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It’s May and Verizon Still Hasn’t Released a Single Decent Smartphone This Year

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Today is May 1. While the day itself is not significant to the tech world, I realized this afternoon that we are no longer in April and got to thinking about how fast this year has flown by. We are already in the 5th month of a year that has included trips to Las Vegas for CES, a week of announcements from MWC in Barcelona, and a couple of major product launch events like HTC with the One and Samsung with the Galaxy S4. There has been a lot to talk about, especially when you think about both of those phones in particular which will dominate the mobile landscape for most of the year, especially since they have such a broad reach in terms of carrier availability. Well, except for on Verizon. As I mentioned, we’re starting month five of 2013 and Big Red has yet to release anything worth a second look in terms of a smartphone. It still hasn’t released either of these phones, one of which it may not offer ever. What’s up, Verizon? 

As you all know, HTC released the One as their new flagship for 2013 with availability at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Verizon, for whatever reason, decided to pass on what may turn into the phone of the year without something in line to take its place. So here we are hoping there is a DROID DNA+ or that Verizon comes around and finally carries the One even without the DROID tag attached. We’ve heard rumors suggesting that Verizon thinks they can’t sell anything unless it’s DROID branded, a part of Samsung’s Galaxy line, or is an iPhone.

Speaking of Galaxy phones – by the time Verizon releases their version of the Galaxy S4, they’ll then have gone five full months without having released a meaningful phone. We know the GS4 is on the way, since pre-orders have already opened up, but every other carrier on the planet will have had theirs available for almost a month by the time May 30 rolls around.

So what has Verizon been up to? Well, changing policies, and more policies. Updating a lot of phones. Adding tons of new customers in Q1. And then releasing phones like the LG Lucid 2.

As someone who has been with Verizon for more years than I can count, I’m itching for something new. Where is it? Will there be a DROID DNA+ or a Verizon One? We think so. Is Verizon simply waiting for Motorola to come out with something new that they can carry exclusively like the RAZR HD? Hell, even Apple has said they won’t release new hardware until the fall, so it’s not like they are waiting for a new iPhone. What’s the hold-up?

Maybe we’ll get a multiple device unveiling at CTIA in three weeks? Please.

  • Adam Kortan

    Any updates on that May 22nd Verizon announcement?

  • stratplayer

    C’mon, already, Big Red…just give us the ONE and be done with it. Then Shut Up!

  • MJAndroid

    I have an HTC Thunderbolt (still).I know, I know. I have been waiting for just the right phone and was thrilled to hear about the HTC One. Then I find out Verizon will not be carrying it.

    Verizon – can you hear me now?

    I will NEVER buy another Droid branded phone – EVER.

    No Samsung for me. Do not like amoled or touch wiz

    No Iphone for me.

    No current Moto for me.

    Nexus doesn’t work on Verizon

    I am in a fix. Thunderbolt was updated to ICS. I like it but the phone just can’t handle it. Lag time is long and there are many quirks and bugs that have appeared as a result of the OTA update.

    I need a new phone yet I don’t see anything out there at this point that I like any better than the HTC one. Not sure why Verizon makes it so difficult for their customers.

    Honestly, I really would prefer an open system where I could buy my own phone and it would work on the carrier of my choice. Will that day ever come?

    Frustrated in Charlotte

  • James Norwood

    I see a lot of irony here about how Verizon sucks blah blah blah, you’ll be crying when Verizon’s service is still working and yours isn’t after a disaster. I have Verizon and my service was still going even after Hurricane Isabel tore this place apart.

  • texasdon

    2 words… …ABANDON SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wolfpack93

    Maybe their announcement at CTIA is that they are enabling VoLTE and have put off new phones to avoid unnecessary CDMA radios thus improving battery life.

    (For full disclosure, I had 3 margaritas at lunch.)

  • mcdonsco

    I just got the s4 on tmobile and my razr maxx hd is sitting in a drawer still activated and on verizons grandfathered uimited plan (everything, $120/month before fees/taxes) until im confident i have no issues with tmobile.

    Yesterday i took a drive to the boonies streaming pandora on my car stereo, and i had to get pretty far away from urban areas, and a little off the highway before the music stopped.

    Seems coverage is fine, but its only day 3 now, i still have 17 more days before my return window is up to decide to port my number or not.

    So far so good though and $50/month less.

    For me its not the phone, i can wait a month for the verizon s4, but for me, its why keep paying verizon an extra $600/year for maybe a little better coverage for the rare times im in the middle of no where?

    I also continually had a problem with the mobile hotspot not actually working devices would connect to it but they have no internet access about 60 percent of the time. So far on T Mobile that’s not a problem, however I don’t know if that’s a Motorola problem or T Mobile problem?

  • I just dont get it. Yes, Verizon has good service, but I saved $1200 a year and got access to MUCH better devices the second i switched to tmobile and havent been happier. I dont understand why people dont just leave their ass. THey are a control freak and that just doesnt work for me. That is the ONLY way they will ever learn.. JUST LEAVE PEOPLE!!!! GO ANYWHERE.

