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Samsung Announces Entire Suite of Accessories for the Galaxy S4, Pricing Too

GS4 Flip Cover Colors

Along with this morning’s announcement that the Galaxy S4 will arrive at seven U.S. carriers and another seven retailers beginning in April, Samsung also announced the entire suite of accessories for the phone. The options cover a wide range of accessory types from Flip Covers to spare batteries to Smart Docks to MHL adapters to vehicle mounts.

The newest additions include the S View Flip Cover that allows you view important information such as time, missed calls or texts, and battery status through a window without having to fully wake your phone. You’ll find a Smart Dock that can connect to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to turn your phone into the ultimate portable computing device. You’ll even find a high-fidelity pair of headphones, built specifically for the GS4. 

The accessories range in price from $29.99 all the way up to $99.99. To view the entire lineup, along with prices, hit up the fact sheet we have included below.

GS4 S View Flip Cover

Unique Accessories

Flip Cover

Samsung’sFlip Cover enhances the look and feel of the Galaxy S 4with a stylish front cover andsnap-on back. By replacing the phone’sback cover, the Flip Covermaintainsthe thin profile of the Galaxy S 4.Seven vibrant colors allow usersto customize their Galaxy S 4for any occasion or outfit. Colors includeBlack Mist, White Frost, Light Blue, Pink, Green, Orangeand Yellow.($39.99)

S View Flip Cover

Similar in design to the Flip Cover, the S View Flip Cover brings both form and function to the Galaxy S 4.Through a clear window at the top of the cover, users can viewthe date and time,devicebattery life status, read text messages, and answeror reject calls with the cover closed. The convenient Auto Wake-Up function also activates upon opening the cover, eliminating the need to swipe to unlock or switch onthe screen manually. Available colors: BlackMist, White Frost. ($59.99)

Protective Cover+

TheProtective Cover+ fits snugly overthe back and sidesof the Galaxy S 4, protectingagainst bumps, scratchesand falls.The cover also gives users an enhanced grip of their device and is easy to attach. Colors includeWhite, Navy, Green, Blue and Pink.($29.99)

Spare Battery Charging System 

The Spare Battery Charger ensures Galaxy S 4users always have a freshlycharged battery on-hand. The compact, stylish design ensures safe portability when not in use and an LED light on the front indicates when the battery is fully charged.Spare 2600mAh battery, battery charging standand wall chargerareincluded.($49.99)


AllShare Cast Wireless Hub™

AllShare Cast Wireless Hub allowsusers to wirelessly share content with anynearby HDTV or HDMI®display. AllShare Cast Hub pairs quicklyto any premium HDMI-capable TVto transmit pictures, videos and music to a large screen, all while controlling the action from the smartphone. Compatible devices includeGalaxy S 4,Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 10.1.($99.99)

Smart Dock

Smart Dock turns a Samsung Galaxy S 4 or Galaxy Note IIinto a true desktop computing device. Using a large screen monitor, keyboard and mouse,userscan surf the Web, update asocial network status, respond to emails and even edit documents and presentations. There is no need to sync to a PC or manage multiple devices. The dock is equipped with three USB inputs, anHDMI output and a 3.5 mm output for stereo speakers.($99.99)

Universal Multimedia Desktop Dock

The Universal Multimedia Desktop Dock hasa compactdesignwith pop-up micro USB portthat also folds flat for ease and portability. The dock can simultaneously charge aSamsung smartphone while users listento music throughanexternalspeaker. Smartphones can also be docked while housed in aSamsungFlip Cover or S View Flip Cover.Compatible devices include Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Rugby Pro, GalaxyVictory 4G, Galaxy Exhilarate and Galaxy Express.($49.99)

Universal Vehicle Navigation Mount

The Samsung Vehicle NavigationMounthas a slim design that will grip most smartphoneswith screen sizes between 4.0 and5.5 inches,with orwithout a case. The dockfeatures a strong gear-locking mechanism which securely grips your phone, andfull 360-degree rotationis provided for quick portrait-to-landscape viewing. Thevehicle dock is an ideal solution for hands-free calling or satellite navigation with your phone.Car charger is included. ($49.99)

MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter

The HDTV adapterallows users to share pictures and videos on any high definition TV or computer monitor. Compatible devices include Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 8.0.($39.99)

