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Analyst Purportedly Reveals New Nexus 7 Specs – Snapdragon S4 Pro, High-res Display, and More for $199

nexus 7 retail

Google has long been rumored to release an updated version of its popular Nexus 7 tablet at this year’s I/O, however, specific spec details for this re-hashed tablet have mostly been scarce. Last night, details may have emerged thanks to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to Kuo, the new Nexus 7 will indeed arrive at I/O next week along with a set of impressive specs, while retaining its ultra-affordable price tag. 

The new Nexus 7 will once again be made by Asus (no surprise there), run Android 4.3, a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor (APQ8064), sport a 7″ LTPS high-res display (1920×1200), with a 5MP rear camera, HD front camera, NFC, WiFi, 4,000mAh battery, and wireless charging.

new nexus 7 specs

The differences from this rumored version to the current are the major bump in screen resolution (old version is 1280×800), move from NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Pro, rear camera (since the original N7 didn’t have a rear camera), slightly smaller battery, and wireless charging built in.

We’re also expecting the side bezel to shrink, so that the device can keep a similar shape and design while offering more screen real estate.

This new Nexus 7 should stick close to the current $199 price for the base model.

Does this sound like the new Nexus 7 you were all waiting for? The processor may seem somewhat ancient for mobile times, having been included in devices like the Nexus 4 last year, but the S4 Pro is no slouch and there should be plenty of power.

Via:  Apple Insider

  • John Trolvolta

    Thanks, I’ve added droid-life.com to my list of trashy news sites to block.

    • HarleyGuy72

      See ya!!! Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out…

  • Roy Hwang

    the s4 pro doesnt make sense because it is an old processor. they are trying to compete with the ipad mini 2 (which is apparently gonna have killer specs) coming out so they are probably gonna put a snapdragon 600 or 800. hopefully an 800.

  • TylerChappell

    I would say that these specs are pretty much spot on for what I would expect it to have. The Snapdragon 600 was probably just barely too new to make it into the revised Nexus 7, but the S4 Pro would undoubtedly be a solid performer for the sub $300 price range.

  • Josh Haug

    2 Things
    1. Key words in the title “Analyst Purportedly”
    2. Via: Apple Insider

  • Anon Yser

    I wish it would have a Tegra processor instead

  • Trevor

    Yep, I’ll buy. For $199 anyway.

  • RAM? 😀

  • coolsilver

    I got a tablet… OG Galaxy Tab. CM10 loaded. Only reason why I would get a new Nexus is for storage space.

  • GamerZero

    S4 Pro or Tegra3, which is better for gaming?

    • A Nintendo/Sony/MS console.

      • trwb

        I concur

        • TylerChappell

          Really? I prefer a custom built PC with an Eyefinity setup…

  • aniym

    The battery’s capacity is 300mAH less than the N7 and yet it’s supposed to power a 1200P display? How’s that gonna work?

    • roy

      a much better and power efficient processor. if they put a snapdragon 800 the battery will last a very long time


    I don’t own a nexus tablet, but I have used a lot of android phones and own an android phone… hopefully they incorporate more, yes even more, project butter.. maybe call it project glide or something. I’m really tired of the lag/stuttering from these phones. Every android phone has it and I have yet to see it go away. HTC did a decent job with the One, but maybe/hopefully they can improve on that some more!

  • beavis

    I need more GB for my bungholio!!
    Where is my GBs!?

  • JMonkeYJ

    “We’re also expecting the side bezel to shrink, so that the device can keep a similar shape and design while offering more screen real estate”

    if the screen is still 7″, how does shrinking the bezel allow for more screen real estate?

    • Anthony Tarantino

      The smaller the bezel, the bigger the screen appears.

  • TheWenger

    I shouldn’t have to post this on DL but…

    “…says analyst”

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

    Kidding, but those specs do seem like a realistic guess.

  • As long as they start out with 16GB and 32GB options I’m fine

  • Steve Benson

    What would make me sell my current Nexus 7 and buy the newer version?

    Must haves:
    1. 1080p display
    2. Notification Light
    3. Vibration
    4. Better battery life

    Not needed, but would be a bonus:
    1. Slimmer bezel, larger screen in the same form factor
    2. Rear camera
    3. Better accessories (give us a high end case from Asus)
    4. Front facing speakers (the difference this makes while using the Nexus 10 and HTC One needs to be experienced to understand how great this is)

  • Shaggy723

    If these specs are true, and it performs as well as the current N7, how could anyone complain. I have a N7 and love it. If this comes out, consider me in. I just hope that my official dock, which is awesome despite it’s limited functionality, works with the new model.

