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It’s May and Verizon Still Hasn’t Released a Single Decent Smartphone This Year

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Today is May 1. While the day itself is not significant to the tech world, I realized this afternoon that we are no longer in April and got to thinking about how fast this year has flown by. We are already in the 5th month of a year that has included trips to Las Vegas for CES, a week of announcements from MWC in Barcelona, and a couple of major product launch events like HTC with the One and Samsung with the Galaxy S4. There has been a lot to talk about, especially when you think about both of thoseย phones in particular which will dominate the mobile landscape for most of the year, especially since they have such a broad reach in terms of carrier availability. Well, except for on Verizon. As I mentioned, we’re starting month five of 2013 and Big Red has yet to release anything worth a second look in terms of a smartphone. It still hasn’t released either of these phones, one of which it may not offer ever. What’s up, Verizon?ย 

As you all know, HTC released the One as their new flagship for 2013 with availability at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Verizon, for whatever reason, decided to pass on what may turn into the phone of the year without something in line to take its place. So here we are hoping there is a DROID DNA+ or that Verizon comes around and finally carries the One even without the DROID tag attached.ย We’ve heard rumors suggesting that Verizon thinks they can’t sell anything unless it’s DROID branded, a part of Samsung’s Galaxy line, or is an iPhone.

Speaking of Galaxy phones – by the time Verizon releases their version of the Galaxy S4, they’ll then have gone five full months without having released a meaningful phone. We know the GS4 is on the way, since pre-orders have already opened up, but every other carrier on the planet will have had theirs available for almost a month by the time May 30 rolls around.

So what has Verizon been up to? Well, changing policies, and more policies. Updating a lot of phones. Adding tons of new customers in Q1. And then releasing phones like the LG Lucid 2.

As someone who has been with Verizon for more years than I can count, I’m itching for something new. Where is it? Will there be a DROID DNA+ or a Verizon One? We think so. Is Verizon simply waiting for Motorola to come out with something new that they can carry exclusively like the RAZR HD? Hell, even Apple has said they won’t release new hardware until the fall, so it’s not like they are waiting for a new iPhone. What’s the hold-up?

Maybe we’ll get a multiple device unveiling at CTIA in three weeks? Please.

  • Adam Kortan

    Any updates on that May 22nd Verizon announcement?

  • stratplayer

    C’mon, already, Big Red…just give us the ONE and be done with it. Then Shut Up!

  • MJAndroid

    I have an HTC Thunderbolt (still).I know, I know. I have been waiting for just the right phone and was thrilled to hear about the HTC One. Then I find out Verizon will not be carrying it.

    Verizon – can you hear me now?

    I will NEVER buy another Droid branded phone – EVER.

    No Samsung for me. Do not like amoled or touch wiz

    No Iphone for me.

    No current Moto for me.

    Nexus doesn’t work on Verizon

    I am in a fix. Thunderbolt was updated to ICS. I like it but the phone just can’t handle it. Lag time is long and there are many quirks and bugs that have appeared as a result of the OTA update.

    I need a new phone yet I don’t see anything out there at this point that I like any better than the HTC one. Not sure why Verizon makes it so difficult for their customers.

    Honestly, I really would prefer an open system where I could buy my own phone and it would work on the carrier of my choice. Will that day ever come?

    Frustrated in Charlotte

  • James Norwood

    I see a lot of irony here about how Verizon sucks blah blah blah, you’ll be crying when Verizon’s service is still working and yours isn’t after a disaster. I have Verizon and my service was still going even after Hurricane Isabel tore this place apart.

  • texasdon

    2 words… …ABANDON SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wolfpack93

    Maybe their announcement at CTIA is that they are enabling VoLTE and have put off new phones to avoid unnecessary CDMA radios thus improving battery life.

    (For full disclosure, I had 3 margaritas at lunch.)

  • mcdonsco

    I just got the s4 on tmobile and my razr maxx hd is sitting in a drawer still activated and on verizons grandfathered uimited plan (everything, $120/month before fees/taxes) until im confident i have no issues with tmobile.

    Yesterday i took a drive to the boonies streaming pandora on my car stereo, and i had to get pretty far away from urban areas, and a little off the highway before the music stopped.

    Seems coverage is fine, but its only day 3 now, i still have 17 more days before my return window is up to decide to port my number or not.

    So far so good though and $50/month less.

    For me its not the phone, i can wait a month for the verizon s4, but for me, its why keep paying verizon an extra $600/year for maybe a little better coverage for the rare times im in the middle of no where?

    I also continually had a problem with the mobile hotspot not actually working devices would connect to it but they have no internet access about 60 percent of the time. So far on T Mobile that’s not a problem, however I don’t know if that’s a Motorola problem or T Mobile problem?

  • I just dont get it. Yes, Verizon has good service, but I saved $1200 a year and got access to MUCH better devices the second i switched to tmobile and havent been happier. I dont understand why people dont just leave their ass. THey are a control freak and that just doesnt work for me. That is the ONLY way they will ever learn.. JUST LEAVE PEOPLE!!!! GO ANYWHERE.