Universal Battery Pack

This 9000mAh battery pack will charge a smartphone up to three times and a tablet once, providing true portable power on the go. Compatible devices include Galaxy S 4, Galaxy Note 8.0, Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0), Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1), and Nexus 10, the new tablet from Google™. ($79.99)

HS-330 Headphones

Galaxy S 4 users can listen to their favorite music and video content right out of the box with a pair of HS-330 Headphones. These headphones deliver high-fidelity, balanced audio through dual bass and treble speakers. In addition, the ergonomic design ensures an easy, comfortable fit, while the tangle-resistant cable and convenient mini remote allows users to adjust volume, skip music tracks and answer/end phone calls. The HS-330 headphones are also compatible with the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II. ($29.99)

HM3300 Bluetooth®Headset 

The HM3300 is a compact, stylish Bluetooth headset that supports NFC for tap-to-pair easy coupling. The sleek, glossy metallicfinish compliments Samsung smartphone designs. Features include HD voice, audio streamingand voice prompts in six languages. ColorsincludeTitan Gray, Marble White and Pebble Blue.($49.99)

Galaxy Muse™

Galaxy Muse is a portable music player designed to complement Galaxy smartphones and free users from the hassle of PC music management. With Galaxy Muse, active users can sync their music directly from their Galaxy S4,Galaxy Note II. ($49.99)

  • You should also consider the S view stand case http://rozalex.hubpages.com/hub/Samsung-Galaxy-S4-S-View-Flip

  • Col_Angus

    MHL adapter for $40?! Are they insane? I got mine for my GNex for $10

  • Ah man! I saw on a website that there could be a S Health band to wear on your wrist like the Nike + well I guess I will have to do without a Samsung band 🙁

  • Jimrie

    Where is the wireless charging mat? It’s on their global website.

  • Syraz/Azilla

    23 missed calls, man they are worse than me

  • BTLS

    This dude is eitehr popular or in trouble with his old lady… 18 texts and 23 missed calls, wow

    • And playing Galaxy SIII title song “Over the Horizon”. LOL!

  • Dorian Brooks

    I’m curious how “future proof” some of those shared accessories are. Cause I see no love for the OG Note.

  • Austin Warren

    Ah maw gerrddd, these ar amayzing gunn Use my Samsung pay n get me one dese bad boizz /s

    • DroidFTW

      Why would you buy one when they sent you a test unit. You already implied that when trashing Cyanogen for not liking the S4.

      • Austin Warren

        I never trashed Cyanogenmod. Somebody said they weren’t doing anything for the S4 but they are. And I’m using CyanogenMod. Everyone here must have down syndrome.

  • nvitone23

    Who the @#$% gets 23 missed calls?!

    • JoshGroff

      More importantly, the ratio of unread texts to calls is nowhere near accurate, assuming both were in the same frame of time.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Great line-up of SGS4 accessories! I’ll definitely be getting one of the cases as well as the Spare Battery Charging System! Can’t wait!

  • MikeCiggy

    That s view case is AWESOME.

    Android manufactures are great at making top of the line phones but they really need to start working with accessory companies to get a much larger line of accessory’s out for the flagship phones. I wish I could get a good looking clock dock for my room that held my phone up, charged it and… told time.

  • EC8CH
  • Samuel Serafim

    Thankfully i have one collor for each day of week.

  • now samsung is following APple charging $50 to $60 for a stupid cover which can be bought for £5 from ebay with samsung logo. i did it once buying stupid cover from Apple for £60 which i only used for 2 days. no more original covers for me, they cost and arm and leg for no reason.

  • Futbolrunner

    $60 for the S View Flip Cover? I can get the $40 cover and cut out a whole. They know ppl like the idea and will buy it anyway. I don’t blame them.

    But hey, at least they have accessories at launch :looking at you Nexus:

    • The S View cover would, I assume, have some limited ability to tell the device it is there so it can display the information in the configuration shown. As such, cutting a hole in the $40 cover would be unlikely to actually provide any benefit.

      • JoshGroff

        I’m assuming Samsung took their feature to preview information on the Note 2 (I can’t remember the name atm) and applied it to the S4 and that’s how the information gets displayed.

