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Disney’s JellyCar 3 Hits Android – It’s Time to Drive to the Moon

JellyCar 3

Disney just launched a new game to Google Play for Android called JellyCar 3. Apparently, this game is pretty popular on iOS, but this is the first time I have ever heard of it. In the game, you create your very own adorable jelly car, then fly around through various tracks. What makes it intriguing is you can battle your friends with an online ghost mode that shows you your friend’s progress along with your own. 

To be honest, before I knew it was made by Disney, I thought it was a joke given the looks of it. Am I the only one that has never heard of this game?

Play Link ($0.99)


Cheers Bryce!

  • imnotmikal

    I loved Jelly Car 1 and 2, but I never knew they were Disney games. or is it only the new one that is Disney?

  • visitor

    It’s on play store since march 21…

  • You’ve never heard of Jelly car? This was like the first iPod game I’ve ever played. I love it!

  • Looks cool, but I think I’ll wait until they mark it down to free inadvertently 😉

  • Looks stupid

    • ostensibly


  • Brad Tarpley

    I remember first playing Jelly Car on Xbox 360 during an XNA preview many years ago. This was back when Microsoft launched Xbox Live Indie Games and actually cared about indie developers. I think the iOS version followed later that year as well. Glad to see that it has finally come to Android.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I’ve also never heard of the game, but it does look pretty fun.

  • TacoLord187

    AWWWWW YEAAAAAAA! Back to my iOS days (EW)

    Cheers back to you sir Tim!

  • Bryan Rapp

    This was by far my favorite iOS game back when I had a first gen iPod touch. I’ve always been on the Android train though, and I’ve always been waiting for them to make this game for android.

    PS, the sounds in this game are hilarious, and you can even record your own noises for it to play when you run your car into stuff, etc. I haven’t tested it out yet, because I’m not about to make these hilarious noises in my cubicle, but I’m stoked to say the least.

  • JetBlue

    Tim you’ve missed out I remember playing Jellycar 1 and 2 on my 2nd gen iPod touch (don’t think Android was out at the time so go easy on the downvotes) and it was one of the best games

    • Agreed, it was actually one of the few things I missed on my first Android (OG Droid) vs my iPod Touch.

      Now…if only we could get Rolando 1/2.
      Remember that beast? OMG fantastic.

      • Dillon Brown

        oh my… you just blew my mind. I totally forgot about those games, they were my jam

    • sorry, but android did exist before the first ipod touch.

      • Raven65

        Technically true, but the 1st gen iPod Touch came out in Sept. 2007 and the first commercially available phone running Android wasn’t available until just over a year later (HTC Dream in Oct. 2008). Of course the first widely used Android phone was the OG Motorola Droid – which was released a year after THAT in Oct. 2009 – two years after the first iPhone/Touch.

        I had a 1st gen iPod touch before I jumped ship to Android – and Jelly Car was probably my favorite game on it.

  • Dylan Patel

    Jesus Christ, I have had this on my iPod for atleast a year. This game is amazing, but why are they bringing it to us so late.