    • I hear you, but in areas where Verizon’s coverage basically beats every other carriers COMBINED, one really has no other choices. In my neighborhood, Sprint has no 4G, AT&T has inconsistent signal strength, T-mobile drops calls all the times, but Verizon’s 4G is available almost 24-7. In some parts of my house, when I have problems with my home Wifi, I would switch to use Verizon’s 4G service instead.

      I am hoping T-mobile’s coverage will get better at the same time when they launch their LTE network … I hope …

      • Hendo

        yea… that’s my problem. Verizon is the only carrier with consistent coverage in my area. Also I’m grandfathered in to the unlimited data plan lol

  • LockeUp

    I wish I had the luxury of moving to another good carrier. Verizon has the absolute worst lineup of any carrier. My God, what dog**** choices.

  • trophynuts

    I think it needs to be like this. I don’t like the idea of carriers flooding the market with every new phone that comes out.

  • Jon Wright

    If it wasn’t for their network I suspect people would abandon them in droves.

  • The #1 reason why I switched to AT&T I rather go with a company which gets all the power top phones first and keeps them. Plus their LTE is so much faster!

    • This. I switched to have a larger selection of smartphones, specifically the HTC One. Plus, AT&T LTE has proven to be very fast. I’ve hit 46Mbps where Verizon would hit 30Mbps

      • Much agreed, only thing good about verizon is reception, otherwise they fail in every part of a wireless service company.

      • I used to regularly hit 60+ Mbps on Verizon. Then more LTE phones came out and more people were on LTE, and the speeds plummeted. The same will happen to AT&T.

    • Fraydog

      There would have been a day I would have laughed at you constantly. Now? AT&T’s networks are pretty good. As long as you don’t live in one of the few places that only have EDGE, you’re good to go. AT&T has hit the gas on LTE expansion and they’ll be at 270 MM POP’s by the end of 2013, so I’m way less critical of AT&T now then when they were merely the iPhone network. They still have lots of iPhone users, make no mistake, but those users don’t consume the data load that Android users do so it means faster speeds for the Android users who are on AT&T.

  • Bretton Key

    They are basically trying to change this year plans and add more ways to seize more customers/money as a whole. I would really be happy if they focused more product updates and customer loyalty. They don’t need the latest and greatest phone. If they focus on service they could rid themselves of being a conglomerate douche

  • AnthonyMoya

    If you look at the history Verizon seems to wait for the second half of the year to release high end phones. So hopefully we’ll start seeing some really great phones in a couple months.

  • F Verizon!

  • Kree Terry

    Once TMO gets better coverage in my area and my contract is up ill be switching. But right now its not even an option, they dont even have 3g in my area 🙁

  • schoat333

    VZW has no reason to release anything. They probably figure people will continue to buy the razr hd maxx and iPhone 5 for at least another month.

  • Derek Edwards

    VZ is difficult to work with. This is why you probably won’t see the HTC ONE. HTC wants to do what Samsung is doing with branding a single superphone. VZ still wants their specially branded exclusive phone, so they are having issues with negotiations. I think HTC should hold out and sell what they want to sell. VZ will break down to consumer demands for more options. I have a feeling that the next HTC One, will see VZ if HTC doesn’t break down and give them a ‘droid’.

  • I gave up on Verizon. I let my contracts run out and I am now on Straight Talk for me and my wife. (Unlimited everything) Paying half the price. Could not be happier. And if we choose to go elsewhere, no contracts to hold us back.

  • Brandon Lang

    I grabbed the HTC One and haven’t looked back at vzw. Loving this phone

  • Wait wait wait. I just had a major brain flash. What if they are holding the “good” devices (GS4, DNA+) until CTIA, where they are announcing the launch of their VoLTE service? That is the only major Verizon-only announcement I can see that would be significant enough for them to hold their own press event. And they don’t want to release the high-end devices before its confirmed, because the GS4 and DNA+ will be VoLTE compatible and that would show up in their stat sheets/programming if they were released early.

  • I have made the decision to move to AT&T, and I am going to grab the new Optimus Pro. Like you Kellex I have been with Verizon soo long they were named Bell Atlantic Mobile before Verizon! Its time for a change.

  • This is why i got the Note 2, and Note 4 or 5 will be my next phone

  • I think Verizon is waiting for the 928 Lumia and whatever HTC has to offer for the Android folks. (DNA+, One, etc)

  • Jon Lewis

    You guys running out of stories ??

    • Ian

      Better than them reporting on some new ‘Hello Kitty Island Adventure’ app, right?

  • Honestly, if i didn’t have a GS3, i would be more upset, but since this phone is great, the urge to update is not there.

  • I left AT&T, because they were lousy, I wouldn’t receive calls, and my data was nonexistent. I’m happy with Verizon, I can’t get a new phone till 2015, anyway. I rooted my note 2 and unlocked the bootloader for custom ROMs. No more touchwiz lagging on me,and I get 4.2.2