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New Google Maps Sign-up Page Goes Live Briefly, Reveals All Sorts of New Details

new maps1

A new version of Google Maps for the desktop was leaked last week showing a new look that provided a more full-screen experience while matching up to the Google Now-esque card style of other Google services. A release of this version seemed imminent, but most of us figured it would wait for a Google I/O unveiling. Tonight (the night before I/O), the sign-up for this new Google Maps was live briefly, giving us a glimpse at what we can expect when it officially goes live. 

The first highlight of the sign-up page mentioned a “tailored map for every search” that you perform, so that you’ll always have a map which shows you things that matter the most. We’re talking custom maps or at least maps that learn from you the more you use them.

new maps2

The second thing that stood out to us was a “smarter search box,” which was actually mentioned in the previous leak. This search box lives on top of the full-screen maps, and makes all sorts of information (including destinations, ratings, reviews, and indoor maps) available as you search.

new maps3

The new Google Maps also includes imagery from Google Earth, incorporates Google’s lesser known flight search, a comparison of various modes of transportation, and eventually adapts to your searches based on previous searches and ratings.

new maps4

new maps5

new maps8

new maps7

new maps9

We didn’t see a mention of mobile at all throughout the short-lived new Maps page, but would imagine that these features would make there way over at some point in the future.

The page we visited has now been pulled.

Cheers Haowen!

  • Zippy

    DL gets a mention on NBC tech news
    The ever-popular Google Maps website is also getting an overhaul. Considering that the folks at Droid Life dug up a page inviting Google users to sign up for a new version of Google Maps, we’d say chances are that we’ll hear about the redesign today.”

  • Miguel Ripoll

    Look, it appears a message when you are using MapsGL.

  • Nihilist

    i wish my new car and all the new cars i looked at had android for their nav/ ent system. android works way better than any of these $2k systems in any of the cars i looked at, high end and mid level cars. my nexus 7 tab blows their clunky, poorly designed software out of the water. i still use google nav and maps instead of the built in nav.

    • renGek

      Love android to death as well as my nexus 7 but I cannot agree with you. The navigation in my infiniti is much much better than google’s navigation. And I don’t know why my N7’s navigation is so poor when there is no data connection because my car certainly don’t have a data connection. I had both on at the same time once to experiment (The N7 was tethered so it had data) and I got a lot more info from my car’s nav than from google’s navigation.

    • Chris

      Great till you are not in range of a signal…

  • Zach Armstrong

    I had the sign up page up for a min then it went to Error 404 when I hit submit

  • Steve Benson

    Can we get a new Android version as well?

    How about smarter routing? Route learning maybe? It kills me when Maps continually sends me on a route I know is slower. Most times I just use Maps for its traffic data. I wonder how often Maps sends me on a “less desirable” route when I’m in unknown areas?

  • How do I get an invite? I tried the link and nothing happens

  • SN


  • siddharthbandhu

    I tried sharing the link on Facebook.
    Got that small preview.

  • why still have black bar?

  • ImmaDroid

    Look at you Kellen, coming home from the club doing some late night posting!

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Late night articles? Stayin on top of your game this week. Want some views? I can click the refresh button a couple times. I can’t wait to get some android sweetness.

    • JoshGroff

      You could always spam F5.

  • cjohn4043

    Can’t wait for I/O.
    Oh, and props for DL for those late night articles.

    • Only about 12 for them. Night is just getting started.

      • EvanTheGamer

        They don’t live in Las Vegas, so the night isn’t just getting started…

    • regbs

      Hope you’re enjoying the let down.

  • thomwithah

    Strange they show Switzerland….They are only now deploying their street view cars here. So, six months for that imagery to post..

    • I like your cheese, with the holes.

      • thomwithah

        I didn’t like the holes growing up. So, my grandma told me I didn’t have to eat the holes, just the cheese. I like our skiing, chocolate, watches, banking, diversity, direct democracy, etc…

        • I am jealous.

          also, after I watched 127 hours, i have never left the house without my swiss army knife.

        • Your grandma may have been the smartest person on earth! Love her way of thinking – and it worked, too.

    • Michael Rodgers

      Thom, Zurich has street view pretty much everywhere. Is it different in other cities?

    • e1ace

      I believe Google Maps is handled by Google team in Zurich.

  • Steven Cao

    Meanwhile, Apple still trying to figure out whether or not Australia is a continent

    • ha

    • Google maps had and has many of the same issues including the Australia issue. It has also gotten much better.


      • oioioi

        Google buy some Australia data off Sensis, who in turn buy some data off other companies…so it’s not as simple as pointing the finger at the messenger.

        • Chris

          Right, and when Apple sources data from a third party, it’s Apple’s fault. But when Google sources data from a third party, it’s the third parties fault.

          Filed under: how to spot a fanboy, google edition.

          • Google created a world class mapping system which killed the business of most of the big SatNav companies. Apple decided to replace Google with an in house product that they claimed was the best available – that is why everyone tells jokes about it THEY LIED.

      • Christopher Riner

        Hah, the source is Macworld. Im sure they’re not bias

        • The fact that you’re saying this on a website called “Droid Life” is pretty amusing.

        • A P

          Dammit, man, biasED. Of course they’re not bias. That’s like saying they’re not prejudice.

      • Chris Hannan

        That link shows Google Maps takes you down a road unsuitable for heavy traffic. Lots of people start using it and traffic becomes heavy. Normally Google picks the fastest route so if it’s showing a lot of people the same thing, they’ll all take it. It’s not really Google’s fault people can’t use navigation and still pay attention to the road.

      • Elliot Kotis

        You’re an idiot. Sure, maybe, it had a rote of heavy traffic (because people use the app), but leading people out to the Outback of Australia for them to die, stranded, with no means of communication is a bit worse (they all got back okay, I think they realised it was the wrong way 😛 ).

      • Kr B

        Isn’t this a bit of an Apples to Oranges comparison? Apple’s issue was a city in the middle of nowhere, Google’s issue still put you on a road, just one that wasn’t meant for heavy traffic (how is Google’s algorithm supposed to know something as inferred as that?). Google does have issues with the maps telling you to take routes that aren’t allowed at certain times of the day. For instance, there is this one intersection where I’m not allowed to make a left turn because it is for Buses only and only during the early mornings. I certainly didn’t fault Google for that because that isn’t something so easily known.

    • Кристијан Ристовски

      I’m laughing out so loud like a moron.

    • Elliot Kotis

      And whether or not a town is in the Outback. (Led a lot of people to no where, whom almost died).

      • regbs

        Whom is pretentious and obsolete. It’s especially pathetic when you go out of your way to use it and still use it incorrectly. You should have used the nominative “who.” You don’t know your grammar well enough to try to show off because you make mistakes that make you look like the wannabe try-hard that you are. “Nowhere” is one word too. Anyone blaming a nav app for the user’s death is a moron. No one died in the Outback or anywhere else before GPS, right? Should we blame the USA for inventing GPS? Most libtards would blame the USA for anything anyway.

    • hicksonjohn

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  • ferrari187

    Sweet, maps was due for some update love. The fastest way to get there is a solid feature.

    • Elliot Kotis

      So is Play Music, I hope we see that at I/O as well 😀

  • Link please

    • Robert F Gardner

      Worked for me!