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Apex Launcher Sees Update to Version 2.0 – Badge Style Options and Folders in the App Drawer Included

apex launcher

Apex Launcher, one of the most popular apps on Android, received a major update this afternoon to version 2.0. In the update for the free version, users will see options to tweak vibration durations, an improved wallpaper picker, a re-organized settings menu, updated translations, and various fixes and other improvements. If you own the Pro version ($3.99), you’ll have access to folders in the app drawer, integration with Apex Notifier, and style options for notification badges. Again, it’s a solid update for one of the top launchers in the game. 

Full changelog:

  • Folders in the app drawer (pro)
  • Integration with Apex Notifier※ (pro)
  • Notification badge style options (pro)
  • Default on for external notifiers (pro)
  • Added vibration duration option
  • Improved activity picker and wallpaper chooser
  • Re-organized and improved settings menu
  • Disabled auto update checks by default
  • Removed permissions for notifications
  • Various fixes and improvements
  • Updated translations
  • Apex Notifier is an extension app that also supports DashClock (Android 4.2+).

Play Links:  Apex Launcher | Pro ($3.99)

  • I still think that Atom launcher is the best 🙂

  • joejoe5709

    Thanks for the update guys! The notifications thing is nice, but I’m fine with my current setup. I’m hoping this type of idea really takes off. DashClock is the future.

  • John Burke

    Nice, but unfortunately still no GLOBAL Badge Notifications *sigh*
    It’s one of the only features I like from iOS & just wish more Launchers supported it for more than just SMS, Calls, GMail, Voice & a few others they choose to support.
    Currently only Nova supports them globally – yeah it requires another App called “MissedIt!” but still achieves it.

    Here’s how Nova does it:

  • I just don’t understand using anything but the stock launcher. It has an app drawer, a dock (hotseat), folders, 5 home screens, and search bar. What more do I need? Don’t we all spend 95% of our time using apps anyway?

    • Dan Treacy

      Some people enjoy the customization that comes with a 3rd party launcher, which is why we usually prefer Android over iOS.

    • EC8CH

      Some people buy phones from HTC


      • This is a good reason. About the only one I understand.

    • Pengwn

      The reason I use Action Launcher is because I don’t want a dock, it adds extra folder utility(aka covers), and I only use 2 home screens.

      That’s one of the reasons why Android is the best mobile OS at the moment.. Not everyone will use their phone the same way you do. This is what launchers are for as it gives the user extra customization that google left out.

    • Harsh Karn

      Because you can make drawer background transparent … change grid size … change icon size … apply icon packs … change animation ……. do lot of things. If eye candy is your thing, I don’t see why you won’t want a 3rd party launcher.

      • Some people call orange shag carpeting eye candy, I call it tacky.

        • mx

          All of the features Harsh listed can be used to make something tacky or tasteful, it all depends on the creator. I don’t understand why you are being so negative about this.

    • Raven

      The main reasons I use Nova launcher are so that I can have a 4×5 icon grid and a vertically scrolling 2.x style app drawer on my 4.x phone. The global badge notifications, scrolling dock (hotseat), and Cube rotation effects are nice features as well.

      As to the 95% comment, I would say far less. I keep my phone in a dock at work and regularly look at my various widgets far more than I actually use full screen apps.

      • You don’t need a customer launcher to look at widgets.

    • shheryl

      Different strokes.
      5 home screens is at least 2 too many. I don’t use a dock. I hide the status bar. I feel like an idiot using clock widgets if the status bar is visible. I like having uniform icons. If you don’t have any reasons to leave the stock launcher, then don’t.

      Why do you care if someone else wants to have an orange shag carpet?

  • EC8CH

    Every time I see a launcher post I secretly wish that it’s news of the Launcher Pro rewrite.

    I paid good money for that app 😛

    • Pedro

      Fede is working on it. You do realize that he’s re-writing the entire launcher framework. That takes time.

      It will be ready when it’s ready.

      I got my $2-4 (whatever I paid) invested in it, too. It’ll be awesome!

      • Hasn’t it been like a year since he said that? Yeah, doubt a launcher takes this much time unless it adds 2 cores to my phone.

        • Mark

          haha, I honestly think it’s been more like 2 years, but what’s the point in counting anymore?

          • Sirx

            If not longer! But all you naysayers look out–when Fede debuts Launcher Pro 3d that looks just like yet outperforms the SPB Shell 3d launcher AND upgrades your phone screen, on any device, to a 1080p resolution, you’ll see. You’ll all see!

      • Steve Benson

        This is total B.S. Fede is never getting this done.

    • You ain’t alone.

    • Jeff

      I loved Launcher Pro back in the day!!! But I Love Apex Launcher even more now!!! Use It on every device I own!!!!

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    Good update yet some of their other apps is still stuck on a Gingerbread theme and hasn’t seen an update in a year.