    • I hear you, but in areas where Verizon’s coverage basically beats every other carriers COMBINED, one really has no other choices. In my neighborhood, Sprint has no 4G, AT&T has inconsistent signal strength, T-mobile drops calls all the times, but Verizon’s 4G is available almost 24-7. In some parts of my house, when I have problems with my home Wifi, I would switch to use Verizon’s 4G service instead.

      I am hoping T-mobile’s coverage will get better at the same time when they launch their LTE network … I hope …

      • Hendo

        yea… that’s my problem. Verizon is the only carrier with consistent coverage in my area. Also I’m grandfathered in to the unlimited data plan lol

  • LockeUp

    I wish I had the luxury of moving to another good carrier. Verizon has the absolute worst lineup of any carrier. My God, what dog**** choices.

  • trophynuts

    I think it needs to be like this. I don’t like the idea of carriers flooding the market with every new phone that comes out.

  • Jon Wright

    If it wasn’t for their network I suspect people would abandon them in droves.

  • The #1 reason why I switched to AT&T I rather go with a company which gets all the power top phones first and keeps them. Plus their LTE is so much faster!

    • This. I switched to have a larger selection of smartphones, specifically the HTC One. Plus, AT&T LTE has proven to be very fast. I’ve hit 46Mbps where Verizon would hit 30Mbps

      • Much agreed, only thing good about verizon is reception, otherwise they fail in every part of a wireless service company.

      • I used to regularly hit 60+ Mbps on Verizon. Then more LTE phones came out and more people were on LTE, and the speeds plummeted. The same will happen to AT&T.

    • Fraydog

      There would have been a day I would have laughed at you constantly. Now? AT&T’s networks are pretty good. As long as you don’t live in one of the few places that only have EDGE, you’re good to go. AT&T has hit the gas on LTE expansion and they’ll be at 270 MM POP’s by the end of 2013, so I’m way less critical of AT&T now then when they were merely the iPhone network. They still have lots of iPhone users, make no mistake, but those users don’t consume the data load that Android users do so it means faster speeds for the Android users who are on AT&T.

  • Bretton Key

    They are basically trying to change this year plans and add more ways to seize more customers/money as a whole. I would really be happy if they focused more product updates and customer loyalty. They don’t need the latest and greatest phone. If they focus on service they could rid themselves of being a conglomerate douche

  • AnthonyMoya

    If you look at the history Verizon seems to wait for the second half of the year to release high end phones. So hopefully we’ll start seeing some really great phones in a couple months.

  • F Verizon!

  • Kree Terry

    Once TMO gets better coverage in my area and my contract is up ill be switching. But right now its not even an option, they dont even have 3g in my area ๐Ÿ™

  • schoat333

    VZW has no reason to release anything. They probably figure people will continue to buy the razr hd maxx and iPhone 5 for at least another month.

  • Derek Edwards

    VZ is difficult to work with. This is why you probably won’t see the HTC ONE. HTC wants to do what Samsung is doing with branding a single superphone. VZ still wants their specially branded exclusive phone, so they are having issues with negotiations. I think HTC should hold out and sell what they want to sell. VZ will break down to consumer demands for more options. I have a feeling that the next HTC One, will see VZ if HTC doesn’t break down and give them a ‘droid’.

  • I gave up on Verizon. I let my contracts run out and I am now on Straight Talk for me and my wife. (Unlimited everything) Paying half the price. Could not be happier. And if we choose to go elsewhere, no contracts to hold us back.

  • Brandon Lang

    I grabbed the HTC One and haven’t looked back at vzw. Loving this phone

  • Wait wait wait. I just had a major brain flash. What if they are holding the “good” devices (GS4, DNA+) until CTIA, where they are announcing the launch of their VoLTE service? That is the only major Verizon-only announcement I can see that would be significant enough for them to hold their own press event. And they don’t want to release the high-end devices before its confirmed, because the GS4 and DNA+ will be VoLTE compatible and that would show up in their stat sheets/programming if they were released early.

  • I have made the decision to move to AT&T, and I am going to grab the new Optimus Pro. Like you Kellex I have been with Verizon soo long they were named Bell Atlantic Mobile before Verizon! Its time for a change.

  • This is why i got the Note 2, and Note 4 or 5 will be my next phone

  • I think Verizon is waiting for the 928 Lumia and whatever HTC has to offer for the Android folks. (DNA+, One, etc)

  • Jon Lewis

    You guys running out of stories ??

    • Ian

      Better than them reporting on some new ‘Hello Kitty Island Adventure’ app, right?

  • Honestly, if i didn’t have a GS3, i would be more upset, but since this phone is great, the urge to update is not there.

  • I left AT&T, because they were lousy, I wouldn’t receive calls, and my data was nonexistent. I’m happy with Verizon, I can’t get a new phone till 2015, anyway. I rooted my note 2 and unlocked the bootloader for custom ROMs. No more touchwiz lagging on me,and I get 4.2.2

  • Eric

    I’ve been with Sprint for a decade but I have finally had it with their crappy data service and no LTE in my city. I’m torn between AT&T and Verizon. Only reason I’m considering VZW is because of their network coverage. I’m not into the S4 (or devices that came out last year) so I just may wait it out on Sprint for a bit longer until something new is announced.

