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More Evidence Pointing Towards Google Now Coming to a Desktop Near You


The internet is buzzing today thanks to some digging through test code from Google that revealed multiple references to Google Now. It seems as if Google is ready to take Now to the primetime by featuring it on their home page. As it is the code is pointing towards allowing you to set your Work and Home location so it can give you information on travel times, food places and traffic problems around you. 

Most of our readers have experienced Google Now by this point (or know that we love using it around here), but there are people out there who haven’t gotten into the awesome service yet. Bringing it to the Google homepage could not only be useful for tons of people, but boost Google’s page views through the roof once this goes live.

Would you set Google.com as your homepage for your browser if it featured Google Now?

Via: Google System Blog

  • Radda

    This is one step closer to having a home AI, love it!

  • Scott Meyer

    would love a google now widget to drop on my screen.

  • sonicemerald


    here’s the actual chrome extension…

    … before you get your hope up, its in russian… and it’s not as awesome as I want it to be yet. (I’d like for it to not be an extension… for starters…)

  • Wyveryx

    I could see this replacing iGoogle. There’s two versions of this through the extensions, ones in russian the other english.
    You have to manually adjust the .js to account for your weather location, at least I did for mine.

    Good trial for a new tab page at least.

  • N8shon

    I’m looking forward to this!


    I misread that title. I though it said “Google now coming to a desktop near you” But it says “Google Now coming to a desktop near you” Got me all excited, thinking Google is coming out with a non-cloud desktop OS 😀

  • Hayden7200

    Google.com is already my homepage, and i would use it even more if it had Google Now incorporated.

    • Justin Swanson

      Why does it need to be limited to just Google.com? Couldn’t it be added to the Google bar at the top of all the Google sites and you’d get your notifications from whatever site you’re on? Obviously if you wanted the full site/settings/options it might have a dedicated page, but I’d like to see a Google Now message pop up while I’m writing an email, on G+, selecting a playlist, reading my RSS on reade… oh wait.

      • Hayden7200

        Haha! Poor Google Reader. Yeah, that’s a great thought about having Google Now in the toolbar. All I was saying was that I already have Google set as my homepage and I would love it if they made Google Now a part of it. But having Now part of your whole browsing experience is even better!

  • Rabid Rotty

    Already have it set as my home page

  • Chris Hollenbeck


  • Anyone remember iGoogle or still use it? This will be a nice replacement. iGoogle is a mess and reminds me too much of the MSN home page.

    • Rabid Rotty

      I’ve seen it on my aosp browser along time ago but never did see it

  • dsass600


  • Mike Wilkinson

    This, I think, explains the demise of iGoogle.

    • Missed your post. Great minds think alike i guess.