        • Austin Warren

          I prefer DashClock

          • MikeCiggy

            The DashClock dev could definitely make an S view theme so that s4 users could use it with the s view cover.

  • Austin Warren

    I thought that was a little screen on the flip cover at first lol

  • Christopher Riner

    The sweetest accessory tome is by far the dock that let’s you turn your phone into a computer. I hope a lot more people start doing this.

    Edit: I meant I hope more phones from other companies have something like this, rather.

    • Jordan Marrie

      Webtop, on some motorola phones, has been around for a while.

      • JoshGroff

        Heck yeah they did, wish they didn’t abandon it though. >.>

      • Christopher Riner

        Yeah, I liked those when they came out too. Someone just gave me a 23 inch led monitor, its really nice but I have 2 26″ screens already at work, and I’m on the road all the time. I could definitely benefit by being able to just take one super slim monitor and a keyboard and a mOuse with me when I go on trips for work (which I usually kill time in hotels on my phone or tablet, catching up on xda and whatnot). I could leave my dinosaur laptop behind. I’m interested to see what the ui would look like on this, basically like a mirror mode of stock? What did it look like on the motorola dock?

  • RaptorOO7

    How can they justify $59.99 for a flip cover that doesn’t even include the wireless charging capabilities? If it had that maybe it would be worth $60.

    Where is the wrist band for tracking activity? Love the advances, hate the delays in product announcements.

  • niuguy

    Mock Samsung all you want for their cheap look and feel (rightfully so) but they seem to be the only company getting the accessories out on time. I bet they make a lot of money doing it too.

    • JoshGroff

      They did also make the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 10, and we all know how well they put out accessories for them.

      • In Samsung’s defense, I doubt they had much to say in the matter. Google is traditionally bereft of official accessories for Nexus devices in general, no matter the manufacturer.

      • Steve Benson

        They made them, but they weren’t “their” products. Both the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 10 were Google’s products, Sammy was just the manufacturer. Google’s fault for not having this shiz together, not Sammy.

        • JoshGroff

          Considering it’s Samsung that makes the accessories as well, I’d say it’s pretty much their fault.

          • Tony Allen

            I feel like you’d need to talk to Google about that, not Samsung.

          • JoshGroff

            If Samsung (or any other Nexus OEM) isn’t making the accessories, then Google can’t possibly sell them.

          • PhoenixPath

            Ah, but I am sure if they wanted to, Google could probably find someone to do it.

            …given their resources (Hey, if all else fails they could Google it!).

          • kev2684

            if you’re the manufacturer and your client paid you to design an accessory but didn’t place an order, do you have the right to sell your design if your client already paid for it? please think.

          • JoshGroff

            How do we know whether or not Google placed an order?

          • michael arazan

            But Google commissioned the phone, so some blame has to go to them for not making accessories readily available

      • niuguy

        I used to own the Gnex and was very unhappy with their accessories list. Fact is Samsung isn’t going to invest the resources into a Nexus as they do their flagship device.

        • JoshGroff

          That’s the point I’m trying to make, sort of.

        • Dylan Patel

          That’s cause they aren’t the one who decides to make the accessories .. Google tells them what to do with the Nexus and they do it. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • Mark Lawrence

      I was a little put of with Samsung OK the galaxy nexus with their accessories. The main reason I bought it was because of the pogo dock that never appeared.

    • JimmyHACK

      So how was your Galaxy S3 Wireless charging from Samsung… also wireless charging missing from this list. (I hope it’s soon for s4, want wireless so bad)

      • Austin Warren

        Wireless isn’t even that nice. Maybe if it was more poweful. Its never good to use your phone and pick up and move from its charging. Ruins it quick. Charge, let it die, charge again, so on.

        • JoshGroff

          This and the price of wireless chargers is exactly why I don’t have one.

    • Motorola usually has a pretty solid accesory lineup as well, though they do tend to skimp on the covers/cases. Which is why I’m holding out hope that the next Nexus device will have Motorola-sourced accessories AT LAUNCH.

    • DroidFTW

      Speaking of Samsung


      they are paying people to go on popular Android websites to post positive things in the comment sections. I wonder who that could be…

      • niuguy

        Wait. Me? I’ve preordered a HTC One.

