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Video: HTC One vs. Galaxy S3 vs. Nexus 4 vs. RAZR HD vs. Galaxy Note 2

htc one razr hd nexus 4 galaxy s3

Our coverage of the HTC One continues on with a comparison of the device to many of the popular phones on the market today. Unfortunately, since the Samsung Galaxy S4 is not yet available, we had to go with the Galaxy S3, Note 2, Nexus 4, RAZR MAXX HD, and ol’ reliable, Galaxy Nexus. In this clip, you’ll see size comparisons, my thoughts on the different build materials, overall feel, and having to deal with carrying around a metal phone after years of plastic in my pocket.ย 


  • This video is rubish. You keep talking about big “chins” but dont turn the screens on to show that the usable screen space is no different.

  • Uriah Romero

    I think the HTC One is the best looking phone out of the whole pile. Additionally, with the full HD display, I think it will make a huge difference from regular displays and I am looking forward to trying one out. Watching my live and recorded shows on my phone while Iโ€™m on my way to and from work at DISH is something I do often, since it takes a while to get there. I use the DISH Anywhere app to do this, and I think it would well with the HTC One.

  • xboxkid

    I’m in love with the HTC One and I have an upgrade on my phone now!!!….. but I’m on Verizon……

  • joseph pastor

    It just doesn’t get any better than a nexus. Oh wait, this year’s nexus. or xphone. On screen navigation FTW! pieee nomnomnom

  • MichaelFranz

    @Kellex – If you had to rank them by build quality what would they be? I hate to admit it, but while the GS3 is a great phone out of the box, the build quality isn’t my cup of tea. I felt my GNEX was better and in hindsight i shouldnt of swapped them. Now that the Razr HD has an unlocked bootloader I am looking to trade my GS3 for one. My step father has one and its just phenominal build and feel good in your hand. The weight of it make its feel like somethings there and not something cheap

    • I’d probably go HTC One, Razr HD, Note 2, Nexus 4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus.

      • MichaelFranz

        From a development prospective and custom Rom’s etc etc. Given the recent unlocked bootloader. And say that within the coming months the number of custom ROM’s and kernels are relatively the same as the GS3. Would you trade a GS3 for a Razr HD or HD Maxx?

        I might do it for that reason plus build quality and the radios motorola use are so much better then any phone i’ve seen.

        • Brandon Golway

          I was thinking about swapping my Gnex for the RAZR HD MAXX but was wondering the same thing, also they’re still pretty damn expensive and I was looking to get the x phone when it comes out in a few months (hopefully!) or the gs4.

  • Derek Hutchinson

    And, silly me, here I go actually expecting to read a mature comparison of devices with a little more substance than “OMG, I can’t get over how this phone feels in my hand…. It’s freaking Metal!” Waste of six minutes. Can we get past the eighth grade commentary? Please, Kellex? Oh and fwiw, HTC’s been making metal phones for years now…. The glorious HD2 comes to mind, albeit originally a win mobile device, but still a beast of a phone that’s a great backup and versatile enough in the right hands to run jb 4.2.2. Not hating Kellex, just disappointed.

  • Chevy Chase

    I want to upgrade to a Note 2, but I’m waiting for the upcoming MEGA. Galaxy Nexus still gets the job done.

  • asianrage

    I agree with Kellen’s comment regarding the Droid Razr HD/MAXX. I love the solid build quality, so much that I bought one for my father in-law. The only thing I don’t like is the thick screen bezel of device (in comparison to the GNEX’s).

    Anyway, if the ONE ever comes to VZW, it’ll be my next device. That, and maybe that Motorola X Phone.

  • Feed Jake

    Metal phones? Does no one remember the Droid X? That was a premium build phone! If the bootloader had ever gotten unlocked I would still have it.

    • gokusimpson

      Still using that bad boy. I will miss it dearly when I finally switch when a clear successor arrives.

  • Droid HD: 4.7″ screen – half-inch for BUTTONS! that’s insta-fail. I like my N2 but the screen res is noticeably low. It should have a 1080p screen. The S4 will rule them all.

  • master94

    Why do people hate plastic? I would rather get all plastic and get a good service since plastic has less interference than a gorgeous metal phone that drops service quickly

    • gokusimpson

      I think those white bars on the back of the HTC one are for the antennas

    • Brandon Golway

      Why do some people like brick houses and others like “modular homes”?

  • hinder portillo

    The note 2 was the only device that put the one to shame:). I haven’t used a phone more complete than the note 2 and I’ve owned lots of phones.

