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White Nexus 4 Makes a New Appearance, Doesn’t at All Mean It’s Coming at I/O

white nexus 4

The white Nexus 4 has returned! Thanks to a new set of photos of the device posted by a Google+ user this weekend, the tech media world now thinks we are guaranteed to see this variant at Google I/O next week…with LTE…and 32GB of storage. While that’s certainly a possibility, the guy that purchased this is not some Google insider nor does he appear to have any knowledge of this device actually having anything to do with I/O. No, he bought it from a local “buy and sell website” while trading in his black Nexus. That’s it. He didn’t sneak one out of a back-alley I/O truck session or have lunch in a dark room with Larry Page. He bought it locally. 

But hey, it’s the white Nexus 4 again! Boy, do I wish I had one. Since first popping up back in late January and then re-appearing through a lengthy hands-on session, we have been crossing fingers, hoping for some sort of white N4 announcement from Google. Here we are four months later, and nothing has happened on that front.

We should point out in the past that Google has handed out special edition Nexus devices at Google I/O (like the white Nexus 7), which is happening this week. However, this is not a sign that attendees are getting one. This is just a lucky Android lover who found one at his local tech shop.

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  • Tessoro Desoto

    This picture is fake, look how the lg logo is darker while the tinny letters are of a lighter color and the nexus is lighter too. You ppl are pathetic believing in rumors…

  • First the Galaxy Nexus and now the Nexus 4. Google why must you torture us with white versions of your phone that NOBODY EVER GETS?? 🙁

  • George

    Bah. Had my Nexus 4 for 10 days now – I wonder if I could flog it and go for this..? I’m in a 24 month contract with it now with no 4G, but hey, 32GB, White and the future option for 4G can’t be bad…

  • Sundar’s sac

    what it really means is it would not show a crack on the back as bad as the black one

  • that would be pretty lame. I’d rather have a new phone with a 1080P display. It would have been amazing if the Nexus 4 had it.

  • shooter50

    whoaaaa, that is one ugly phone. What is it, the Liberace edition????

  • With every nexus phone, there was a special edition for Google Employees, have we yet seen what that was for the nexus 4? Was it the white one?

  • Joe

    Glittery white phone? Hideous.

    • Ian

      Black one is glittery too…

      • TylerChappell

        Yes, but black glitteriness isn’t hideous.

  • Ken Bosse

    So if we were to see a LTE Nexus. What are the odds Verizon gets it?

    • Steve Benson

      0% Guaranteed.

      • michael arazan

        What are the odds Verizon will pass on it if offered it?

      • aQuickBit

        What if this is what they have in store for us at their May 22nd announcement? (since apparently the Nokia Lumia 928 is not what they will be showing off) What if this is a VoLTE phone and they will be the “first, best, all LTE Nexus device provider!” since this this earlier Droid Life article says that by mid 2013 pretty much the entire 3G network will be covered by LTE.


        And since it is VoLTE they sell it for cheaper, yes with Verizon bloatware per the usual, but they have the upgraded Nexus…the best Nexus. And if you don’t have an upgrade available, just buy it full price for $350 with their new pricing option (which a lot of people would most likely do because its a cheaper phone at full price than any other device on the market).

        Of course this is totally hypothetical with absolutely no guarantees, since well, hey, this is Big Red we are talking about here. More of a hopeful situation in my book.

    • Knowing Verizon it will take them another year to sell this phone while every other carrier will have it within a month

    • T4rd

      Probably about the same odds of Verizon bringing back unlimited data plans, or Verizon updating their phone variant before any of the other carriers, or Verizon doing anything beneficial whatsoever to their customers.

    • If there’s an LTE Nexus 4, it’s for Sprint. The end. Verizon doesn’t hit anyone’s sloppy seconds. If the Nexus 4 didn’t launch on Verizon, it won’t be on Verizon ever. And before anyone downvotes this, show me one Android device in recent memory (last 3-4 years) that launched on Verizon 6 months after initial launch on other carriers. That’s what I thought.

