

Instagram Updated in Google Play, Adds Nexus 7 Support

Your favorite hipster filter application has been updated today to allow for Nexus 7 support. Although the Nexus 7 does not have a back-facing camera, users like myself still like to peruse the galleries and stalk our friend’s activities. Along with the added support, you can share photos to Flickr, which is an added bonus. If you have been missing Instagram on your new Jelly Bean tablet, go grab it now.

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Yahoo! Releases Official Flickr App For Android

If there weren’t already enough ways for people to share and browse photos on the web, then Yahoo! just filled the gap with the release (finally) of their very popular Flickr service in form of an Android application. Users can upload or snap new photos directly into the app, comment on others, view friends’ activity, and then share it all with the world.  We are still trying to figure out why this took so long to create, but we are happy to see it arrive.    (more…)