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Next Stop For Google Fiber is Provo, Utah?


Apparently, there is an “epic announcement” taking place this afternoon in Provo, Utah. According to reports out of the city, Google is set to announce Provo as the third area to support their 1Gbps Internet service, Google Fiber

So, what makes Provo, UT so special? A move into Provo would be easier than almost any other location, given the fact that the city is already wired for fiber optic, thanks to the work of a now-gone company called iProvo. iProvo brought ultra-fast data to the town, but due to financial issues, had to call it quits. The project was taken over by Veracity and is currently Utah County’s leading fiber-optic service.

The announcement is set to take place today at 1:30 PM. We’ll keep you posted.

Via: Provo Buzz | Epic Announcement

Cheers Elliot, Karson, and Travis!

  • master94

    Its like Google is choosing these areas by random with eyes closes and landing always not in NYC. Doesnt Matter, I love Google for doing this, it makes the other cable and fios providers work hard. Thank you Google. Hopefully next is Google wireless. I’m tired of being raped every month by VZW.

  • Ethan Hansen

    Provo represent!

  • DrewNusser

    WOO! Now I can just move an hour south instead of Austin!

  • How the hell do you get this initiated? Can I petition my city to put their name in a hat or something?

  • CONFIRMED PROVO IS THE NEXT FIBER CITY. http://www.provo.org/pressRelease.html
    With approval by city board.

  • redbar0n11

    Well, looks like it’s MOSTLY correct. They’re still negotiating, but at least those lucky bastards are “almost” the 3rd city!


  • MattH818

    California please

  • GCurry

    Portland / Vancouver, please!!

  • mike

    Bet its Vivent buying the fiber.

  • Waschlappen

    There’s nothing concrete behind this rumor. It’s just a bunch of speculation, and since Fiber is so exciting, people are talking it up. Not gonna happen, even though I wish it would….

    • Waschlappen

      Correction – Google Fiber is Coming!!!

  • Tirionfive

    Dear google: Please come to Oklahoma City! We need faster internet for our rapidly developing city!

  • Checkmate, atheists!

  • Jeff

    So if fiber comes to Provo. Who on the droid-life team would make the move? Kellen, Tim, Eric, Ron?

  • I hope it expands all the way up the wasatch front. Fiber is pretty much laid across the whole wasatch front so all Google has to do is take it over.

  • The NSA aready knows

    This makes sense, seeking how the NSA is set to open up tbere new big brother monitoring center this year. They will have the capacity to record every web search, tweet, fb update and every text and phone call. They will have 5 zettabytes of storage. If you dont know thats

    5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes

    • I don’t think you, or Fox News, knows how big a zettabyte is.

    • Brian Walker

      Comparing anything to bytes to talk about size is silly in modern day. Nobody had any grasp on what a byte is these days. Use GB if you want to shock anybody.

      Nobody will care either way, though, because you sound ridiculous.

  • zombiewolf115

    tampa florida should be next ;w;

    • redbar0n11

      You know that’s right!

  • Jeff

    I’m thinking I may just have to move to Provo now. 30 minutes away from where I’m living now wouldn’t be too horrible….

    • Jared

      Except it is Provo… 🙂 I’m moving down to SLC in a few months for Grad school at the U of U… Unfortunately that doesn’t do me a lot of good to get Google Fiber (if this is true, of course).

  • Brian Walker

    As a Utah County resident, this is most pleasing.

  • elforesto

    Total nonsense. No way it’s Google Fiber. Nobody who knows the history of both it and iProvo would dare suggest such a thing. http://www.freeutopia.org/2013/04/16/no-google-fiber-is-not-coming-to-provo/

  • MattH818

    Let’s also think about the other fiber service in Utah, called UTOPIA. I could see Goog wanting to get that also. UTOPIA is already in 16 cities in Utah including Orem, which is right next to Provo.

  • OreoMan

    C O L O R A D O!!!!

  • duke69111

    I’s assuming the Kansas City test was a success.

    • noc007

      Their rollout isn’t complete yet. If you look at the map of what they’re planning to roll out to and thinking about rolling out to, it’s pretty small.

      • duke69111

        That’s why i’m kind of surprised they are already moving into an additional city or two.

  • jamie stevens

    Stanwyk is a non-churchgoing Latter-day Saint from Provo, Utah

  • I would almost consider moving to Provo for this… Almost.

    • Bionic

      move for a job, not internet

      • I know. I wouldn’t actually ever move for fast internet. Funny thing is I have an application out at a company in Provo. Though I could still commute from where I currently live.

  • Bionic

    South Bend, IN is already fiber wired as well. Just saying

  • bakdroid

    Tri-city area of south central PA, please?!? I hate Crapcast!!

    • CoryDobak

      I live in Central PA (Northumberland County) and there was a HUGE fiber expansion here a year or so back…maybe two years?

      Perhaps Google could take advantage of that…oO

  • Sathariel

    Yes come to DC metro area please.

  • Gustavo Bruno

    Provo Utah which is in Utah county and home to the new adobe campus and new eBay campus, also the NSA is opening its second biggest spy center. Provo is also home to byu and Utah county is considered to be one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the country I can see Google fiber really working for Provo.

    • Radge

      The new Adobe campus is in Lehi, the new eBay campus is in Draper, and the new NSA building is in Bluffdale. They are all relatively close to Provo, but none of them are in Provo proper.

      • Gustavo Bruno

        Exactly and all those towns for the exception of draper are in Utah county maybe how I wrote it was wrong but I know exactly were everything I listed is.

