Yahoo Confirms Massive Data Breach, At Least 500 Million Affected

Yahoo confirmed this afternoon that user information, such as names, email addresses, birth dates, and even unencrypted security questions & answers have been stolen. According to the announcement, the information for at least 500 million Yahoo users was stolen from the company’s network in late 2014 by what Yahoo is calling a “state-sponsored actor.” State sponsored simply means an individual or group of individuals acting on behalf of a government body.  (more…)

Verizon is Acquiring Yahoo for $4.83 Billion

Yahoo and Verizon announced this morning that Big Red is acquiring the struggling tech giant for $4.83 billion. The move will push Yahoo under AOL, another former tech darling that Verizon picked up within the past year. Verizon and Yahoo hope to close the all-cash deal by Q1 of 2017.

So what does this mean for Yahoo products, like email, sports, finance, and Tumblr? They are all coming along for the ride to Verizon and AOL. From what I can tell, neither company said anything other than that those services will continue on.  (more…)

Gmailify Your Existing Yahoo or Outlook Email Account, Get All of Gmail’s Bells and Whistles

Beginning today, users of a Yahoo or Outlook/Hotmail email account can Gmailify their existing email, without losing their precious email address. The process is extraordinarily simple. Sign into your email from within the Gmail app, then hit the “Gmailify” button. In doing so, you essentially turn your email into a Gmail account, which brings all the benefits that a normal Gmail user would have, such as spam protection, inbox organization, and more.  (more…)

Yahoo App Also Gets Update, Aims to Make Finding News Easier

Yahoo Mail isn’t the only Yahoo app to get a big update today. The Yahoo app is also getting a sizable update that is aimed at helping you “find, consume, and engage around the news, content and video you care about.” The update also wants to make it easier for you to join in on conversations surrounding news items and follow the latest in developer stories.  (more…)

You Can Now Customize Swipe Actions in Yahoo Mail, Use Actionable Notifications

An update for Yahoo Mail hit Google Play this morning, bringing an Inbox-like feature that will allow users to more quickly organize their email inbox. Upon loading it up, users will see the added ability to add custom actions for swiping gestures, such as archive, delete, move to, and others. This update goes hand-in-hand with a previous update that brought the swiping actions. (more…)

Yahoo Messenger is Re-Introduced to a World Probably Not Asking for It

Yahoo Messenger is back and attempting to do its best Adele impression. In a re-introduction of sorts, Yahoo wants you to say “Hello” to a revamped Yahoo Messenger, except unlike fans of the artist who just broke week one sales records after spending a few years away, you likely moved on years ago from Messenger and weren’t exactly counting the days to its comeback.  (more…)

Yahoo Mail App Gets Complete Redesign, New Features

Yahoo announced today that Yahoo Mail has received a major redesign on both Android and iOS. The new app not only looks different, but should be more powerful and “simple to use.” Yahoo says that they made a “significant investment” in the tech behind their mail app, so it’s now both fast and responsive.

Within the redesign, you will find new features like a more prominent photo experience (with Twitter, Facebook integration), easier photo attaching to emails, a lack of ugly avatars, new contact cards, quick swiping to mark items as read or to delete them, long pressing for multi-selection, and a shortcut to Yahoo News. The app should also be smarter with searching for both people and keywords.  (more…)