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AT&T Galaxy S4 Receiving Update to Build Number I337UCUAMDL

galaxy s4 update

The Galaxy S4 on AT&T is receiving its first update to build number I337UCUAMDL this morning. According to users who have been using the update for longer than we have, it seems to just be a performance enhancer and nothing more. From the five minutes I have played with it, I will say that the camera’s performance does seem a tad bit better, but when there is no official changelog posted from AT&T or Samsung, it’s hard for the placebo effect not to kick in. 

Galaxy S4 Update 2

Once we get a changelog, we will update the post.

The update is 21MB.

Cheers Kevin!

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  • Got update last night. Very quick.

  • Corporaljohnson

    Updated and Re-rooted!!

  • Jnt
  • T4rd

    It’s a TARP!

  • DanSan

    maybe its to fix this “mysterious lag” so all the AT&T owners will finally shut up about it.

    • XphoneTroll

      Oh will they now?

  • Wonder if this is an attempt to fix the bootloader hack?

    • T4rd

      I don’t see how since that exploit hasn’t been released yet. They’re holding off on releasing it so Verizon can’t patch it before it launches on their network. If they attempted to six it, then they’re just shooting in the dark.

      • michael arazan

        Don’t you think 1 month is long enough for Verizon to request from Samsung to find the exploit and fix it by the time of the release? I’d think the software engineer’s could figure it out in no time flat, if they even care.
        With or without Verizon’s sales, they are going to make bank on it. Verizon doesn’t fix it, Samsung does then sends it to verizon to “approve” it, plus Verizon has to pay for the update as well as test it.

  • Just got mine

  • TheBigNoob

    Reads “1337 u c u mad”

    Time to go outside