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Android 4.2.2 “Jelly Bean” Headed to Google TV, Play Books Gets an Update


There is a ton of good stuff coming out of this year’s Google I/O, so while we take a break from the madness, let’s try to get you caught up on the happenings. Last night, an update was pushed out to Google Play Books, allowing for users to upload their own files such as PDFs and EPUBs. There is also a refreshed design for your library and table of contents pages. 

Secondly, and probably much more importantly, the Google TV platform is getting a major bump to Android 4.2.2, Jelly Bean. This will allow Google TV developers to access the most recent APIs and even the newest NDK for development purposes. In the long run, this will make GTV a much smarter and greater platform for the true lovers of entertainment.

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Via: +Google TV | LG

  • mx

    Yup. I was really hoping for a good PDF solution. I’m not a fan of any of the apps from the play store that I have tried so far. All of them seem incredibly slow at rendering compared to what I used to use on iOS.

    Any suggestions?

    • mustbepbs

      Mantano. It really is the best PDF reader. It even has the ability to highlight in PDFs. It renders them fairly quickly.

  • If the browser speeds up, it will be great.

  • the_real_patrick_bateman

    The white nexus 4 looks like a Michael Jackson glove.

    • Strangely, that kind of makes me want it.

      • the_real_patrick_bateman

        I was really just making an observation, I didn’t mean it in a negative way at all.

  • n11

    Wait, people will read books, on their TV?…

  • Daniel Russell

    It’s still not what it could be. It won’t refocus the text or image after a zoom in. You can’t do pdfs from google drive and you can’t look at any edits or comments or highlights that you have made to pdfs. Love the smoothness of google books, but needs more pdf functionality.

    • TheWenger

      I’ve never used it for PDFs, so that really sucks. But reading ePub format works just like it would if you bought it from the Play Store.

    • mx

      Agreed. I really wish there was an option to open PDFs directly in the books app also. Having to upload them and then sync back to the device is not a very user friendly design.

  • MikeSaver

    Does anyone know if Google Books does or eventually will allow you to pull files from your google drive? All my book files are on my google drive not stored locally on my phone.

    • MikeD675

      Yes you there is an option in the upload box to select files from your Google drive. The size limit for PDFs is 50 Mb.

  • hfoster52


  • Mudokon83

    Still waiting for that amazing post “Verizon S3 getting 4.2.2 update…..”


  • Illinipoke

    Google books update is underated IMO.

    Anyone know if your spot in your own books will sync across devices?

    If I read to page 20 on my phone, then open the book on my N 10 will it open to page 20?

    • Josh Phillips

      It will.

  • Ian

    I mean I used to think of GoogleTV as a ‘one-off’ to android. Now that it has been updated to JellyBean, I wasn’t sure if that meant JellyBean was replacing GoogleTV. Through my googling, I found the answer and obviously I was wrong.

    To the downvoters, thanks for your concern. I’ll take my legitimate questions elsewhere from now on.

  • Mark

    Sounds like the Revue and any non-ARM based GTV won’t get it:


  • Don’t expect a white nexus 4 this late in the game.

  • Maybe it’s worth buying one now.

    • Sean Wood

      IMO.. Even my rinky dink Revue was a good buy. It’s seems if you analyze the naysayers of Google TV appear to be sort of bias’d. I think they’re expecting a full media pc environment. Google TV just isn’t EVER going to be that fully. Don’t get me wrong, with some patience and ingenuity you can still do a lot with it though. I download torrents, watch pretty much any show i want via some of the online streaming sites. With it tied in to my home theatre sys it’s my default media player at home.The only REAL complaint I have with the revue is the lack of more internal storage for apps and mem for cache so online vids wouldn’t buffer so much. I’ll def be updating to the co-star soon with this update coming out.

      • I honestly wonder if my smart tv doesn’t offer just as many video playback formats as well as Youtube, Netflix, Amazon etc.. Google TV needs to become something soon or everyone else will have already done what Google said they were gonna do.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          As an owner of the Sony GTV Blueray combo, I am not sure if the comparison of smart-TV to GTV is a fair fight. Where GTV shines the most is when you pair a unti to a “non-smart” TV. I own two of them and one is connected to a 37″ $200 toshiba that has zero enhancements but an excellent picture. (bedroom unit) When I bought the Sony BR GTV unit, it was $99. Total investment for a smart TV in my bedroom comes out to right around $300. My living room has a smart TV but also has a Sony BR GTV unit connected. I can honestly say that I never use the features of the TV because the Sony unit is so much easier to use and is much better than what my TV offers. I wish I had skipped the smart TV and simply bought something with fewer options but a bigger clearer picture. (Aka, a monitor.)

  • A Google LG TV?

  • I really hope my first gen Sony box gets it too.

    If you want to see Hulu, you might want to root your box:


  • I noticed the same thing and agree. I did go to the website though on my GNEX and the upload worked fine.

  • schmaltzy

    Any hope for the Logitech Revue getting this update?

    • I’d be surprised. Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think Logitech’s update track record is very good. Stranger things have happened, though. I’m really hoping my Sony NSG-GS7 gets it. Sony seems really good with updates. I’ve received two system updates for it since January. I guess in the end, it’s up to the OEMs to decide if the hardware has enough beef to run Jelly Bean without compromising performance, and whether they want to invest the time and money into the update.

  • Intellectua1

    That tv looks amazing too bad it’s LG I prefer Samsung

    • Jason Wright

      I used to be the same way but I’ve purchased 2 LG TV’s now and they’ve been the 2 best TV’s I’ve ever owned. LG makes a good quality product.

      • True that! Though their Magic Remote is a little strange at first (at least for my 55G2)

  • Mordecaidrake

    Can’t wait for the Google TV update, I love my Vizio but it’s definitely a bit sluggish and needs some work.