  • huskerhog

    Any word on reduced pricing for the old N7?

  • Tyler Casilio

    Nice. What should I do with my Nexus 7 I have right meow?

  • Dan

    Still holding out for the Nexus 6 phone.

  • LESS battery? wtf

  • 2 things I feel like my nexus 7 it’s missing and I hope this next one has are a led light and vibrate for gaming and notifications.

  • eddie

    2 gigs of ram I assume?

  • ddh819

    will that chip run THD games? (excuse my noob question)

    • DoctorJB

      Most likely not. All of the THD apps I have seen require a Tegra (because Nvidia likes it that way).

  • Trade in program NAOW!

  • Sounds like an orgasm built into a 7 inch tablet.

  • brkshr

    I’m wondering how much RAM will be in this? I would say 2GB, like the N4 should be standard now.

  • The. Great. Cornholio!

    If they’re shrinking the bezel, then does the overall size shrink or does it go from a Nexus 7 to a 7.7 or to a 7.9/8?

    • It states a 7″ screen in the table above. Hoping that the bezel shrinks a bit so that its even more pocketable. While I hoped for a N8, this will do 🙂

  • 16/32gb or gtfo.

  • jamie stevens

    since we all know there will be no microsd support hopefully it comes with a 64gb model

  • Jeffrey Gouse

    While it’s nice to see a higher screen resolution, I’m concerned about the smaller battery, Unless the S4 Pro and Android 4.3 combined have some really incredible power management capabilities, then the biggest weakness (IMO) of the current N7 just took a big hit. Drop the rear camera and put the money toward a larger battery.

    Considering the N7 will undoubtedly get 4.3 within weeks of I/O, I don’t see anything here to convince me to upgrade from the 1st generation N7.

  • js

    I’ll take it!

  • Derek Lockovich

    Yeah. I can dig that. The specs are great. That CPU is fantastic, and the screen should be amazing. I’m hoping they release the 16/32 right off the bat, and they also have worked out any faults/bugs the device itself has before they actually start selling it.

  • nobody72

    Would be nice if it had an sd slot; i know this is a nexus device but still….

    Also a little concern the battery life is short.

    • DoctorJB

      Use a small OTG flash drive, it’s sorta like your nexus has a mild deformity (extra finger, vestigial tail) dangling off the side.

  • daysofdre

    I know the S4 has no problems pushing 720p, I’m hoping thats the case for 1080 and Google’s not overreaching here… also higher resolution + smaller battery… I’ll wait for the reviews.

    • JoshGroff

      The DNA rocks 1080 just fine.

      • ERIC REED

        Josh I’ve been thinking of getting a DNA, but I’m worried about the battery life. I’m not near a charger all day where I can just plug it in. Is this something that should keep me from getting this phone? I honestly need 10-12 hours of moderate(sometimes heavy) use to get me through.

        • JoshGroff

          Honestly, it has better battery life than both the rezound and gnex (with stock extended battery,) so I’ve never had a problem with it, and the screen is fantastic. That being said, the maxx hd and note 2 practically double its battery life, and the S4 at least ties it in every advantage it holds over either of those two.

    • n11

      Either way I’m sure you’ll wait for the reviews, as the we don’t know if the rumor is true or not. Maybe a bigger battery will enter!

  • Liquidretro

    Let’s hope they fix the memory controller to improve the speed and massive slow downs the OG-N7 gets when it has less than 3gb free space.

    • brkshr

      That should be non-existent. Completely different hardware here & I must say that I’m excited because my N4, with the same processor as the new N7, runs flawlessly.


    Kellen, any idea if the new one will have the pogo pins? Or did I waste money on another accessory that came out 7 months late?

    • XvierX

      I was wondering the same thing… I gave my Nexus 7 to a friend but kept the dock hoping I could use it with this updated version of the device. Here’s hoping.

  • Awkward how the source is Apple Insider….

    • 4n1m4L

      And what happened top Kellexs smexy white n7?

  • mtaylor924

    Any chance it will have both OTG and MHL capabilities?

