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Verizon Drops Galaxy S3 Price to $99 as Galaxy S4 Looms

galaxy s3 price

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 arriving towards the end of the month, Verizon has gone ahead and slashed the price of the Galaxy S3 to $99 on contract, likely in an attempt to move left-over stock. While Big Red has yet to even acknowledge the fact that the Galaxy S4 exists or that they will carry it, price cuts on previous year models are almost always a good sign. 

Also, keep in mind that we have seen their variant cruise through the FCC already, sporting all of the LTE and global roaming bands you would expect out of a 2013 top-of-the-line Android device. It’s definitely coming to Verizon, we just don’t know when.

AT&T and US Cellular have already announced their own pre-orders for April 16, T-Mobile around May 1, but none gave a definitive shipping date. Maybe Verizon is waiting until they have a confirmation from Samsung on when their customers can pick up this new flagship? Or maybe they are simply still testing…and testing…and testing.

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  • ForConsideration

    I have been nursing my original (yes, ORIGINAL) Galaxy S forever. The S3 just seemed to big. Then, waited for the S3 mini, which never made it to the USA. Waited for the S4 and it’s even bigger. Now, the S4 mini is on my radar. But, I read a “predictions for S4 mini” article that suggested that Verizon might not carry it. I sure hope they are wrong! I’d really like the Mini !!!

  • AllieS.

    Do we know if Verizon will get the S4 mini?

    • ForConsideration

      Nothing’s been announced, but I read an article the other day predicting Verizon wouldn’t have it (http://www.gottabemobile.com/2013/04/04/samsung-galaxy-s4-mini-predictions/).

      But I sure hope they do!! I’ve been nursing my original Galaxy S along for MONTHS waiting for the Mini… now I’m concerned it won’t be available on Verizon. THAT would be disappointing!!

  • SteveTango

    This phone needs to be realeased in the next month to 45 days on VZW. I have a GNex with a failing antenna (currently no 4g ever, and spotty 3g) and a cracked screen. I can only wait to long before I go postal…

    • wat

      Work at a vzw store, rep came by and got to play with it, said may 26th

  • Geoff Johnson

    You mean trade up to the S4? 😉

    • Tim242

      Haha yeah, trade up in quality, but down only in size.

      • michael arazan

        I wish they would discount the full retail price, they knocked $150 off contract, if they would like to get rid of old stock than drop the Full Price $150 too for your customers on contract, greedy bitches

  • altheakeel

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    • Geoff Johnson

      If that’s true, you wouldn’t be wasting your time spamming Android articles!

  • Mudokon83

    Just got the S3 last month, so I went into verizon and got the price difference adjusted, since I had just paid $200 for it and wanted my $100 back in rebates and refund.

    Don’t really need to S4, so I’d rather get a discount on an S3 and be happy until the next big bloatfree phone comes to verizon someday.

  • scribbles395

    Received info that the Verizon s4 will launch 3rd week of May.

  • Miltos

    I am nearly losing my mind waiting for an availability date from Verizon. I’m keeping my OG Incredible limping along on CM10, but it grows more painful by the day. I was in the Verizon store yesterday and an employee told me that the Samsung rep had recently come to the store to demo the S4 so she’s knew they would be getting it, but didn’t know when. Come on, Big Red, make it happen!

    • Miltos

      Mistake … I’m running CM7 on my OG Inc. Wishful thinking for CM10.

      • T4rd

        There’s an edit button for that ;-).

    • I have a Bionic which is barely functional at all due to effects of serious gravity storms. I may have to put the poor thing out of my misery and walk on my own two feet until the S4 arrives at Verizon.

    • eze44

      I’m in the same boat, OG incredible and losing patience with Verizon and their inability to put out the latest devices at a reasonable rate. My incredible battery is barely able to get me till the afternoon :/

  • Detonation

    Finger hover is software based, right? They said the Note 2 and S3 would get the new software features the S4 has (eventually)

    • T4rd

      No, I’m pretty sure the hover feature is hardware dependent on the digitizer in the GS4 and will not be supported on the Note 2 (without the S-Pen) or the S3. I would love to have hover on my Note 2 too as it’s pretty useful on certain web sites (such as this one at the top) for expanding menus and stuff.

      The Note 2 and S3 will only get the new features that aren’t dependent on the S4’s hardware (such as the IR Blaster, Pedometer, etc.).

  • if you want a smaller phone, and don’t use the s-pen a lot, then totally normal

  • why was i thinking the note 2 had an ir blaster? i keep window shopping the note 10.1 and note 2, so i guess i got that mixed up. oh well, hopefully for the note 3!

  • Tom2013

    no you are not cause I am going to do the same ..and when the note 3 comes out will do it agian. I must admit i love galaxy..

  • Austin Warren

    Cracked my Note 2 the other day so I’ll probably move down to a S4 until the Note 3.