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Google to Discontinue Google+ Games, Will Shut Down June 30

Google Plus

It’s the eve of the launch of the Google Play Games Services, which apparently means it is time for the exit of Google+ Games. It was short lived, one that will probably not be missed by too many people. Google+ introduced games for their service just a few months ago, allowing users to play games together much like on Facebook. 

As announced on May 15, 2013, games inside plus.google.com will be retired on June 30, 2013. If you would like to continue playing a particular game, contact the game’s developer to find out if there’s a new destination site for the game. Some of the game pages on plus.google.com/games have a link to an alternative site where you can continue to play the game.

So, was anyone actually using this?

Via: Google+ 

Cheers okungnyo!

  • Bret

    The Mayfly lives longer. Oh, wait, there was another gaming platform on G+? Wow!

  • It is so ridiculous. Google+ with games LOL

  • did not even know that Google+ had games

  • Harry Ballsachs

    For a second, I thought they cancelled the Google Play games they just announced.

    • Jason Brown

      exactly what i was thinking. i was like damn that was fast.

  • coolsilver

    HAHA Screw you Zynga. Rip off someone elses games.

    • coolsilver

      QQ Zynga deserves it

  • Zach Armstrong

    I didn’t know that G+ even had games

    • umbrellacorp

      That make’s about a million of us.

  • Futbolrunner

    Will you guys have any time for a DL Show tonight? [crossing fingers]

  • Frank Fiorta

    That sucks. I actually played them. Will they still have some kind of games section?

    • Dominic Powell

      i am pretty sure with the new google play games services that acts across devices (ios web and android) that they will probably just start using the chrome web store to distribute these games… they will still have the social layer intrinsic in g+ and additional features to boot.

      • Frank Fiorta

        Ah I see. Hope so.

        And lol @ the Google+ haters. Two down votes for simply saying I enjoy games on Google+.

  • Now everyone acts all frantically like they are gonna shut down Google + next.


      That would be a good thing.

  • noToSocialNetworks

    A shame Google plus not getting discontinued so they’d stop limiting good services with in.

  • Edwin Mann

    I definitely didn’t know google+ had games

  • trophynuts

    is anyone actually using Google+?

    • Don’t diss anything Google does. People get mad. Even if it something not widely used.

      • JoshGroff

        That or dare to say some other phone is better than the nexus. I much prefer my DNA, mainly because of the CDMA+GSM capabilities. Offer me a nexus that can flip between all GSM carriers and Verizon, and then I just might be interested.

        • Nexus phones are nice because they are stock. But they still have plenty of ways to go to become better than the competition. And not being Verizons b*tch

    • TheWhiteLotus

      It’s the second most popular social network in the world.

      • Dylan Patel

        Everyone who has Android has G+, so not really fair comparison.

      • rekem

        Let me put it another way, is anyone actually using Google+ who wasn’t coerced into singing up for it by Google?

        • michael arazan

          You don’t have to use google+, unlike bloatware apps, you can uninstall it from your phone. I like the free hangout function for video chat.

          • Royal2000H

            Ignore the app for a second. He means the service. Many people have a Google+ account because they already have a Google account and Google kept saying, “hey enable your Google+ account! It’s great” or “To do this, you must have a Google+ account”

    • All my friends and family are

      • Timothy McGovern

        plot twist: You’re an orphan with no friends

        • This was a funny ass comment. People have no sense of humor…Upvote to you.

        • PhoenixPath

          Heh.. What’s that meme…the one where the red-haired kid does all these “awesome” things…only to have them blow up in his face?


      No, most people are forced into using it in order to get other Google services. Sad really.

  • Oh wow, Google+ had games….?