    • ozo012

      You live in a “city”? Why not get T-Mobile and save yourself the duopoly hassle of AT&T and Verizon.

      • Eric

        Yup in Tucson to be exact. T-Mobile speeds here are phenomenal but I sometimes find myself traveling into rural areas and that’s where T-Mobile doesn’t do great.

  • Jack

    verzion is the new myspace

  • Jordan Debow

    Hey I don’t mind I had the Gnex since 2011 and my contract is almost up, I’m waiting for the next Phone that really stands out

  • Moses

    Only poor people complain about Verizon. I have no problem with Verizon Wireless.

    • gregmr


    • jamie stevens

      and folks w/ money have it because they dont waste it

    • Mark F

      Well your an idiot then, allowing people to take more money from you than deserved. The exact opposite, if you are rich you know how to save and from letting people/companies to take advantage of you. And this is why you will stay poor.

    • mcdonsco

      You sir, are an idiot.

  • Tim242

    I am dropping Verizon and my unlimited plan tomorrow. I am sick of Verizon. They don’t get some phones. They delay launches a month longer than anyone else. I do not want to pay full price to keep unlimited any longer. It just isn’t worth it. I will pick up my S4 at at&t tomorrow. Most of my use is on WiFi these days. Unlimited is not worth the premium anymore. Bye Verizon!

    • Mark F

      can i get your account ? I want unlimited, we can transfer it to my name.

    • hushdrops

      I don’t want to give up two unlimited vzw accts either but with the higher monthly rates plus the fact we must purchase phones at full price $599 to keep the unlimited plan , that’s insane! So to update my two phones we have to pay over $1k for both together.
      Is unlimited data worth buying phones at full price plus paying our same high monthly rate which includes a subsidized rate but we can’t renew at $299 or less ? Need to find out who to switch to.

  • boballistic

    The lumia 928 should hit soon and i thought verizon had the s4 too guess not yet. Also but hell other than that nothing.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    I guess to most people being on the nations largest LTE network is enough for them . never mind that most people will never take advantage of even a fraction of that coverage. But hey torrents sure do download fast!

    • People living in upstate NY, take advantage of that great coverage everyday

  • roberthenderson

    If it wasn’t for Verizons extensive network and unlimited data, I would be gone. Regarding decent phones, we are so spoiled. If any of the top end phones from the last year were introduced a couple of years ago, people would have been wet their pants in excitement. I’m spoiled too, my GS3 is perfectly acceptable and working well but I always want more. Maybe it’s the only thing stopping me from going out and buying right away. That said, here’s my nitpick list with the latest heavy hitters:
    HTC One
    -long narrow screen looks much smaller than the S3 or S4
    -no sd card
    -no upgradable battery
    -I think the camera needs a few more ultrapixels

    -should have been f1.8 or at least f2.0 for better low light pix
    -not sure I can accept rear facing speakers again…. ever.
    (yes, the One’s build quality is better, but I always use a case, so it doesn’t matter to me)

    So I am spoiled, I want it all and I guess I will be waiting to see if the Note 3 check all of the boxes.

  • jb

    I think Verizon just decided to challenge themselves: “how can we break profit records without actually doing any real work?” Answer: Verify employee discounts, get rid of new every two, do away with early upgrades and come up with a Verizon version of a great idea (no contract phones).
    Great for shareholders. Not great for customers (or customer loyalty)

    • I1DR

      What do you think will happen when they decide to switch to VOIP for their cell phones later this year? Maybe, just maybe they are gearing up for that?

      • jb

        Gearing up for what? Flipping a switch? Seems like a lot of build up for a very anticlimatic amount of effort. Or, the two have nothing to do with one another.

  • Knlegend1

    Verizon oh much longer will I be with you?

  • mikeszekely

    Yeah, I’m done with Verizon when my contract ends in a couple days. There policy changes have been “wring more money out of all our customers” with a little extra “screw the long time customers”. They complain about how they need more money for employee training even as they pull in record profits (and as a friend of a Verizon sales guy, I can tell you that they’re not training employees so much as jumping on them for their sales). They insist on having a stranglehold on the software on the phones on their network, and now all the good phones are going elsewhere. I’m taking my business to some other evil empire.

    But not T-Mobile. My friends with T-Mobile can barely get a EDGE signal around here. If there’s one thing Verizon did right, it was spoil me with sweet, sweet LTE.

    • AT&T is not any better than Verizon (except they have better phones). All prepaids are powered by either T-Mobile or Sprint. So, Sprint then?

      I’d mind Sprint, but I want unlocked GSM phone. I’m tired of the phone being tied to the carrier (CDMA).

  • nahbro25

    Maybe Verizon figured out that they are in the business of selling phone contracts and selling that 2 year contract with a cheap, low to mid grade phone has a better ROI than selling the same 2 year contract with the latest and greatest phone (large subsidy).

  • Normoid

    Maybe VZW thinks an iPhone 5s exclusive is the way to go. NO other phone will be on the network this year.