  • thats one hellova phone orgy

    • I like your way of thinking. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • sk3litor

    People can’t truly appreciate this phone until they’ve actually used it. The power, speed, features and the fact that it has a built in pen make it the” device of all devices” this is truly what an android device should be. The size just kinda falls to the way side the note 2 is one of those magical things that just kinda happened. Use one for a week and you’ll not want to give it up. Just ask Tim:-P

    • Bionic

      I used one for 3 days and couldn’t wait to rid myself of that touchwiz infested crap. Not to mention that plasticky feel.

      • sk3litor

        The tw part of it I will concede. I am not a fan. But 80% of phones are plastic which makes it very durable. The fact that it may come apart if dropped actually dispurses the energy protecting the inner components. But to each his own.

        • john

          I will buy a car of plastic, based on your crazy physics I’ll be more protected than with Honda’s advanced chasis or volvo’s safety innovations! Hum, I remembered, did you know that plastic is build out of oil? That’s turning liquid to solid just like glass, only that glass doesn’t explode on a microwave! To end this humilation try to break the back of your gs3 and you’ll see how it really dispurses energy

          • So much fail…I just can’t….NO. Just, NO.

            Many high-end cars are made of “plastic”, also known as polycarbonate and carbon fiber composite (which is ~50% plastic, as the ceramic carbon fibers are soaked in a thermoset epoxy resin). Plastic is not a dirty word, it is simply a sub-set of materials, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

            And as for glass, it is a solid turned into a different solid, as glass is a clear ceramic made from a mixture of silica powder and various minor additives to change its mechanical properties.

            Please, quit spreading FUD. If you don’t like an implementation of plastic, by all means rag on it. But don’t denounce an entire class of materials used worldwide in everything from toys to spacecraft because you don’t like how the back of the SGS3 feels when you hold it.

        • The energy is dispersed primarily through the flexing of the device as a whole and its internal frame. The backing disperses some energy as it flexes with the body, but it popping off is a consequence of the frame flexing, not necessarily as an energy dispersion mechanism. The internal components are actually under more stress when the device flexes than when it doesn’t, but in either case there is usually enough “play” in the form of grommets that the mainboard isn’t greatly affected unless the device is severely damaged. The weakest internal component is undoubtedly the digitizer, which is ironic considering that it is also one of the most important since it is the primary HID.

      • john

        touchwiz is the worst deformation of android since lg optimus interface almost uglier. Even huawei does a better job on icons. But I have to admit that all those never usefull addons like smart stay and multiwindow are really intrusive but may suit those people that haven’t got anything to do. Really did you though that samsung managed to be watching you 24 hours a day, person of interest style, thanks to all those unnecessary functions like smart stay or rotation? Now with the galaxy s4 they will have instant feedback of your reaction to videos or movies!

  • sean.yesmunt

    and a giant giveaway for all of the phones!

  • mymuzik73

    Yes HTC build a pretty phone, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HTC cant seem to figure out how to make the battery last. also out of the phones I have ever used the htc’s were the only ones that got really hot, so your plastic phones got hot so now you make it out of metal, hummmmmmmm, heat + metal + your pocket = a burned leg, possibly explosion like the crappy ip@#$e. I love my plasticy GS3 and im looking forward to the GS4.

    • Michael Fineberg

      Does anyone who makes comments about HTC battery life actually own an HTC phone. I have a Droid DNA and I am running a Sense 5 ROM on it. I got 33 hours on my battery, heavy texting and was using Slacker for approx 1.5 hours. My screen on time was almost 3 hours. That is plenty of battery life for my usage. On top of that my phone fits nicely in my pocket and I can use one hand to work it (big hands). My screen is the nicest I have ever had on a phone, hands down.
      If I was a power user I may have an issue with phone or storage, but they really are not the norm. So who really needs more than 33 hours with moderate usage on their phone.

      • Butters619

        I own a One X and while i love it, I make it to about 5:00 pm before I need a charger. Everybody hypes up that battery but it’s still only like 3 hours of on screen time, which isn’t acceptable. I did one time let it stay in stand by to take a 40 hour battery life screen shot, but I had to consciously not use the phone.

      • mymuzik73

        I have own htc phones b4 so obviously you can’t read and the battry life sucked. I’m talking about the standard battery not extended. The standard battery in my GS3 out lasted the extended battery in my rezound. And I’m a heavy power user.

        • Michael Fineberg

          I can read bud.. I just feel most people who talk about battery life on the “NEW” HTC phones don’t actually own them. I have owned the Incredible, wifey had Incredible 2 and I have a DNA now. My battery life is great, I am not a power user though like you. For us “regular ” users the battery in my DNA is more than sufficient. On average I exceed 24 hours (stock and on various roms) with the phone which is totally fine by my standards.