      Sprint, on the other hand, always gets Nexus phones around the April/May timeframe, so yeah, if an LTE Nexus 4 exists, you’d better hope Sprint has LTE in your market.

      • I downvoted just because I don’t like that attitude, sonny! 😉

        • Probably somebody who hates the truth. Cough repub

          • What? Surely you responded to the wrong person. Yeah, I’ll go with that…

      • sc4fpse

        Man, people downvoting because they can’t handle the truth. You, my friend, are spot on. Upvote for the truth.

      • Ken Bosse

        I thought the chances were slim. I’ll probably wait for the 5, and if its not on Verizon, I will leave that day. I have been out of contract since November

      • Butters619

        It could be an AT&T or T-Mobile LTE Nexus 4.

        • HIGHLY doubtful. If they release a version with AT&T or T-Mobile LTE, Google and LG would be contending with a ton of irate Nexus 4 owners and they know it. Given Andy Rubin’s comments on LTE back during the N4 launch, the most likely scenario is that any new Nexus 4 variant would be for Sprint, and Sprint requires all new smartphone launching on its network to have LTE.

      • I’m pretty sure if there is an LTE enabled Nexus 4, it would be for AT&T and T-Mobile, seeing as it’s already compatible with those networks. Besides, the reason Verizon didn’t have the Nexus 4 is because it wasn’t made for CDMA networks. It was made for GSM networks. But, the rumor is that the updated Nexus 4 (If it even exists) will be made to support both type’s of networks.

        • The Nexus S want made for CDMA either, yet we ended up with a Sprint variant several months after initial launch.

          • I’m not saying that it won’t be for Sprint, I’m just stating that it would be more logical for it to be released on the networks that it’s already compatible with. I’m sure the new Nexus 4 won’t be a CDMA only phone. If anything, they’ll maybe have two different models to support both types of networks.

      • No if there was one it would be for AT&T or T-Mobile since they are gsm. Google doesn’t like CDMA. Who says they’re going to get one this year anyways?

        • Um, Google hates CDMA? That’s interesting since they released the Nexus S on Sprint, launched the Galaxy Nexus in the US on Verizon (and was exclusive to Verizon for four months), then released it on Sprint later. Oh, and the OG Droid and Motorola Xoom were defacto Nexus devices (meaning they ran stock Android, got updates directly from Google, and were the reference devices for a particular version of Android, 2.0 and 3.0 respectively), and both of those launched on Verizon. Google doesn’t hate CDMA. Tech geeks like us who buy Nexus devices at launch hate CDMA.

          • Yea and they learned their lesson from the VZW Galaxy Nexus. You can’t have a unlocked CDMA phone and thats how google wants to sell it. The VZW GN was a fail because of VZW.

          • Yep, and yet 5 months after it launches on Verizon and “fails”, it launches on Sprint. Just sayin’.

          • and it still doesn’t have 4.2.2 so sprint failed also. CDMA carriers get in the way of Nexus’s. The unlocked devices from google don’t have to worry about carriers.

          • Yes, but we’re getting away from the point. I agree with 100% of what you say, but my point it, that doesn’t matter to Google. That only matters to people like us. Google isn’t anti-CDMA. We are.

          • Rick

            Because they allowed it to be unlocked… just sayin.

      • but they never released a nexus initially until the GNex. Who’s to say that now they won’t just release the GSM versions first, and the CDMA/LTE verison second, on both Sprint and Verizon. Times change. Even Verizon is playing with the thought of no contracts

        • Sure, anything’s possible. But since there’s no historical precedent for it, I’m sticking to my guns that it’s for Sprint. Sprint always gets their Nexus devices in April or May, so there’s no reason to believe they wouldn’t get a Nexus 4 around this time. Plus, any Nexus 4 that DID launch on Sprint would have to have LTE. Therefore logically, if there’s an LTE Nexus 4 on the horizon, odds should be very high that it’d be for Sprint. That’s based purely on historical precedent. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. We’ll see.

      • 4n1m4L

        Verizon sloppy seconds = iPhone

        • Not really. Verizon had the iPhone the minute AT&It’s exclusivity ran out.

