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LG Optimus G Pro “Value Pack” Upgrade Shown on Video – Dual Camera and Smart Pause Included

optimus g pro pause

LG is attempting to take Samsung’s 2010-2011 approach to success in the smartphone business – copy everything your biggest competitor does, but try to do it first and loudest if you can. If you remember back on the eve of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 unveiling, LG announced new eye-recognition tech that would be released as a software value pack for smartphones like the Optimus G Pro. For weeks leading up to Samsung’s announcement, all rumors focused on Samsung putting identical features into the Galaxy S4, so to see LG drop a press note about the same exact tech was worthy of an eye-roll or two. But hey, what can you do when you are down? 

So that value pack is now even more official, if you will, thanks to a video highlighting all of the features that was uploaded to LG’s YouTube channel last night. It’s coming to the Optimus G Pro and includes features like Smart Video, Dual Camera, and Pause-&-Resume video recording. Yes, all of these are Galaxy S4 features, though one of them (Pause-&-Resume) has been around for some time on previous Galaxy models. But Smart Video is identical to Smart Pause in that it uses your eyes to recognize whether or not you are staring at your screen while watching video. Should you turn away, the video will automatically pause. Turn back, and it resumes.

Dual Camera is also a Galaxy S4 feature, however, LG couldn’t quite match Samsung on this one. Dual Camera allows a user to use the front and rear cameras at the same time to snap a dual-picture. But with LG’s software enhancement, that’s all you can do. Samsung found a way to allow users to record dual-videos as well.

We applaud the effort by LG, that’s for sure. They’ve come a long way in the last year and are actually more interested in their devices then ever, especially after being chosen by Google to produce the latest Nexus.


  • @Kellen, I have this phone, imported through ebay from S. Korea. It does dual video recording. Brad Molen from engadget had a video of myself using that feature. So far so good. LG has pushed out a couple of updates, some seem to “enhance” the camera. Tomorrow 12April is when those features are going to be pushed, so hoping I get them. IMHO I think it is as good as a Galaxy Note 2, which I also have(a couple of them actually). Great job LG!

  • wagner

    I like the LG better! Verizon can’t put a logo on the button!

  • youdoneyo69

    I was never a big LG fan but for some reason I really like this phone. That screen just pops out at my for some reason but I’m sure Verizon won’t ever get it…

  • sam danna

    Wish they’d announced a 5″ g pro with 3000mah battery for vzw

  • XphoneTroll

    And I say let the battle begin…

  • Jones

    This Optimus G line of phones are better looking than the Note 2 and the Galaxy series.

    • Austin Warren

      Obvious troll is obvious.

      • radiohead14

        why because the poster has an opinion?

        • Austin Warren

          Because they look exactly the same and are made of the same materials. You buffoon

          • radiohead14

            right.. so I guess people will buy this and believe that it’s an S4. gotcha.. and thank you for showing me the way.. for telling me that I’m off less intelligence and maturity than you.. oh lord of the internets

          • Austin Warren

            Never said that. I was talking about his Note 2 and G Pro reference. Learn how to read instead of just assuming and acting like a 4 year old. Thanks.

          • radiohead14

            will do sir! from now on.. i shall call everyone a “buffoon” for trying to have a discussion. thank you again for your insight! the women must gather around you as you type furiously over a comment you saw on a phone website. i wish i was as glorious and tough as you.

          • MKader17

            Holy crap, I was wondering why DL was using pictures of a Samsung device on an LG post.

          • michael arazan

            If LG want s to beat Samsung, copy everything, then charge $150 less. Make it a Real Value Pack

      • Jones

        Troll? Lol
        The design of their phones are better and they aren’t exactly the same. Look at a Note 2 and the S3. Very different from the design of the LG Optimus G and Pro.

        You can’t see the difference? Fr fr?

        • Austin Warren

          The G pro is an exact copy of the Note 2. And made of plastic

          • Jones

            Compare the phone designs.
            Of course LG mimicked Sammy but LGs phones look better. It’s not like its the exact copy.

          • Austin Warren

            They are both made of plastic. And if they look the same how does LG make it look better? You smoking some of the quack stuff?

          • Jones

            Compare the phones one looks better than the other.
            I said the same in another post. It’s the small nuisances but I like LG’s design better. Why you have so much beef over this lol.
            It’s ok

          • Jones


          • radiohead14

            didn’t you know? Austin Warren is the better person.. his statements will always be right.. and you are a “buffoon” for having your own opinions..

            in all seriousness.. don’t waste your time with that guy.. he reminds me of all the apple fanatics who shout out “copied!” when they see a new android phone with “rounded rectangular edges and a screen”

          • Austin Warren

            And yes. Side by side you wouldn’t be able to tell a difference.

          • Jones

            This isn’t true at all. You aren’t being serious.

          • Austin Warren

            I am. Open your eyes. Unless you’re a LG fanboy. I don’t know what else to tell you.

          • Jones

            Truthfully you don’t have to tell me anything. I think the LG phone looks better its slightly more boxy. But I feel stupid for going back and forth about a phone soooo….. I’ll let you take this one bud

          • Austin Warren
        • chris125

          optimus g pro looks exactly like the note 2…..

    • robenjohn325

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  • lol all the ppl comenting on the video on youtube “they copied samsung”. Who cares =D besides OG Pro was announced way before S4 feature rumors started

    • Dillon Brown

      Not only that, but I imagine one doesn’t just see a phone get announced and a couple of weeks latter the competitor has copied everything. Seems too quick, and if it isn’t well seems like Samsung didn’t put much time in to making all those gimmicks and could have done better.

    • So true. Plus the Optimus G had very similar technology that the G Pro has. Face recognition and smart pause/ smart screen? Optimus G already has it. Who do they think they’re copying, themselves?

  • Austin Warren

    LG and Samsung should just have a joint venture and make phones together.

  • Jordan Marrie

    Good for LG.