          • mymuzik73

            Thats cool but for power users htc dont do it for them. but as a comparison the standard battery on my GS3 last longer than the extended battery on my rezound or thunderbolt. the dna is a cool phone but the fact that you cant change the battery and no sd card slot is what turned me off about the phone.having a card slot and extra batteries is a big thing for me, thats why i dont even consider moto phones.

      • n8dogg

        I do. I went through 2 batteries in the last 27 months for my htc g2. Complete garbage. Both where htc batteries too. They swell up

    • I should point out that the One gets really hot after some heavy usage or gameplay. I’m not sure it’s any hotter than other phones though.

  • I’ll bet the Razr HD Maxx hands them all their asses in the battery life department. Mine goes damn near 3 days between charges.

    • john

      my regular razr hd goes almost 2 days yay

    • JetBlue

      3 days between charges means nothing unless you provide your screen on time. My old phone that had a 1600 mAH battery could go 2 days between charges but had maybe 10 minutes of screen on time.

      • MichaelFranz

        was that a thunderbolt??…..

        …dont worry i had one too…womp womp

  • I love how you describe the N4’s feel! I definitely feel the same way when holding it. It feels different from any phone out there cause LG decided to NOT make it look thin. Love it! If I had to chose from the compared ones I’d still pick the N4.

    • It really does feel the best in hand. Love the N4.

  • radiohead14

    i own an S3 and love it.. but man does it look ugly next to the One

    • john

      no offense to you intended but that’s why samsung is never on my list. If I want to spend money on plastic I would spend it on a toy.

      • radiohead14

        none taken. if the One was available for verizon, i would surely replace my S3 with it.

  • Dylan Patel

    When/will you guys get the GS4. That is an actual comparison. The One is obviously going to demolish all the old phones.

    • john

      Galaxy s4 is identical to the galaxy s3, just bigger screen and better specs. The circle arround the phone is reportedly plastic just like the s3 so it’s a nonsense comparison except for all of you sammy fans

      • Cam

        Wait what?
        Your comparison is like saying a 1980 911 is identical to a 2013 911. Just the 2013 has more BHP and better handling, but it is metal all around so it’s nonsense to use the 2013 in a shootout of 2013 supercars.
        Even if only one thing is different they no longer can be considered identical.
        If this is the level of intelligence being groomed in schools these days there is no wonder the worlds economies are in the shiter.

        • Ibrick

          959 :p

      • someone

        Bigger screen, faster processor… Oh…

        And an ir blaster… And a touch less display… And simultaneous use cameras for photos during video chats… And…

  • C-Law

    It would have been nice to see the nexus 4 on Verizon but I went with an s3 and its pretty nice.

  • as an owner of a one, its the dogs n**s, i kid ye not !!

  • Kellex! Sell me your Maxx HD ๐Ÿ˜€ I want it ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Bionic

    Suddenly the lights go out and a bell goes *BONG* and the X phone appears inside the ring. X phone proceeds to kick all of these phone’s assess and When all is said and done X phone is the only phone remaining in the ring.

    • No.

      • Bionic

        Yes. First 2ghz phone. Biggest battery. Best build quality. Based on that alone it wins.

        • This is a comparison of real phones that exist. Not mythical phones based on fanboy wet dreams. GTFO.

          • Bionic

            Hence the reason I used the undertaker theme. Oh and I won’t GTFO ill stay and troll some more.

          • EC8CH

            May not be real, but I’m in wait and see mode and I bet many other Galaxy Nexus owners on Verizon are thinking the same thing.

          • Bionic

            Anyone who thinks it’s not real at this point is fooling themselves.

          • XphoneTroll

            I have a confession to make, read my name buddy oh did I mention that that phone doesn’t exist it was a fan boy wet dream and thought it was real life..

          • Bionic

            5 weeks

          • XphoneTroll

            Until you finally realize that the X phone doesn’t exist? I’ll save you lots of waiting…it’s fake.. Move on..

          • Bionic

            Sure bro, sure.

          • XvierX


          • XphoneTroll

            Well said there! Perfecto my friend.

        • Austin Warren

          You make it sound like first 2ghz phone is something amazing.

          • Bionic

            Its not necessarily. But it’s still first.

        • nvitone23

          So snapdragon 800?

          • Bionic

            hell no are you crazy the 800 Isnt available for purchase yet this phone has been being developed since last year around December the chip is an S4 prime per sarge.

