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Video: This Guy’s “Voice-Controlled Home” is Freakin’ Sweet


The video above is currently making the Interwebz rounds this morning, showing a tenacious gentleman who has programmed his home’s tech and lighting to be completely controlled by his voice. Using apps like Tasker for his Google TV and VeraLite controllers for the lighting, he is able to set the mood in his living room with a single phrase. Trust me, you need to watch this. 

Naturally, everyone and their mother was asking how to get this into their home. Here is the man behind the camera explaining how he got this up and running.

Gladly, most of the work is being done by a new Tasker plugin called AutoVoice. I’ve tied the AutoVoice Recognize task to the Google Now swipe up.

There are a few dozen Tasker profiles setup listening for certain words and phrases, which call upon predefined tasks. These tasks vary from individual light toggles, to predefined “scenes”, triggers for the Phone itself and AutoRemote messages received by the GoogleTV, also running Tasker.

Yatse is responsible for controlling the PC running XBMC, fed through the Google TV. I can call upon movies, music or TV shows, play/pause and request volume adjustments.

The Home Automation side is controlled by a Micasaverde VeraLite home controller, pushing Z-Wave switches and modules. Android communicates with the Vera through AutHomationHD, a third party app in the Play Store via Tasker.

Let me know if you have any more questions, this setup is easy to implement and program. If you can handle Tasker, the rest is cake.

I would love something like this going on in my place, but doesn’t that just sound like a lot of work? Maybe I’m just lazy and would rather flick a switch or two.

Pretty righteous though, right?

Via: Reddit

Cheers Open1Your1Eyes0 and Adam!

  • Lane252

    I’ve been trying to work with the new tasker UI…not a fan but I’d love to get this working in my home.

  • I wonder if this gets him laid more or less. lol

  • 303 repeat

    Here are all the things currently accessible in my house by remote via my iPhone/Nexus 4-

    My car- 2012 Volt (OnStar Remote link)

    3 of the 4 lights with Weemo plugs

    Garage door- LiftMaster with MyQ

    Irrigation- Hydrawise Controller

    Front Door- Lockstate Connect Wifi enabled lock

    A/C – Nest

    Car Charger – Blink Wall Charger

    HTPC- Mobile Mouse and VLC Remote apps

    RDP- with Itap or VNC

    All of those things can be adjusted and manipulated in my house via my phone. This stuff isn’t overly expensive to do and it’s just as quick with out all of the voice commands. I don’t know why he wastes so much time doing everything with voice when you can just use the app just as fast or faster. Sure it’s cool but not needed.

  • S.Ober

    Downloading now, I finally have a reason to like my Google TV.

  • filmed with Glass via Beam?

  • ostensibly

    duh duh duh, duh du du duh… Braziiiiillllllll

  • Joey Miranda

    Its sick. Can only imagine how he did all that just voice commanding my lights is hard enough woth x10 and Tasker

  • Scott

    I think I’m starting to become one of those old fashioned people. For some reason, I have no desire to be this wired into my home. Not to mention, I don’t want to make my life more sedentary then it already is. Not to mention Google Now can’t even understand what I’m asking it to text most of the time.

  • Now imagine doing all that, but without the phone, wearing Google Glass. Technology rules.

  • Just a slight look into the future. In the next 10 years I bet this will be standard in all homes.

  • I’ve wanted to do something like this for over a year. This is so awesome.

  • Is that a galaxy nexus? nevertheless very cool setup especially when you want to impress your girlfriend lol.

  • New_Guy

    HAL would work, too :).

    • michael arazan

      About 10 years ago I was reading how Bill Gates house was fully automated, even the temperature control from room to room would switch when you walked in it. Nice to see you don’t have to be a millionaire to have this.

  • RyGuy

    Not seeing the benefit of pausing the TV via voice… it only takes a fraction of a second to pause the TV with the remote…

    • Scott

      The two second delay in the video was driving me nuts!

    • Daistaar

      My TV pauses when I look away… Samsung… (jk but would be cool)

  • Spider210

    and whos hands on the light switches and the remotes is what we are not seeing!

  • ravenofdoom

    His TV’s too small for distance from couch to wall – he needs a upgrade or to pull the couch closer!