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    Well, without Motorola you see what happens to Verizon. I have been saying it for years and I guess I’m right, they have a hard-on for Motorola.

    • Heartless12


  • JMonkeYJ

    Verizon not having the latest and greatest phones was par for the course for years and years. it’s really only the last year or so where they were able to stay somewhat contemporary, but i guess that age has ended.

  • Verizon is busy with fitting it’s logo on the phones buttons. If it doesn’t fit then phone not getting released.

  • Sporttster

    I can wait. Still using the Razr Maxx. I am beginning to itch a bit for something different, but I know I’ll have to fork over a ridiculous amount of $$ to get it AND keep unlimited data. So I may stay a gen behind anyhow to keep from paying out the nose for cutting edge. So my next phone may be the Razr Maxx HD.

    • Scott

      I have the Razr Maxx HD and it’s a fantastic phone.

      • Eric

        I remember your face from over at XDA lol. Didn’t you used to be with Sprint?

        • Scott

          Ha yeah I did up until December of 2011 when I switched to Verizon and got the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Laki S.

      I finally dumped my Bionic for a Razr Maxx HD a few weeks ago I bought off eBay. I LOVE it. I’m eligible for an upgrade next week through Verizon, but I wanted to save that for if/when the X Phone is announced, but right now I think I’d be fine holding onto this Razr for a long while.

  • Brian Walker

    In February, I was contemplating whether to re-up my wife’s contract with Verizon, or to drop it entirely and get us both over to T-Mobile. If I’m being completely honest, I would have still been with Big Red if they had ANY phone I would have felt comfortable buying her, or at least something solid on the horizon. Since any good phone they had at that point was all getting pretty old at that point, and I had no evidence of better things to come, we dropped Verizon entirely and went to T-Mobile with a pair of N4s. I really hope Verizon knows what it’s doing, and has some really compelling hardware coming soon, or else there will be more people like me that are just simply unimpressed. Super fast LTE is only a selling point for so long.

    • flosserelli

      It’s not even “super fast LTE” any more. It’s still much faster than 3G, but it’s not nearly as fast as it was even 9 months ago.

      • ozo012

        I’m lucky to break 10 Mb/s with a -75 DB signal strength on my Rezound in most of North Jersey, pulling in 17+ on my friend T-Mobile HTC One S.

  • pharmdy

    Switching to AT&T next month! Can’t wait to leave Verizon.

  • RaptorOO7

    This comes as NO surprise to me. Verizon only has Sprint to compete with on the CDMA side and Sprint sucks worse than Verizon does. That said, whatever Verizon gets is cripple and not worth using.

  • David W. Skyview

    did we forget about the fantastic pantech perception?

    • Mark F


  • I think they do not want us power users since we are the majority of data hogs. Stop releasing the latest phone and you slowly ween away the power users to other carriers. They would rather cater to the average user who only needs a semi-decent phone. GNex was a big learning point for them. Theory?

    • Ryan Gullett

      I feel like its similar to the whole Nintendo vs. Xbox/PS3 thing. Nintendo doesn’t care if their system is not “powerful” enough compared to the competition. That’s not the market they are after, and that’s ok cause Nintendo makes the most money of all three. As you mentioned, power users aren’t where they see the most dollars.

      • Lololololoo most money? Hahahahahajajajahahaha

        • why are you laughing? The Wii outsold the 360 and the PS3. And Nintendo won the handheld wars too. Not saying they’re the best platform, but the sales numbers back up Ryan’s statement

          • kg215

            But in this case Verizon would be the PS3 (Sony) it has the best network so it has the most “power.” If anything t-mobile would be Nintendo because it is the cheapest and has the worst network out of the big 3.

          • T-mobile is #4, even with the MetroPCS merger complete. Sprint is somehow clinging on to #3, but T-mobile smells blood, and Sprint has little going for it right now.

          • T-Mobile’s network coverage is crap and are desparate for consumers. Nintendo on the otherhand genuinely feels they don’t need power to cater to gamers by offering them a unique gaming experience they’ve never tried, a gamble that worked and paid off. T-Mobile’s gamble with this un-carrier thing is too early to tell. Verizon is too big with far more customers to cater to. Remeber, power users are a niche- Verizon has to do whats best for the vast majority of consumers not just us while staying ahead of competitors and operations costs. They also survery the hell out of people and test locations and take into account demographics and user’s projected incomes. They’re more for a one size fits all approach. Sony goes for raw power and relies on it’s loyal customer base to keep going. They’re not offering anything else Microsoft or Nintendo don’t already have.

          • BruthaBeige

            But in the US since we are talking about the US carriers, the XBOX 360 has been the best selling console for 27 months straight. Xbox charges extra to be online just like Verizon has a higher premium and people are happy with the user experience (quality).

    • flosserelli

      You may be right. Frustrate the power users (still clinging onto their unlimited data plans) long enough, and they will eventually leave for another carrier. Interesting theory….

      • Tim242

        I am doing that very thing tomorrow!

      • Nicholassss

        I have unlimited data and a note 2. definitely a “power user” it’ll be tough to frustrate me off their network. they’d have to kill my unlimited.