          • nvitone23

            …well according to Qualcomm’s website, the S4 Prime can handle only up to 1.7ghz… http://www.qualcomm.com/snapdragon/processors/s4/specs

          • Bionic

            Well sarge has been saying 2ghz. Now, he did mention that clock speed was subject to change because some test units were having issues with the clock speed.

            So what that means for the final production model is anyone’s guess.

          • Bionic

            Also, someone in our little community said the same thing a while ago and for the life of me I can’t remember how sarge said they achieved 2 ghz but they did.

          • nvitone23


          • Bionic

            I personally don’t care if it’s 1.7 or 2ghz i care more about other stuff.

          • nvitone23

            I’m with you. At a certain point you gotta wonder how fast is fast enough? Let’s focus on build quality. No more plasticky devices that break when they are dropped. Need more efficient battery technology. Also, really do like the semi-waterproof technology that Sony used on the Z and that Motorola is supposedly gonna use with this X Phone.

        • Matthew Merrick

          First 2 GHz phone = Razr i


          • Bionic

            Has it been released? Not in the United states right?

          • Matthew Merrick

            its been released for a long time now. but they swapped the 2GHz chip in it for a different CPU at a lower clock speed for the US version, and sold it as the razr m.

          • Bionic

            Correct. So if x phone is released at 2ghz it’ll be first in the US

    • Kevin Hill

      Trying to figure out why you’re getting so many down votes.

      • Bionic

        Either people don’t like undertaker, the idea of the x phone, or myself.

        • will bartlett

          by god was that a good match last night.

        • Kevin Hill

          Oh god!!!? By just posting here I got 3 down votes, I feel like I just caught a virus.

          • Bionic

            You gotta wade through the shittt in order to get people the news

          • Ibrick

            Don’t let it get to you, everyone turns into a tough guy hiding behind a computer. There’s a reason people don’t speak to each other like this in person..

      • Steven Mullins

        He’s down voted because he lives in a fantasy world with fantasy wrestlers and fantasy phones. The only thing that actually exists is his comment on a blog.

      • andrew galvin

        because he is calling all phones currently available in the real world (which every one on this site owns and loves) crap compared to an unreleased / unconfirmed phone with unconfirmed specs, unconfirmed release date etc. I know the X phone is real but you can’t say things like that until it is actually out and actually better than the rest of the phones unless you are a troll fanboy.

    • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

      And then to be faded out by the next generation phones.

      • Bionic

        I’ll just say one word. ATOM

        • Ibrick

          As in Intel?

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life


  • HTC One > all that other plastic crap.

    • john

      You: kevlar a bullet proof class of plastic for the average consumer.

      Reality: kevlar is a carbon fiber based of nylon that gets to be one of the most strong and light materials invented by the human race

      Batman: If my suit uses kevlar, why my phone wouldnt?

      • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

        I think he was talking about the SGS3

  • EC8CH

    OG Droid 4 Life!

    • Joshvader8

      I have a feeling people will be saying this for years to come ๐Ÿ˜›

    • CaptainHowdy13

      I would die going to a screen that small again. G-Nex is starting to feel dated though…

      • JRomeo

        Considering the successor to the G-Nex will be outdated in 6 months, yea, the G-Nex is outdated hardware (not software)

    • tyguy829

      what if moto re-made the og droid with modern internals?? How insane would that be?

    • Dammit, it should have made an appearance. From now on, during comparison video, it’s making an appearance.

    • Rob

      Hard to beat $12 a month, on verizon, using an OG Droid. Just put the Chevy SS 5.6 rom on Pageplus and grab apps droidwall, 3G watchdog and Adblock. 10mb works well for the news and weather app daily. If you have sprint 4g coverage, tack on the free 1GB freedompop device for a cheap and easy to use solution. Made my parents life much better and cheaper, and it is very easy to maintain for myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ This phone will last a long time on setups like these.

  • Shaikh&GuestLoveMe

    So the Droid DNA is now out of style?

    • Brandon S.

      in a word. Yes. Followed the same route of the Rezound.

    • Butters619

      Kellen said he wish he had a DNA but HTC wanted it back

      • Yeah, we had to send our DNA back, was only a review unit. Otherwise, it would have been in there.

    • Ibrick

      I wouldn’t say so, they’re very similar phones. Same trim pieces, same shape, different materials, but the DNA doesn’t feel bad by any means with the soft touch plastic. Wireless charging on the DNA.