        • Tom Purple

          Good job!

        • Rick

          Palm and blackberry both had specific versions of phones on other networks before Verizon, as well. Iphone wasn’t even a precedent.

      • Rick

        “Verizon doesn’t hit anyone’s sloppy seconds”
        … Unless it’s apple, then they will gladly take sloppy seconds?
        Verizon has historically repeatedly hit popular brand’s “sloppy seconds.” Blackberry, and windows phone, palm…
        Why would android be special?

        • Name one of those phones that launched on Verizon six months after launch. And as for the iPhone, Verizon launched it the minute AT&T’s exclusivity deal ended. Also, remember that I said re sent memory, meaning the last three years.

    • jamie stevens

      plus verizon has said that they have the DNA and sticking w/ that. also said that when they have a new phone coming they would be vocal about it

      • burkett375

        That was HTC that said they’d be vocal about it…

    • Leave Verizon and your excuses for still being with them. You’re currently the housewife that gets beat by her husband for no reason…and you’re paying him to do it to you.

      • Wow, while I admit Verizon’s prices are higher than average, they do have what is a measurably better network on average as well. That said, comparing it to serial domestic abuse? Not cool.

      • That’s absolutely absurd. Yes, Verizon has the highest prices. But, Verizon also has the best wireless network in the United States, bar none, assuming we’re talking about call quality and sheer 3G or higher data coverage. That’s not even debatable.

        For some people, all they care about is the bottom-line dollar figure coming out of their bank account every month. That’s fine. That’s why other carriers like T-Mobile and all the countless MVNOs exist. If you care about having voice coverage and a decent-speed data connection basically anywhere you’d live or travel to in the United States, you cannot beat Verizon. People on these forums mainly hate Verizon because of their update policies, namely their testing and approval processes.

        That said, they have a right to test and approve updates to phones to make sure said updates won’t cause a nightmare for their support staff. They’re the ones putting up money to market and support the phones, so the testing and approval of updates is a reasonable demand in that context.

        In the end, given the choice between a GSM carrier-unlocked Nexus phone, or a Verizon LTE variant of that same phone, I’m taking Verizon every time, without fail, even if that means my updates don’t come for 2 months after the GSM models get theirs. Verizon’s network is just that great and I don’t mind paying extra money for it.

        • smirkis

          get over it. Verizon sucks. and always has. every location in my city of San Diego has horrible data speeds. i pay less, and get more, on my gsm network. not to mention, google loves my gsm network because they don’t get in the way of OS updates.

          • aQuickBit

            Define “horrible”. For being in a major city like San Diego I would love to have that speed. I live in bumf*ck nowhere country-land where Verizon is my only option (AT&T is a joke where I live) and I somehow get LTE (~8.85 down and 4.53 up according to SpeedTest.net)

          • This is a classic example of what I mean. If you need a decent-speed data connection and good voice coverage almost anywhere you’d live or work, I don’t see how you don’t choose Verizon.

        • Brandon Counts

          AT&T has a far better LTE network and the speeds are much better on 3G because AT&T falls back on HSPA+ when no LTE is available, unlike Verizon who has to fall back onto 3G. The coverage is phenomenal.

          • Yes, but AT&T does not have near the LTE coverage that Verizon does, and also there are still plenty of very out-of-the-way areas where AT&T still doesn’t have 3G or HSPA+. Plus, it’s a simple fact of the technology that once more AT&T customers get on the LTE network, it’s going to slow down. Enjoy those 50 mbit speeds while you have them because in another year, it’ll be right in line with Verizon’s 15-20 mbps speeds.

    • Aaron

      Is this a real question?

  • jamie stevens

    so what is the website where they purchased it?

  • Seriously, how hard is it to make a phone all white instead just the back being white and the front still black?

  • Rich Koos

    it doesn’t have those little bumps to keep it from sliding around

    • Bionic_Pags

      Good look… but those were added later on, but not to keep it from sliding… more to keep the glass from cracking due to temp changes, etc…

  • Looks like something from Twilight.