        • DroidFTW

          haha, no not you. I was thinking of someone else on this site who loooooooves Samsung and defends every move they make.

          • Austin Warren

            Considering I’m not buying the S4, and that I’ve got a much better career, its not me. Oh and F off. Thanks. And that’s not even for the US, and I’m not anonymous. Glad you took the time to talk about me and think about me.

          • Bobo

            Get out.

          • Austin Warren

            Sawk mah cawk

          • Bobo

            Not sure what he’s getting at here….must be a firefighter thing.

          • Austin Warren

            I’ll shove an axe down your throat.

          • DroidFTW

            You should check your contract with Samsung. I would assume it has language that forbids you to threaten other commenters on the sites you post to.

          • Austin Warren

            Fuckk Samsung

          • Ian

            Ah well if Sammy voids his contract he has a fallback career, so all is well.

          • Austin Warren

            Get a life. You’re sitting here making accounts agreeing with yourself. I guess that’s that it feels like to not be loved by your parents.

          • Ian

            Right, I have a personal account and then one for work. I have a side job with TrollControl.com hahahaa

          • eli

            I’ll rape your faces guys……..neat

          • Bobo

            You’d like that wouldn’t ya big boi 😉

          • Christopher Riner

            Alright, I love a heated discussion as much as the next guy but when it gets to the point where lives and throats are being held against their wills and axes, I think its time we all take a cigarette break. I, personally, am an advocate for the medical marijuana community and I’d like to take this time to suggest that a couple of us (who are active patients under the care of a licensed medical expert and in a state which respects medical marijuana laws), take a moment and burn one.

            I think it goes without saying that a lot of us have been with android since its infancy, and those of us who have are for the first time seeing android as a dominant force in the market. Were all here BC we love phones, and its something we have in common, so we talk about it. Were not always gonna agree, but I still think we could get our points across in these forums without taking it this far. If you don’t want to do it for yourself then do it for everyone else that doesn’t want to see people threatened or Gang-eg up on in the forums. I’m replying to yours, but you aren’t the only one doing it so don’t think I’m singling you out.

            Now go burn one. If you’re a fire fighter than put one out, I guess.

          • Ian

            lol, well played

          • Christopher Riner

            Curious, what do you do for a living?

          • La2da

            Yarrell Ray? Is that who you’re taking about?

          • Austin Warren


          • La2da

            Haha! That dude is a trip.

          • Austin Warren

            Yeah he is. He’s crazy

          • La2da

            Yarrell down voted us : (

        • Ha ha, enjoy that boring ass ‘phone. (Htc1). While I’m actually enjoying my s4 and having a phone with the most features and a battery you can change out.

      • PhoenixPath

        …from the blog of a guy going by the alias Apple Holic.

        Now if that blog doesn’t represent the gods honest unbiased truth, I don’t know what does!

    • People seem to get this brain dead idea that the S3 along with the S4 is made out of plastic!!! Well it’s not..it is poly-carbonate…TOTALLY different than just plastic. Poly-carbonate is much much stronger than plastic, even stronger than the so called metal, aluminum frame that the HTC crap is made out of. You see the premium non PLASTIC frame of the Nexus 4? Well it shatters all over the damn place when you drop it…the S3 and S4 don’t. I’ve dropped my S3 and there was nearly a scratch on it..the actual part that isn’t ploy-carbonate had a scratch and that part is suppose to be more what people are saying, the premium part of the phone, NON plastic lol haha fools!! I know what phone I’m getting, the best smart phone on the planet that’s what.

      • ramifications

        Actually polycarbonate is a TYPE of plastic. It may be a strong plastic, but it is plastic none the less. Source: I study plastics engineering.

        • Col_Angus

          I study boobs, but that doesn’t make me a doctor.

          • ramifications

            Then do some research and look up polycarbonate. Make your own conclusions about it. Call it metal, glass, play-doh, or whatever you want.

          • Col_Angus

            You can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a bull’s ass, but wouldn’t you rather take the butcher’s word for it?

      • niuguy

        Yeah, I never even said it WAS cheap. I said looks and feels cheap. Which does matter to many. I own a Note II at the moment and I like it very much. Still wish it had a more premium look and feel.

    • NemaCystX

      Apparently you never heard of the Galaxy Nexus lol