    • Franklin Howard

      I was a power user, I consumed roughly 14-20 gb a month, I am sure they were glad to see me go to Tmobile and I couldnt be happier. Data speeds are the same if not faster, call quality is actually clearer than what I was experiencing with Verizon on my HTC DNA, and the WIFI calling is an amazing feature. The calls are clear, I can get service in many places where i could not get service before with Verizon. And although Verizon was ready to see me go, I am sure they didnt want my family to follow. FU Verizon and your cherry picking fees. I couldn’t be happier.

    • rotz055

      This is really interesting to me. I seriously wonder if this is dead on.

      But isn’t that crazy shortsighted of them? As a power user I influence about 50 friends/family on what phones they buy and even what network they use in some cases. When LTE was unlimited (henceforth known as “the golden age”) I influenced several people to move to vzw. Now I push most people away.

      One of these days vzw’s merciless screwing of the customer is going to cost them.

  • michael brown

    Haven’t things changed so much on Droid-Life. How the marriage of Android and Verizon has soured. I would love for you guys to make a guide for switching, or a guide on picking up this Verizon tablet and this unlocked phone for those of us who want the reliability, but less cost. Cause unless you are on a family plan Verizon prices and treatment is harsh. If the Nexus tablet was on Verizon I would think that and an unlocked nexus on straight talk AT&T would be the perfect combo.

  • michael brown

    So far its looking less and less likely that I will stick with Verizon. Depending on the Nexus refresh or motorola X I may buy a nicely priced unlocked phone and go right to straight talk (AT&T) or some other MVNO. I think most of us just want to feel secure in the network we switch too. Verizon is expensive and adding to ever growing list of things that piss me off. If I can get a cdma Nexus on Verizon I may stay because I like my unlimited data. Though I am not down for having slow updates, high costs, and less options. Honestly if T-mobile makes great strides by the end of my contract they will be my first choice. Love what they are doing, but I travel and their coverage just can’t cut it for me.

  • CapnShiner

    So people complain that there is a new phone released every month and then they complain when there is no good phone released for 5 months. Nothing is ever enough to make people happy.

    • Tim242

      I’d be happy if they would just release phones when the other carriers do. But, I’m switching carriers tomorrow.

  • VerizonMoneyPit

    No new phones because they’re spending all their energy figuring out new ways to squeeze their customers for more money.

  • AMPthe13th

    Apparently you can choose between decent phones or decent updates when it comes to Verizon.

    • flosserelli

      The list of decent phones grows shorter every month. The majority of Verizon customers stay with VZW simply because it is the best network in their area. So there isn’t really much of a choice, unfortunately.

  • troy studnicka

    You people keep crying about this. I’ll keep waiting for the best phones to come out on the best network. You can’t beat Verizon’s 4G LTE as far as speed and coverage, as it will be everywhere there is 3G this year while still ATT, Sprint and everyone else is wayyyyyyy behind.

  • jaydub110

    Forget VZW that’s why I switched to another carrier last year & i’m glad I did. They are always the last to do everything including pushing updates to android phones. They suck.

  • M3D1T8R

    Blackberry Z10. Not Android, sure, and I won’t be buying one (no pun intended, or S4 for that matter), but it does seem to qualify as “decent” from what I’ve read. Waiting on Google I/O and hopefully X-phone on Verizon.

    But I agree it has been a while since the DNA. And even of the upcoming known devices on verizon, the S4 is a bore and not worth serious consideration what with a few crucial shortcomings (summed up with one word: Samsung). Now a DNA+ adding some One features but keeping a sane button layout, would be very interesting, possibly compete with whatever is coming next from Motorola for my full retail-keeping unlimited data on Verizon next purchase.

  • The last good phone they released (with SD, removable or decent battery) was the S3. Their end of year lineup was a joke and a half. And no vanilla Android on anything.

    If only they had gotten the only good Windows Phone. At this point I tolerate Android and Verizon, but a credible alternative would be great.

  • umataro42

    I don’t plan to upgrade until they take away my unlimited data or look into my current employee discount anyway. I’m happy with my GNex and Verizon gets another Nexus phone, I’m not really interested in anything they’d have to offer anyway.

    I really wish the other carriers would catch up in service area coverage since that’s really all Verizon has going for it (imo).

    • This – exactly.

    • What more do yu want from them?

      • umataro42

        From Verizon? Another Nexus phone.

        From the other carriers? To get a signal all the same places I do with Verizon so I can switch to one of them and get a Nexus 4 (or 5 or whatever version Google is on when that happens).

  • NIGS


    • Bailers77


  • Dave

    I don’t think most people care, it’s better than releasing a new device every week like they used to. The current line up gets the job done pretty well, all we’re missing besides some major launches soon, are spec bumps which are a waste of money

    • Tom

      Ya and you work for Verizon we know..

    • LionStone

      And hopefully less phones will transfer into more timely updates for our existing phones…I hope anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Comments

    lol Maybe it’s the mythological X Phone you guys harp about and promise is coming.

    Maybe it’s the LTE Nexus 4 that the fanblogs keep wanking too.