    • brkshr

      MHL yes. OTG no. I forget the specifics as to why Google quit implementing OTG, but most likely someone will fix it like they did for the OGN7 & N4. Just a guess…

  • EvanTheGamer

    Damn. Probably should have waited. I forked over $250 for my 16 GB WIFI Nexus 7! But that is the life of an early adopter. Arrg!

    • JoshGroff

      My screen broke months ago for who knows what reason, I guess that means I have an excuse to upgrade.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Aye! That’s a good enough reason/excuse, absolutely.

    • violator702

      You got a Transformers movie and a Google Play credit though right?

      • EC8CH

        That Transformer movie is no daisy.

        • EvanTheGamer


      • EvanTheGamer

        That’s very true. The Transformers movie I could definitely live without, but that $25 bonus Google Play Store credit was definitely cool(still have a bit of it, too, haha).

        Also, you know what, no matter about being an early adopter of the Nexus 7. I’ve really enjoyed using the damn thing over the last several months, so whatever about this new version of the N7. I might get another N7 after I get my S4. But that won’t be for awhile(getting a new N7).

    • JMonkeYJ

      me too, but i don’t regret my purchase at all 🙂 the N7 has been wonderful (well, once i got my 3rd one that didn’t have any manufacturing flaws).

  • EC8CH

    For $199 what’s there to b!tch about?

    • brkshr


    • r0lct

      Time to put my N7 on swappa

    • I just don’t see why they added a camera. Doesn’t need it and we know stock gas terrible camera software.

      • Roy Harper

        I want the rear camera for document scanning. It doesn’t need to be good, just needs to exist.

        • Ian Smith

          most valid reason for this i’ve yet heard

          • zepfloyd

            Mobile banking/check scanning is another…I guess that’s a ‘document scan’ though too.

        • michael arazan

          I had to put my Nexus 7 down and grab my phone to take a picture of a hawk outside my window, by the time I got my phone it was gone.

          • Calvin Williams

            I know your feel

            -instagram user

          • Mr Waldo

            Don’t be a padhole

      • Eric Franca

        Showing things on video chat without the camera on the back is tedious. Also, this probably doesn’t cost much more than pennies per device in mass production to add a bottom barrel functioning camera.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        It’s a basic feature of all tablets…. meh why not.

    • Tom

      android lmao!

    • Kyle Cordiano

      Im guessing the bezel is too big or 1080p is so 2012. People will be demanding 4k resolutions. ^_^

    • all of this and 8 gb of onboard Storage with no Sd card slot

      • 8GB? Where have you been? 16GB base model, 32GB for %50 more.

        • michael arazan

          Maybe he’s still pissed for buying the 8 gb right when it first came out, and a couple months later was replaced with 16 for same price

          • Chris Hannan

            I wasn’t pissed. I traded 8GB for $25. If I bought the 16GB version when it came out, then I’d be pissed.

          • DoctorJB

            Got the 16 when it came out, came with $25 of free google play so it ended up only being $25 more than the final price.

          • Chris Hannan

            Yeah but you could have gotten the 32GB for the original price you paid or saved $25 after the Play Store credit. 8GB users made out alright but the 16GB users definitely got screwed.

        • Tom Cupl

          It’s only 25% more to get the 32gb ($249)

  • Bionic

    Very nice, however i dont understand going with a smaller battery. Im content with my original 7 becuase it’ll get updated to 4.3 within days of release.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Droid Bionic sucks.

      • ERIC REED

        Wow that escalated quick..

        • ly….

        • TG


        • Matthew DiGiacomo

          Lol just messin with Bionic

    • S4 Pro is likely more power efficient than the Tegra 3 chipset of the original Nexus 7. I know my DNA does fine with its supposedly meager battery capacity. It’s on the same SOC.

      • Asmodai

        The S4 Pro also has the Adreno 320 GPU which supports OpenGL 3.0 and OpenCL 1.2 whose support in Android I suspect will be added in the 4.3 release. Even the Tegra 4 doesn’t support these.

      • Bionic

        I know that. But it’s an unwritten law that you don’t go smaller on battery.

  • cashclay

    No HDMI out / MHL support leaves me rather irritated.

    • Jason Scofi

      give me miracast!!!

  • brkshr

    This will go quite nicely with my Nexus 4. I’m in.

  • Damian

    So will Google send the Nexus 7 I have an update to automatically upgrade itself to these new specs??