      Also 5″ vs 4.7″, both currently running Sense 5 (Have to be rooted on the DNA for those ROM’s) which next point, the DNA is unlocked, and S-off. The One has the obvious sexiness going for it, and a bumped up CPU but there really isn’t a huge difference.

  • Kevin Guinn

    Sounds like the Nexus 4 is the clear winner.

  • Damien Luna

    my tmobile g2 had some weight to it and had a metal battery door so i know how that feels and i miss my g2 sometimes

  • XphoneTroll

    NOTE 2 Still one of the best phone out as of now!

    • Note 2 cult! ๐Ÿ˜›

      • john

        just like the following cult! follow charming and not the truth. Kevin bacon would be ashamed.

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      I cant disagree with this statement. The Note 2 has it all and the battery life to back it up.

      • SallyRaster

        The Note 2 was a failure the moment they slapped a 720p rez screen on a display that large. Note 3 may be the bomb, but the Note 2 was an instant marshmallow.

        • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

          you are definitely entitled to your opinion

        • Austin Warren

          Yep it sure was /s

        • athom07

          Although the Note 2 is too big for me to ever use, the fact they make televisions in 720p just makes your comment a failure…

        • Dave

          You are supremely informed….LoL

    • Jon

      It’s weird for me to say, cause I love to have the latest and greatest phone, but the Note II has made it near impossible for me to consider any other phone that isn’t equally as huge. It just feels oh so right in my hands…and I’m afraid the One will be too small. I don’t want to go bigger than 5.5″, but I also don’t want to go any smaller i don’t think.

      • Dylan Patel

        Optimus G Pro is the phone for you. Bassicly a Note 2 with better specs.

        • T4rd

          And no S-Pen, therefor it’s garbage =p.

          • Not quite. Many Note 2 owners only use the S Pen sparingly and wouldn’t miss it if it was gone

          • T4rd

            I use it sparingly too, but when I do use it, it’s great to have and works very well, so much that still don’t think I’d want to go without it. The Hover feature on the GS4 might suffice though.

          • BIGTONY

            remember what you’ve seen to this point has only been the Korean version and the 5″ Japanese version, We’ll obviously see U.S variants popping up soon, I’m personally hoping for a stylus in the spot of the funky antenna.

        • cryosx

          And bad battery life

          • Dylan Patel

            It’s better than the Note 2. S600 is more energy efficient than the Exynos and it is a similar battery.

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          Correction, Note 3 is the phone for him.

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        Speaking from experience its awkward going from the note 2 back to a phone the size of a nexus 4. I recently took the step back as far as screen size and for the first day or two it was just really weird

      • BSweetness

        Same here. After going through nearly 30 smartphones over the course of the last few years due to my compulsive habit to always to try the latest and greatest, not once have I had the urge to switch from the Note 2 since I picked it up in November. And I don’t see anything on the horizon that will make me want to let go of it until the Note 3 comes around.

    • Austin Warren

      Its the industry gold standard!

      No but, yes it is quite amazing.

    • why dont you stick your d!ck in the headphone jack and f*ck it

    • Thomas

      Epic post *thumbs up*

    • Bionic

      If you remove touchwiz and put a good case on it I actually agree.

      • michael arazan

        I would love a Note 2 with stock android, just make the added software in the skin apps and then sell them in the playstore for every phone and make extra profit.

    • Stephen D

      Agreed. I’ve had mine for a few weeks now, and I can’t go back to a smaller phone. It’s incredibly smooth and fast and battery life is awesome. At the moment, it’s been unplugged for 16 hours with 3 hours of screen on time at 50% brightness and it has 40% left.

    • Ron_Swanson

      Says Capt. Obvious

    • andrew galvin

      as long as you dont mind touch wiz, ridiculously large screen and the ghastly home button.

    • asianrage

      I like the Note2, but I can’t stand the low resolution (in comparison to the higher PPI GNEX/GS3). It makes me feels like I’m using the Large Print version of an S3.

      • Jon

        I honestly can’t tell any difference. Now the DNA…yeah I can see the difference in PPI there…so I’m sold on eventually getting a 1080p phone.

    • hactorrose

      $85 an hour! Seriously I don’t know why more people haven’t tried this, I work two shifts, 2 hours in the day and 2 in the eveningโ€ฆAnd whats awesome is Im working from home so I get more time with my kids. Heres where I went, http://www.hdcash1.com

    • r0lct

      I love my Note 2 but I would drop it in a sec for a HTC Nexus One.

    • Geoff Johnson

      The Note 2 is a great phone, but personally I’m starting to get tired of the difficulty of using it one handed, and the awkwardness when you try to crouch down with it in your pocket.