    Maybe it’s the Nexus 5 coming NEXT WEEK that some Android fanblog SWEARS TO GOD that they have seen and it has a Cell Processor and a 4K display and an IR blaster and it’s made by Motorola and has Beats Audio and runs Android 5.1 and can drive your car WHILE you text and avoid crashing into pedestrians.

  • You guys do realize that Verizon has agreements with Blackberry and Microsoft as well… right?

    • Bailers77

      Yeah, but it’s with Blackberry and Microsoft.

      That’s not fair. The new Blackberry seems to be a decent enough phone.

  • John

    What about the Blackberry Z10

    • Emoney


  • David Dudovitz

    If you consider that the DNA was released in November, it will actually be more like 6 months by the time the Galaxy comes out.

    • What can they do? The DNA was JUST THAT GOOD. (Written only half facetiously.)

    • Geoff Johnson

      Yeah, and the Note 2 also came out in November. Although I admit, it’s been nice having the best phone on Verizon for 6 months.

  • paul_cus

    AT&T Life….better phone lineup and the option to get unlocked phones from overseas.

    • That dont have LTE

      • Ya they do, just not very good LTE.

      • Fraydog

        This. More and more, the international SKU’s are for losers. Even the Euro SKU’s have 800/1800/2600 LTE frequencies, which aren’t compatible with the US frequencies in the similar ranges (SMR, PCS, and TD-LTE band 41).

  • They are just trying to get me to go to T-Mobile.

    • I already jumped ship. Glad I did and not looking back ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Harry Ballsachs

        Once my contract is up, I’m gone

        • Dean Milord

          Thinking about it. T-Mobile offered to pay all three of my ETFs!! Only reason I’m holding out is I have to buy all new phones and the reduction in service area.

          • George264

            HOLD ON. Tell me how.

          • Kellex

            Yeah, Dean. TELL ME HOW. NOW. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was thinking about jumping but I have two lines on Share Everything contracts for a WHILE.

          • BulletTooth_Tony

            He might be in South Dakota Alltel area. That was one of the markets divested to AT&T, and part of the deal was that AT&T had to leave the CDMA network up and provide access to Alltel customers and roaming to Verizon. That agreement ends on June 30th, and their CDMA network comes down July 1…

      • New_Guy

        Ditto. Loving life without a contract right now.

        • Geoff Johnson

          No contract here on Verizon, and still have unlimited data. Both Verizon and T-Mobile make you pay full price for the phone, so Verizon wins hands-down IMO. I’m also only paying $72 after tax for 450 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data, and insurance.

          • jnt

            Tmobile’s plans would get you unlimited everything for the same cost – though if you don’t need more than 450 minutes that’s a moot point! Your scenario is one of the few where Tmo’s about the same instead of extremely beneficial. However if you ever bumped your plan up or decided to “upgrade”, Tmo’s new structure would win hands down, assuming the network trade-off is ok in your area.

          • Geoff Johnson

            The problem is T-Mobile’s 3G/4G/LTE coverage area, which is extremely limited. I’d rather spend a few $ more per month to know that pretty much anywhere I go I’ll have LTE.

          • If you don’t live in a populated area, this can be true. However, I figure 99% of the time I am in one, so I don’t really care much. Not to mention, a lot of places I go with friends, Verizon had 0 bars… zero… none. T-Mobile in those places as 3-4, so for me, t-Mobile actually has the better coverage.

          • Not so sure, with the new device payment plan, the extra cost ($24 for a “finance charge”) would probably be worth it to keep unlimited data and get a new device. You could simply put more money down to reduce the payments to the same as T-Mo, and keep the better coverage.

          • kg215

            T-Mobile discounts your plan after your phone is no longer being subsidized. Verizon does not care if you are on contract or off contract the price remains the same. Now obviously the quality of coverage/lte is much better for Verizon but don’t act like you pay the same and just get better service at Verizon. If it were that simple T-mobile would have 0 users.

          • michael arazan

            They might as well make another line on your bill and call it a service tax.
            I wonder if the FCC should know that Verizon is padding your bill once you are off contract? Seems like a Fraudulent Charge
            I smell class action lawsuit

          • I never understood this. If you buy a phone outright on Verizon, why do you pay the same as someone who had their phone subsidized? That should be a commercial for T-Mobile!

          • True, but I’m ~$35/month cheaper being on my old grandfathered unlimited data plan (which is only costing me $29.99 month, before my company discount). If I go to T-Mobile, I pay the current going rate, which is higher, and I get horrible coverage ๐Ÿ™

          • AndroidShiz

            Wouldn’t it be nice that since you pay upfront, it’d come bloatware free since it’s marked up beyond belief anyways?

          • Actually, the devices aren’t marked up that badly if you really look at it. True, they only cost ~$150 in parts, but development, overhead, labor, shipping, regulatory/license fees, etc. etc. tends to increase the total cost per unit by a significant amount. The only reason that Apple makes such seemingly high margins is because they are well managed and have an insanely cheap supply chain because of the volume they sell. Since overhead costs are mostly constant, its the pure volume of devices that they sell that increases their margins, otherwise they would be the same as everyone else.