      • Superguy

        Hey, Provo has Novell! 😀

        The area had a lot of good tech companies, some of which are gone or bought up by others. Symantec’s there, Intel’s there, Micron has a huge fab there. PowerQuest and WordPerfect were there. Some specialized software firms like Dentrix is there too.

        And btw – UVU has a much better CS program than BYU. Go Wolverines! 😀

  • Terre Haute, Indiana please?

  • humidity

    Come on down to AZ!

    • jamie stevens


  • Blake Curtis

    I live in Utah sickkkk

  • elemeno


  • RW-1

    I figured as much, there had to be infrastructure in place, that kind of thing, easier to grab and modify than a straight out build in … good going for them!

    I think if they could afford it a roll out and expansion is definitely in the future, and yes, it shames the competitors, which it should, we’ve been bilked for too much $$$ for almost nothing speeds, any of the larger ISP’s could take those profits and invest it in the future of fiber, but greed kills innovation.

  • Austin Warren

    How about Fargo, North Dakota

  • zorak19620

    As someone who lives in Provo (who is originally from Kansas City), I cannot express how excited I am! Please Please PLEAAAASE be true!

  • Superguy

    Doesn’t surprise me. I used to live in Springville (next town south of Provo) and there was a company that was aggressively laying fiber there. They had also started laying in Provo and also American Fork.

    Airswitch was awesome for its time. It delivered 10Mb connectivity in 1999 by making the entire town Ethernet. I had it and it was fast – especially considering that all Qwest could offer at the time was 640k. The company had great potential, but a new CEO came in, took over for the owners (which were engineers) and destroyed the company by turning it into his own cash cow.

    Provo and American Fork took over the infrastructure, but I believe American Fork was the only one that could keep it going.

    I’m glad Google can make use of what’s there and can have the area leading the way once again.

    • elemeno

      I live in Springville and have an Airswitch box on the side of my house. Didn’t know what that was until this post. Thanks.

      • Superguy

        No problem. I used to live across the street from the Maverik on Main St. I remember how excited I was when I finally got hooked up with it – my upstairs neighbor worked for the company and expedited the install for us. 10Mb in BOTH directions in 1999/2000 was unheard of as 256k DSL was just starting to rollout. On top of that, they only charged like $20 a month.

        When they finally went under and I was forced onto DSL, I complained constantly about the speed. The support guy couldn’t understand why I was complaining so much until he saw my address. He asked what I had before them and I told him Airswitch. He said “Dude, you’re never going to be happy with this then.” 😀

        I wonder what broadband would have looked like in this country had they grown big, or a big company like Qwest, AT&T, etc would have bought their tech. They had offers, but the owners wanted to keep it private. Maybe they should have sold when they could.

  • come to LA!!

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Next location? South Pole.

  • EC8CH

    Google, keep doing this…

    but in the Wireless industry next please.

    • D4niel

      Well, once Google Fiber is widespread, they’ll have the backhaul in place for wireless…

    • Bionic

      Many people believe the fiber rollout is simply the beginning of much bigger things. Imagine google wireless backed by google fiber

      • noc007

        IIRC, the agreement they sign with the city grants them the ability to up and leave if they get bored with the project.

        Personally I’d love to see them buy up dark fiber and do something with it. Doubtful that’ll ever happen. I believe the neighborhood I live in has FTTH, but it’s all dark. AT&T owns the lines, but uses copper for their spotty U-Verse rollout (I can’t get service, but my neighbors can). Still, even if AT&T used the fiber exclusively for U-Verse, it would still be something silly like 23/3.

        • michael arazan

          The only thing’s I know about Provo Utah is from the Movie Fletch

          • jaclyngeffroy

            $85 an hour! Seriously I don’t know why more people haven’t tried this, I work two shifts, 2 hours in the day and 2 in the evening…And whats awesome is Im working from home so I get more time with my kids. Heres where I went, — Gig60.cℴm

  • Boston next please!

    • TuMadre

      Seriously, no love for the North East! 🙁

      • Austin Warren

        No love at all. Look at where every attack has been.

  • Ian

    I’m no where near there, but hooray for expansion!

  • Is there no plan of coming to the East coast in the near future? =(

  • FelisLachesis

    I live outside of Philly, and where I live, we need some more competition. All I can get is Comcast and Satellite…

  • Wonder if they are going down the list of “Google Cities”. When they were looking for the first place to put Google Fiber there were a ton of cities vying for the spot. I live in Sarasota and we were one of the cites recruiting Google, our Mayor jumped in the shark tank as a publicity stunt.

  • Warwick

    Few more States west Google. California is there!

  • MrJigolo

    Goddamn, Google. Come to SoFla. We got beaches

    • D4niel

      I first read that as, “We got bitches.”

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        me too

      • Bionic

        they have those as well, with big tits

        • Austin Warren

          They are all underage. Stay away.

    • Stephen

      Did you really need to curse God to get your point across?

  • Matt Graham

    Just what Provo needs…more smug.

    • 5 comments and already Provo hate. I didn’t even know this place existed 10 minutes ago.

      • Having to live there for college. It is really a smug place and the people there are unbelievably rude. Google Fiber might make it worth it however… 😀

        • zorak19620

          Where did you go for college? I find that many people here are fairly nice.

          • UVU I should say that the College students were nice, but being out in public spaces you could see the rudeness. Orem is okay, but still a lot like Provo in the fact that if your not a mormon, your mostly an outcast.

        • Col_Angus


      • Austin Warren

        Wonder if they make provolone cheese