First Look: Nexus 7 (2013) Official Google Play Case

official google play nexus 7 case

On Tuesday, Google revealed their first official cases for the new 2013 Nexus 7 on Google Play (outside of that zipper thing). The cases are actually designed by Google and molded perfectly to fit their new affordable tablet. They come in four different colors (blue, red, white, and black), are made of soft suede, and carry a premium price of $49.99, which most would argue is far too steep for a flip case. We’ve already highlighted a number of cases that can be had through Amazon for as little as $5, but just in case you were thinking of going the official Google route, we bought a couple to give our first impressions on.  (more…)

[Deal] Official Samsung S View Flip Cover and Regular Flip Cover Available for Less Than $10 on Amazon

S View Flip Cover Galaxy S4

Update:  Readers have voice concerned over this too-good-to-be-true deal. May want to proceed with caution. Either that, or shell out the $2 and hope that some day your case arrives.

Update 2: This is what one of our readers received – it’s a Flip cover with the window piece completely missing. Talk about a scam.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 already has a massive accessory collection at its fingertips from a variety of accessory makers, thanks to Samsung pushing a single design across the globe. But if the products from 3rd party accessory companies aren’t your cup of tea, and you prefer those made by Samsung, we have a couple of deals for you today. Through Amazon, two sellers by the names of TopEDepot are GlobalElec are selling both the S View Flip Cover and regular Flip Cover for under $10 a piece.  (more…)

Quick Look: Samsung S View Flip Cover for Galaxy S4

S View Flip Cover Galaxy S4

Since Samsung once again released their newest Galaxy S phone, the Galaxy S4, with one design across the globe, the accessory situation is going to be better than most Android fans are used to. With one design, more accessory makers can make products for the Galaxy S4, while in the past, they have had to pick and choose depending on the carrier. You’ll have more choices of cases and docks and flip covers than you can imagine over the coming months, should you buy the GS4.  (more…)

Samsung Announces Entire Suite of Accessories for the Galaxy S4, Pricing Too

GS4 Flip Cover Colors

Along with this morning’s announcement that the Galaxy S4 will arrive at seven U.S. carriers and another seven retailers beginning in April, Samsung also announced the entire suite of accessories for the phone. The options cover a wide range of accessory types from Flip Covers to spare batteries to Smart Docks to MHL adapters to vehicle mounts.

The newest additions include the S View Flip Cover that allows you view important information such as time, missed calls or texts, and battery status through a window without having to fully wake your phone. You’ll find a Smart Dock that can connect to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to turn your phone into the ultimate portable computing device. You’ll even find a high-fidelity pair of headphones, built specifically for the GS4.  (more…)

Get a Free Flip Cover and TecTiles by Registering Your Device at Samsung’s Facebook Page

samsung free flip

A couple of hours ago, Samsung’s USA Facebook page posted up a deal that could land you a free flip cover and set of TecTiles. All you have to do is register your Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 through their Owners Hub Facebook app and they’ll send you an email with instructions on how to claim the freebies.

Along with the free goods, they’ll also toss in a coupon code to land you 50% off of accessories. Might want to take them up on this one.

Register Device

Via:  Samsung Mobile Facebook

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Quick Look: Galaxy S3 Flip Cover in Pastel Green

I reviewed the Galaxy S3 Flip Cover back when the device first launched, so I’m not going to talk about this one in much detail other than the color. This is really just me sharing the new colorways that Samsung has available and what the green version looks like in person.

As you can see, it’s bright. Like, really bright. I’m sort of digging the look so far, just because it now looks like no other phone on the market. The back is neon-pastel-puke green. I know, I’m weird for admitting to liking this, but for whatever reason it has been growing on me over the last few hours.  (more…)

Quick Look: Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover

If you checked out our Galaxy S3 review from last night, then you probably saw the two pictures under the “Accessories” section of the device’s Flip Cover. There isn’t a ton to say about it, but we thought we’d whip up a quick video to show it off a bit. For those that haven’t seen it yet, think of the Flip Cover as a replacement battery cover with a soft, screen guard attached. It flips open and closed over the device, hence the name. It probably won’t offer you the ultimate amount of protection, but it will give your screen some relief when sliding the device in and out of pockets or bags. We are wondering how easy it is going to be to adjust the volume with this cover on though.  (more…)