            As for the bloatware, I agree, if you are not financing the device I purchased, you have no right to place any proprietary software beyond those bits that make it connect to your network.

          • AndroidShiz

            Not sure about all the details concerning development stuff, but when Apple is making billions and billions of profits each year, almost all of that from a phone – that lets me know that they’re marking their stuff up outrageously high to pay dividends to stockholders. I understand that manufacturers have to pay Microsoft and other companies for the use of certain things in Android, but since they don’t even have to pay anything to Google how much research do they really have to put into the phone? 100 percent of the research is already done because the system works as is. At best they add some gimmicks that most people will never use, maybe some minor enhancements that people may like, but they often add things that can make little details unnecessarily cumbersome, a skin that doesn’t really offer that much except to keep it from getting more than 2 updates, and then bloaty carrier apps that constantly need updates for apps no one even uses. On top of that, carriers like AT&T are also starting to not let you even disable certain carrier apps. How can that add up to the outrageous prices that they charge? These phones should cost between $350 and $500 at best. Its sad that someone could buy an $850 64 gigabyte GS4 or One that will probably only get one or two updates then forgotten- that’s ridiculous. As it is -Facebook ,Twitter, and all these other non carrier, but still selling you a service apps, that you see on your phone usually pay to be on the phone, carriers are not doing it for free. They should definitely be more subsidized off contract. I’m sure they’d still make a few billion dollars, just wouldn’t make 43+ billion.

          • Wins hands down? I save over $60 bucks a month on T-Mobile and haven’t seen any indication of less coverage where I live. Sure, if you go into the boonies a lot you will be on edge, but I don’t so I dont mind ๐Ÿ™‚ Verizon and AT&T will hopefully have to change their model and start charging less.

          • Geoff Johnson

            Well as you said, T-Mo’s network works for some, but I wouldn’t say you have to live in the boonies to only get edge as some very large cities and outskirts of major cities are only at edge or gprs, if they have coverage at all. Compared to full price T-Mo is better, but Verizon usually has better discounts.

          • Dude, i am with you there. Saved $100 a MONTH on my family plan moving to tmo… there is NO covereage that is $1200 a year better than what i am getting with tmo.. For $1200 a year, i will call you back when i get to a place with better coverage (although that hasnt had to happen really yet at all)

          • how !

          • Geoff Johnson

            Verizon had a “Talk, Text, and Data” promo for $69.99 a couple years ago which was for 450 minutes and unlimited texts and data. That combines with my 15% employee discount gets me a low monthly fee ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Richard Yarrell

      Verizon sucks always has thank God I left for Tmobile. The market is a better place without those silly bloatware filled wifi notifications, crappy internal alterations, and cosmetically graffiti looking devices. Piss on Verizon.

      • Tmobile has just as much bloatware.

        • LiterofCola

          You can’t argue with crazy

      • All the carriers suck IMO but at least with Verizon you can’t beat their coverage and call quality. Their device upgrade policy blows compared to AT&T’s though; especially when it comes to the unlimited data.

        • Geoff Johnson

          I’m not so sure, I’m sure some people would rather have truly unlimited data without throttling, unlike AT&T which tends to throttle you around 5GB to an insanely low speed.

      • Most people don’t live in major cities, so t mobile is useless for them. I rather pay the price an get great coverage, than pay a cheaper plan for a network that I can’t use.

      • LiterofCola

        It wouldn’t have been complete Verizon post without an appearance from the neighborhood wackjob.

      • squiddy20

        1. Verizon has THE most coverage of any of the carriers. Take a T-Mobile phone 20 miles outside of a major city, and for the most part, coverage is 2G or nil. T-Mobile’s own coverage maps show as much.
        2. T-Mobile phones generally have just as much bloatware as Verizon (or any other carrier). In fact, a few Verizon phones have received software updates that also took out most bloatware. T-Mobile? Not so much.
        3. ALL carriers slap their logo somewhere on the phones they sell. Yes, Verizon put a bit more on the S3, but that’s about it. The same home button branding won’t be on the S4, and probably not on any other phone.
        What a moron.

  • blakjakdavy

    They’re waiting until after I/O to launch a nexus version of the HTC one ๐Ÿ˜›

    • gregmr

      Seeing how Verizon is only allowing phones that ride on it’s LTE network to be sold, and Google has taken a firm stance against carrier-locked phones, I’d say no

      • jacob

        Google could release a phone that’s compatible with all Verizon lte bands and still unlocked.

        • Guest

          Verizon has to “approve” through some form of authentication method of the phone to be used on their LTE network. This is what my buddy told me who is an Engineer for Verizon.

  • Tim

    Really Im fine with them not releasing a new phone every couple months. Seems like just a year or 2 ago they had a new one coming out right after another big release. As a consumer you want great choices. But on the other hand you dont wanna buy a new phone. Then a month later find out something bigger and better is coming out. I know this is still pretty much the case today. But it doesnt seem quite as bad as it once was. I kinda like the big phone manufactures only doing 1-2 big releases a year.