  • brad kou

    When this is integrated with google glass…

    • rodney11ride

      lol. head nod…. head nod…. peacock… peacock…. peacock….

      • brad kou

        it’s just that simple haha

  • Sirx

    Awesome glimpse of the day when you’ll be able to leave your house, touch your outgoing nfc tag on the way out, and have all of your windows and doors close and lock, lights turn off (or set it to a routine to make outside people think someone is home), set your alarm, and remote start your car!

    *starts jogging furiously to stave off the inevitable advance of Death*

    Must…live……to see it…

    • Royal2000H

      What you listed is possible now. Not cheap, but doable.

  • What is the esitmated cost on a setup like this not including tv, phone?

    • HarmonySetup

      I think he did it for <$300, but he already had z-wave setup.

      Basically, GoogleTV controls the TV inputs, and the Micasaverde VeraLite controls the lighting, door lock options. Then there are the apps which probably cost ~$20.

      The Veralite costs $175, but you also need to purchase switches that are compatible with z-wave. I used to have an x-10 setup that worked via remote control, but now I can do all things he did in the video with tv sources & lighting via my Harmony remote. I can also control my A/C with the remote. However, unlike the OP, I do not have my house locks setup.

  • Jordan Debow

    OMG I WANT ONE lol

  • “Find a decent movie on Netflix streaming.”
    System explodes.

  • Steven Rothermel

    this is pretty sweet, but its taking the home automation a little far.

    I would like to control my alarm, Front and back doors, garage door and some lights. other than that, I am fine pressing a couple buttons.

  • EvanTheGamer

    It’s choice. If you are an American, you have many choices. If you want to live like a whale(no offense!), then so be it. If you want to go to the gym every day, also so be it. If you want to power everything in your house with a mobile device, DO IT! It’s your choice. This has NOTHING to do with obesity though. It’s just convenience and nothing more.

    • Which leads to obesity because people can’t even get up to turn on the lights or TV. No wonder why people in different parts of the world think we’re all lazy and obese. Obesity is one of the many problems that we have.

      • countertyler

        I dunno, his fingers didn’t look THAT fat.

      • Eric Franca

        Obesity is a problem here, but whether or not you get up to turn the lights on/off isn’t making any difference. Exercise and diet is the cause of American obesity (diet especially). And no, walking to turn your lights on/off does not count as any form of exercise that would make a difference.

  • Bigwavedave25

    I dig it!

  • zach

    should be noted that hes watching baseketball which is a great movie.

  • Finire

    I’m pretty sure that TV is mounted crooked…

  • PeteinPA

    Let’s make sure of the important fact: He will not get laid, period. so hopefully he has a tasker saying for masturbation.

    • duke69111

      I don’t know about that… Googe, dim lights, light fire place, start strobe, play Lil Wayne – Wetter. Let the party begin.

  • p8ntballah21

    Pretty cool, I will stick with my Harmony 1100 though. I wonder how well it works while tv volume is up high.

  • steve30x

    nice im gonna make a youtube video like he did with someone in the background turning on and off the lights to make it like his.

    • EvanTheGamer

      And this is what he did? Skeptic.

      • Steve Trevino

        It was a joke, most dont have their homes set up like his. I understand the description. I’m not skeptical since I know this possible.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Yeah, I figured as much. 🙂

          I seriously would love a home setup that is completely wireless in every sense of the word. That would be incredible.

          • steve30x

            yeah, would be the coolest thing to show off to your friends.. of course that would be a risk nowadays to show anything off in your own home 0.o

          • Daistaar

            Sounds like you need new friends…

  • TheWenger

    Yes. I will make a single app with companion hardware to do all of this. One day.

  • I don’t think this results in American obesity. Fried chicken does that.

    • And no exercise.

      • Maybe if everyone would join a fight club we wouldn’t have to worry about that stuff.

        • You’re right. Except don’t talk about it. You know the first rule.

        • Thomas

          Or maybe a bowling league 😉

      • fallsgable

        This guys thumb gets PLENTY of exercise…
        as does his right hand I imagine!!

  • MichaelFranz

    will it flush the toilet 🙂