    • Dain Laguna

      releasing flagships is different then releasing a bunch of custom branded devices that are only marginally better than what they replaced.

      i cant help but think how many people would hate htc less if they had been allowed to offer the one x and one s after beauts like the thunderbolt and rezound

  • rodney11ride

    IMO there hasn’t been a single “Decent” phone released by anyone this year… *i can hear the One lovers bashing me already. The GS4 will be the first decent phone

    aw come on! already down arrows? at least comment as to why you dissagree

    • tanknspank

      Mind I ask why the One isn’t a “decent” phone? Just curious to your reasoning. Similar specs to the S4 with a premium build to me seems decent at least.

      • rodney11ride

        I feel the One reminds me of the DNA and before that the Rezound… All failed to hit the “wow” level. And now the One. Huge top and bottom bezel (i dont care if it houses speakers) and the lack of on screen nav buttons. remove the speakers and put them in the side top or bottom, stretch the screen leaving enough room for the ear peice and add on screen nav buttons. maximize device size by putting the largest creen available. make the face all ONE color so it doesnt look like a boost mobile device and install vanilla android. i might have over shot on the S4. home button… blah. lack of on screen nav buttons… blah. no vanilla android blah.

        • tanknspank

          Fair enough, but I’ll leave my comment stand as it might apply to others.

          So there has been no decent device ever? Gotcha.

          Personal preference does not make a device bad. The One is a great device just like the iPhone 5 is. It’s just whether it meets your needs or not.

          Plus there is a black HTC One, so… http://i.imgur.com/Fa9exq3.jpg

          • LionStone

            Oh man…that thing is siick!

          • Fingerprint magnet galore. Gross

      • Sort of. If only it had a better camera. And had a full 5in.

    • EraserXIV

      Yes and no. The One and GS4 are both ‘Decent’ phones. However, I don’t want a “decent” phone. The GNex was a “decent” phone and now it’s on it’s last legs (okay might be exaggerating, but it’s really starting to show its age).

      Not spending my hard-earned money on anything unless it ‘wows’ me. Haven’t seen or heard of anything yet that fits the bill (yes, including the unicorn X Phone). Hopefully once phones with the Snapdragon 800 come out, things will change.

      Fool me once, same on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

      • tanknspank

        You’d be hard pressed to see a Snapdragon 800 in a phone’s shell before the holiday season, if you’re lucky. The 600 and the Tegra 4i are about all we will see most of this year.

        • EraserXIV

          Holiday season works for me, good things come to those who wait.

      • umataro42

        The GNex was a great phone for what I wanted, which was an easy to unlock and root stock Android phone with a nice big screen and good specs with 4G. I didn’t even flash a custom ROM until last month, and its still a mostly stock one (Shiny) and I can see using my GNex for at least another year.

        • EraserXIV

          Don’t get me wrong, the GNex is great for what it is. But it regularly has hiccups doing some simple tasks such as Google Now, Chrome, Maps. They’re not showstoppers, but definitely do get frustrating over the course of a day. Also, the battery life is atrocious, and yes that’s a showstopper. It’s one thing to carry around an extra battery for emergencies, it’s another thing to need to use it everyday.

    • David Dudovitz

      Anything with TouchWiz will never be a decent phone. Enough said.

  • Floyd Gray

    I couldn’t have put it better as this article has stated along with the other comments. I switched from AT&T long ago for Verizon for all the “cool” phones. Android especially…like I’ve said before it was because of the Droid X…now I kind of regret it. They’re really dropping the ball, but when you’re “top dog” like they are, they have the power to piss on the competition and there consumers. SMH.

  • They have been updating phones. They cant do 2 things at once. damned if you do damned if you dont lol.

  • glad i got my dna at the end of last year… it still holds up against the s4 in specs… 32gb of storage would have been nice… but I’m glad I got it rooted/s-off before they exploit was patched becuase I like sense 5 and its and useful interface… I would still love stock android but nothing on verizon is stock other than the nexus which i got rid of

    • Tyler Cameron

      Motorola’s devices are stock with a few added apps.

  • Bionic

    X phone

    • XphoneTroll

    • Bionic(the guy) sucks

      The people at the forums hate you too.

      • Captain_Doug

        Great username

      • Bionic

        What forum?

        • Bionic(the guy) sucks

          DR. although as much of a douche as you seem to be probably all the ones you’re a member of.

          • Bionic

            Says the person hiding behind a guest username

    • Bionic

      X phone

    • Considering Google and Motorola are two seperate entities. There won’t even be an X phone.

    • Tyler


    • ToddAwesome

      what took you so long?

  • is anyone really surprised though?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I’ve been saying the same damn thing… they haven’t released ANYTHING this year. And like Kellex said the iphone is a WAYS off at this point. We know they pushed back the S4 to make way for the Lumia…but that’s not exactly something to bank on. . . . I can only hope they have sights on whatever Moto and Google are conjoring up …. tht’s the only thing that makes sense… smh

    • Bob

      They are too busy figuring out the next big way to rape their users with some other bogus charge.

      FACKWORS I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!

      • farts

        shut up Bob.

    • Geoff Johnson

      The last good phone was the Note 2!

  • XphoneTroll

    A big FU to Verizon for that.